How To Access Qr Code On Android – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access qr code on android, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access qr code on android,

Method 1 – How To Read Qr Codes With Your Android Phone Easily

Hey guys the career welcome to another blog tech tips so guys drama sure to scan qr codes with your. Smartphone now this applies to any phone including samsung galaxys android phones ios devices such as the iphone alright the. First you need guys in the case that you want to scan a qr code or just in case you. Do not know what the qr code is shahrazad so this is what a qr code looks like you could.

Actually scan this one of course this link will actually lead you to my website and that website is blog. Tech tips calm alright so this is what a qr code looks like in case you get these on products. Of purchase special cards or on the internet or maybe you receive once a picture are wherever you can actually. Scan these codes and extract the information thats stored within now this special pattern actually adds information usually these are. Web links and what you can do instead of having a person write on a very long url or a.

Specific url you can actually have them or give them this qr code now the computer or the android device. Can actually scan and decipher the information thats given here so ill show you how to extract this information from. Anywhere you might receive a qr code for the first things that youll need when you have a qr code. Such as that one is what we call a qr code scanner one of the best ones on the phone. Is the one thats called the qr barcode qr n barcode scanner the qr barcode scanner you can pick this.

Up to just make sure youre connected to the internet once youre connected to the internet simply go into the. Google play store it should be also be able to find this in other place tours as well and what. Youre gonna do is gonna search again search for qr and barcode reader and the search i want to search. Guys its this one here that says and its a free version and it says here its called a qr. Barcode scanner just go ahead and tap ive already installed mine we can ask ahead and install once you installed.

Isis go ahead and launch and of course it will come up just like this now if you have a. Qr or you can actually scan and it will automatically find what our cd web link thats given before i. Actually share that you can actually go into settings and customize whats up mean so im going to set it. And of course you could tell it to automatically automatically open web links but you dont have to actually do. That i recommend that you whip your actually the scan and then click on the link so for example here.

Ill show you a quick you our core data stored and the particular qr code i have is on my. Smartwatch its not actually on printed out could you print it out but virtually this is the cure put up. And theres notice what happens as soon as i scan notice as soon as i please i just need to. Wake up the device and once its in the air youll notice itll scan and its showing you that errors. Actually a link in the qr code and it gives it right here say google drive li and shows you.

The exact part you could just click on it to open and it will go straight to the link depending. On the scanner it might resolve up if i set settings and it will go directly to the web link. Alright so you do get the idea so thats how you actually open our scan qr codes additionally you can. Actually use this scanner to actually do barcodes as well but which are slightly similar all right so lets welcome. The object it show you how to actually use all to read qr codes with your android phone if you.

Gotta say until next time guys bye.

Method 2 – How To Scan Qr Code On Android!

Hi guys today im going to show you two ways you can easily scan a qr code let me go. Into you lets go and take a look hi guys so theres two apps i use for scanning qr code. You can use the google lens or the qr code reader app all right go ahead and type qr code. And you can get the free qr scanner all right theres actually a bunch of different ones they all work.

The same lets go and take a look at this one hit open so heres a random bitcoin qr code. That i found and you can simply open the app point at it and instantly youll actually get the text. Off the qr code you can copy it you can open the browser if its a website lets actually go. Ahead and take a look at some other ones all right lets go ahead and try a website lets try. Wikipedia thats qr code for wikipedia i hope it already worked try that again and boom shakalaka you can copy.

It and paste it or you can go straight to the website now if youre working with multiple qr codes. For example youve got a bunch of these for example lets say i want to scan all of these different. Ones go ahead download down the play store open it whats great with google lens is as you can see. It will actually in real time read the different qr codes so if youre looking at um different qr codes. At one time then this could be actually a better method or if youre just looking at one qr code.

It can also work too you can see it pulled up wikipedia and same thing you can click on it. And go to the website so definitely try it out i do recommend the google lens because theres no ads. With these qr code apps um theres like ads and stuff its not that annoying but and there you go. Now you can scan qr code on any android device all right have a great day hit the thumbs up. And as always stay on android click here to subscribe you.

Method 3 – How To Scan Qr Code Without Any Extra Apps : Quick Tutorial

Hey guys its me rahul back with another q tutorial episode today i will show you how to scan qr. Code without using any extra apps on some phones if you open up your camera app and hold it for. Around two to three seconds on the qr code it will actually recognize the qr code and show you the. Text but that feature is only available on some selected phones but the next trick will work on almost all.

New phones especially devices running on android 9 and 10 or have google lens on their assistant so what you. Want to do is activate the google assistant either by pressing and holding on the home button or simply say. Ok google then swipe up and tap on this icon which is the google lens icon and simply point the. Camera at a qr code that you want to scan and it will show you the text of the url. In case you want to share the url or copy it simply tap on the search button and it will.

Show you the options for it so thats a quick tutorial hope some of you found this video helpful in. Case it doesnt work for you you can try out the whats in my screen method i will link that. Below thats been it and i will talk to you guys in my next video.

