How To Access Raspberry Pi Remotely – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access raspberry pi remotely, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access raspberry pi remotely,

Method 1 – Raspberry Pi Remote Desktop Connection

Df and both raspberry pi tutorial this is it from educate punch baby and to day and grew to show. You how to connect raspberry pi mowgli using grimaud desktop windows lid site you want to make some say you. Work to the raspberry pi lighting co door here am to super document yo guests conecta keyboard and mouse and. That display type with on show is nature in tempting because it is time consuming its further on shown as.

You some time ago is the connect usb pair using sc2 blood ran horse you had to use the command-line. Action hijack this option is not right tempting for ever deus leave your lever isa closer on you to use. Grimaud desktop and connect the raspberry pi from your computer and gave the graphic and user interface of the raspberry. Pi teacher raspberry pi des doigts re how to limina window and you will be able to use your pc. And address the raspberry pi address a time cool lesson now a see how to achieve that own can the.

Views de raspberry pi free be placed to day but with patchworkz to one thing raspberry pi sign to you. Me there frenzy store guest house b&o is because my raspberry pi well who slide pathã© decides him open the. Terminal and time on formation document sudo apt-get update and sweet door up get up reason with comma grew up. Tv software of the raspberry pi plus latest version now only have to do is to run 3 more comments. Up getting stone exar dp and sudo apt-get in steam time vnc server after a couple of minutes or delete.

It software is in stone andrew years dit to use the raspberry pi from web desktop computer or leave to. Do with two note down local ip address of the raspberry pi one way to find you aprs is does. During the comma avf configurateur well thats the ipad ios or my raspberry pi or money locally the work now. Lets go does it is the computer and use guido stijn but this procedure for some other op rating system. As whether you just need to use their eye s software in windows 10 how the street scene does an.

Oliebol desktop connection app will entertain local ipad ios or the raspberry pi how you prescor neck and how year. Connect to the raspberry pi orly skin there is also in the white im using the the for user name. And password username buy and password raspberry after a few seconds the raspberry pi desto paper goodwitch a navigate around. And use it says we work connecten physics lidwien she coaching is that he can quickly wit turken my windows. Desktop or conserving in kippa by the raspberry pi for pc reset score neck the raspberry pi tot them network.

Using en azure the keyboard and not read my fire wiz at the spido demo desktop connection or be good. And had to use it for sears work and using this feature of the time their own die to work. Of the raspberry pi in own on that your fine the deuce of a smiley fack you very much for. Rock in this tutorial ill see you next time.

Method 2 – Remote Access With Ssh And Remote Desktop – Raspberry Pi And Python Tutorials P.3

Whats going on everybody and welcome to another raspberry pi tutorial in this tutorial what were gonna be talking about. Is accessing your raspberry pi remotely from your local network you can access your raspberry pi from anywhere in the. World you can set that up but that has a lot less to do with the raspberry pi itself and. More to do with your actual network and thats a much more advanced tutorial were not gonna be getting into.

That so theres two major ways to connect to your raspberry pi one is via some sort of remote desktop. And the other is via just ssh which is secure shell both have their own good benefits to them so. You would do like a remote desktop if you have any sort of ui or if youve got video that. You want to show or you just dont you you want to actually just share the the keyboard and mouse. On some computer between the raspberry pi and all that you dont have to hook it up every time so.

The first thing that we need to do to remotely access the pi is make sure we were connected in. Some way to the local network you come up here to your wi-fi click on that you cant see it. Actually because my face is in the way there you can choose your wi-fi make sure youre connected or you. Can connect you know physically with an ethernet cable or whatever now once youve got that go ahead and do. Your ctrl alt and t and that should open up a your terminal now i want to make it a.

Little larger so everybody can see and hopefully thats not too large lets see what we get yeah love it. So so now were going to go ahead and do is you could do if config and that will give. You a bunch of information if you are connected physically it would probably your internet ip address would be up. Here but im not connected physically im actually connected via a wireless lan so thats down here and what youre. Looking for is your eye net address my address is 192 168 1 92 168 0 103 ok so we.

