How To Access Pi Star Dashboard – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access pi star dashboard,

Method 1 – How To Get Into The Pi-Star Dashboard

Gday guys laying the vk4 nga now ill just plug this hotspot in and waited probably three four minutes for. It to boot up as you can see the grid lights on and can you see the red light flashing. Where is it its hard to see in there somewhere anyway its flashing slowly as opposed to this one over. Here i shouldnt fairly quickly so its booted up but what i want to show you is how to get.

Into the pi-star software the easiest way to get in there now this hotspots already got my home wi-fi file. Dropped onto the sd card so if you havent been able to achieve that then this video is not going. To be much use to you im going to record another video so theres another video coming out which shows. You how to do that or how to get these on of these onto your wi-fi network so were assuming. That your youve got this onto the wi-fi network what youve got to do is log into the pi star.

Dashboard so well remember the pc and we want to run advanced ip scanner so you need to download that. If you havent got that and open that up and just click up at the top and just wait for. Everything to appear this is scanning everything on my home wi-fi network now this hotspot will come up as pi. – star you can see theres a bunch of them there but none of them have got a blue see. The top in blue blowing them thats because these are all how the hot spots that i built missus remembering.

Those so we come up and we want to find one thats up in blue and it says widest you. Can see theyre punished its getting brackets pi star to thats only because its been on the network before a. Particular raspberry pi so we look at the ip address so we come across here do i start – we. Right-click and down – im trying to look through the camera to do this copy copy ip then we close. The closes open any browser or going to chrome and we just come up the top right click and paste.

And just in the button and thatll bring up that freshly build hot spot so if its off – but. Ive already built for you itll have comes configuration in there so this one comes up with username so we. Just type in pi – star and then the password is raspberry all lowercase r is p the the y. And sign in and yeah well save that okay so as you can see there its not configured so thats. The best way to get in to the to the dashboard a lot of the information on the net all.

Tell you to type in up here itll tell you to type in fiestar – local or post something something. Had been all sorts of ideas were using the ip address with ip scanner is the best way to do. It because as you see all of my and all of my stuff on my i have my photos on. Me and see other posters on there that is the these other hotspots dme theyre running plus the admin spot. Up there so yeah so um but this one here thats are highlighted is is it so theres the ip.

Address 192.168.0 – – there is coming down here and yeah there it is there so thats the best way. To get into the pi star dashboard as i said if you havent already got your home wi-fi set up. On the on the hotspot and it is a mmd vm the simplex on the pi 0 some one of. These then they dont have a lan cable or lan port so youll get it on your wife isis another. Video for that alright so hopefully thats helped you im not going to show you how to do the config.

On this video ill save that for it online alright thanks for watching 73 is all the best vijay for. Nga.

Method 2 – Pi Star Dashboard Access

Hello folks bobby here from next-gen hotspots real quick i just want to show you how quickly i can get. Into any of our hot spots ive done ive built over 700 of these and ive gone through this iteration. I swear i had to be at least probably 2500 maybe 3,000 dimes so every time i do it im. On a 3.0 three-year-old hp laptop computer nothing special no modifications whatsoever bone-stock and i have a rugged spot here.

I fired up about two miska so i go here i use firefox i highly recommend you use firefox so. One second theres my window my authentication window now in firefox it saves that for me so my pi star. And raspberry have already been saved and there so its two seconds basically without the explanation im in the dashboard. Now i do this thousands and thousands of times youll see the interface is down im hardwired in right now. If youre going through a smart phone indeed it can take a little bit longer maybe 15-20 seconds if you.

Have a really slow connection but this is normal behavior ill do it again in real time so far up. By a firefox well it took two seconds out son hanuman thats it i mean thats it its its not. Any more complicated than that a bone-stock computer with a brand-new rugged spot i assembled about 30 minutes ago and. Thats the deal its really really really simple to get into these i dont know some people seem to be. Having problems but its not a problem and i dont blame the users and my customers its pcs theyre buggy.

As heck theyre really buggy im gonna carry through on my threat to get an apple one day cuz i. Gotta tell you these pcs are super super bug you have never had one that isnt buggy but this is. A again a bone-stock hp about three years old and it just performs flawlessly and i have programmed pretty soon. Before i know its gonna be about a thousand hot spots with it pi-star second and a half now you. May have to type this in pi – star all lowercase raspberry all lowercase and okay in i do this.

