How To Access Parler – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Use Parler App – Full Tutorial And Overview

Hello everyone and welcome to this full tutorial an overview on the parlor app uh so if you dont know. What parlor is it is a social media app uh their tagline or slogan says that they are the unbiased. Social media its kind of a mixture of twitter reddit facebook all mixed into one so were going to go. Ahead and go over all of the features and all the things you need to know to get set up.

With parlor and begin using it to its fullest potential currently so you need to go to your google play. Store or the ios app store and search for parlor p-a-r-l-e-r and you can see its got the nice little. Kind of magenta or red logo there and download the app once you do go ahead and open it up. As you can see ive already created an account uh and i have my feed going here but im actually. Going to log out and im going to show you how to set up an account from scratch really quickly.

To get us started when you open the app its going to ask you what your favorite color is from. What ive found this is just going to be kind of like the background color of everything within the app. So choose the color of your choosing and then itll say create an account itll ask you for your email. Phone and password so go ahead and input all of that now next accept the terms of service and the. Policies and community guidelines next itll ask you to verify via captcha which we all know is an absolute nightmare.

So this is probably going to take you the longest but go ahead and verify now and then once you. Have gone through the whole sign up process itll ask you to follow some of the affiliates or people who. Are part of the platform already id recommend that you dont do that you kind of start from scratch and. The reason why were coming over here right is because were looking for a less convoluted social network so basically. What were going to want to do now once were here we have the home button here that takes us.

To our feed but if we go up here and we tap on the little image in the upper left-hand. Corner the profile image there it will open up all of the options that we have here on the left. To get started so uh the first thing youre going to see here is your profile now when you sign. Up itll ask you uh to customize your username and possibly add a picture so if we go to my. Profile here you can see that i have my name my username and then a couple of posts that ive.

Kind of played around with you can see my followers who im following comments and votes but what youre basically. Going to want to do here is in the upper right hand corner there is a gear or cogwheel icon. Tap on that there and it will allow you to change your profile image your banner image your name your. Display name and anything associated with your profile can be changed here you just tap on it so right here. Under display name i dont want it to be this big old long number right here so i just delete.

The number and then i go ahead and give myself a new name so lets say i want to be. My username to be my first and last name so i go ahead and type that in now and go. To submit and it says the username is available tap on submit and now that is my display name or. My username under bio you can write a couple of words or sentences about yourself and your business if you. Want to but any customization for your profile will be done here under edit profile next if we go back.

To our feed here and then go to the upper left hand corner here to kind of show us the. Different settings were gonna see moderation now under moderation it will show you the review comments the word filters settings. And a couple of other options under review comments you can see here that you can review approve mute or. Mark as spam for comments but if we go back here to our moderation setting we can go to word. Filters here so basically you can mute a comment comment wont be visible to anyone except the person that created.

It so we can mute comments on our posts and different things within our feed or we can go to. Settings here and under settings we can basically create our own comment filters and things like that we can turn. On the not safe for work filter if we want that to be on so basically what that means is. That the nsfw or not safe for work content will be filtered out of parlor for for the person who. Has this checked or if you uncheck this you will be seeing the nsfw stuff coming through your feed so.

Again depending on what you want you can check or uncheck that now the other stuff is fairly self-explanatory about. Setting up how you want to flag stuff uh your comment filtration settings and things like that im not going. To go too deep into that but you can auto approve comments or you can make everything go through a. Approval process for your business or your profile that you have here on parlor uh underneath blocked and muted members. Any members that you block or mute will be here under archived and then under content moderation you see your.

Violations they have this violation system uh that go that goes on a 90-day point system that if you get. 20 points of violation points that youll your parlor account will be terminated uh and so again theyre trying to. Kind of filter out the different kind of i guess you would say mean and rude people uh or people. Who are posting stuff on here that that they should not be posting uh so well go ahead and get. Out of that now and then go back to our settings here and then were gonna see something here that.

Says settings and privacy this is gonna be all the fun stuff happens here um under privacy if we tap. On that this is where you choose whether you want your account to be private or public if its a. Private account the person has to be sent a request from you if its public anyone can see comment edit. And do anything uh with your account here under notifications youll receive notifications via email from parlor if someone follows. You or the daily updates from your parlor account you can again check or uncheck that if you want to.

Receive email notifications the advanced filters here you can see that you can mute notifications for people that you do. Not follow people who do not follow you uh people who have no profile photo so again you can go. Through here and kind of fine-tune how you want your notifications and from whom you want your notifications uh to. Come from here we dont want to be getting notifications from every uh every time someone likes or comments or. Echoes something here on parlor next we have our interface preferences the accessibility here uh networking timeout max auto download.

Size all of this stuff here im not gonna really go over except for dark mode we all know dark. Mode is wonderful if we click the check box here that will enable dark mode if we uncheck that that. Will take us back to the light mode were gonna go ahead and leave it on dark mode for the. Remainder of this tutorial uh primary color again this is gonna be your background color for everything that you see. And do within parlor uh and then thats really all you need to do there under settings so go back.

