How To Access Remote Desktop On Mac – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access remote desktop on mac, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access remote desktop on mac,

Method 1 – How To Use Remote Desktop – Mac To Windows

Tutorial for how to utilize remote desktop when youre using a mac computer trying to get into a windows computer. One thing to note is that you do need to have cisco anyconnect vpn installed and ready to go i. Have a tutorial on how to set that up and im gonna put it in the description for you so. Just keep in mind that you will need to be signed in to vpn for this to work if you.

Are off campus trying to access your computer so once youre connected to vpn you can get started were going. To go to the app store and were looking for microsoft remote desktop 10 theres also a link to this. App in the description of this video so just go and fetch this app from the app store and let. It install it looks like its ready to go and open it up for the first time so youll see. This screen the first thing that were gonna have to do is add a pc and so if youre working.

At home off of your macbook or your imac and you want to get into your windows pc youre gonna. Need to know the hostname and thats where it asks for this up here theres another video in the description. That i put on how to find that hostname so thats on the computer that youre trying to get into. So im just gonna use a computer here on campus as an example in one of our labs here in. Thomas and brown and so this hostname is called tb – – of 305 yours might be something like co.

E – your username or ec 31 or ec 3-1 1 – whatever doesnt matter you just need to know. Your pc hostname under here it says use your account just leave it as asked everything else you can pretty. Much leave to fall so were just going to go and add that workstation and then to remote into that. Computer all we have to do is double click this guy and its gonna ask for your username and password. So here youre gonna type ac and backslash and then your my msu username along with your password and then.

Its gonna ask if you want to connect and youre just gonna click continue and its going to remote it. And so now im loaded into a windows desktop from my mac this is great if you want to use. Any programs that are on a windows computer here its also great if you have files stored on your computer. Maybe at work and you want to get into your documents or and if your network drives is just basically. A remote controller for your windows pc at work so to get out of this all you have to do.

Is go down here to the windows start button click power and theres a button that says disconnect and this. Will end your connection and log you off and thats all there is to it it should stick around there. So if you reopen it all youll have to do is double click and keep in mind vpn has to. Be connected for this to work so thats it for this tutorial.

Method 2 – How To Use Microsoft Remote Desktop On Mac

All right so today im going to show you how to use microsoft remote desktop on a mac computer so. The first thing you want to do is you want to open up app store because we have to download. The app so i open up app store were going to search for microsoft remote desktop and here it is. So i already have the app which is why it says open but for you its gonna say install so.

Youll just install it and itll install to your applications folder once it installs you want to open up the. App the way youll do that is by going to finder selecting applications and then double-clicking microsoft remote desktop so. Why would you want to use microsoft remote desktop the purpose i use microsoft remote desktop is simply so i. Can access you know a maybe a work remote server i use it for my remote server and youll probably. Be using it for the exact same reason most people that are using microsoft remote desktop or so they can.

Access a remote computer or remote server maybe form from their office if im a mac user and i prefer. To use apple but whenever i need to hop into a windows environment or a server environment i can do. That through of microsoft remote desktop so the first thing you have to do is you have to create a. New connection and the way youre gonna do that is by selecting new now you want to ask your it. Administrator or whoever you have managing your systems and network and you want to ask them for your host name.

Ip address now this ip address is gonna be something its gonna look like its gonna be four octaves its. Gonna be i dont know maybe like two sixteen dot 50 8.1 94.1 42 and thats an ip address its. A public ip address for google the one i just gave you but thats the one im gonna be using. For this tutorial but you want to ask your whoevers managing your id what the ip address of the system. The external ip address of the system youre trying to access outside of the network so the connection name im.

Gonna name mine test once you have that ip address you want to type in 216 im sorry type it. In so im gonna type mine in to 1650 8.1 94.1 42 keep in mind this is just googles public. Address is literally just for this video the username if youre on a domain youre gonna want to type that. In first so im gonna just type in and then a password and thats really it once you have this. Set up all you have to do is just close it select it and hit start and youll see your.

Screen go black now for me im almost gonna close the connection because this is not an active connection thats. Not gonna work its gonna tell me its not gonna work because it is literally just for this video but. To edit that connection all you have to do is select the connection and select edit and then here you. Can make changes to it if you maybe type the ip address in wrong or if you might have mistyped. Your password or something you would do that there so again very easy quick tutorial on how to set use.