Iteration sometimes 1012 times a day seven times a week not including when im doing my own hotspot or talking. On a radio whenever i get a chance to do that anymore so thats it bobby here km6 i kh. Just want to show you how easy and simple it should be for you to get into your pi star. Dashboard bobby at next-gen km6 like age 73 and have a wonderful day.

Method 3 – Display Your Pi-Star Dashboard Straight Off Your Hotspot

Hey there its andy k booty kilo bravo zero oscar tango yankee and i wanted to make this video about. A week ago but my son had slammed his forehead into my face and had a black eye and my. Hair had gotten real frizzy and fried and wouldnt lay down and i looked like i was in bum fights. So i decided oh and i forgot to plug in my microphone too so i was i was timmy down.

In the i was bum fights timmy down in the well it was kind of kind of awful to see. So anyway its a short video theres not much to it if you use a dmr get it in the. Shot or fusion radio in the house with a hot spot and you have wondered why when you plug a. Monitor into the hdmi port on your mmdvm hotspot you just get a text prompt and no pretty display why. The hell it is well i found a script out there that will install chrome in kiosk mode and when.

You plug in a monitor brings up your dashboard so if youre tired of the little tiny display you can. Barely read on top of the hot spot that coincidentally is kind of upside down because the power cord is. Going away from you and then theyve got the display oriented that direction for some reason then you can do. This especially if you bought a little tiny monitor for a go kit project and then realized it was too. Tiny to read because youre old and its been in a box since then now you could do something with.

It so uh you dont need a keyboard plugged in i actually happened to i had one what did i. Do with it here it is i if if you want the ability to uh click on peoples call signs. And look at their qrs that page youre going to need some sort of mouse keyboard something but if you. Just want to look at the activity no keyboard needed um i dont know if its neat probably wont leave. It that way its just something to do thats all i got i why i will post a link to.

The script in the description im not going to go over the installation of it because it is literally one. Command and then you sit there for 15 minutes so ill let you figure that part out but thanks for. Watching like and subscribe and stay tuned for more videos now that i have gotten over my bum fights problem. I had going on there you.

Method 4 – Pi-Star

Hello everyone welcome this is eric kj for why is the i with ham radio concepts another quick five-minute video. Back to the pi-star for the jumbo spot or a lot of hot spots that use the pi star interface. Now lets come to my attention from a couple people that said i move a little too fast when it. Comes to a video like this and they dont quite understand so were gonna make another video here touching on.

Programming pi star for dmr okay now i do have a video i showed you how to set this up. For d star because a lot of people had issues with that and now were going to show you dmr. To correct issues you may have to get you on the air with your dmr radio now what im going. To do to start is im going to i have this thing programmed right now for d star but im. Going to factory reset this thing back to square one and well do it together so let me go here.

To configuration and were going to go to factory reset and itll wipe this thing out okay and were going. To start over from scratch now here it is factory reset and were going to start first lets look at. The dashboard make sure no mode defined okay i dont know what mode im in so lets go ahead and. Go to configuration and to start control software needs to be mmd vm host and simplex node if you click. This button right here this is not going to apply to what im about to show you so these two.

Youre going to hit apply now when you click apply it takes about 15-20 seconds so ill cut here and. At this point after about 20 seconds youll get a letter it says the modem selection section has been updated. Please rhys electra modem now it gives you options as to what modem you want to turn on for the. Mode of your hotspot now this is the jumbo spot but this is identical to the nano spot and some. Other hotspots like the zoom spot or some other ones that may do im not familiar with all the digital.

Hotspots but this one will do multiple modes okay so what were gonna do now with this new menu here. Is were going to turn on dmr okay the values over here are the hang times and what these are. Set to default at twenty seconds what they are for is if you decide to run multiple modes at one. Time if this didnt have a twenty in here as soon as you let go of transmit or the person. Youre talking to ended transmit if there was somebody on the ac system fusion it would automatically switch to that.