Method 4 – How To Scan Qr Code On Any Android!

Welcome back everyone you may have an android device and you actually want to go ahead and scan a qr. Code well this is a very easy process it really doesnt take too much time and itll literally take two. Seconds so you want to figure out first of all which type of android phone you have since theres like. 40 billion of them in my case i do have a samsung galaxy s20 but really with any android device.

The process is pretty you know the same thing what you want to do is you want to go ahead. And make your way over to your camera app and youll pretty much come into a page like this now. What you want to do and this is very important you want to make sure you have scanned qr code. You know enabled on your device so in order to get there what you want to do is pretty much. Make your way over to your camera settings within your device now like i said with your android device specifically.

Maybe a little bit different but most of the time if you make your way over to your camera settings. Which should look like a gear icon like this you can go and click on it youll come into this. Little panel now you can see that i do have a scan qr code option right here its like the. Fourth option down you just or the third one you basically just want to search through here until you find. That option so they may be here it may be within your actual settings app and you just want to.

Search for it basically you can even type in your phone model and then type in scanning qr code you. Should be able to find that specific model so what you want to do in this case is make sure. This is enabled if this is disabled its not going to work so make sure that specific thing is enabled. So i have a qr code right here and ill go ahead and grab my android phone and all you. Want to do is kind of place the qr code kind of around where the specific phone is so where.

You can probably pick it up and as you can see i picked it up for a second and ill. Go ahead and try it again now you can see thats all you really want to do you just want. To put the qr code right basically in front of the camera lens within the stock camera app and you. Should see this little web page thing come up so ill go ahead and do it again im going to. Put it in front of it and you will see more so than not you will see there we go.

We see it basically come up and then from there all you have to do is go ahead and tap. This to basically open up where that web page basically wherever that qr code is going to take us and. You can see it took us to the wikipedia page so thats really all you have to do make sure. The camera app you know is open make sure you have scan qr codes enabled within the camera app and. Then you pretty much move on with your day and scan whatever qr codes you want to now i have.

Heard theres some other apps that can also do the same thing but in this specific case it really doesnt. Matter because for most brand new phones for phones that came out within the last couple of years they already. Have this type of scan qr code capability within the camera app so thats really pretty much it just make. Sure you enable it within the camera app scan the qr code within it and pretty much you know you. Can open up the web page from there so thats really pretty much it if you guys have any other.

Questions or anything let me know in the comment section below hit the like button help me so much but. Definitely hit that subscribe button every single subscriber that we get really discount so me so much for you guys. To hit that also check out the other links down in the description as well my twitter my instagram my. Other channels more important than everything else i love every single one of you guys hopefully ill catch you guys. In the next video peace out till then.

Method 5 – How To Read Qr Codes With Your Android Phone Easily -How To Read A Qr Code On Your Android Phone

How she is a following say and i am going to show you how you can scan any barcode and. These are actually used for websites they are used for different online products as you can see here this one. Is actually used for car accessories you can see it right here and it will definitely redirect us to the. Website so you can use this on any devices which is android i am going to show you how sometimes.

These would be embedded in the camera app for other forms you definitely have to download the app i am. Going to show you exactly how we are going to download the app so let me show you now they. Have plenty of them but you want to try this one here this one is a free version i am. Going to install it so its installing it will take a few minutes to install maybe one to two minutes. It actually took less than a minute my internet is very fast so it very on your internet connection so.

We can go and open the app and you need to allow the app to take pictures or record video. So this is what were talking about eyes this is how we can scan the app we can scan any. Bar chord we are going to scan this one and let me just let you know that with this bar. Code you can put your bar code in a website or you can put your bar code for a website. Or product you can use a bar code to detect your product it will scan the code and it will.

Immediately bring up protocol service our website so anybody can use barcode for the business right so when you are. Doing this you want to make sure your internet is connected on your phone whether by data or wi-fi right. So my phone is connected to the wi-fi so i am going to scan this code and you will see. Where it take me and that was very fast it took me to the ebay link where you can buy. This product and this is like car accessories like int for your week window different accessories you can look at.

This and see where it says here cut up 518 so this is the store where we are going to. Go and you can see that it took us right to the ebay store and this is what the back. One scanner would do so lets go and scan the code again and that was pretty fast in terms of. The accurateness of this app you didnt even have to take long to scan the code it just took us. Immediately to the eb link to the store so guys my name is lens hope that this was a helpful.

One for you and the beauty about it this is very important because if you have a car pad or. A television pad a phone pad anything that use barcode it can help you to find the item online very. Easily you can see i have this battery here and theres a barcode on it you can scan different codes. On different items theres a barcode on this battery and there will be barcode on other items as well so. Guys this is a very useful thing so if youre new here to my channel share subscribe and all of.

That good stuff i hope that this was a helpful one you can download this app if your phone dont. Have the capability of doing so so like share subscribe and all of that good stuff.

Conclusion – How To Access Qr Code On Android

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