How To Access Router Settings Spectrum – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access router settings spectrum, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access router settings spectrum,

Method 1 – How To Access Your Routers Menus Find Out The Ip Adress And User Name And Passwords

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Method 2 – Spectrum Customers Locked Out Of All Router Settings.

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Method 3 – How To Login Into Your Routers Setting | Change Router Settings ( 2020 ) Router Login

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Method 4 – [How To] Fast 5280 Wave 2 Router – Dmz

Whats going on everyone this is squishy here and today were gonna be checking out what you guys see right. Here on the screen the wave 2 router im gonna be showing you one how to open up the dmz. And two how to open up the ports so stay tuned alright everybody welcome back so a lot of people. Have been asking me squishy or david if you know me in person how do you pour forward or use.

The dmz on the xbox or playstation 4 the new wave 2 routers that spectrum has released ok so if. Youre asking yourself that question this tutorial is definitely for you but were gonna have to figure out your game. Consoles ip address so we need to go through a couple steps if you guys have a playstation youre gonna. Have to go in your settings and find it its in your network settings i dont im working on with. The next box right now so if you have an xbox just follow along playstation guys you suck no not.

Really yeah you do youre gonna have to go and find it yourself so first thing you want to do. Is on your xbox remote hit the home button gonna go in and rb it all the way over here. To your system settings hit the settings gonna well im already on network cuz i was already here but usually. You start an account youre gonna go down to network hit network settings now you see right there where it. Says nat type mines open if youre says strict or moderate thats no good and this tutorial is gonna teach.

You how to open it up for playstation people youre gonna see if you say your says what is a. Type 3 thats it basically strict type 2 is usually what the normal playstation people are on type 1 is. Extremely hard to get there are like a 4 spectrum there is a uv router its a router modem combo. That will allow you to do it ive done it so i know its possible but the issue is we. Dont really issue them things out anymore so thats a little other question i do keep some of my truck.

Though because i like to help the play i like to help any gamer out i dont care what if. Youre on a game console or pc or the switch you know this new thing now but so if you. Have access to one of those then you know so be it if you know somebody that can get you. That kind of router modem combo if not you can get the neck gear nighthawk basically what youre gonna do. Is youre gonna search nap pass through and you have to be able to edit that because some routers have.

Nap path path pass through sorry but you cant edit it and if you cant edit it you just wont. Work so anyway back to the subject at hand so mine at types open because ive done everything and just. Because i have a beastly everything so what you guys need to do is go ahead and click advanced settings. And you see right there where says ip address 2/3 thats what you need to keep a mental note. Of or just keep it up on your stuff so now were gonna go ahead and switch over to my.

Computer if you guys have a phone and youre you doing everything on your phone ill be walking through that. As well be letting you know exactly what to hit to get to where i am on the computer just. Computers a heck of a lot easier and it just looks a lot nicer you know im saying so hang. Tight were gonna switch alright everybody welcome back welcome back and now were on my computer so first thing youre. Gonna want to do whether youre on your computer or your phone right here youre gonna want to go to.

The ip address of the router its right here ive highlighted it for you guys then to log into. The router its admin for the username and then an admin for the password it is all lowercase if you. Accidentally there we go capitalized that try to login it will not let you it is definitely case sensitive okay. And i only say that because people with iphones i know it always capitalizes the first one so you just. Got to switch it so after that go ahead and login now you guys heard that expression its so easy.

A caveman can do it thats correct this one you guys are gonna be kicking yourself in the butts with. Just because how easy this is okay so what youre gonna do is youre gonna scroll down so right here. Where it says ethernet if you guys are hardwired if not then you got to go over here to one. Of the im hoping youre on five gigahertz if youre not on five gigahertz you need to put your game. Console on it if it can see it if youre on your phone right here oh yeah you cant see.

It when its on sorry even if youre on your phone youre gonna scroll down until you find it okay. Now let me see youre going to look for your ip address i just lost myself there it is so. On that screen right there youre gonna be looking for the ip address in my case its not one two. Three youre gonna be looking for that on the list so right here you see that it says microsoft because. It recognizes that its an xbox im sure and for playstation it might say sony but right there says 192.