Mode so what this twenty seconds does is allow the repeater the hotspot to sit there and listen to the. Other person youre talking to chances are if twenty seconds goes by your conversation is over and its going to. Go back into scanning for the next available digital mode that is list active on your hotspot so in twenty. Seconds if youre done on dmr itll go back in the scan and maybe somebody on pete twenty five is. On its going to switch to p 25 so for this video here were going to turn on only dmr.

Were going to set the display to the o led and thats very important because you wont see anything on. The display unless you set o le d– now if you are an advanced user and you want to use. Another type of external display you can set that here but were going to choose o le d– and were. Going to leave these two alone the next-gen layout and the port those should be just like this i havent. Touched them and were going to click apply and im going to pause and skip through and after about twenty.

Seconds youll get this screen again now as far as youre concerned and make sure you watch the whole video. Because theres something else im going to show besides this configuration page so at this point youre set right now. To dmr but it doesnt know who you are or what your frequency is so lets move to the next. One the general configuration tab now this tab is very important this callsign right here is going to be your. Callsign youre not going to name it a callsign of your friend or youre not going to make up a.

Callsign youre not going to add anything to that callsign youre going to put your callsign in the node call. Sign the dmr id is another important feature if you dont have your dmr id in here it will not. Work with that being said if youve never registered for a dmr id on the network it will not work. If your dmr id youve registered but hasnt been activated it will not work so you have to have your. Dmr id in that box and youre not going to add a 1 to it youre not going to add.

A 0 to it youre gonna have the same dmr id in here as you will on your open spot. Your dv mega and whatever else youre using i dont think tv mega does d star or dm where i. Cant even remember anymore so i left pi star here we have my note callsign we have the dmr id. And now the frequency the frequency you want to choose a us uhf frequency on this jumbo spot and you. Want to make sure its a frequency that you can access with your radio typically a standard radio without a.

Mars mod will not do 438 ansan fm unless you have an unlocked radio which most of the t whiteys. And the other ones nowadays are unlocked 400 480 but if youre using a yaesu or an icon that is. Factory that wont do for 38.8 hundred this has to be changed now in my video i chose 435 my. Radio would do 435 and yours may do too but well put in for this demonstration for for 6.5 hundred. Now that might be thats a unassigned repeater frequency that shouldnt be on a repeater but if it is not.

My area at least so you want to make sure you research the frequency that is a simplex frequency that. You can use that is not on a repeater input or output also you can set this as the same. Frequency as your other hotspots the only problem is you cant have them thats those hotspots on at the same. Time so if you want to run three different hotspots you need to choose a different frequency for each hotspot. So if i had an open spot i may make the open spot for for 5.5 hundred so its not.

The same because they will get stuck in a loop if thats the situation so just for demonstration ill leave. You picked a frequency you want im just choosing for the video sake for for 6.5 hundred now latitude longitude. For your location if you choose to put that in there all right your town and then your url for. Your qrz bio if you want like this i think thats what the address is radio modem type another very. Important part here okay theres a lot that you can use in here if you go choosing one that i.

Dont tell you to choose its not going to work all right so what were going to choose is this. Right here stm32 – dbm mm dbm raspberry pi hat okay you can if you know what youre doing to. Do other things for this video if you want this to work when youre done with this video youre gonna. Click this one right here alright node type private america new york eastern time zone or if you live in. Mexico you can pick some other time zone all right ill leave it online and now were going to click.

Apply changes this will take 20 seconds so ill cut here ok so we have our dmr mode we have. Our information here we have the dmr configuration now this next piece is basically your server for where youre connecting. Through not your talk group this is not your talk group this is a server for i dont even half. Of it i dont understand the other half i dont want to explain so what im going to do to. Make this easy is im going to choose what i normally choose which is the brand meister united 3102 server.

That is not the talk group that youre talking to okay so if youre in the united states you could. Pick one of these here and you should be able to get on with no problem or if youre in. Germany or if youre in mexico or wherever so were gonna pick 3102 my color code another very important aspect. To dmr is the color code the color code varies by area so you want to make sure you have. The right color code mine is one and im going to leave the dump data on i dont even know.

What thats for and were going to click apply changes and you can see ill cover this to all this. Is waiting all these dots here are in private i havent touched this im not going to touch it but. While this resets ill show you the last most important piece of information to get you on the air with. This all right at this point before we go to the last step this configuration is ready but before you. Go past this one more thing you need to verify to make sure that this is working for you now.

