How To Access Safari Passwords – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access safari passwords, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access safari passwords,

Method 1 – Find Saved Passwords In Safari On A Mac

When you visit a website youve signed in two before on your mac safari fills in your password with a. Row of dots but how can you reveal what the password actually is lets find out this is daves tech. Rescue where i solve your problems with computers internet and technology if you have a question youd like to ask. Me leave it in the comments below and ill do my best to answer it and remember to subscribe so.

You dont miss my next video where i might be answering your questions back to todays question how do you. Reveal the password thats hiding behind those dots well when safari offers to remember a password for you it stores. It in a secure place called the keychain we can open the keychain and find a password the easiest way. To get to the keychain is to click on the spotlight search icon in the top right hand corner of. Your screen type in keychain then double click on keychain access to open it youll see a list of all.

The logins your mac has remembered the quickest way to find a login for a certain website is to search. For it clicking the search box at the top right of keychain access i want to find out my google. Password so im going to type this has filtered down these logins to just the one for google i. Can see my username here so i know its the right one now you just need to double click on. This login to open it and we can see an option to show the password then you click in this.

Box and you just need to enter your mac password thats the password you normally put in when you switch. On your mac and the password is reveal did this video help you find out what your safe password was. Please let me know in the comments below and dont forget to give this video the thumbs up if you. Have a question youd like to ask me please leave it in the comments and if youd like to see. More tutorials like this for me in future please hit the red subscribe button thanks for watching and ill see.

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Method 2 – Keep Your Online Accounts Secure Using Safari Passwords

Hi this is gary with today lets take a look at using the built-in safari password manager macmost has. Brought you thanks to a great group of more than 800 supporters go to patreon there you can read. More about the patreon campaign join us and get exclusive content and course discounts so to keep all of your. Online accounts secure you should be using strong unique passwords for each site to do this you really need to.

Be using a password manager now you dont need to get a third-party password manager as youve got one built. Into the safari browser on your mac and it also talks to the safari browsers on your other devices so. Lets take a look at how it works here i have an example registration page like youre going to sign. Up for a new website usually youre asked for your email as your user id then youre asked to enter. A password and verify it now in safari if you click here to enter in a password you may be.

Prompted right away asking if you want to generate a random password but even if youre not youll look on. The right here and see this little key button click that and you can request a password so lets suggest. A new password and you can see how safari generates a random password and enters it in here both in. The password and in the confirmation field its so important that you use a computer generated random password like this. Anything you come up with in your head is going to be far more likely to be guest than an.

Actual random password the only downside is its hard to memorize and enter a password like this but with a. Password manager you never have to the password manager in this case the safari browser itself is going to enter. The password for you you dont have to memorize it you never have to type it so we see how. Safari gave us a randomly generated password pretty easily but how do we store it well you dont have to. Do anything additional to store it all you need to do is finish the form and then safari will remember.

This password so now lets say we go back to the site and we have to log in again im. Going to click here to enter my email you can see safari recognizes that this is the place to enter. In my id and my password and it actually shows me a list of passwords associated with the site including. The one i just entered in so i just select this email address and it enters in the email address. As my id and the password right here and now i click log in and i can log in i.

Didnt even have to see the password let alone type it so where can you see a list of your. Passwords well if i go to safari preferences and then i click on passwords at the top then i have. To enter in my user account password and now i see a list of passwords that safari has stored you. Can see the username here and the password is hidden heres that one i just created by selecting it it. Actually shows me the password i can double click it or click details here to make changes if i want.

Also notice i have the ability to add manually a password and i can also remove an entry there now. What would happen if i already have an account at a site but i havent yet stored it in safari. When i go to sign in itll remember that password as well so ill enter in a user id and. Ill type the password that i already know im going to type a weak password here on purpose to demonstrate. And ill click login now you get this prompt here asking whether or not you want safari to save the.

Password so im going to click save password if i clicked not now it would ask me again the next. Time i logged in but the other option there is to never bother me about saving this password ever now. When i go to safari preferences passwords you can see its saved it there notice i have this little yellow. Caution symbol here why because i entered in a very weak password there and if i click on it you. Can see this password is easily guest itll also give me other security alerts like if the password im using.