168 1 1 2 3 so now youre gonna click on that youre either gonna click on it or with. Your finger on the phone youre gonna touch it doo-doo-doo-doo so now its going to give you the device info. And you can see right up here the top thats the device youre in right now so you can actually. Give it a friendly name say xbox or playstation you can pick an icon if you want to little game. Console you can tell mines in my garage you can give it i mean you can do all that but.

None of that really matters what matters is this right here see ip address and then it says reserved ip. Youre gonna want to click that see right now it now says cancel reservation what this does is it reserves. It well right here it shows the mac address so every device that is on the internet has a specific. Mac address no 1 mac addresses like the other ok so what this does is it tells your router hey. I dont care how many devices are on your router you well not at all give them 192 while ending.

In 1 2 3 in my case so youre telling it because sometimes what happens is a few life got. A game console on and then you turn on a cell phone hook it to wi-fi or something as some. Streaming device it will actually ask double a sign an ip address then itll have an ip address conflict and. It just wont work some devices will let you know hey ip conflict you know thats whats going on some. Most advices wont and youre just like why cant i get on the internet its because ip addresses are conflicting.

So you want to make sure you reserve it that way the router knows okay so after you reserve it. You can hit apply if you want to just just be on the safe side oh you see that it. Didnt save any of my stuff huh thats interesting let me let me go back and hit apply again oh. Thats odd nobody can hit it all again now there go now it saved it huh so before you name. Any of this stuff if you hit reserve do the reservation make sure you hit apply first anyway so now.

What youre going to want to do is youre gonna decide do i want poor forwarding or dmz im not. Gonna tell you the difference what im gonna tell you is if you only have one game console dont do. This for a computer by the way the dmz the dmz is strictly for your game consoles do not do. It with a game console i mean a pc im sorry the reason reason being is if you do it. For a pc or anything what it does is it takes that ip address takes that device and sets it.

Outside of your routers firewall every router has an internal firewall and thats why you need to open a port. Sometimes because its okay you know this device has to send and receive information through this route but the firewall. Will naturally just block it so you need to open it up open up the traffic you know get it. A green light instead of a red light so if you have one game console in your house you need. To go the dmz so go ahead and click on dmz and then right here just to add bam look.

At that this device is in dmz just that easy so now what you need to do is you need. A hard reset your xbox im not sure if you can do that with a playstation if your playstation just. Reset it on the xbox what i mean by hard resetting is you have to hold the power button down. Until until it power cycles until it shuts off manually you know what i mean do not just you know. Hit it on your controller its not the same way youre gonna release the cache okay thats what holding the.

Power button down for 10 seconds does and then when it comes up you should have an open that type. And you should be good to go but lets just say for kicks and giggles i know i said that. Wrong but there might be little kids watching this you want to port forward so go ahead and hit port. Forwarding now what this is gonna do is its gonna allow you to port forward or specifically just to this. Device so its really freakin easy you see right here internal host its hard to got it all done for.

You so you can a you can go on google and you can search port forwarding xbox our port forwarding. Microsoft live port forwarding sony playstation and its going to give you a big list of different ports its either. Gonna say tcp udp or tcp and udp so what you do is you just do that you see other. You just leave that alone and then you do the external host you type in that one you type in. The external port number hit add an easier way to do that though instead of adding the rule like lets.

Say you play call of duty or something like that just go down here to games and applications let that. Load lets say call of duty call of duty 4 i mean you see even this like playstation playstation network. Our playstation 4 playstation network did they have microsoft steam oh there we go xbox one so you can hit. Xbox one youre gonna add so thats xbox one now lets say call of duty had now you can just. Hit apply and then it saved it and thats it see how easier that was then going through manually and.

Doing everything where what i explained this wave to router to everybody is that its spectrums or if any other. Company has it it is their answer to a gaming router it is their technology its got a dual core. Computer built into it if you know how to utilize it properly then its its just its beastly trust me. I have a three hundred dollar gaming router sitting right next to this one and it compares i mean its. Its its good wi-fi wise and its a little obviously my gaming router sends the wi-fi signal a lot further.