Microsoft remote desktop and how to set up a new connection again this is eric with itc please if you. Like this video like the video dont forget to sub and also check us on the web at http itc. thanks for watching.

Method 3 – How To Use Remote Desktop From Mac To Windows 10 Pc | Gaming

Im josh welcome or welcome back to my channel in todays video were going to be going over how to. Set up remote desktop for a macbook laptop either macbook pro or macbook air to remotely connect to your desktop. Pc like what i have over here video is mainly meant for students or other creatives who have a desktop. Pc that theyd like to access remotely maybe they work at a coffee shop or theyre in a dorm and.

They cant bring their desktop pc with them so ill show you how to set that up for free today. I will show you as well how minecraft runs on here even though there is a little bug and youll. See that later on in the future as well as editing some 4k footage in davinci resolve and just seeing. If there is latency or if you can do it even and before the video even starts you could please. Leave a like on the video it really helps a small channel like mine grow and if you are into.

Computer science and technology consider subscribing as well okay so first up when youre on the mac you just want. To open up the app store and in there you just want to look up microsoft remote desktop theres a. Free application i have it installed right now it looks like i need to update but you just want to. Go ahead and download this as you can see 45k ratings its kind of the free version of doing this. Maybe doesnt have all the features but it is free go ahead and run and install and then once you.

Open it up it should look something like this right now i just have my school computer because thats what. Ive been using lately but we can add another one here real soon once youve installed remote desktop you just. Want to hop onto your pc and youre going to have to do a couple things on here you open. Up your pc just open up your settings so when settings is open up you want to go into system. Scroll down on the left until you see remote desktop go ahead and enable that and confirm and after thats.

Been turned on you might want to keep the option keep my pc awake for connections while its plugged in. All you have to do is just go in here and when plugged in instead of doing 30 minutes you. Can just set it to never so that maybe if youre not in the same room or the same place. As this pc itll just stay on during that time that youre using it after that step youre going to. Be seeing this how to connect to pc over here you want to just take note of whatever name is.

Shown up right over here and that is what well be entering in on our mac after weve just noted. That down you also want to come in here and just go into search and just type in command for. The fan prompt and from here we just want to type in ip config just like that and what this. Is going to do is its going to give us our ipv4 address for this pc im not too sure. If i could show this or not but you will be able to see it literally just says ipv4 address.

Um it might be blurred out right now and just go ahead and make note of whatever that address is. Okay now that were back onto our mac we have microsoft remote desktop open up we just want to click. On the connections tab add pc and over here were going to enter in that pc name that weve looked. Up earlier um if you type in the pc name you know maybe its desktop something or other and that. Isnt working you can also enter in your ipv4 ip address in here and that should work as well so.

Ill go ahead and enter this in and then use your account to ask when required and then we can. Just keep everything else kind of the same thing go ahead and add and then once we come in over. Here were just going to enter in the same user id and login that we added that we enter in. On this pc then we go ahead and continue and there we go and then on our screen the pc. Screen we see something else happen over here it just goes to the desktop and then on this page on.

The mac we can either do window or windowed whatever wed really like and were able to see our desktop. Here not too sure what happened to wallpaper engine but you know we still have access to everything and lets. Say we wanted to open up a pc only application i mean even lets just open up minecraft launcher and. While this is loading up there are a couple things about this uh for this exact thing we cannot drag. And drop items from place to place um but we do share the same if i were to copy this.

And then paste it in here youll see it show up probably on the left over here the same pdf. So it does say it does share the same clipboard um what ive been doing is if i do need. To transfer files i just open up a google drive and just kind of put it in there um that. Is kind of a middleman step but for the time being seems to be working okay just for this you. Know simple use case lets open this up maybe theres something a little iffy about this im not too sure.

Why this is doing that but if we were to just do fps we can see our fps over here. Is you know six hundred were definitely playing off of the pc over here the ryzen 5 3600 as well. As weve got the gtx 1660 showing up um so the issue with this that youre seeing here its just. Spinning so i dont really know exactly whats going on there but if i were to do this it seems. Fine theres a little bit of latency so maybe gaming isnt 100 the best use case we can fly and.

