How To Access Outlook Email – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access outlook email,

Method 1 – Beginner’s Guide To Microsoft Outlook

In this tutorial were going to learn about microsofts outlook software and outlook is best known for email but it. Can also do other things such as calendaring and it has a to do list and some other things so. This is the beginners guide to using microsoft outlook here i am on my windows computer and im gonna do. A search here in the lower left corner ill just search for outlook now there are different versions of outlook.

This one happens to be office 365 outlook but if you have other versions of outlook they work very similarly. Even if you have an outdated version or even a future version of outlook well probably have most of these. Same features so now with outlook start it up the first thing thats doing is its asking me for an. Email address it wants to be set up this version of outlook on my computer is not set up at. All now in most cases i bet most of you are watching this video because your company or your school.

Or your organization has set up outlook for you already so this step you may not need to do having. Said that it is possible to add more than one account to outlook and so lets take a look at. How to add an account im going to type in an email address of mine and ill click connect and. Its trying to add this email address to my outlook it wants my password and then i like to click. This check box remember my credentials so that i dont have to type that in every single time that i.

Access my email and it looks like the account has been successfully added now at this point i can add. Another email address how about my gmail account i click next and its trying to setup my gmail account in. Outlook again i need to put in my password click connect now sometimes this doesnt work so if you have. Any trouble with it you can go here to advanced options and choose let me set up my account manually. Click done and it should take you into your outlook account ok so here i am in outlook and now.

Its fully loaded up my email account now theres a lot to look at here so lets talk about what. Were seeing first of all outlook is considered to be part of the microsoft office suite and so if youre. Used to powerpoint word or excel youll recognize these tabs and ribbons just like in those other programs if you. Want to find a setting thats related to one of these tabs you click on the tab so i want. To see all the folder settings i click on folder and the ribbon changes to give me information about folders.

What about sending and receiving i click on the send received tab and i get information on the ribbon about. Send receive so thats what this is now most of your common options are here on the home tab home. Ribbon and then notice that each of the ribbons has some groups so theres a move group theres a delete. Group a respond group etc now there is one tab thats special thats different and thats the file tab when. You click on file it takes you to whats called the backstage view this is kind of a behind-the-scenes view.

Of your account settings now earlier i give you a glimpse into how to add a second email account into. Your microsoft outlook if you ever want to do that again this is what you would do you would click. On file tab it takes you to the backstage view and then just click account settings account settings and it. Lets you add a new email account so thats one aspect of what were looking at here the tabs and. The ribbons that we have here at the top now lets look in the lower left corner of outlook this.

Is what we call the navigation bar and basically what its doing is its showing you the different tools that. Are built into outlook so the most commonly used outlook tool is email thats what this icon represents and when. You click on it you see your email address here at the left and you can read your emails and. Send emails but lets click on the second symbol the second symbol is the calendar so this is another tool. Thats built into your outlook program next to that we have contacts its a list of people that you know.

Perhaps people that have emailed you etc and then next to that we have a to-do list and you can. Add items to your to-do list just by clicking and typing and then tap enter on the keyboard and it. Adds an item to the to-do list and then of course you can set things like a due date start. Date etc so this navigation bar is how you switch from one outlook tool to the next in this tutorial. Were going to focus pretty much exclusively on email if theres a lot of interest though i would be happy.

To do an intermediate outlook tutorial and maybe some advanced tutorials as well so let me know if youre interested. So making sure that youre in the email area of outlook you should see here at the left your email. Address now if youve set up more than one email with outlook you should be able to scroll down and. See those other email addresses – we also have a favorites area by default the in boxes in favorites and. So are the sent folder and the deleted folder so those are the favorites that are there by default but.

You can add other things to favorites too let me give you an example down here this is my email. Address and i have set up previously a bunch of folders that ive used to organize the email that i. Want to keep and you can see heres a folder called computer info if i want that folder to be. Considered a favorite and to stay here at the top all i have to do is right-click on it and. Choose add to favorites and it should show up there from now on at the top now what if you.

