How To Access Restricted List On Facebook App – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access restricted list on facebook app, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access restricted list on facebook app,

Method 1 – How To Edit Facebook Restricted List

Hello all facebook users in this video i will show you how to add or remove someone from your restriction. List on facebook so lets get started firstly go to your friend list in your profile then choose a friend. Then click here and click on add to another list option then click on restricted option now your friend is. Attached to the restricted option to remove someone from restriction list go to news feed then click on see more.

Option then click on friend list option now click on restricted option click on see all see here one friend. Is attached to the restricted option now click on this profile to remove from restricted option now click on finish. Thanks for watching this video subscribe to this channel to get more videos you.

Method 2 – Restricted Friends On Facebook Instead Blocking || Hiding Your Post In Facebook

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 3 – How To Restrict Someone On Facebook Without Blocking Them 2021

Hi viewer today i would like to show you how to restrict someone on facebook without blocking them lets have. A look first open facebook app make sure you are using the latest version of facebook app now go to. The persons profile you want to restrict to find your friends tap three horizontal lines on bottom right then tap. Friends tap all friends from here you can search friends and go to the persons profile now tap three dots.

Under their profile name then tap friends tap edit friend list tap restricted and tap done and thats it these. Are the steps to restrict someone on facebook without blocking them hope this video helped you please subscribe my channel. By tap subscribe button also tap the bell icon to receive notifications about all new videos.

Method 4 – How To Add Someone On Restricted List On Facebook

Using the restricted list of facebook a facebook friend that is being placed on the restricted list can still communicate. With you using the facebook messenger they wont be notified if they are being placed in this list what they. Cant do however is to see your posts unless they are set to public this is useful if you dont. Want to share your private life to your boss for example heres what you need to do add someone on.

Your facebook restricted list heres what you need to do to add a friend to your restricted list open your. Facebook account you can do this by accessing the website using your browser go to their profile you can do. This by clicking on their name from your friends list click on the friends icon this is usually located below. Their profile picture click on the edit friends list this will allow you to place them in certain categories click. On restricted this will place them on your restricted list remove someone on your facebook restricted list removing a person.

From your restricted list is similar to adding them open your facebook account go to their profile click on the. Friends icon click on the edit friends list uncheck the restricted box i hope that this guide has been helpful. Please support us by subscribing to our channel dont forget to hit that notification bell.

Method 5 – How To Edit Facebook Restricted List

Welcome to a pro my name is chris and today ill be showing you how to edit restricted lists in. Your facebook account every facebook account has a restricted list which is a list of your friends who can only. See your public posts or public information but they cannot comment or like or share you can do this for. Friends who are annoying or people like posting abusive comments but you dont want friend them to just put them.

In their restricted list so that they can be able to see what youre posting but they cannot comment or. Like so to access your facebook your restricted lists are good to of course and sign into accounts then. Youll need to go to this will icon right here which has a menu and then youll select setting any. Settings page you need to select the blocking category and the blocking category the first option right there is restricted. List on the extreme right hand side about section is out the link that they edit lists you can click.

On it you should now see a pop-up window on your screen with a list of the people youve added. To the restricted list but this one shows nobody because i havent put anybody in the restricted list i want. To add people on your restricted list just good so this tab and click on it and choose friends they. Go so from the list of friends you can be able to select by just clicking there and it will. Check and then click in and then when youre done selecting the people you want to be on your restricted.

List you can just click finish and now when you look at edit this again we should be able to. See the two contacts in your restricted list so thats how you can be able to edit you can now. If you want to remove someone from our street at least just go to their profile picture and click on. The x button that is right there and shall be removed from the restricted list so thats how you can. Edit your facebook restricted list in your account thank you for watching you can ask any question you have in.

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Conclusion – How To Access Restricted List On Facebook App

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