How To Access Podcasts – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – Podcasts 101: What’S A Podcast, Where To Find Them, & How To Start Listening Today

Hey whats going on its mike and im here with another episode of smart simple digitally so i love podcasts. Like i listen to a bunch of podcasts i look forward to the to some of my favorite podcasts coming. Out each week the same way that some people might look forward to their favorite shows airing on tv every. Week you know they are by far you know when it comes to digital media theyre by far one of.

My favorite sources for information and entertainment no question however i am constantly reminded that there are still a lot. Of people out there who dont know what the heck podcasts are or who might have heard the term podcast. But still dont have really much clue on how to start exploring them and listening to them so i figured. I would do todays talk you know this podcasts one-on-one talk just to serve as a reference for anybody out. There who might be interested in learning more about podcasts and looking for some tips on how to start exploring.

Them and listening to them so thats what todays episode is all about so a podcast is a recorded audio. Series you can think of it as like a radio show and you know theyre packaged these episodes and made. Available online and from there anyone can subscribe to them and they can download them to a computer or a. Smartphone and from there you can then listen to them anytime you want to the really cool thing about podcasts. Is that they come in a variety of formats and genres you know literally like their there is quite possibly.

A podcast or multiple podcasts that exist for just about any interest or topic that you can think of you. Know i mean right off the bat i can think of pod this is the different categories of podcasts that. Exist you know they are comedy podcasts once i focus on news politics pop culture cooking books tv religion technology. I mean you name it theres likely a podcast out there that exists the other thing is they come in. All sorts of formats so theres some podcasts there are one-on-one dialogues or one-on-one interview so every episode the host.

Is sitting down with the different guests and they are just having a q&a discussion theyre also podcasts that are. Roundtable discussions or panel discussions where you may have two or more hosts and every episode theyre talking about just. A wide range of subjects and maybe happenings in pop culture etc then they you also have podcasts that take. The form of storytelling so you may have a host or multiple hosts and they are using sound effects or. Sound bites from various sources just to craft a really interesting there and a really interesting story whether fiction or.

Nonfiction you also have podcasts that are talks you know where every episode the host is giving a talk or. Sermon or some type of instruction or inspiration if you will so all sorts of different formats or podcasts in. Addition to that the other thing that makes pockets really cool is that they can be creative by anyone so. You have your just regular everyday people creating podcasts you know about whatever things that they or maybe experts in. Or be really passionate about you know have companies who are getting into the podcast game and theyre producing podcast.

You know about you know whatever their brand or market might be and then you also have celebrities now who. Are podcasting and you know its just a really really really diverse field right now which makes podcast is really. Cool and interesting so just to give you a bit of backstory little history on podcast pakka has have actually. Been around since the early 2000s however the main difference between podcasts as they existed then versus podcasts now completely. Comes down to accessibility so back in the early days you needed to number one in order to discover and.

To listen to podcast number one needed to have a computer with an internet connection number two you needed to. Have a special type of software installed in your computer in order to access and to download episodes of podcasts. And then number three you needed to have an mp3 player and if youre not familiar an mp3 player was. And is i guess they still exist they are portable music players i guess the the more of the popular. The most popular one at the time back in the early 2000s was apples ipod but of course there were.

Many different types that were around so the way the process would work is number one you had to know. That that that a podcast existed because there was a point in time where there was not a central directory. For podcasts you would either discover them because you were following maybe a blogger online who created one once you. Knew what the feed was where that podcast was stored at you would then use that podcast software that you. Had installed on your computer you would use that to then download new episodes of the podcast from that person.

That you followed and then youd have to plug your mp3 player you have to connect your mp3 player to. Your computer and then transfer those files those mp3 files those new episodes of that podcast that you were subscribed. To you would down you would transfer those files over to your mp3 player and then then you listen to. Those episodes on your mp3 player thats how thats how well go and you would have to follow those steps. Every time a new episode of your favorite podcast came out as time went on as we now are here.