Were gonna go to expert and you see a bunch of choices in here and a warning so read this. Warning that if you screw up something to here you ought to start over were going to go in this. Video to the mmd vm host right here and this is going to be some advanced level situation programming here. Now you can see my callsign and ideas here okay but what you want to do and heres my frequency. But you dont want to be changing a frequency in here you can do it just as easy on the.

Configuration page if you scroll down here to modem now right here if you factory reset and updated your software. This is going to be changed when the if you watch the video on the jumbo spots that i did. End up making a video on and i sold to find a few of them those were set at negative. 475 now let me explain this for a second all of these china zoom spots and hot spots are all. Usually set with an offset and what im by offset is each and every one of these that are made.

Are not exactly on frequency they may be a little bit off frequency so to correct that you set an. Offset so that your radio pairs with the hotspot perfectly so you dont have a bit error rate you dont. Lose packets now these should have been set and all the ones i had were set at negative 475 i. Guess that would be hertz okay now there are other manufacturers of hotspots that put a sticker on the bottom. And when you open up the case you can see a sticker the ones that i had didnt seem to.

Have the sticker but the manual that i showed in the video showed that batch was negative 475 now if. You bought your jumbo spot from anywhere else but me this number may be different but lets start at negative. 475 on the receive offset and transmit offset that is saying youre compensating for the off frequency of the unit. Itself so that because digital is a little different analog you may have a little bit of it it would. Sound off frequency it would have a little bit of a buzzing or maybe not so intelligible sound like youre.

Talking in a tin can in a bathroom you know the digital when its not on frequency youre losing packets. And when you lose packets your voice is essentially ones and zeros your voice is going into the front of. The radio as ones and zeros and those ones and zeros are getting collected put into the hotspot on the. Our internet through the internet and they come back out the other side as ones and zeros which your radio. Turns into an audible voice so were going to start at negative 475 now it is up to you wherever.

You got your hotspot or however your radio works to determine do you need to change this to a lower. Number because your bit error rate is up just a little bit high or do you need to go up. In frequency or numbers so i guess you could start at negative 475 and go up and down it may. Be that your bit error rate is 0.5% with 475 but at 0.3% with negative 350 then you may end. Up finding out that negative 250 is zero point zero bit error rate you have a perfect signal going into.

The repair the hot spot and everybodys happy so negative 475 on the one that i have in my hand. That i use seems to work at a zero point one to a zero point two bit error rate if. Youre seeing on the dashboard a bit error rate of 19% its not going to work so you have to. Manipulate this number the rest of the stuff you can leave alone but if you change this youre going to. Click apply this one re reconfigures or saves just a little bit faster so thats already done now you can.

Transmit make a contact well that looks a little bad on the bit error rate and move down in small. Increments and every time you do you should see a different or maybe you can go by 100 you can. Go negative 375 and then negative 275 and i havent had one thats positive or plus but maybe maybe theres. One out there so thats a lesson on the offset so you hit apply and that should change that the. Rest of this stuff i didnt change you shouldnt have to change so at that point right now im going.

To switch cameras and were going to test and im going to show you just quickly now how the radio. Interacts with the hotspot as far as talk groups and connecting so that way youre familiar with how that works. And take note here that we have dmr green dmr network is green were connected but look at this not. Linked not linked we are not linked to any top group because we havent told the hotspot what to do. With from the radio yet so now lets look at the radio and how this thing connects okay so heres.

The hot spot set up in dmr mode you can see that you have a screen scrolling and your hot. Spot may vary depending on what youre using this is the jumbo spot so its scanning or listening right now. On dmr so you might think well how do i connect to a talk group to make it contact with. Somebody well youre going to use your radio to do that in i havent made a video on this yet. But this is the pirate eavis if i can get this zoomed out here this is the rat eavis hd.

One or the allowance hd one a really brute force dmr handheld but what i have done for the purpose. Of this video is i havent even put a code plug or anything in here but what i did was. I threw a frequency in here and a couple talk groups to show you now if lets for instance were. Going to connect to the three one zero one zero talk group which is actually linked to d-star yaesu fusion. Dmr eco-link all star and ir n thats a huge gateway so in my radio and im not going to.