Up again to the toolbar and then the next thing were gonna go over is switch member you can have. Multiple members or people associated with an account as you can see i only have one now if you want. To add a person you just tap on add person under switch member and then youll have to go through. The whole account creation process once again that way youre not having to log in and log out each and. Every time you log in to parlor next is member verification this is the big one right member verification on.

Parlor uh basically this will give you some other features on parlor that other you know common members of parlor. Do not get but you have to take a picture of the front and back of your drivers license or. Your id and a selfie now for me im not going to do this you may want to to get. Those features you can read about those features on the parlors website im not going to go over those now. But as you can see if you want to get verified on parlor go to member verification upload the images.

Of the front and back of your id alongside a selfie and you can see youll have a few other. Options and different features that other people have and youll also get a badge as an influencer alongside kind of. Your profile as well again for businesses and people who are political figures and things like that maybe thats something. You want to do i dont know but thats how you get verified here on parlor all right now weve. Gone over all of the different things that i think you need to know as far as setting up and.

Getting the settings kind of where you want them for parlor but if we go to our home which is. The home feed here you can see im only following one outlet right now which is the gaming news outlet. Think of this as a twitter handle so what you can do is you can go here and you can. Follow different people and instead of tweeting and retweeting and things like that its echo so an echo would be. Uh if you echo that or if you retweet that so thats basically the echo is the uh the same.

As what a retweet would be now when someone posts something and it comes up on your feed youll have. A few different options as you can see here on this post we have the option to comment so the. Little comment bubble there if we tap on that there we can actually comment on that by just going there. And making a comment and under our comments we can upload an image a gif a meme all of that. Here directly with the tool sets directly within parlor and then you just hit submit and then boom that comment.

Will go onto that specific post then the next thing you see here is the megaphone which is the echo. Feature think of this as a retweet if we tap that there it will allow us to echo with comment. Or just echo just like you can either retweet with a comment or quote or you can do it without. So i just want to do it without so im gonna go ahead and go to echo there and that. Will actually echo that onto my profile so if we go to my profile uh which i will go to.

Now just like this and then go back to my profile you can see that now that echo right here. Shows up on my profile just like a retweet would normally on twitter again theres a lot of features kind. Of mixed and matched from different social networks here to kind of go and kind of see which ones work. The best and then the upvote button is very similar to like the upvote on reddit or the like on. Twitter uh very easy to do that there and then youll see the little weird icon over in the lower.

Right hand corner if we tap on that icon we can then share that via message or our phone to. People that we want to send it to via text message or other social networks so thats how the interaction. Works with different posts here on uh parlor is you have your echo your comment and your upvote button there. And then if you wanted to you can go to show conversation here and it will actually show all of. The different comments and the different conversations that are happening underneath that specific post here on parlor and then you.

Can do the same things to comments as you could post you can comment on them you can upvote or. Downvote them so that works very similar to what it would on a normal post now if you want to. Post something yourself youre gonna see this big blue uh comment bubble in the lower right hand corner with the. Addition symbol if we tap on that there we can now be brought to kind of like were tweeting something. Or putting a post on facebook put your post goes here so well put our post goes here and then.

If we wanted to we can even upload a meme with that post via our photo library or we could. Take a photo if thats something that we want to do and so adding images and different things and links. Like that work very similar to how they would in other social networks you just create post and youre good. To go now a couple of other things that were seeing at the bottom of the screen uh this option. Here which is kind of the the news or discover feature allows you to tap on the second option at.

The bottom there and go through here and see all of the different uh partners and affiliates uh that are. With uh the app right now and as you can see youre gonna see a bunch of political posts currently. Obviously and different things that you follow will show up kind of relative to this feed and then if you. Wanted to you can follow them directly from this page im not going to do that now because i dont. Want to do that but if you wanted to search for specific topics or hashtags you just tap on the.

Search or magnifying glass in the lower right hand corner and were going to see the different members here as. You can see theyre different usernames and then whether theyre verified or not and then we can follow them directly. From this page so if i wanted to follow parlor news i would just tap on follow there and then. It says would you like to subscribe subscribing to a person alerts you every time they they parlay and add. To their content to their subscribed feed uh im gonna go ahead and put no because i dont want to.

Be notified again this is kind of mixing in youtube right so if you subscribe to someone you get notified. Even though youtube doesnt notify everybody but anyways uh we can go through here and follow uh different people or. Topics that were interested in uh via members or we can go to hashtags and we can see the popular. Or trending hashtags here under hashtags or we can just search so if we search up here lets say im. Searching for video games thats fun right its not politics its video games and then right here we can see.

That we have different hashtags in regards to video games i can tap on that hashtag there and then within. A few seconds it will then pull up all of the things that are hashtagged with video games right here. Under the hashtag option lastly we have our notifications which is the notification bell uh anybody that you follow anything. Thats happening within your parlor account that you need to be notified about comments liking echo parlays things like that. Will show up here under the notification settings if we tap on the three dots in the upper right hand.