Today those steps still exist but they have been simplified tremendously so you can do all of those steps that. I just explained you can now do all those things really just one location and in most cases is the. Simplest way to do it is right on your phone you dont have to you dont really need a computer. Anymore i mean you dont have to to know any specific feeds on where the podcasts are located all those. Things are normally just simplified and centralized all in one location on your phone so the quickest and simplest way.

To get started exploring and listening to podcasts is with your smartphone and with a podcast app so if you. Have an iphone you should use the whole recommend that you start by using the the native the podcast app. Becomes pre-installed on your iphone and if you have an android device i recommend that you start with the google. Play music app at a very base level all podcast apps are the same theyre gonna offer you some of. The same basic features these the ones that are most important number one theyre going to give you the ability.

To discover and explore the realm of podcasts so youll be able to to see the podcasts out there just. By category you can explore by category just to see whats out there you can explore by popularity so youll. Be able to see the top charts to see what podcasts are really kind of hot right now whats going. On youll also be able to discover podcasts by keywords you can search based on your interests based on topics. That youre looking for also a podcast apps will give you the ability to subscribe so once you find a.

Podcast that youre interested in you can click the subscribe button and then what happens there after that point is. That every time a new episode becomes available it will automatically get placed over into a special section in your. Podcast app where you can easily find it in some cases getting notified every time a new episode is available. So you can just go in and start listening and you you know kind of a name it eliminates the. Step eliminates the hassle of every time having to go into the app and just search for your podcast instead.

Once you subscribe all the new episodes will be automatically kind of sifted out and placed in a special section. For you just to start to listen and then the other kind of main feature the other common feature most. Important feature that all podcast apps will give you the ability to do is to listen so you will be. Able to listen to podcasts those that you either subscribe to or just as youre just going through exploring and. You see some it catches your eye you can just start to instantly listen to them so thats my tip.

I think again thats the quickest simplest way to start exploring podcasts are to explore and to listen to them. Just to start start with your smartphone and start with the apps the native apps that are available for your. Smartphone again if you have an iphone use the podcast app becomes french song if you have an android phone. Use the google play music app i would recommend those too as good starting points and then from there as. You get more comfortable as your tastes grow your demand so for different features grow then you can start to.

Branch out and explore some of the other third-party podcasts apps that exist out there there are a bunch of. Them so those are my tips i hope that this information has been helpful and i hope that it helps. To to get you started on your journey to start exploring and listening to podcasts as always if you have. Any questions leave them down below in the comments you know dont be afraid to reach out to me with. Questions that you may have and if you like this information again if you found it helpful please like it.

And subscribe to this channel as well and again if theres anything any any things that youd like me to. Talk about in some of the upcoming episodes let me know as well and drop those down below in the. Comments also as always thanks for watching and ill see you next time take it.

Method 2 – What Is A Podcast? Here’s How To Listen To A Podcast

In the last 15 years podcasts have gone from mainly a niche market to mean stream theres a world of. Info and entertainment for people of all interest so listen up we have podcast 101 on the lowdown there are. Over half a million podcasts in existence but that doesnt mean we all know what they are a podcast is. Simply a piece of audio or story or an interview or a documentary series that you can download and listen.

To whenever you want chris bannon chief content officer at stitcher a podcast app is here with a lesson on. Podcasts first where did they come from podcasting has been around for more than a decade but i would say. That it became really really popular and exploded in 2014 with the publication of a series called serial definitely understand. Its dont look at this to say oh man you know you must be lie its so coincidental and since. Then theres now something for everyone from shows about true crime to news from new york times on my crowbar.

Oh this is the daily and from comedy tip made to see wolverine today as many as 100 million people. Are listening each month to the 18.5 million available episodes from the 700,000 podcasts out there but unlike am/fm radio. Podcasts play through apps so heres how to tune in stitcher has built the first widely available android app so. Apple has an app thats built into the iphone a spotify is getting into the podcasting business in a big. Way you can listen on your smart device through the app or on a computer from the website if you.

