How To Access Router Settings Xfinity – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access router settings xfinity, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access router settings xfinity,

Method 1 – Change Xfinity

Hello everybody this intro with intros type tutorials and im gonna go over today how to log into your xfinity. Router basically what youre gonna want to do is open up your command prompt if you dont let your command. Prompt is search on windows 8 or go to run after your windows 7 if you dont know our rent. Run is in windows 7 you click the start button right here and then you just type in following c.

And click enter and what were gonna get is a window that looks like this in this window youre going. To type in ip conf ig and youre gonna look up here under wireless lan adapter wi-fi and go to. The default gateway address here at the bottom youre gonna want to type in this number combination here at the. Bottom whatever yours is into the address bar of your analytics or your google chrome or your firefox internet browser. So just type in your default gateway – – my address bar and type that in then click enter.

Will be brought to the xfinity login page mines already logged in youll be brought to a screen like this. Youre gonna want to type in username theyre gonna type in atm i am for the password youre just going. To type in password no capital letters and just click login and thats how you log into your router thank. You guys for watching please subscribe.

Method 2 – Securing Your Xfinity Internet Modem

Okay uncle david in this video tutorial im going to show you how to secure your xfinity modem /y flying. Around our control panel so that its not easily guessed and able to get into so first thing you want. To do is if youre going to do this on their laptop make sure youre connected to the home of. Be eight five seven wi-fi hotspot because youre going to need to be connected to that tact with your xfinity.

Control panel once youre connected type in ten dot 0 dot 0 dot the ip address to access your xfinity. Control panel okay now the user default username is admin now heres why it was insecure and very simple and. Easy for me to get into because a lot of the default username and passwords for manufacturer on routers like. Xfinity belkin areas a lot of them use admin as the default username and password as a default password which. Is very very insecure and is uh if people or do you end user that owns the device that wont.

Change it as soon as they purchase it it can be a big security vulnerability and allow people like me. Smart people to get it very simply so the first thing youre going to want to do is change that. Ok so you see i was able to login using admin and password because i copied it from right here. I wrote it down a notepad earlier so that i could just copy and paste it you could see it. For yourself alright so what you want to do is once youre logged in click change password ok it sets.

The default current password is password were going to make sure we the other type that in here under current. Password just copy and paste like i just did just for demonstration purposes now i have a more secure 11. Digit alphanumeric temporary password that im using for the purposes of this video tutorial to give you an idea youre. Going to the best passwords are going to be between 10 and 12 or more alphanumeric characters because those if. Theyre if theyre made if theyre if theyre a it can be easily gotten into or cracked by trying all.

The possible combinations if you have fast enough system but if you go like 9 10 or equal or more. And its going to take its exponentially longer even regardless of how fast the system you had by going through. All the possible combinations so the 10 or more is the ideal length to go for a password i always. Go out for numeric or combination of alphanumeric symbols if possible so were going to use this one for the. Temporary password to change it to okay so im going to type and youll have to type in the current.

Password in this case would be password and whatever we knew when you choose to make your password into type. It here and then re-enter it down here for confirmation once youve done that click save its going to log. You out and youll be able to double check and make sure that it works by entering it as such. Now sets you cant see my keyboard and its hiding the password field im just going to copy and paste. So you know that thats what were entering in the password field but you could you get the idea okay.

So were logging in and so password is successfully changed youre definitely dont want to do that on your xfinity. Modem and router control panel which can be accessed at prefer to use that you know that youre more. That you can remember or whatever you know something that youre you get you prefer to use for your password. So itll be password again at the end of this video you will be able to log in with that. So its back to the default settings like it was originally before i started the video so password admin and.

Password and see there you go its back to the default but yeah so change that and your earliest convenience. Or whenever you have the time i made this so that you could that follow along and know what to. Do without happened me to actually be there to show you because i know im leaving back for vegas tomorrow. Or actually tonight because its already a 146 a.m. Im going to make the next video or how to do.

It out in the falcon router so thats going to be the next one.

Method 3 – Xfinity How To Port Forward – Xfinity Gateway Port Forwarding Video Games Instructions Guide Help

Hey guys in this video going to be walking you through the step-by-step process on how to port forward using. Xfinity internet so to do this were going to head on over to ill link their web page right. At the top of the video description and then once youre over at youre going to click on this. Little wi-fi signal symbol thats here towards the top of the page so were going to select that now if.

You have not already logged in its going to prompt you to do so with the email mobile number or. Username that you have hooked up with your xfinity account as well as your xfinity password once you have that. Information entered in click sign in and then if youre not already on your xfinity router page again you can. Get here by clicking on this little wi-fi signal symbol thats here towards the top of the screen and find. The gateway that you want to port forward to and then click on that for me its going to be.