Show you im not going to show you what i did because its messy i just threw a couple talk. Groups in here but the bottom line is youre going to use your radio to change talk groups okay so. If i look in here ill show you for a second i have contacts in here so you can see. I have one for treasure coast two for attack 310 three for attack 311 and so on so what im. Going to do is im going to go like this to the lets see i think its and im not.

Sure if thats in texas but thats three one zero one zero and i have that so thats where i. Want to talk okay now watch this i push the button and youre going to see on the screen three. One zero one zero okay so lets see if we can get somebody on here for a second kj4 why. Is the eye testing my jumbo spot on dmr anybody around so now see if you look on here its. Shows you its listening remember that 20 seconds i told you about its listen 8j you see very good kj.

For y zi ill get back to you shortly im just testing something real quick with this jumbo spot and. Wanted to make sure that the new config worked but well get back to you k j4 y zi thanks. For the report dmr is working ok and lets talk about this here i mean to run him off but. Im on a video so lets talk about this if youre not seeing anything when you push this button ok. If youre not seeing transmitting your radio is not set properly to talk to the dmr i mean most of.

The case if you followed this video and you set the hotspot up like this see right now its listening. If youre transmitting and nothings coming up theres something wrong where the radio is not telling the hotspot on that. Frequency what to do or the hotspot is not listening on that frequency ok so now i can go like. This here will do this will go and again im not going to show you what im doing here because. This radio is not programmed i do not want to confuse you but were gonna go – lets try treasure.

Coast that is a local one to me now watch this if i want to change to treasure coast i. Just changed it in my radio but this has done nothing to the hospital s i just bumped the ptt. Button and if youve seen on dmr or d star you may see it call signs all day long popping. Up boop boop and theyre not saying anything that may be because theyre keying up to activate that talk group. On their hotspot so watch this i just changed it to a three one one two three and you can.

See jan kk for ggj is there now this hot spot is set to three one one i just changed. It okay its working now lets look at what the dashboard looks like with me doing this here let me. Jump in here on jan just to make sure click in and out kj4 why is the i protest i. Know these guys theyll let me jump in there jim might pick on me though and i just ripped the. Power cord out of that phone i have a landline and one person has that number and thats not the.

Person this is real folks this is what happens when you make videos after working all day so alright jan. Ill get back to you kj for y zi you see i got people jumping chomping at the bit to. Talk to me on this hot spot so lets look at the dashboard and heres the dashboard so you can. See right here kb for o vl right now is talking hes talking with kk for ggj and itll show. You their loss and bit error rate you can see here i had 0.2% now i could tweak that but.

Nobody has said anything wrong so im not going to touch it another thing to note now is check this. Out so time slot 1 is disabled its very important when you make your code plug on your radio that. Youre doing it for time slot 2 if youre transmitting on time slot 1 thats a problem okay so time. Slot 2 and people have said they never changed it and it worked just fine but im just trying to. Help you out here you can see here though im transmitting on time slot 2 and you can see im.

Linked to this talk group here so its linked remember before it wasnt linked ok so this is whats going. On right now i hope this was the most comprehensive this was the most comprehensive d star or dmr pi-star. Config that youve seen give a thumbs up for the effort of making this video and hope to work you. On the air one day 7:3 from kj4 why is the eye.

Method 5 – Pi Star Initial Setup 4.1.2

Hello again w1msg here the name is craig its been quite a while since ive done any videos so i. Wanted to do a newer pi star initial setup video uh this covers the 4.1.2 download from the pi star. Dot uk site and i take you right through formatting your sd card writing the image initial boot up and. Initial configuration one of the biggest changes has been that you are now required to have security for your hotspot.

On brandmeister i talk about that show you where to go show you how to set that up so without. Further ado heres the video hope you enjoy it okay so lets get into the nuts and bolts on setting. Up a new pi star hotspot first thing were going to do is go to pi star dot uk and. Youre going to want to download pi star so heres the pi star download page and if youre using a. Raspberry pi which 99 of the people are using these are your options you can download an older version an.

Older version of the 4.0 implementation and then the latest .

Conclusion – How To Access Pi Star Dashboard

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