Click that little subscribe button it will make sure to feed you new episodes of the show which leads us. To the third part of the lesson what are some of todays fan favorites right now i think theres never. Been more variety in whats popular in podcasting dirty jon is a series that came out a couple of years. Ago whether to intimidate people or to impress them with his dark glamour he bragged frequently about his underworld ties. This true crime podcast is also a hit series on bravo jon okay people like conan obrien the tv talk.

Show host and comedian have gotten into podcasting in a big way and conan tends to pop his piece every. Time he says podcast podcast podcast podcast this makes the engineer crazy oprah dr. Phil the hardest part is choosing. Where to start thats todays lesson in podcast 101 on the lowdown.

Method 3 – How To Start A Podcast 2020: Podcasting For Beginners

All right so you want a podcast but you dont know how to get started this video is gonna show. You just how simple it is to get your podcast going specifically well look at one gear needed to set. Up a solo podcast to your needed to set up a podcast with two or more people three audio software. For editing your podcast for quick tips and best practices for getting your podcast to sound as good as possible.

Five how to get your podcast out to the world now one more thing while lots of podcasts do incorporate. Video today were gonna be focusing on the traditional audio only podcast so lets get to it if youre gonna. Do a podcast by yourself then youre gonna need a few pieces of gear of all the components of any. Podcasting setup the microphone is the most important because its responsible for how your voice sounds in podcasting we know. Me choose between three types of mics usb mics which are digital or dynamic and condenser mics which are analog.

We definitely will get into the specific differences between these later but i will tell you right now that if. Youre in search of the easiest solo podcast set up the usb mic is the way to go and heres. Why usb mics employ a simple plug-and-play approach you just plug it into your computer or your smartphone or tablet. If you have the right adapters record to whichever app or software youre using listen through your headphones and thats. It let me show you an example here i have the popular blue yeti usb microphone and all i have.

To do is plug it into this computers usb port verify that the computer recognizes it when i open my. Software and im good to go theres really no need for any additional gear resize headphones which makes this setup. Very compact when shopping for a usb mic one feature you should definitely look for is a built-in headphone jack. For the volume control so you can hear yourself and adjust your level in real time having this feature on. The mic itself makes monitoring your voice simple the yeti by the way also incorporates an independent microphone gain knob.

For adjusting the input level of your voice which is useful not surprisingly there are many other usb mic models. To choose from and depending on your recording environment one type may be better than the other what i mean. Is the yetis are pretty sensitive mic with a side address design which means is gonna pick up a lot. Of sound from the room in so if youre podcasting in a somewhat noisy environment you may want to offer. Something totally different like the rode podcaster usb this is a front address mic with a precise pickup range thats.

Gonna give you good rejection of background noise and still sound really good for your voice it looks cool too. Kind of makes you feel like you have your own radio show or something if youre worried about ambient sounds. Making their way into your recordings the road is a solid choice when your podcast includes two or more people. You should not use usb mics using more than one usb mic at the same time often causes major communication. Problems between the mics and the device youre recording to instead you should choose either dynamic or condenser mics which.

Are analog mics with professional xlr connections these mics plug into a separate device like an audio interface or a. Portable recorder or even a standalone podcast machine so for example heres the popular shore sm7b plugged into a focus. Right – i – scarlett audio interface which then connects to the computer so i can record an audio into. My software of choice its a pretty simple setup actually and ill say that one of the things i like. About audio interfaces is that they tend to have quieter cleaner preamps than other devices which allows you to capture.

A really high quality audio these interfaces are also often bundled with the useful software plug-ins for further editing your. Vocals after youve finished recording now i could do an almost identical setup with a condenser mic ive swapped out. The sm7b for an akg 214 a great sounding condenser thats an excellent choice for vocal recording so that begs. The question why choose a dynamic mic over a condenser or vice versa well there are some differences between the. Two that are important to know when it comes to choosing which is best for you dynamic mics are known.

To reject background noise very well so if youre going to be conducting your podcast in a room theres a. Lot of ambient sound or even distracting noises think a kitchen with a humming refrigerator or the neighbors noisy air. Conditioner then a dynamic mic would be a wise choice a dynamic mic is also advantageous when you have more. Than one podcaster speaking as the mic is less likely to pick up much of the other persons voice something. To keep in mind is that dynamic mics require a bit more microphone technique in that you need to try.