Is insecure because its currently being used to break into accounts in other words i didnt create a unique password. Im reusing one or perhaps my account itself has been compromised whenever you see one of these caution symbols you. Should change the password on the website to do that just go to the website and go through whatever the. Process is for that site to change your password when you do that safari is going to prompt you to. Save the new password just like i showed you before when you use the password at a site for the.

First time and by the way if you click the option not to save the password this is what you. Get it saves the site with no username and password set to never saved if you want to reset that. So you can save the password later on all you need to do is select it and then remove and. Now youll be able to save that password the next time you log into that site so saving a password. In safari protects you in a few different ways first it allows you to have a random unique password for.

Each site which is the most secure way to do passwords they can be these long random strings of characters. Because youre saving them in this password manager you dont have to type them manually because lets face it if. We had to type all of our passwords manually we would probably all use shorter passwords that look like words. Or dates or names and we probably reuse the same password over and over again using a password manager means. Everyone can be long random and unique this also protects you from phishing attacks the way a phishing attack works.

Is say you get an email that seems to be from a website and it tells you theres a problem. You need to log in right away you click on a link in that email and it takes you to. Something that looks just like that website you cant tell its not and if you look at the url maybe. Its even close to the actual url maybe instead of say in my example here its and you. Think youre at the right place but youre actually somebody elses website entirely then you enter your email address and.

Your password now theyve captured your id and password theyve stored it and theyre going to go back and try. To log into the actual site how using a password manager like we are here in safari protects you from. That is when you go to a site like it will look up the actual site you cant fool. It so its looking for and it can find a password for that site so it doesnt give you. Anything here to be able to log in now another great thing about storing your passwords in safari is it.

Syncs across all of your apple devices using icloud to sync the passwords to other apple devices go into system. Preferences and then to your apple id and make sure keychain is turned on the password is stored in something. Called the keychain you actually have an app on your mac called keychain access that allows you to look at. The keychain but for most users you never have to use that just to access the passwords in the safari. Preferences and as long as this keychain functionality in icloud is turned on it should sync the passwords to icloud.

And then to your other apple devices like your iphone or ipad so when you store a website password say. On your mac you also have access to it on your iphone so here for instance you see me going. To the same site on my iphone and it prompts me to use the password that ive stored and also. If you go and sign up for a website on your iphone it will suggest password and save it so. That its available on your mac also on your iphone you can go into settings and there you can go.

To the passwords section and find those entries so if you need to be able to see the password and. Perhaps copy and paste it into an app or maybe into a different browser you can so im often asked. Which password manager you should use on your mac and there are a lot of good ones out there one. Password and lastpass are really good password managers and there are others as well but for most users if youre. Not using a password manager now start off by just using safari let safari save your passwords you get the.

Primary functionality available in all password managers built into your mac synced automatically without having to pay for and learn. A new app but if you want you can still use a third-party password manager and safari at the same. Time thats what i do when i create a new password at a site i save it in both one. Password and in the safari password manager its easy to do so its just two clicks instead of one and. Then most of the time i find it easiest just to let safari enter the password in when i go.

To log into that site again but also now ive got it saved to my other password manager as well. But for most mac users if youre not using a password manager now just start using safari to save your. Passwords and let that allow you to have good strong unique random passwords for every website and service you use. If you like this video click the thumbs up button below to let me know i publish new tutorials each. Weekday hit the subscribe button so you dont miss out.

Method 3 – How To View A Saved Password In Safari On Mac

Whats up everybody in this video im going to show you how to view save password in safari on mac. Computer so first thing we need to do we need to open safari browser once you open safari browser you. Need to navigate right here at the top left corner to safari and then click on preferences and then in. Preferences youre going to see this password tab you just have to press on it and in here is going.

To prompt for password if you have password setup youll have to type your user password or if you dont. Have one then most likely its not going to ask you for one and then press enter or return and. Right here youre going to see websites where you saved your passwords so for this video tutorial i saved two. Passwords one for facebook and one for instagram so right here you can see the website name and then you. Can see the username so for facebook i have owner and for instagram testing and then password password right here.

Though you cant really see because its all in hashtags what you need to do right here at the right. Corner you see this triangle with the exclamation mark in it once you click on it its going to show. You your password for facebook i just created facebook password and then if you need to see other one just. Click somewhere else and then click on the other one and for instagram i just create password as a password. And thats it if this video was helpful to you press that like button and dont forget to subscribe thanks.

