How To Access Root Files On Iphone From Pc – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access root files on iphone from pc, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access root files on iphone from pc,

Method 1 – Ios 14 System File Access Using Stock Files App

Whats up everyone this is autogas tech and in this video i have some crazy news i got to share. With you guys so every single day that ios 14 beta has been released something new happens in the community. Its just nuts guys i this is like the craziest beta release ever so im gonna be sharing you guys. This really cool information someone was actually able to get into the system files in ios 14 beta on their.

Device and whats crazy is they just use the basic files application but on top of that guys im gonna. Be showing you guys an icloud bypass method and apparently this is a full method which is crazy so so. Much news is going on and if you saw my previous videos earlier you would have known i posted about. The check-rein jailbreak and on top of that you can now install revoked apps on ios 14 this is absolutely. Crazy like i was 14 is insane like there are so many exploits going on right now and its not.

Even like been a whole week with this software so i am absolutely excited this is super duper cool and. Im gonna be explaining everything you need to know about the icloud bypass and the access to file systems on. Your iphone in this video so this is just a news video and a slight tutorial for the icloud one. So lets get started so the first thing i want to show you guys is how someone was able to. Access the system files on the iphone and ill explain why this is kind of important so im loading up.

My iphone here so this is actually just a reddit post i found i went into the subreddit r slash. Ios beta as you can see and i will leave the original post down below in the description so you. Can go ahead and check them out theres a really cool reddit thread explaining how this was just a glitch. They came across they said they were able to access the system files in the finder app on their iphone. Or excuse me not to find her app but the the stock files app on ios 14 so thats absolutely.

Crazy he said it just randomly appeared and yeah you could see these are accurate because ive actually pulled up. The iphone files on my computer and i can have a screenshot or if you want i can link the. Actual i phone files down below if you want to take a look at them but these are accurate names. Of the files this is what the iphone file system looks like its crazy that they were able to access. This through finder typically you would need a jailbreak and a working version of files up in order to access.

This type of content on your iphone apple is very very protective and if you read the reddit thread about. This post they said they were very hesitant about editing these files now there is a slight chance that this. Could be fake and the reason that could it be is because they could have taken the ipsw file from. Ios 14 converted it into a zip file that way you can actually open it up and thats how i. Access the ios beta files as well and they could have just drag and drop those folders into finder but.

The reason i technically i guess believe this is because of all the exploits that are being found as of. Now with the check-rein jailbreak and the icloud bypass that is working so this leads me to believe that you. Know this is the beta one so this means its a bug and its a glitch in the software so. I wouldnt be surprised if this was not fake i i think this could be real but moving on to. The icloud bypass this is where things get superduper interesting so im gonna load up my iphone right here and.

This is whats really cool this is found by a user on twitter let me see if i can pull. Up their name so it can you know shout them out so its this guy i will leave the link. To their twitter account down below in the description as well so you can go ahead and check them out. And apparently someone was able to get icloud bypass on an iphone which is super duper cool and now obviously. This is beta one theres a chance apple could pass this in a beta 2 and fix this but you.

Can see they start the video out those like really tiny theyre on like an iphone 10 and you can. See there on the activation lock screen so they basically call 911 and type in this digit while theyre on. The emergency start-up screen so keep in mind the apple id is still signed in and they keep swiping up. Over and over again on their device they click call 911 and then boom they are inside iowa just like. That so this is kind of a interesting video its not really like a full icloud bypass in the sense.

That you would need to like use a computer but you can see that they have complete access to the. Iphone which is really cool so this is already crazy because this is ios 14 beta 1 and if you. Look at the very beginning of the video you can see they are on the actual startup screen and you. Can see that there is an apple id typed in so and it says that the password is required and. You can see the start and finish from the video exactly what they do so if you want i will.

Leave this down below so you can technically watch the full thing and try it out yourself i dont have. A device that i can try this out on that im willing to reset which is why im showing you. Guys this video but overall some crazy news is going on thats your icloud bypass for the day and then. Obviously the system files thing i can leave more info about that down below in the description as well so. Overall crazy times to be a part of the ios community thank you so much for watching and as always.


Method 2 – How To Access Iphone Files On Pc

Hi in todays video ill show you how to access iphone files on pc the first way is through air. More to start download the app on your mobile device and on your pc go to air marcom once on. The page click this button to show the qr code launch the program on your phone tap scan to connect. And aim the qr code to build connection on both devices once connected you will be able to access your.