And keep your mouth close to the mic to ensure consistent recording levels now condenser mics differ from dynamics a. Few ways the first being that they require something called phantom power or plus 48v which basically gives them enough. Juice to operate properly this isnt something you really have to worry about because most good audio gear gives you. The option of engaging phantom power for condenser mics with a simple flip of a switch condenser mics are also. Much more sensitive than dynamics so theyre well suited for quiet or professionally treated recording environments in addition to utilizing.

Audio interfaces you can use dynamic or condenser mics to record into a separate audio recorder like this zoom h6. This is a good option if portability is important to you especially if youre recording a podcast outside or in. An area where you really need to maintain a small footprint things to keep in mind though are that portable. Recorders tend to have less professional preamps and interfaces and they often only have one headphone output so you may. Need to use an external headphone amp if you have multiple people in your podcast lastly after youve recorded with.

One of these recorders you will need to transfer the audio to a computer for editing purposes alright i want. To talk about standalone podcast machines for a minute companies like rode and zoom and put out gear that is. Specifically made to accommodate podcasts the advantage to an all-in-one podcast machine is that you have the option of recording. To the device alone using it as an interface with your computer for recording to software or recording to both. Device and your computer simultaneously stand-alone podcast machines also have convenient features like multiple microphone inputs faders to control audio.

Levels sound paths to add audio effects of backing music usb connectivity to interface with your computer multiple headphone outputs. For podcast talent and a lot more lets move on to podcasting accessories and talk about a few things you. Should have or may even need for your setup headphones you should invest in a decent pair of over ear. Closed back studio headphones this type of headphone does a good job of keeping sound from leaking out it tends. To be comfortable for long hours of use most importantly studio headphones are more accurate and reproducing sound so you.

Can hear what things really sound like when youre talking you dont have to buy anything crazy or expensive models. Like audio technicas ath m20x or m30 x are good examples of affordable quality headphones for podcasting and there are. A whole lot more out there if you have more than one person participating in your podcast but your gear. Only provides a one headphone output then youll need a headphone so everyone can hear whats going on this mackey. Hm4 is just one of many examples out there it would be a good solution for providing multiple headphone outs.

To your talent your podcast audio suffers from closes you know those hard consonant sounds like peas and cs and. Ts a pop filter will solve that issue some models only cost about 10 bucks and theyre definitely worth the. Investment depending on how you have your gear set up youll either want a weighted tabletop stand or a boom. Arm choose whichever is the most comfortable for you one isnt better than the other a quick note on incorporating. Phone calls into your podcast if you plan on recording calls for your show then you want to make sure.

That your podcast setup is equipped to handle these calls if you can try to get gear that has a. Mixed – function which enables you to integrate phone calls into your show clearly and without that annoying echo and. Feedback you sometimes hear interfaces like focusrite scarlett 4i for mark 3 feature mix – so – zooms l8 recorder. In terms of how you connect your phone tear devices some allow for calls via bluetooth whereas others only provide. Analog connections through a mini jack when using a computer to handle and record your calls voip or voice over.

Internet protocol applications like skype and google hangouts have built-in features that let you record your phone calls you can. Even use ios and android apps to record phone calls directly to your smart phone or tablet to see how. We handle phone calls for podcasting check out links in the description to our videos on focus writes for i. Four zooms l8 and rhodes road castor pro when it comes to editing your podcast you will need to use. A computer and audio editing software lets quickly highlight a few to show you the differences between them audacity this.

Is a super popular software its mac and windows compatible and best of all it is free you can make. Precise edits export your audio in various formats import audio into your production pretty much whatever you want to do. Its also open source which means that the user community is constantly adding support to improve the program garageband if. Youre a mac user you should have gotten a free version of garageband that came with your computer this software. Allows you to record audio and midi and do basic editing and its really a more simplified less professional version.