Have that information now what we want to do is see if i could get to the bottom of this. Ive clearly made this too big lets go down a little bit um once weve done that once we have. That we could in theory connect to the raspberry pi but its not going to let us because the ssh. Server is disabled by default now on the raspberry pis if you have an older raspberry pi actually i suppose. It would come with the installation so are they like your actual operating system so it used to be the.

Case that ssh was always just enabled by default but as more and more people are using raspberry pis theyre. Using them in their businesses and all that it has become a better idea to not do that because if. People got open wi-fi they just need to find the raspberry pis ip address they know the default login and. Password so that can be problematic so generally if you do have the ssh server enabled and you using the. Default username and password its gonna keep warning you by the way youre doing this and stupid anyway were gonna.

Open up the r a spy config so do sudo maybe and im still not on-screen i dont think lets. See if i can do this i think were just typing off-screen yeah so what you want to do is. Sudo rasp i – config hit enter and this is the configuration for your raspberry pi you know a whole. Bunch of stuff you can change the password you can change your host name you can do boot options or. Interested in interfacing options lets go ahead and enter there and we want to enable ssh so go ahead and.

Enter here and would you like the ssh server to be enabled yes boom done okay so now ssh is. Enabled and we can connect so at this point we actually can connect via ssh now if you arent familiar. With ssh i will hit finish basically on windows youre going to need something like putty so pu tty you. Can go to putty org download that and you can connect that way or if youre on macintosh or linux. Its as simple as opening up your terminal and doing ssh username which would be pi at whatever your ip.

Address is in my case it was 192 168 0 103 so you could do that and connect now if. Youre on windows its a little more challenging oops ive already got this ones already up but basically lets do. New session youd come over here and you type in the ip address so 192 168 0 103 hit enter. This will pop up asks you to login ill log in is pi password is raspberry by default connected and. Boom and as you can see ssh is enabled and the default password for pi has not been changeable wha.

And the next time we log in to the actual gui desktop well also have another warning there telling us. That were probably making a big mistake so okay so thats how you can ssh into the raspberry pi once. You do that its basically the command line and as you can see and so now we can do all. Kinds of stuff here once youve done that like i was saying before if there are any times where you. Want a gui desktop for whatever reason so you can also do a remote desktop now for this on windows.

And mac you probably the easiest is just to download remote desktop by microsoft i think mac also has a. Remote desktop software im not sure and then on linux its gr desktop so gui remote desktop gr desktop so. That would be gr desktop like so otherwise if youre on mac or windows its virtual or m sorry its. Remote desktop by microsoft microsoft ok if youre on windows you should already have it now in order to get. There what we need to do is install some sort of remote desktop client on the raspberry pi i choose.

X rdp if you have already tried to sell xrdp and it failed for whatever reason in the past it. Was easier now its harder for some reason because you already have a vnc server you might need to run. Sudo apt-get remove xrdp vnc for server and tight vnc server if youve already tried to install you might need. To run that command just to remove everything and start clean otherwise if you are clean you should be able. To just do sudo apt-get install tight vnc server server now i already have it so this should be done.

And then you can do sudo apt-get install xrdp if for whatever reason something gets when we when you go. To connect and it doesnt work for whatever reason it hangs or whatever go ahead and run that thing to. Just clear everything and try again so once youve got xrdp installed youre good to go you you could restart. The service xrdp but it should be enabled by default once you install now on windows what you can do. Is open remote desktop and in here you can type the ip address im actually one of three it connects.

Yes and then heres your like your login screen now you can type pi raspberry hit enter and if you. Hang here thats probably when youll want to do your you know remove everything and try again otherwise here we. Are in the remote desktop now because i already have a remote desktop its just showing me like a copy. Of this other one because this is also a remote desktop connection but normally you wont share it like so. This is not on the screen on the actual raspberry pi and i can even turn it on and show.

You that that is not showing you know this stuff here and if you are on a remote desktop and. Youre trying to show something from the res by camera by default its actually going to show on that screen. Im not positive if you unplug the hdmi if it would work but anyway no big deal but just know. Sometimes it can be kind of screwy anyway thats it for the remote desktop and remote connection ssh all that. Fun stuff if youre having a problem you got questions whatever feel free to leave them below otherwise ill see.

