How To Access Router Settings – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access router settings, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access router settings,

Method 1 – How To Login Into Your Routers Setting | Change Router Settings ( 2020 ) Router Login

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Method 2 – How To Access Your Routers Menus Find Out The Ip Adress And User Name And Passwords

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Method 3 – How To Access Router Settings From Android Smart Phone | Tutorial | Elite Automation

I heard a lot of people have kind of struggled with being able to connect with devices on a web. Interface with their phone and theres two particular reasons why that might occur hi im malek greb ceo and engineer. Of elite automation today were going to be connecting our mobile phone to an industrial web interface over wi-fi basically. When we connect to a web interface over wi-fi with our phone i heard a lot of people have kind.

Of struggled with being able to connect with devices on a web interface with their phone and theres two particular. Reasons why that might occur were gonna go ahead and jump into my phone real quick and im gonna take. You through the process of why you may be having an issue uh so what were gonna do is were. Gonna start off by trying to log into this web interface and to do so we need to go into. Our wi-fi settings uh were currently connected to we need to get off of that network and we need.

To log on to our industrial device and so our industrial device is going to be the moax access point. This wireless access point were going to essentially log into were going to give it a second so theres no. Internet access its going to kick off quite a few times if you click into the settings here in a. Second uh right there youll be able to see it says no internet and you want to make sure it. Says no internet right there because thats just going to indicate to you that you are actually connected if youre.

Not connected itll say disconnected and then you dont even have a wireless signal there so just keep that in. Mind now that were connected to our industrial device we need to go to google chrome and for demonstration purposes. Im going to show you that its currently not working so 192.16 hit okay and basically this thing is going. To try to run its not going to have access and the number one reason why youre not connecting is. If you see at the top of my screen right here notice that you see the 5g and you see.

Your network bars so that indicates that essentially youre accessing your phones data network and with that being said essentially. Youre not connected through your phones wi-fi network card so what you need to do is go to your settings. Here and put your phone in airplane mode after you put in airplane mode itll kick your wi-fi off so. You need to turn your wi-fi back on so we need to go back to this screen here because we. Need to were going to go ahead and click that go ahead and go into settings because i want to.

Make sure that were seeing this no internet access thing again signal strength good no internet access kind of keep. Letting it do its kick in and out i would observe this because you want to ensure that you actually. Have a wireless connection with the device because if you dont have a wireless connection youll never be able to. Connect now that you have a wireless connection im going to try to log into the web interface one more. Time so were going to go as you can see here we now have access to the moax now.

Theres a secondary reason why you wouldnt connect and you would actually not have connected with this initially but i. Have already went through here and done this process so my settings were changed from whenever i went through a. Test run of this video so what were gonna do is were gonna go back over here to our wi-fi. So what you need to do is you need to go into your edit mode which its this little pencil. Right here at the top so i click into that and well scroll down a little bit and where it.

Says ip settings notice its set to static right now normally itll be set to a dhcp and what youll. Need to do is youll need to assign yourself a static ip address the same way you would on a. Computer so you click into that change it to a static and now you have the ability to type in. An ip address now the ip address that you use you want it to be on the same subnet scheme. So for example it needs to be 192.168.4 for this particular device because thats what our device is set up.

For right now now our device is set up as a 253 so we need to ensure that our phones. Ip address needs to be something different than that so 254 will work or anything else as long as theres. Not any other thing connected on that network now if you have like a mobile autonomous robot and its also. Connected to other peripheral devices then you may want to ensure that you dont have an ip conflict with a. I o module and then have the mirror lose connectivity to the i o module because essentially then youre gonna.

Take the line down so what were gonna go ahead and do here is were gonna save our settings as. Youve seen before we were able to access the moax but were gonna go ahead and go into it one. More time so were gonna type in go ahead and go on to it and im just going to. Show you us logging into this thing now depending on the device and how they set up their web interface. It may be mobile friendly or it may not but at least you now have access to the device with.