Stuff but im not too sure about the mouse thats something ill have to work with and if you guys. Know anything about that either feel free to leave it in the comments im sure thatll be a big help. But if you just quit game if you want to open up something else thats just a pc you know. Im able to look at my files here and stuff like that here on my videos if i wanted to. Open up davinci and then i can edit off of my pc instead of using my mac which is kind.

Of one of the main reasons that i was trying to do this for im going to try it out. Right now actually just to see what kind of the latency is like so lets just open up this video. It seems really responsive actually ill just go ahead and full screen this and if were scrubbing through maybe the. Quality isnt 100 the best but i mean if im able to play and pause here this is all 4k. 30 or 4k 24 footage over here so it seems perfectly fine running it through like this and the nice.

Part about this too is everything is going to be done on the pc so itll be rendering and can. Render through doing it this way were going to you know we can open up fusion this thing is always. Kind of a pain lets just throw a little blur node not exactly sure how to do this right now. But i mean everything is responsive as you can see its showing up over here so i think this is. A pretty big success actually we dont want to save this so lets just go ahead and dont save and.

I mean were able to run windows using our windows pc that we already have so to wrap things up. For the video you can definitely edit on this with a great experience gaming is something ill have to look. Into and again if you know any suggestions on how to fix kind of that mouse movement feel free to. Leave it down in the comments that being said thank you guys for watching and ill see you guys later.

Method 4 – How To Setting Up Microsoft Remote Desktop On Mac Big Sur !! How To Use Remote Desktop On Mac

How to install and configure remote desktop in mac big sur in this video we will learn how to install. Remote desktop on mac os and how to configure remote desktop i have installed two virtual machines one is mac. Os big sur and the other is the latest version of windows 10. I have checking windows 10 ip address.

Go to command prompt type ipconfig then press enter my ip address is one ninty now i am checking. Remote desktop configuration in windows 10. Go to this pc properties click on remote desktop if remote desktop is not. Enabled then it will be enabled i have already enabled my remote desktop click on select user that can remotely. Access this pc here my admin user is already added if you want to add a user then you will.

Click on the ad and will add the new user click on ok close console then go to mac os. Big sur machine we have checked all the settings related to ip address and remote desktop on windows 10 machine. And i will check communication with windows 10 and macbitsar on this machine go to system preferences click on network. My ip address is now i am checking communication between both machine go to terminal type if config then. Press enter we can also see our ip address through the ifconfig command so now we check the communication of.

Our mac and windows 10. Type ping space then press enter we are successfully communicating with windows 10 machine. Control c to stop ping close terminal now i have installed microsoft remote desktop click on application in docs click. Sign in sign in to apple id it is mandatory to sign in to install any application in app store. I have signed in type remote desktop in search bar then press enter click on get click install it will.

Take some time to install it depend on your internet speed click open after install click open after install microsoft. Remote desktop click on yes click on continue click on ok click on ok click on plus sign to add. Pc here we will enter the computer name or the ip address which we need to take remote go to. Windows 10 os go to this pc properties and check the name of this machine this machine name is winos. Go to mac os big sur machine type winos under pc name type friendly name click on add double-click this.

Connection here we will put the user to whom we have given the right to remote desktop access in windows. I gave admin user the right to remote desktop access put admin username and password on continue click on continue. And this became our windows 10 remote desktop now i am close the remote desktop move to cursor on top. Click microsoft remote desktop then click quit thanks for watching this video please subscribe my channel and press the bell. Icon for latest updates.

Method 5 – 🔥Remotely Control Any  Mac With Screen Sharing!🔥Remote Mac Desktop With Remote Mac Access!

Hey guys jessie edberg here gonna show you how you can use screen sharing application on one mac to remote. Into another mac and copy files back and forth and it actually feels like youre right at the max so. Its really awesome to be able to do this super convenient if youre wanting to you know monitor your kids. Right lets say your kids have a mac that theyre doing their homework on you have your mac youre sitting.

Out in the kitchen cooking or whatever youre doing you want to make sure little jimmy is doing his homework. On the mac and not playing some game right so you remote in little jimmys mac and you just have. It up on your screen you can see what theyre doing if you see a big long pause you can. Go check in and say hey whats up right or maybe shake the screen a little bit right so the. First step were gonna do is were gonna hop on this mac that were gonna remote into and get it.