My x5 gateway so im going to select that and then click where it says c network and that should. Be right below the name of your wi-fi router so im going to click see network and then under the. More area where it says advanced settings thats where we want to click next and then we want to click. The port forwarding option now for me im going to be doing this and setting up port forwarding for my. Desktop computer for the league of legends video game now you can do this with consoles and a bunch of.

Other different things and as well as voip and peer-to-peer applications to connect directly to a device on your home. Network so were going to click on port forwarding and we are going to go ahead and add a port. Forward now it is important to note that port forwarding will be blocked if you have the advanced security enabled. Theres a couple of different things that you can do you can selectively allow access for specific ip addresses on. The advanced security dashboard or you can disable advanced security for all devices in the my services area so for.

The purposes of this video im just simply going to be disabling the advanced security settings for my devices and. You do that by clicking the go to my services and then it says by disabling youll lose 24 7. Threat monitoring and real-time reporting on your home network so if you want to do this you can just flick. This little symbol here and the advanced security will be disabled it may take up to 10 minutes to finish. Up this process so you can go ahead and click ok there now to get back to that port forwarding.

Page where i just came from again clicking on that little wi-fi symbol here towards the top and clicking on. My x5 gateway clicking on see network advanced settings port forwarding add port forward and now were back here to. The area where we can officially add a port forward so youre going to select the device for this port. Forward in this area and if you have a console that you want to do this for it should pop. Up in this area as long as that console is currently connected to your wi-fi router and for me im.

Going to be clicking my desktop computer and youre going to have the option to do a manual setup for. Your port forward or you can just select from a list of commonly recommended configurations so for me its going. To be the league of legends configuration is what im looking for for my pc so im going to click. League of legends and its going to set up the recommended configuration below that and then at this point what. You want to do is click next and then its adding the port forward and then please give it a.

Moment to complete this process and i now officially have this port forward added so that my device can now. Use these port forward settings and then thats going to take you back over to the port forwarding page where. You should have a list of all of the port forwards that youve made i just have my desktop here. With the reserved ip address and all of the port numbers listed below that and if you want you can. Hide the port forwards if you want and you always have the option if you want to add an additional.

Port forward by clicking this button right here so thats the process that you go through for adding port forwarding. In xfinity i hope this video was helpful i appreciate you guys stopping by consider subscribing and ill catch you. Back here next time.

Method 4 – How To Access Your Routers Menus Find Out The Ip Adress And User Name And Passwords

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 5 – Xfinity How To Change Wifi Channel – How To Change Wifi Router Channel Instructions, Guide

Hey guys in this video going to walk you through the steps on how you can go about changing the. Wi-fi channel for your xfinity internet so to do this you just want to make sure that youre connected to. The wi-fi network that youre going to be changing the wi-fi channel for and then open up a web browser. And go to http colon forward slash forward slash and ill also link this page towards the top of.

The video description so you can just click on the link right here and then sign in now if you. Havent already changed it the default username is admin and the default password is password so thats what youre going. To use to log in so im going to click this url right here and then the username is going. To be admin and the password is going to be password again this is if you have not already changed. The username and password in this area so then were going to go ahead and click login and then it.

Says you are using default password please change the password so im going to click ok so then just go. Through this process simply of typing in the current password which is just simply password and then type in what. You want this password to be in the future when you log into this admin area in the new password. As well as re-enter new password area and then click save and then it says changes saved successfully please log. In with the new password so im going to click ok and then again typing in admin as the username.

And then the password that i had just set and then click login and then that should take us to. This area where we see our gateway and then what we want to do next is click where it says. Connection and then go down and click where it says wi-fi and then in this area you have the option. To change the wi-fi channel for either the 2.4 gigahertz frequency band or the 5 gigahertz frequency band and if. You want you can change them for both just click edit on whichever one you want to start with so.

Lets say the 2.4 gigahertz frequency band uh well change that one first so im going to click edit and. As you can see right down here under where it says private wi-fi network configuration we have our channel selection. And its currently on automatic so what this means is that the xfinity gateway will automatically detect and connect devices. Using the optimal channel to provide the best wi-fi signal at any given time so thats what i currently have. It set to but if you want you can set this to manual and then pick the channel that you.

Want to change it to and then once you have it set on how you want it with the channel. And whether you want the channel selection to be automatic or manual then just go down here and click save. Settings and you should be good to go and this was an example for changing the 2.4 gigahertz networks settings. So if you also want to do this for the 5 gigahertz network setting just go back and click on. The wi-fi tab and then in the 5 gigahertz area go over and click edit and then the same thing.

Is going to apply here with having it either as an automatic channel selection or you can switch it over. To manual and then you can pick the selected channel at that point in time and once you have it. All set up how you want it to be just go down and click save settings and you should be. Good to go so i hope this video was helpful i appreciate you guys stopping by consider subscribing and ill. Catch you back here next time.

Conclusion – How To Access Router Settings Xfinity

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