Want to set up some folders for your email like ive done how would you do that well theres probably. More than one way but the way i add a folder is i just find the email address that i. Want the folder to be connected to and then i right-click over that email address and choose new folder and. Then just give it a name ill call this project one so any email that comes in related to project. One ill be able to put it in the project one folder and theres the folder right there now once.

You have folders when you click on a folder it changes the view in the rest of outlook because i. Clicked on inbox it shows me a list of all emails that are in my inbox and it picks one. Of those and puts it in front of me here so that i can actually read that email now one. Thing to watch out for as you use outlook youll probably notice a lot of arrows in outlook so for. Example favorites has an arrow next to it if i click that arrow whether on purpose or accidentally it will.

Collapse all of the items underneath favorites and hide them basically and then you can reveal them again by clicking. The arrow again and the same things gonna happen with your email address probably at some point so all of. My subfolders that are in my account have become hidden because i click that arrow if i click it again. Theyre revealed again now youll also see some arrows theyre very small but here on the ribbons youll see some. Arrows anytime you see a little arrow that means that there are additional options that you could use if you.

Click on the arrow okay so watch out for those little arrows theyre powerful but theyre easy to overlook if. Youre not on the lookout for them ok so i can click on a folder to read the email thats. In it im gonna start with my inbox and i want you to look over here in the lower right. Corner of outlook you can see that it says all folders are up to date and im connected to in. This case to microsoft exchange those are important messages it tells me that im getting updates if ive recently deleted.

Something out of a folder or put something into a folder at this point its completely up to date that. Change has been synced and because im connected to microsoft exchange i know that if a new email has been. Sent to me that ill get it momentarily lets look now at how to read email so i have two. Emails that i should read and they both look a little off if you look closely there are some broken. Images by default outlook doesnt want to download pictures so if you want to see the email as intended by.

The sender you might have to click here and just click download pictures it loads the pictures in and it. Looks a lot better i can do that here as well download pictures now as youre reading your email if. You need to you can adjust the widths of the different parts of your screen you can make the list. Of all your emails a little bit wider or the actual window where you read the email make that wider. And same with the panel at the left you can adjust it so that its wider or more narrow now.

For me at this point i only have two in the list but imagine what if i had a thousand. Emails in here or a couple hundred emails it might be useful to sort them in different ways and we. Have a tool here to do that i can sort by date and thats typically the way it is by. Default if i want though i can arrange by who sent the email alphabetically i can also sort it by. The subject of the email but in most cases i think youll want to choose arranged by or sort by.

Date you can also click and show only unread mail that helps you to focus in on the items that. You havent seen yet in addition to sorting you can also search so if im interested in just bandcamp emails. I type in bam camp and it only shows me that email to get back to the view of all. Emails i just x out of the search and it takes me back next lets look at how to compose. An email in outlook lets say that i would like to respond to this email all i have to do.

Is make sure that ive selected the email and then go up here to the home tab home ribbon and. Click reply now if theres more than one person that was included in the email i could click reply all. And everyone involved would get my reply in this case because i was the only one included in the original. Email its only sending my reply back to the original sender at this point i can type my message i. Can include attachments if i would like and there are a couple of ways to do that when youre composing.

Your message you should get a message tab and message ribbon and there youll find attach file you can also. Attach using this tool here on the right so im gonna click attach file browse this pc and now its. Looking on my computer for a file to attach to the email i selected the file and its now part. Of my email as im composing my email i can use all of the typical font and formatting options that. You find in most microsoft office tools you can see i can bold text i can change the color of.

The text center the text underline use bullets theres just lots of options that i have available to me when. Im ready to send the email i might consider who else i could send the same email to you do. Whats called a carbon copy if you click on the cc button it lets you select someone else to send. The email to or you can just go down and type the email address of the person that you would. Like to send a copy of the email to you can also do a blind carbon copy and blind carbon.