I can go down my yeah start walking down my block and beyond it still with my gaming router compared. To that one so but to the average cable router this thing just blows them out of the water i. Dont care what anybody says now if you are having issues with your wi-fi dropping or anything like that what. You need to actually do is you need to go and go into your here ill show you real quick. You go into like the wi-fi settings and see right here where it says channel selection youre gonna want to.

Go ahead and like throw it on six and then hit apply there you go so the reason why the. Wi-fi fall it fells on these ones is because theres a glitch in the system right now so you actually. Need to turn it off auto channel selection and go ahead and just apply any channel so yeah yes yes. Can i finish recording my video alright sorry for the interruption my daughter was asking me some questions so i. Had to cut that little part out anyway so if youre having wi-fi issues thats why you just need to.

Take this channel selection off auto do it for your two gigahertz band and your five gigahertz and and then. Youll be good to go so you got it oh right so that ends this tutorial if you guys have. Any questions go ahead and leave them down in the comment section if you guys like this and you guys. Thought it helped you out make sure you guys hit that subscribe button make sure you guys like the video. Share it with all your friends share it on your social media that would be awesome make sure you guys.

Hit that little bell right next to the subscribe button that way you always know when im uploading a new. Video or when im going alive i usually go alive on thursday fridays and saturdays so without further ado this. Is squishy im out of here thanks for watching you guys have a good night.

Method 5 – Advanced Home Wifi

With spectrum advanced home wi-fi youll have more control than ever over your wi-fi network the best way to take. Advantage of all the features advanced home wi-fi has to offer is by using the free my spectrum app to. Get started go to the app store on your mobile device and download the my spectrum app once the app. Is installed you will need your spectrum username and password to log in dont have a spectrum username and password.

No problem tap create a username and enter either the phone number or email address associated with your spectrum account. Or your account number and security code which can be found on your spectrum bill for more information on creating. A username visit slash new username once youre logged into the my spectrum app setting up your wi-fi network. Name and password is simple first tap on the services tab at the bottom of the screen next tap on. View and edit network info to see the wi-fi network name and preset password then tap on edit network info.

To enter your new network name and password personalizing this information will help make your network more secure and easier. To identify and remember your network name and password when setting up wi-fi on new devices if you have devices. Already connected to the network changing the name and password will require you to reconnect the device using the new. Network information to manage devices connected to your network tap on manage devices here you will find a list of. The devices on your wi-fi network using the device status filter you can show all or select devices that are.

Connected scheduled paused or disconnected to view details about any of these devices tap on the device name on the. Device details screen you will find information about this device and other options that allow you to edit the devices. Name pause or unpause the devices connection to your wi-fi network and even create a schedule to control internet access. Lets look at how to rename a device tap on edit device name then rename the device so that you. Can identify it easier in the future you can name it based on whose device it is what its used.

For or even its location such as bobbys tablet or family room tv after renaming the device save it to. Go back to the device details screen here you will see the devices name has been updated to pause a. Devices connection to your wi-fi network tap the pause device button pause devices wont be able to connect to your. Wi-fi network until you un-pause them or you can create a schedule to automatically allow when the device can connect. To your network creating a pause schedule is a great feature if you have children and dont want them on.

Wi-fi during certain hours for most devices pausing should occur almost immediately but some activity such as video streaming may. Experience a short delay before the pause takes effect to reconnect a device simply tap the unpause device button unwanted. Or unknown devices showing as disconnected on the device management screen can be removed from your device list by tapping. On the device name and then remove device at the bottom of the device details screen remove devices will reappear. In your list if they are reconnected to your network lastly lets take a look at where youll find the.

Advanced settings of your advanced home wi-fi service the advanced settings are usually used for unique network configurations like gaming. To access your advanced settings select the services tab tap on router and then advanced settings here youll find the. Public ip address as well as the different advanced settings options now youre ready to take control of your network. For other helpful support videos visit videos.

Conclusion – How To Access Router Settings Spectrum

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