For watching you.

Method 4 – How To Use Icloud Keychain! (Iphone & Mac)

How is it going everybody youre watching then about tech and today were gonna talk about icloud keychain what is. It how to use it and how to set it up i know that icloud keychain has been around for. Quite a while uh actually for a few years now but a lot of people have no idea what it. Is what its for and just dont use this amazing feature so this is a practical video so its a.

Tutorial hands-on video so im gonna get my iphone and show you how to use everything and how to do. Everything you need to know about icloud keychain but before that im gonna need to give you an overview so. Just you understand what im talking about throughout the video okay so icloud keychain is just a password manager and. Please keep in mind that this is no app or anything like that its a native feature uh which is. Within the settings app so you dont need to download anything its just there in your iphone in your ipad.

And even in your mac its just there and you dont need again to download anything its just a native. Feature in ios and mac os and you can do a ton of things with it it just can it. Will store all your passwords and when i say passwords i mean logins so your usernames and passwords for websites. Uh like for example or social media like your instagram account facebook whatever so it would just store all. Your logins so usernames and passwords for you is truly amazing and on top of that of course its going.

To be synced to icloud thats why icloud keychain so they are going to have it synced up to all. Your devices at the same time your iphone your ipad your mac everythings synced up and updated its awesome because. Youll never forget a password ever again is truly amazing so without further ado lets begin with the hands-on part. Lets go okay so lets start with a little demo so lets say i want to open up instagram and. I need to log in but i forgot my username and password with keychain thats super easy all i have.

To do is tap on the username and then it will automatically suggest here password for and thats my. Username and it has the password as well so as soon as i tap on it and put my face. Id so of course its super safe because um it is secured with my biometrics could be face id or. Touch id and then its here autofill thats super easy all i have to do is log in and then. Thats it itll automatically log into my instagram and everything is working very very fine of course i can do.

That with apps as i mentioned but i can do that in safari as well for all kinds of websites. That have any kind of login information so im at and i can simply sign in right here at. The top and then automatically uh it will suggest here uh my email that i have registered with so. Tap here face id then uh password as well im just gonna hide my password very quickly and then tap. On password its gonna use that very same password for that very same username sometimes its gonna ask you twice.

Sometimes just once if its just one screen or two screens okay and as you guys can see hello daniel. Right here uh so sign in very easy perfect and as i mentioned it not only will help you with. Your old passwords but it will also help you create a new password very safe and secure passwords so if. I open up safari once again im at and thats lets say i want to sign up so im. Going to tap here to join us so sign up okay so im creating a new account and then i.

Can easily uh type in my email address of course your ios will automatically suggest your emails but with passwords. It will right here pop up and ask you if you want to use a strong password so it is. Suggesting a very strong password i can tap on that and then i already have my strong password right here. And then if i just simply tap my email address and first name last name and just complete uh my. Signup process right here as soon as i go ahead and i finish up the joinness process as soon as.

I sign up itll automatically save all of that information in keychain as well so again it not only help. You remembering your old passwords but it will also help you create new ones very safe and secure passwords but. Um now that you know how it works and what it can do you probably want to know how to. Set it up right and its super easy as i said you just go ahead and open up settings and. Then first of all you need to turn it on so under here settings youre gonna tap on apple id.

With your name and then uh tap on icloud because thats an icloud service and then scroll down to keychain. It should be called icloud keychain now it is just keychain sometimes you see kitchen isnt that like cloud keychain. They have both names i generally call it icloud keychain so as soon as you are on the screen you. Just have to turn it on and as soon as you turn it on uh youre gonna enable icloud keychain. So then it will automatically start helping you helping you out doing all those sort of things but if its.

The first time you enable this youre not going to have anything under uh icloud keychain so you may want. To know how you can actually manage that so you can normally just go ahead and browse websites create passwords. And from now on uh icloud keychain will always help you remember and ask you if you want to have. That if you want to remember that thats one way you can do it the other way is of course. Manually go ahead under settings again okay and scroll down to passwords theres a whole section for that and then.