Iphone files on pc from this interface click any file you want to access air more allow you to transfer. Files from your phone to pc simply select a file and click the export button you can actually export multiple. Files just select several files and click export to transfer from your computer to phone click the import button and. Select the file from your pc aside from that you may also delete from your computer simply put a check. Mark on all files you no longer need click this icon and tap delete on your phone to confirm to.

Disconnect click the home icon and then click the power button on the side another way to access iphone files. On pc is by using a power manager download and install the app on your phone and computer launch both. Apps and connect your iphone using a lightning cable once done go to manage tab to access all your files. Similar to the first tool this also allows you to import export as well as delete mobile data to export. Select a file and set the location where you want it to be saved to delete choose from your files.

Click this button and then allow the process on your phone now to transfer to your phone choose a file. From your pc and click the import button now to disconnect go back to my device tab then click this. Button the last tool for this video is doctor phone download the app from its official site and install it. On your computer open the app and click on transfer option next use a usb cable to connect your phone. To pc once your device is recognized you can access all your files from your phone the transfer file to.

Your pc select any file from your phone tap the export button and choose a file location to save it. Along with this you may also delete an import files once you are done simply disconnect the usb cable from. Your computer and thats how you access iphone files on pc thanks for watching.

Method 3 – How To Transfer Videos From Iphone To Pc (And Windows To Iphone) – Updated

This video is an update of another tutorial of ours showing you how to transfer videos from iphone to pc. And back from windows to your iphone four different ways using the latest methods that are now even faster and. Even easier so that you can find out which one is gonna work best for you right now hey its. Justin brown here from primal video but we hope you grow an audience and scale your revenue with online video.

If youre new here make sure you click that subscribe button and all the links to everything that we mentioned. In this video you can find linked in the description box below lets jump into it okay so if you. Ever shot a video on your iphone or on your ipad and you want to edit it on your pc. Or you have photos on your camera that youve saved on your windows computer but you want to edit it. On your iphone or ipad well the chances are is that youve already realized that this transfer process between the.

Two is really not as straightforward as you thought that it might have been well the good news is is. That there are a few different ways to transfer files between your pc and iphone both ways so in this. Video were gonna run through four of the easiest ways to do it right now so that you can find. The option that is the best one for you now just a heads up though there are a couple of. Different options that are going to be running through and you might find that one of them works particularly well.

With your workflow so i would definitely suggest that you stick around to see all the different options before you. Head off to put this into action so the first couple of options are gonna run through will be where. We are connecting your phone or your ipad to your computer just using the usb cable and then i will. Show you a couple of other wireless options as well okay so for method number one were just going to. Use windows explorer with our phone connected so this is where you want to plug your phone into your computer.

Make sure its unlocked and if you do get a message sharp on your phone asking you to trust your. Device you will need to accept that or you hit trust for this to work so you can see straight. Away in my case here windows explorer has popped up now if that didnt show up for you in your. Case you can come down the bottom here to open up a new explorer window and under this pc you. Can see weve got apple iphone here so if we double click on that internal storage dcim is the camera.

Folder all of your photos and videos and stuff go and and here are all of your photos and videos. On your phones you can select the ones that you want or select them all and you can literally just. Drag and drop them from there onto your desktop or into a folder and that will copy off onto your. Computer now i have heard that there can be some issues if youre trying to copy off some larger files. This way so if thats you and youre having issues then the next solution will help you with that now.

Also note that using this method on windows explorer this is a one-way copy off from your device you actually. Cant copy things back over to it you can see we get that little red marker on there so this. Method will only let you get files off your phone not putting them back onto it well get to that. Next okay so the next method were going to look at is again using d cable so you want to. Make sure that your phone is connected to your computer its unlocked youve hit trust or allow so that the.

Two can speak together and then going to go ahead and open up itunes so you will need to have. Itunes installed on your windows computer yes itunes is dead on the mac side of things but it is not. Dead on windows so you will need to install that for this method so we wont open up itunes once. Your phone is detected by your computer it will show up here so select that there come down here to. File-sharing and essentially what were going to do here is use one of these apps that we have installed on.

My device as the go-between to help us transfer files to and from your device so if you have some. Of these apps or whatever apps are showing up in here for you then you can use those to transfer. Your files so im going to jump across to the iphone now and show you what i mean so we. Open up the photos app lets go ahead and find a video file here we go 25 second clip lets. Just hold in on that lets go to share were then going to go down to move to files and.