Copy means that this person will receive a copy of my email but the other recipients wont know that this. Person was included on the email so its kind of like sending a secret copy of the email to someone. That you want included on it so im gonna click ok and im ready to send the email so i. Click the send button my message has been sent and you can see that theres a symbol here showing that. Ive replied to this email i can also go here to send items and my message also shows up there.

So that i know that it was really sent so even though outlook can be intimidating for a lot of. People i hope that this tutorial has helped you to become more familiar with it and that you understand the. Basics of how to get started using microsoft outlook in the future if theres interest i will post some intermediate. And advanced outlook tutorials but for now if you found this tutorial to be helpful please click the like button. Below and consider connecting with me on my social media accounts like facebook pinterest and twitter and definitely do subscribe.

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Method 2 – How To Set Up An Email Account In Microsoft® Outlook 2010

Hi theyre looking for steps to set up an email profile in microsoft outlook 2010 on your windows 7 based. Pc well im here to help you do just that at iod we want to take away the stress you. Feel when you face tech issues by setting up an email profile in out of 2010 whenever you start the. Program it will open the specific email profile as well as prompt you for the same so heres how you.

Can set up email profile in out of 2010 on your computer follow me for demonstration we are using a. Gmail to set up profile in microsoft outlook 2010 open internet explorer type wwg mail comm in the address bar. And then press enter on your keyboard log in to your gmail account click on options and then select mail. Settings under the forwarding and pio pio op tab make sure pob is enabled select enable pop3 as already been. Downloaded radio button and then click on save changes minimize your web browser add your account to outlook 2010 open.

Microsoft outlook 2010 if you havent run outlook 2010 yet click next to start setup and add your email account. Select yes to add an email account to outlook click on next enter your account information and then select some. Manually configure server settings or additional server type radio button click on next select internet email and then click next. Enter your username email address and login information under server information enter account type pop3 incoming mail server pov Outgoing mail server after the data is entered in click on the more settings button select the outgoing server.

Tab and check my outgoing server smtp requires authentication verify use same settings as my incoming mail server is marked. As well select the advanced tab and enter incoming server pop3 value 995 outgoing server smtp value 587 select the. Checkbox next to this server requires an encrypted connection ssl set use the following type of encrypted connection to tls. You also might want to uncheck the box to remove messages from the server after a number of days this. Way your messages will still be accessible from gmail online click ok to close the window and then click next.

To finish setting up the account outlook will test your account settings to make sure everything will work click close. When this is finished provided everything was entered incorrectly you will be greeted with a successful setup message click finish. Gmail will be all ready to sync with outlook 2010 so you see by using the steps shown in this. Video you can easily set up an email profile in microsoft outlook 2010 on your windows 7 based pc dont. You just love technology at iog were on standby to help you get more out of your pc along with.

Its related software and programs if you have questions on antivirus security protection or on how to work your other. Devices with your pc such as syncing your printer mp3 player camera or router etc just give us a call. Wed be delighted to help go ahead have fun with your pc good karma.

Method 3 – Office 365- Logging In And Checking Outlook Email

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 4 – How To Access Your Outlook Email

To access your sac state email log into your my sac state account using your assigned username and password after. Doing so direct your attention to the gadgets on the right side of the page when you click the email. Option a new outlook page will appear as a pop-up as you explore this page it is important to note. The email found under the my account option at the top right of the page all university communication including faculty.

And staff updates will be directed to this email to stay up to date with all new messaging we advise. That you download the outlook app on your smartphone device and turn your notifications on welcome to sac state.

Method 5 – How To Set Up Your Work Email With Outlook

After installing office apps the first thing youll probably want to do is check your work email in outlook heres. How to get started open the start menu search for outlook and choose it and to your microsoft 365 email. Address and select connect enter any additional email addresses that you want to use such as your previous or personal. Email address select next enter a password if prompted then select sign in once all of your accounts have been.

Added choose if you want to set up outlook mobile or wait until later then select done it may take. Several minutes for outlook to download your email and other data now you can view email for the accounts you. Added you can also view your calendar contacts and tasks you.

Conclusion – How To Access Outlook Email

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