You in the next tutorial where were going to be talking about actual terminal navigation and commands and all that. Kind of stuff so i will see you in the next tutorial.

Method 3 – Access Your Raspberry Pi Desktop From Anywhere With Internet

You hey everybody welcome back to another circuit basics tutorial my name is scott and today im going to show. You how to access the raspberry pi with a remote desktop connection in the last couple videos i did i. Showed you how to access the raspberry pi command prompt one with a ethernet cable connected to your wireless router. And another with a wi-fi dongle or wireless adapter and that was all good but it only allowed us to.

Access the command prompt raspbian has a pretty nice graphical user interface that a lot of people want to use. And also other operating systems like raspbmc or xbmc youre going to want to use the graphical user interface rather. Than the command prompt but in order to do that we are going to need to install a remote desktop. Protocol server so start by going into putty login with your ethernet ip or your wireless ip and install xrdp. Enter sudo apt-get install xrdp press enter and then yes to continue wait for it to download and install and.

Then reboot now its pretty easy to access the gui if youre using windows all you have to do is. Search the computer for a remote desktop and youll find the remote desktop connection application go ahead and open that. Up and then you want to enter your local wireless or ethernet ip connect and youre going to be prompted. To enter a username and password its the same as the password and username for the command prompt pie and. Raspberry and here we are this is the raspbian desktop looks pretty cool its got a drop-down menu up here.

All the programming applications its got a web browser couple games some accessories got a calculator help files and some. Settings now this is all good were connected over our home network you can see up here it says 6 thats my local ip address what if im not at home though and i want to access the raspberry. Pi what if im in paris france and i want to access my raspberry pi well for that were going. To need to do something special were going to need to do whats called port forwarding and ill show you.

How right now first thing you want to do is open up your command prompt in windows and enter ip. Config this is going to tell us our default gateway ip in my case its router and were going. To use this to access the configuration settings of our wireless router so write down your default gateway were going. To need it in a second how to access your wireless routers configuration settings you can need to open up. A web browser and then just enter that default gateway into the search bar login prompt for the wireless.

Router if youve never been here before and you dont know what the password and username are try to enter. Admin as the username and then just password as the password thats it got me in here alright now were. In our wireless routers configuration settings theres quite a bit you can do here but for now were just going. To find the port forwarding settings so in my case thats under advanced and port forwarding make sure the port. Forwarding is enabled first of all and then find something that says add new or in my case its at.

Service so im going to click on that and weve got some options here so im just going to fill. Out each field one by one services name just other service name you can name this anything you want limit. Raspberry pi connection and the service type you want to leave it at tcp / udp now the server ipv4. Address this is your local ip that youre using to connect if youre using wi-fi then you want to use. Your wi-fi ip if youre using ethernet then you wanted to use your ethernet ip im going to be connecting.

Over wi-fi so im using my wi-fi ip and the start port is going to be three three eight nine. This is specific for your remote connection so keep it three three eight nine and same as the end port. Keep that at three three eight nine all right so now we have our port forwarded and just one last. Thing we need to do and lets find our public ip address and theres lots of ways you can do. This i just prefer to google search whats my ip and it comes up here fifty point one twenty two.

Point one twenty two point two to make note of that well need it in a second now we need. To go to our remote desktop connection now instead of entering our local ip address were going to enter our. Public ip address so im going to put fifty point one two two point one two two point two two. Now enter a colon and enter the port that you forwarded it to so three three eight nine we forwarded. The port to port three three eight nine and were connected so log in and were in this will work.

Anywhere in the world that you have an internet connection just enter that public ip and eat the port that. You forwarded to and youll be connected and theres also another way we can do this too if you have. A ipad or iphone theres an application called remote desktop server and i cover that in my blog post im. Leaving the link in the description section so you can check that out if you want to use it over. Your iphone or ipad and be sure to leave a comment if you have any questions alright ill talk to.

You later.

Method 4 – The New Method To Setup Raspberry Pi (2022 Update)

In this video were going to walk you through how to set up your raspberry pi using the new method. I saw a lot of guides out there that use noobs and really thats not used anymore noobs is for. Noobs dont use it we have raspberry pi os we have the updated steps and were going to show you. Exactly how to do it from start to finish were also going to get into some follow-up steps like how.