Were gonna pick one of those apps thats showing up here so lets just choose in this case chrome well. Hit save so lets move the file internally on our phone into that area and then when we come back. Over to the computer and select chrome then we can see that weve got our video file in there so. From here we can just hit save and it will let us download down or save that to our computer. So lets just put it on the desktop and you can see the progress bar at the top was really.

Quick but that file has copied over and is now here on our desktop computer so likewise we can use. This to transfer files back the other way so lets grab this video file here and lets transfer this back. To the iphone you can see that its got the progress bar at the top here so this ones obviously. A bigger file so its showing us how much of the transfer has completed now obviously as i said im. Just using google chrome here to do the transfer but obviously if youre going to be transferring files across from.

Your computer to edit them on your iphone or ipad you could drop them directly into the app like the. Luma fusion app so once thats completed you can see its shown up in here and if we go back. Over on the phone and open up the files app and then we can see that file in then if. We obviously tap it we can play it if we want to have it in our camera roll or an. Our photos app we can just hit share down the bottom left and just hit save video and that video.

Is then going to be downloaded into our photos app as well or you can really share it and move. It to any of the apps that youre going to be using it with ok so thats option 1 and. 2 done both of those were using the cable the next option ive got for you for transferring your files. Is doing it over wi-fi so you will need to make sure that your phone and your computer are connected. To the same wi-fi network and for this one were going to use the vlc app which is a free.

App which is also an amazing video and audio player so once again what well do first is find the. Photos or the videos that you want to share across so lets pick this three-minute video here and were going. To go to share it well go down to save to files and were gonna save this in side of. Vlc app and then hit save at the top right now were going to go back and open up the. Vlc app we can see straight away that our video file that we want to share is in there next.

Were going to go across to network down at the bottom and you want to make sure that youve got. Sharing via wi-fi enabled here so what this is going to let you do is create a wireless connection between. Your computer and your device just by visiting that website from your desktop computer again on the same network so. Were back on the computer now open up your web browser is this edge sure edge lets use you you. Want to type in that number so in our case 1 9 2 1 6 8 eighty 6.30 and straightaway.

We can see the files that weve added into the app there so if we select on them the thing. I say do you want to open it or save it were going to hit save and its going to. Download that file to our computer and its not doing it over the internet its just doing it over our. Local wi-fi connection thats a great way that you can transfer your photos and videos and stuff off from your. Device now likewise this works exactly the same back the other way we can also drop our files into this.

Top section and its going to transfer them back to our phone so lets grab our same clip here and. Drag it to this top section and let it go and you can see the files appeared and the transfer. Has started now if you dont want to drag and drop it says here that you can also click the. Plus button up the top here and select your files and manually okay so once thats completed well go back. Over to the phone again open up the files app lets go back out of this and lets go down.

To vlc and there is our file in here 1.4 gig and again if you want to have that enough. Camera roll or in our photos app we can long press on that and we can choose share and then. We choose save video and thats gonna save that over into our photos app so you can see weve now. Got a few different versions of that same file in there and the last method ive got for you is. Just to transfer your files over the internet using a service like google drive dropbox icloud any one of these.

The workflow is gonna be pretty similar so im gonna show you using google drive once again you want to. Open up your photos app find the photos or the videos that you want to transfer lets always pick this. One here come down to share go down to the bottom and select save to files now i already have. The google drive app installed in this case but you can see if youve got icloud drive set up thats. Gonna show up here as well so im gonna pick google drive im gonna make a new folder here and.

Just call it temp we get done and well select that and then hit save at the top and our. File is going to be uploaded into that location now obviously here depending on the size of the files that. Youre transferring and how fast your internet is this could be really fast or it could be really really slow. And then once that file is done over on the computer if we go to the google drive website well. Open up that temper file weve got our file in here that we can just right click on and choose.

Download and save it back to our computer that way and once again this works exactly the same and back. The other way lets grab this video file here well just drag it into our google drive folder its gonna. Go ahead and upload that to google drive once thats done we can go back over to the phone and. We can either open up the files app and then go back and select a google drive find our temp. Folder and we can save our file from here down to share and then press a save video thats going.

To save it to our device so that was using the files app the other way that you can download. It is by opening up the google drive app itself again navigating through till you find your temporary folder or. The folder and the file that you want to download and from here we can select the file that you. Want to download and was getting the three little dots on the end of it and were gonna go down. To open in thats gonna download and export your file and again depending on how fast or slow your internet.