Of apples logic but its certainly more than capable of letting you edit a podcast avid pro tools this is. Pretty much is considered the most professional software for recording audio and it has way more features than youll ever. Need keep in mind that pro tools runs on a subscription model so youre gonna have to purchase the software. Then renew annually this is something to consider when you think about budgeting for your podcast setup at this point. Youre ready to record an edit your podcast so lets go over some basic tips for recording great audio 1.

Choose good equipment that suits your needs and fits your budget to choose an environment that is as quiet as. Possible 3 use acoustic treatment to tighten the sound of your room if you hear a lot of echoes or. Sound bouncing off the walls try something like a rug or curtains in the room even acoustic foam to get. Rid of those issues 4 use good mic technique to ensure consistent recording levels 5 use a pop filter to. Prevent those closest we talked about earlier 6 set your mic gain so that your incoming level is roughly between.

1/2 and 3/4 on the meter this will help prevent clipping and distortion in your audio and 7 this is. Pretty obvious but check everyones headphone levels before you press record now once youre done recording its time to edit. And there are some techniques you can employ to make your audio sound as good as possible for the purposes. Of this video im only gonna list some suggestive techniques however you should check out our video titled how to. Fix your audio in post-production which is linked in the description below here we go 1 cut out unwanted audio.

From your recording pretty obvious to normalize your tracks to get your audio sitting at the same relative level 3. Use eq on your voice to enhance good sounds and remove harsh sounds see the link in the description to. Check out our video on how to use a parametric eq to shape your sound for use a compressor to. Tame loud spikes in your audio 5 use a limiter on the overall mix to adhere to the loudness standards. 6 use music in your intro outro and wherever else you want to provide a soundtrack to your show sites.

Like the wolf music calm audio blocks epidemic sound and others all have subscription-based content that you can use of. Course if youre a musician you can produce your own soundtracks for free once your podcast is ready to go. How do you get it out there the first step is to choose a host site which is where all. Of your podcast episodes are gonna live popular podcast hosts are bus captivate pot beam cymbal cast and a whole. Bunch more for every podcast episode you create the host will provide a syndicated feed to platforms that actually play.

Your podcasts such as itunes stitcher spotify soundcloud and others many hosting sites offer free trials so give them a. Whirl to decide which one suits your purposes and thats it as you can see it doesnt take a whole. Lot to get a podcast up and running and since podcasting is still the fastest growing audio medium available there. Is no better time than now to start your own show this is a bee from b&h thanks so much. For watching and ill see you next time so you want a podcast but you dont know how to sit.

Im having a drink as soon as the six oclock kids.

Method 4 – How To Access Podcasts

Grandma hey grandma yeah im doing good how are you oh podcasts i can help you with podcasts so you. Need help accessing podcasts so here we are searching for spotify just in google and we will head to their. Website and you want to click get spotify for free yes it is free all right and here you want. To sign up i already have an account which is for the sake of demonstration im showing you what this.

Page will look like and then once youre all done youll scroll down and you are not a robot i. Hope and you will click on sign up but since i have an account i am clicking login as a. Small side note here spotify is free but they do have premium options which removes ads alright so once you. Are all logged in you want to go ahead and click download on this page and then you will find. Spotify in your applications folder you just want to click that to open it with spotify open you can head.

To the search bar and search for whatever podcast youre looking for today well look up the heart sounds by. Steve harper which is one of the ones that was recommended in last weeks newsletter and you just scroll on. Down to the first episode or whichever one you want to listen to and click play okay so now were. Going to look at youtube which is another popular way to access podcasts and were just searching podcasts about faith. And they have so many different options and if youre someone that likes visuals this is probably the option for.

You and one podcast that ashley and i both like is uh air biscuits its not faith-based but it is. Very entertaining and if you find a podcast that you absolutely love you can go ahead and subscribe and you. Just log in using your gmail account now i know not everyone has a laptop that they can use so. I am showing you how you can access podcasts on your phone so you just go to your app store. And here im typing in spotify and i already have it downloaded again but you can just g.

Conclusion – How To Access Podcasts

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