Corner we can hide follow or clear all of our notifications just like that now again a lot of folks. Are moving over to parlor if you have any questions i will get to those as soon as possible put. Those in the comments section and one of the main questions is going to be does parlor have a website. Or a web-based app that i can use on my pc my mac my linux machine and yes they do. Go to log in there and once youve logged in you can see that i can see all the.

Stuff i see on the app right here on my mac over here i have the three lines that show. All of my settings right here i can go to my profile just like i showed you on the mobile. App just like this i can look at suggested hashtags believe it or not the uh the actual web-based uh. Or pc and mac based version of parlor in my eyes is easier to use and its done a little. Better than even the app is because you can go here and just see everything all in one place in.

The comment and the echoes and the things like that just seem to be easier to navigate than they do. On the mobile device but everything is here uh you have your menus over here you have your feed like. Normal uh you have your little profile up here in the upper right hand corner where you can go and. Edit your profile just like you would on the mobile device uh within parlor so thats my full tutorial thats. My overview hopefully it helps you out if it did help me out by liking sharing and subscribing for more.

Great tech tips and tutorials just like this and i will see you guys in the next video you.

Method 2 – How To Install Parler On Android Device – Download Parler App On Android Device

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 3 – How To Access Parler On Your Phone In 2021

How to use parlor in 2021 go to hit three dots on the right add to home screen wait. A year hit add hit add boom there it is so now you have it as an app icon on. Your phone boom hit it takes you to parlor easy as that you dont need google play you dont need. The app store just add it as a shortcut on your desktop screen for your phone.

Method 4 – Getting Started With Parler

Hey guys if youre anything like me youre new to parlor just like i am and youre trying to figure. Out how do i use this platform well its really easy and im going to give you 5.1 tips on. How to do that so lets go ahead and get started first what you want to do is jump into. Your profile and fill it out you want to go ahead and give yourself a profile picture profile background and.

Fill in the description make sure as you fill in your description to use some hashtags so that other like-minded. People can find you on parlor tip number two now that youve got your profile all filled out what you. Want to do next is go ahead and do your first parlay richard whats a parlay thats a great question. Im glad you asked past nepal sleep part partner partner parlay thats the one parlay exactly parlay its that thing. We do when were having a discussion so go ahead and hit the button and youll do your first parlay.

Parlay is just your way of communicating to the people that follow you that hey ive got something to share. Or something to say now that youve done your first parlay tip number three in getting started with parlor is. Followers you want to get people to follow you but before that happens you want to start following people so. Go ahead and head up to the search bar and look for either users by at users or just searching. Hashtags hashtags might be an easier way to find people that are like-minded because you can put in terms that.

You use and find people that use similar terms like maga trump nascar butterflies whatever just find people that are. Like-minded by searching for them and once you find those people go ahead and follow them and probably some of. Them are going to follow you back the fourth thing you want to do in getting started with parlor is. Upvote find posts parlays that you like and upvote them the more upvotes a parlay gets the more it will. Appear in the feed thats a good thing the fifth thing you want to do in getting started with parlor.

Is comment go ahead and find parlays that resonate with you and leave comments this is a free speech platform. So you get to say whatever you want and you dont have to worry about the owners squashing you just. Go ahead and get your message out there comment often comment on a variety of things just comment and finally. My last tip my 5.1 is this go ahead in the app and verify yourself make sure youre verified because. If youre verified then i know youre a real person and i really would prefer following real people than a.

Bunch of bots that are just auto posting i dont want to do that other people dont want to do. That and over time it would be great if this platform was filled with verified users and not just a. Bunch of trolls trying to look around and see whats going on so go ahead and verify yourself you dont. Have to but its a great way to really dive into the platform thanks for watching hope you love using. Parlor.

Method 5 – How To Get Access To Old Parler Account?

Hey there so how to get access to old parlor accounts so in case you created your parlor account uh. Some time ago you can blog back in uh so yep just go to website and then you can. Tap on login and then there is account recovery so you can choose either if you forgot your password you. Forgot your email or go to username so if you just remember your email and get have access to your.

Email and you you remember that you registered with this email just enter your email here and then click send. Password reset email then you will get something like this check your spam folder and yeah you just need to. Reset your password and you will be back in so this is how how you can get your old account. Back in case you dont you just dont remember your email at least you should remember your username and then. You they will tell you your like email and then if you forgot your username you just need to contact.

Support and see what the options are so these are the options how to get back to old account. Also if you still have your old apps installed on iphone or android devices you can do the same stuff. There but if you deleted your apps its not possible to download them right now on app store or google. Play store so theyre just not available in the stores only if you if theyre still on your phone you. Can also just get access to your old account just by resetting your password for example so thats thats how.

It works if you try to create a new account its also possible but there is just a huge demand. Or like spike of traffic right now and it doesnt always work so the buttons and so yeah its just. Can be a lot of bugs and stuff so says that.

Conclusion – How To Access Parler

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