Configured so that we can remote into it we need to set up one of the user accounts on that. Device to be able to remote into it and then were gonna use those credentials the username and password from. That account on that device to log into it right so from another mac all right lets get this set. Up and lets get this going all right so were gonna enable remote management on this device so that it. Can be screen shared into and controlled remotely we need to open up system preferences and click on the sharing.

Pain within sharing were gonna want to select remote management and were gonna toggle that on within here where we. Notice that it says all users these users are admin users on the device i actually want to choose one. User so let me just select only these users and i want to only allow mac lady the reason im. Choosing individual user is because in the event the device becomes compromised somehow from a piece of faulty software or. Something its not creating accounts and they would most likely know how to do this but this just mitigates a.

Little bit of risk right by choosing the one user that you want to be able to control the device. And thats mac lady i want to give mac lady all of these options so i can hold down the. Option key and click on any one of these and itll highlight all of them i want to be able. To control it i want to show when im being observed because it is my mac and you know people. Should know when theyre being remoted into the other thing is unless its your kid and maybe you dont want.

That so then you would uncheck that if its your kid and you dont want them to know you can. Pretty much do anything and everything that you can when youre right at the device there are some business level. Things that you cant do remotely with like mdm management but thats not covered in this so lets click on. The ok button now we have that set up we can look at this ip address because were gonna need. That ip address in order to remote into this device all right so now lets hop over to my device.

So this is mac ladies were gonna hop over on over to mac guys device and set up a remote. Screen sharing session to this device and copy over some of these files that are on the desktop all right. Lets hop over all right were gonna use the screen sharing app to remote into mac ladies computer screen sharing. App is really located in a deep location its located within the system folder library folder core services folder and. Applications folder so thats how far theyve put it down in two directories its kind of crazy i prefer to.

Just get to it via the spotlight you can either use the spotlight right there or you can use it. By initiating command and space bar keys to get the spotlight search come up thats how i normally do it. Lets type in screen and screen sharing comes up right away were going to hit return now we need to. Type in the ip address that we got out of the sharing pane on the mac lady device click connect. It is connecting its asking for the credentials and we know that its mac lady enter that password im not.

Gonna check the remember password because if mac guy computer becomes compromised then they would have access to mac lady. As well and we dont want that so we click sign-in and bam look at that we have full control. Over this device we can do anything we want i can copy this mac guy file that she wanted to. Send to me and i can drag this mac lady file over to this device from mine super convenient and. As you can see were in incognito mode so nobody can tell theres no binoculars up here theres no way.

For anybody to really know unless they were monitoring logs or something that you were remoted in now so lets. Say your kid is doing homework and theyre slacking and you dont know whats going on you could actually this. Is kind of creepy but you could do a command-spacebar on theres open up photobooth boom and bam oh look. At that come on now wake up get your homework done buzz you gotta get it done buddy no but. Thats just some of the things you could do within a screen sharing session you can do whatever you want.

Right you can control that thing completely lets add in so because this is mac ladies device and not some. Kids device mac lady probably doesnt want mac i remoten in without her knowing so were gonna show how to. Get the binoculars and the computer icon up in the menu bar we need to open up system preferences the. Sharing pane select remote management click on computer settings and at the top its a show remote management status in. The menu bar when i click ok youre gonna notice that it turns to binoculars but actually when youre in.

A remote screen sharing session into a device that would actually turn into a computer icon with the binocular so. We have to redo this screen sharing session for it to update im gonna close the window go back up. To connection and down to new or even easier go down to open recent click macbook maddie becca type click. Sign-in and bam you can see that the icon got updated and it just shows that somebody is remoted into. My device thats it hey guys hopefully you found that super helpful and youre now a screen sharing mac ninja.

Honestly i use it all the time so hopefully you can benefit from it and make sure you like it. Share it with your friends so they know how to do this stuff and subscribe to the channel so you. Make sure you get the latest content right also if you have any ideas of things you want me to. Share with everybody just let me know if jesse ever calm and i will try to help oh all right. Take care have an awesome day.

Conclusion – How To Access Remote Desktop On Mac

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