To connect to wi-fi how to connect over ssh putty remote desktop vnc so youre going to know exactly how. To get your raspberry pi up and running anyways lets get started okay so the first thing were going to. Want to do is download raspberry pi imager from the raspberry pi website and this software lets us flash the. Operating system to our micro sd storage card okay so we need to get the raspberry pi operating system onto. Our sd card so the software that we want to use is called raspberry pi imager and were going to.

Get that from so lets take a look over there and then were going to click on software basically. What youre going to see here is if we go to all download options so these are the actual raspberry. Pi operating systems and were going to want that but we also need a way to get the os onto. The sd card we need a flasher and so were going to use raspberry pi imager and this is going. To bundle everything together so lets go ahead and download raspberry pi imager for our system im going to download.

For mac os okay so now we should have raspberry pi imager looks like we do im gonna load it. Up if you like this video go ahead and click that like button so we can get it out to. A wider audience thank you okay so this is going to let us flash the operating system to our sd. Card okay and since were looking to flash our sd card were going to go ahead and pull it out. Of our raspberry pi slot here and just so you know im using a sandisk 32 gigabyte micro sd card.

So we do need to connect it to our computer so that we can get the opera the raspberry pi. Operating system on this card so you can use one of these guys which is a sd card to usb. Converter or you can use a micro sd to sd converter and since my mac has a native sd card. Reader im just going to go ahead and use this so im going to throw it in there and then. Im going to insert it into my computer here quick note here if your micro sd card is over 32.

Gigabytes then you may need to format it to the fat32 file system type and thats pretty easy to do. Both microsoft and mac have native formatting solutions that you can use to do that but if your sd card. Is smaller than that you shouldnt need to worry about that now that we have our sd connected to our. Computer lets just double check that it is showing up okay so now that the sd card is connected to. My computer im just going to look in a finder window to see what drives i have um currently attached.

And it looks like it is showing up as boot which looks fine to me so lets go ahead and. Flash the raspberry pi operating system to that drive so were going to select the operating system we want im. Going to do the out of the box raspberry pi os 32 bit and then were going to select our. Storage make sure youre selecting the right storage here because uh if you select the wrong drive youre going to. Overwrite everything so this is my one terabyte samsung do not want to select that this is my 32 gigabyte.

Micro sd and thats the target drive so were gonna go ahead and click right okay looks like were all. Set that probably took about four minutes so were gonna come back over to finder here okay it looks like. It ejected the drive proactively for us so we can go ahead and pull the drive out of the computer. Okay so the next step here is we just want to power on our raspberry pi right here so ive. Connected it via usbc let me just connect this guy into our power strip here okay um all right so.

The raspberry pi is down here and then uh for this tutorial were going to use a keyboard and mouse. So i will connect those as well mind you we have another tutorial that shows you how to do this. Whole thing headless without any peripheral devices so go check that out if that um makes sense for what youre. Trying to do okay so just plugging in my keyboard and mouse and actually i forgot a pretty critical piece. Here we want to connect this to um the monitor so ah lets see here okay so we have this.

Thing right here um i think this is a mini hdmi cable but someone yelled at me at the last. Video because i think i called it a micro so i dont know its an hdmi cable its small its. Either mini or micro um okay so lets throw it in here sorry i just need a third hand right. Now okay so um the hdmi cable is plugged in and that just leads to a standard true full-size hdmi. Im just gonna power on my uh tv here and this should actually just show up right off the bat.

Okay so now everything is plugged in and im going to just toggle the switch here and now we can. See some activity showing up and then if we look at our monitor here should show the operating system booting. Bingo bingo bingo bingo okay so the monitor set up we enabled our raspberry pi theres that very pleasant audible. Message about installing a screen reader i believe thatll go away when we finish the configuration here so lets just. Step through im gonna mute that for everyones sanity um okay so united states and we do want to go.