Your mobile device so passwords root login and now we have full access to this device you can see the. Ip address is and youre able to come in here and configure any of these settings of this device. Now so guys hopefully if youre struggling with that this video was helpful uh if youd like for us to. Come in and set up an access point on your machinery so you can access it with your phone like. This dont hesitate to reach out we also specialize in robotic cells so anything to do with a robotic cell.

So that may include uh vision line tracking anything along those lines so if its inside of a robot cell. Its generally something that we work with and we specialize in so feel free to reach out if you feel. Like theres an application that youd like for us to look at or if you overall just need assistance with. Trying to find an application if you just know that you need to automate and you dont know what direction. To go we also offer consulting services to be able to do that as well thank you guys for sticking.

Around hopefully this solved your issues and well catch you in the next one you.

Method 4 – How To Open The Router Admin Page | Access Router Setup

Hi guys in this video im going to show you how you can access your router admin page by accessing. Your router admin page you can either looking you can make changes in your router you can change the password. You can block any mac address you can assign any mac address so there are lots of the changes we. Can do by having access to your router admin page so how to get the access of your router admin.

Page lets proceed further let me show you first of all open the run command type their cmd and press. Enter you will get the command prompt why im opening the command prompt in order because in order to access. Your router admin page first of all you will have to find out your ip address from your isp which. Is your internet service for haider until unless you dont know your ip address from the isp which is your. Internet service provider you cannot access your router admin page so first of all im going to find the ip.

Address from my isp so in order to find the ip address type there i p c– o n f. Ig i have discussed this in my previous video also but let me show you again so once i type. That command which is ip c o n f ig and press enter as i have connected my computer to. The wi-fi so its coming up here wireless lan adapter wi-fi and here is the ip version 4 address which. Is my computer ip address and the default gateway this is the address of my router from where this device.

My computer is connected right now so make sure i will have to remember i will have to note down. This ip address so im going to open this not bad and im going to note down this ip address. Which is 192 dot one six eight dot one dot one so this is the default gateway or you can. Say this is the address of my router so im going to copy this router ip address and im going. To open my browser you can open any browser you can open your google chrome edge explorer whatever you have.

And paste the same ip address on the browser address bar and press enter then you can see my router. Is from skyward and i can access my router i mean the admin page and its coming up here login. So my default i mean the password username and password is admin admin admin password so im going to login. Make sure this username and password differs according to the manufacturer of your router suppose if you have a router. From the netgear there will be different id in the password and if you have d-link router so it totally.

Depends what is the minke of the router you have got it differs according to the router so here you. Can see when i logged into my i mean the router page i can do every changes if i go. On basic i will find my ip address here my mac address and everything if i go on advanced i. Can see each and every options right i can make any changes in my router you can see here and. If i go on the security option i can change my password everything so this is the way how you.

Can access your router admin page and you can make changes whatever you want so thank you so much for. Watching the video please do subscribe the channel and share this video thank you so much bye.

Method 5 – How To Access Router Settings

Hey guys whats up this is sorrow from trend http in this video guys i am going to show you. How exactly you can access your router settings now there can be number of reasons why you want to do. So you want to set your wi-fi password reboot your router put parental control port forwarding and a whole lot. Of other stuff that you can do if you access your router settings so lets begin all you have to.

Do is go to the control panel once youre inside control panel search for network and sharing center yeah here. It is for me once you are inside that go to change adapter settings and it will show you all. The network connections that you have i will go to my network connection that i have opened double click on. That and it will show you all the details of that connection inside that you will find a bundle called. Details go there and once you are inside details search for ipv4 default gateway yeah here it is for me.

Which says 192 dot one sixty eight dot 0 dot one so this is where you can access your router. Setting all you have to do now is go to any browser i will go to mozilla once you are. Inside the browser hit that ip address once you go inside it will ask you for your username and password. Now if this is the first time that you are accessing it the default username and password should be admin. Admin so let me just enter that so the password is correct yeah it will take you to the rotas.

Homepage here it is guys this is where you have all your settings all your router settings and this is. How you can access it now you must have seen the password that i entered now you can also change. That from here and a whole lot of other stuff that you can do so thats it in this video. Guys if you liked it please hit that subscribe button and ill see you in the next video.

Conclusion – How To Access Router Settings

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