Youre gonna need to put your face id or touch id or your password and then here youre gonna see. All your passwords so from here is where you can actually manage everything if you already have a ton of. Passwords like i do youre going to see them up here if you dont have is going to be blank. But you can already start um using it as i said either automatically when youre filling up or signing up. To a service or logging in for the first time uh icloud keychain will always ask you if you want.

To save that to your keychain so its gonna automatically ask you or you can do that manually as well. Tapping on the plus icon right here tap on the plus icon and then manually typing it in so you. Can enable uh icloud keychain and then go ahead for example like you were and then you go ahead. And go to username password and you can create that so you can do that manually or you can do. That automatically and of course you can edit and erase any passwords that you dont want anymore and of course.

You also have the possibility of the autofill passwords uh thats the pop-up that is gonna for example i have. A password here uh stored for if i have autofill turned on every time i go ahead and try. To log into its gonna pop up with that auto view option you can have that enabled like i. Do like you just saw or you can have that disabled and if you disable that uh you can use. Icloud keychain just to store just to store your uh passwords but not actually to actively uh help you out.

In auto for you i like to leave it on because i like i called keychain to actively help me. Autofill my passwords not only store my passwords but store in autocomplete thats why i leave it on so now. You know how it works now you know how icloud keychains work in the iphone for old passwords for new. Passwords how to manage how to create how to set it up and everything like that but as i said. It also works on ipads and macs let me show you so here i have a macbook pro as you.

Guys can see uh and on the mac is actually an application and you can search for that on the. Search bar uh by clicking here or just command space bar and then you can open up spotlight search and. Then search for keychain and then its going to be here keychain access thats the name in the mac and. Then as you guys can see you have all your login information you can tap on icloud and you can. Have even like you can see even your wi-fi network passwords that are stored here or you can just tap.

On passwords altogether and just taking a look at all your passwords and you can just look at that very. Very easily and you can just search it up right here as well so you can do that exact same. Thing and you can even add here on the plus button so you can do absolutely the same thing and. Everything is synced up and um across all your devices as you can imagine and it works pretty much the. Same way uh in the on the mac so if you open safari for example and if you go ahead.

And open im going to open right here and as you guys can see its going to work. The very same way i can just sign in for example and its going to suggest my very same email. I have touch id on this mac because of the touch bar so then i can just go ahead and. Tap use my my fingerprint same story here for the password and i can use it very easily sign in. And it works the very same way for old passwords again for new passwords for suggesting passwords you have the.

Manager you have absolutely everything here that you do on your iphone youre gonna have on your mac and its. Gonna look the exact same way on the ipad thats why i dont even think its worth worth it showing. On the ipad because its just the very same screen and menu that you see in the iphone so thats. Pretty much it hope you like this video if you did please make sure to hit the like button down. Below the subscribe button the little bell icon and also comment down below this helps me out so much if.

You enjoyed this content so thats pretty much it and ill see you guys in a few days guys bye. Bye.

Method 5 – Access Safari Passwords On Your Iphone (#1316)

So lets say youve been using safari to store your passwords that way you can use strong random unique passwords. For every website and works great on your mac and because youre using icloud keychain you can use the same. Passwords on your iphone they just automatically appear but what if youre using another computer youve got your iphone with. You but youre in a public place using a public computer or maybe youre at a friends house and you.

Need to log on to a website how can you get your password from your iphone well you can but. Its not in safari you have to go into the settings app and in settings if you scroll down to. The apps here and you go to safari you can see under general theres a section for passwords when you. Go into passwords youre gonna have to enter your passcode or use touch id youll be able to see a. List of all your stored passwords and get access to them so you can see a list and scroll through.

All of them or you can start by entering in some text to the top to search you can search. By your id that youre using or the service youre using so here ive started to search for my twitter. Passwords and i can see my account names and then i can go into each one to look at the. Password so now you can see the password and you can now use that for injuring it manually in another. Computer you can also hit the edit button at the top to actually edit the information so its useful for.

Other things as well if you need to edit on the fly but the main list you can also use. The edit button at the top to delete passwords if you scroll all the way down to the bottom theres. An add password button and here you can add a website user name and password while on the go so. This could be really handy because then of course this would sync back to your mac.

Conclusion – How To Access Safari Passwords

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