Is and how big or small the file is this could take a little while but from here you can. Then choose save to files and you can save it onto your phone from here so now you know how. To transfer files from your iphone to your windows pc and from your windows pc back to your iphone now. Linked on-screen to more videos to help you if youre looking to edit videos down fast and efficiently using your. Iphone or ipad theres one video right there for you and the other one is a complete filming process to.

Help you get the most out of your iphone or ipad videos and ill see you in the next one.

Method 4 – How To Ssh + Use Ifile To Root Acess Ios Devices

Hey there guys okay if you guys are wondering what is ssh well ssh is basically a way to get. A root access into your device like to the core of the system now what you would do is there. Are two ways you can do this either go to cydia find i file and download it right there i. File and as you click on a file its basically like whole computer operates you can get to the system.

That way anything like that within the stuff you go you know home you see the var you go ahead. Click that has a little slash forward but we have the forward slash and you notice it has system tsp. User you you srv are volumes okay as you see that now what youre going to do is yes this. Program is free and it is called win scp exactly like that win scp now you go ahead and you. Can go through the website how i like to type it in so it brings you exactly to the download.

Site you go to downloads dot downloads dot c n et calm and itll prompt you say yes click. Download now it is a free program youre going to go ahead it will ask you yes to install you. Got the installer right there you want to go ahead go and open the application alright and it is called. A remote access and since i already made a connection i will simply show you just what to do you. Go ahead ok click new now hostname oh well what is that hostname is simply the ips the ip address.

Of your device which is could be 192.168 whatever or you get a total different one you could simply go. Get that from say which i think is or no or you can actually access it from your wi-fi as. Well to but how i like to get it is i got sb settings and i guess it showed my. Ip address on there and what all sort of was like the springboard stuff everything like that like you can. Go to your wi-fi and it would simply be this code itll be okay click the wi-fi ub that right.

There my ip address 191 6 i0 ok alright now what you do is you go ahead type that in. Okay and the username is simply root and the password alpine all lowercase al p i and ii and leave. The port alone leave the sftp alone you go login or you can save it since i already have this. I can go back im gonna have to quit ill just go close okay ill just reopen the application but. Simply you would go and save or if you just want to log right in since i just named it.

As awesome thats an old one right there so dont worry about that go ahead click awesome searching for host. And yes okay now i am accessed into my device okay one thing forgot to mention before you end up. Doing that before you think and all you can do it right away no you need to also go back. Into city okay download open ssh and if you wanted another one to view your computer on screen its called. The vnc i just got that because yeah but you would download openssh then your this is called bb settings.

You can quickly access your crap from here basically its like sp settings where you know you slide the status. Bar i like that you slide the status bar and that will pop up in the sense ssh is green. That means its on and it is running as you see so that is how you are going to get. Ssh in your device and simply see this is the ipod section this is your computer section ipods yes i. Quickly hit arrow go back and just what i was telling you before you know how you saw the var.

And that said that forward slash where you go back simply says cet c developer system tmp users yeah you. Can simply this is another way you are able to edit your games your applications and everything see something some. Things may not work so youd simply just go back this took me a little time i was trying to. Find where my applications are at im just like while im stupid so then im just like okay it was. Either was it so you got all your things from geo break your whatever youd want say you didnt want.

Those ringtones that were made on the ipod you know when you buy it factories as a factory setting ipod. You can delete those off and everything youre going to have fun with your device it is a lot of. Fun i enjoy this a lot simply see you got your applications your applications may pop up like this which. Im not sure if you are able to change to the actual name but if you know if you notice. When you go on i file on your ipod arm theres a setting where okay go to i file and.

Say you want to know like oh i want to edit a game this way and change the score everything. We were able to do it from your i file also you should go to applications when you first download. I file it wont pop up like this simply what you do is you just go in this corner here. Make sure application names is on it maybe off and it would look like that thats exactly what im talking. About itll look just like those simply yes what you do is just reverse vice versa here turn back on.

Dawn and there you go you got all your apps back and this is simply how to ssh into your. Voice if you want any more tutorials any questions please comment rate subscribe i will get back to you asap. Thank you and bye.

Method 5 – How To Access The Root Files On Your Ipad, Iphone Or Ipod From Any Computer, Open Ssh, Winscp

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Conclusion – How To Access Root Files On Iphone From Pc

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