Through this process because there are some quirks that will not work properly if we dont have these selected so. Im just going to select my location and walk through this okay its prompting us to change the password we. Should probably do that looking good and then this is uh optimizing the screen dimensions and then wi-fi it will. Pick up the networks within close proximity should be able to find hours in connect i name my networks after. Star wars characters dont ask me why so i had i had provided the credentials to my network previously otherwise.

You would just be prompted to provide the password and then we should do a software update because theres been. Patches and so forth and that will probably take a while okay so the raspberry pi is restarting and now. You can see that the border issue is fixed and the dimensions are properly aligned so were going to do. Some more configuration here im going to open the terminal and run raspi config were going to first elevate ourselves. To root by doing sudo su hyphen and then well run raspberry pi hyphen config ill zoom in for you.

So razpi could not determine the default user what user should the settings apply to so pi is the default. User if you wanted to change the user you would have to do that at the linux level you cant. Do it through this configuration screen here but if you just follow the generic steps for creating a new user. Through a linux operating system that will work and then a couple other things we want to enable remote desktop. So we go to interface options then we go to vnc and then we enable vnc and thats nice to.

Have because we wont always have a hard wired monitor sometimes we want to remotely connect headless and then additionally. For interfacing options we want to enable ssh so that we can access through the command line interface if we. So choose we should also make sure that the raspberry pi is updated but we already did that during the. Initial setup so we should be good there okay so this setup should be all set now it will be. More secure more accessible and then for some of these settings to take effect were going to have to reboot.

So im going to go ahead and do that okay looks like were back up and running so you know. In effect we have a you know small 35 dollar desktop computer that has a decent amount of performance capabilities. I mean it has decent amount of ram okay cpu its its good for browsing you know obviously not enough. For any sort of heavy-duty processing like machine learning or video editing but adequate for a good range of tasks. Okay now im going to show you how to connect to your raspberry pi remotely through ssh and remote desktop.

This is a really useful capability to have in your tool kit as you interface with your raspberry pi device. So now we need to validate that our raspberry pi is in fact connected to our local network so i. Actually just logged into my routers home page here the admin portal and uh most routers offer this capability where. They will list connected devices just so you can kind of audit that um the devices that are connected to. Your network are the expected devices okay and then when i list the connected devices i see raspberry pi here.

That is the default host name you can change that if you need i might also see the ip address. So this is what i would expect and its connected to my g network because i have a dual band. Router and as i mentioned it will not connect to 5g so make sure you keep that in mind so. Another way to validate that its on the network if you cant find your router login page is to pull. Open a terminal okay so im just going to open a terminal here expand this guy we should be able.

To ping the hostname so im going to do ping raspberry pi you can see it is responding to uh. Ping traffic i i see mp traffic so im going to do control c to terminate that um quick caveat. If youre on a windows machine a windows 10 machine youre not going to have a linux terminal to do. With like the ssh and the ping and and that sort of thing so what youre going to want to. Do is download the linux subsystem if youre on a windows computer you want to download the linux subsystem and.

Once you do that and have it enabled i think you can use like the windows store to download ubuntu. Or one of the linux operating systems its actually a really great feature of windows 10 which is you can. Run a linux container and that linux container will give you a linux terminal which is similar to the unix. Terminal that im running here on my mac and when you have that ready you can do exactly what were. Doing here with ping ssh and that sort of thing okay so were going to show you a couple other.

Ways to connect remotely to your raspberry pi so first were going to want to connect over ssh we can. Go ahead and do that right now so im just going to do ssh the default username on raspberry pi. Is pi and then we need to supply the hostname so were going to do pi at raspberry pi and. Then its going to ask us only on the first connection if we want to use the rsa fingerprint were. Just going to select yes okay so i have fingerprints from previous connections and its saying that theres a discrepancy.

Here im going to just proceed through that its prompting me for a password so out of the box the. Password is raspberry okay and now im connected if i do ls just to list um everything so so so. Raspberry pi os is a debian linux variant so essentially its just a linux operating system so things will look. Pretty standard another thing you can do is if you want to save the connection you can do shell new. Remote connection just select ssh do plus provide the host name in this case its pi refactored and then user.

And then yeah thats it so the.

Conclusion – How To Access Raspberry Pi Remotely

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