How To Access Safe Mode In Windows 10 – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access safe mode in windows 10, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access safe mode in windows 10,

Method 1 – How To Start Windows 10 In Safe Mode

When your windows 10 computer isnt working as well as it should one of the best ways to troubleshoot it. Is to start it up in safe mode and if youve used older versions of windows like xp or windows. 7 youll know that you could get into sa.

Method 2 – How To Boot Into Safe Mode On Windows 10 (3 Ways)

Hi in this video i will show you how to boot into safe mode in windows 10 in three different. Ways first method using system configuration tool open run window to do that simultaneously press the windows + r keys. On your keyboard types config in the text field and press enter or okay switch to the boot tab in. The boot options select the safe boot option then click ok restart now your device will automatically boot into safe.

Mode to start windows normally open system configuration again and uncheck safe boot another way of getting into safe mode. In windows 10 is use the shift plus restart combination open the start menu and click on the power button. Then while keeping the shift key pressed click on restart after restart windows 10 asked you to select an option. Choose troubleshoot on the troubleshoot screen select advanced options here choose startup settings then you will get windows that notify. You restart your windows in order to change advanced boot options including enabling safe mode press restart here you can.

Choose which boot options you want to get into safe mode you have three different options to enable safe mode. Press the f4 key on your keyboard to enable safe mode with networking press f5 and to enable safe mode. With command prompt press f6.

Method 3 – 4 Ways To Boot To Safe Mode In Windows 10

Would into safe mode is a big help by willing to save mode you can easily diagnose what is wrong. With your pc so in this video you are going to find out not one not two not three but. Four ways to both the safe mode the first way to put to safe mode is by enabling it and. You can do that via the system configuration tool to do that click the start button and then type system.

Configuration or ms config from the search field and then after that select the system configuration tool from the search. Result once youve opened this tool click the boot tab and then go under where it says boot options and. Then check safe boot so now by doing this when you restart your pc windows will automatically boot to safe. Mode and this is great because lets say you have to diagnose something that requires you to restart the computer. Many times windows will always automatically boot to safe mode but that itself is a problem because windows will always.

Automatically boot the safe mode and surely at one point youre going to want dont normal boot again happily you. Can always go back to the system configuration utility and then uncheck safe boot on their boot options again the. Second way to boot to safe mode is via the system settings to do that click the start button and. Then type advanced startup options in the search field and then choose change advanced startup options in the search results. And this will take you directly to these options from the settings so now go all the way to the.

Bottom under way it says advanced startup and click restart now after restarting your pc you will notice this blue. Choose an option screen but from there select troubleshoot and then select advanced options and then select the startup settings. And then you will notice all that would happen once you start your computer again and so to confirm we. Start once more after restarting your pc this time now you will notice this startup setting screen from there choose. Option for five or six to boot to safe mode the third way is via the sign-in page lets say.

For example you about to enter your password or pin to enter windows 10 well from there you can boot. To safe mode as well all you have to do is press and hold shift and then click the power. Button and then choose restart of course while holding shift and then after restarting your pc you would notice that. Once again it boots the choose an option screen from there choose troubleshoot choose advanced options choose startup settings and. Then confirm by clicking restart once more and then on the next screen choose options for 5 or 6 to.

Put to safe mode the fourth and last way is from scratch lets say for example your computer is totally. Off even in such circumstances it is still possible to put to safe mode this may seem a little tedious. But bear with me step 1 hit the power button to turn on your computer now immediately on the first. Sign your computer has started you might see for example a logo of the manufacturer and so on and now. For step 2 immediately after that press and hold the power button again for about 10 seconds and this will.

Turn off your computer alright now for step 3 we beat these procedures again turn it on and then look. For a sign that windows has started and then hit the power button for about 10 seconds and finally this. Time hit the power button again to turn on the computer and this time it would finally go to the. Windows recovery environment and then from there you are going to see the same choose an option screen of course. Choose troubleshoot advanced options and so on and thats it these are the different ways of putting to safe mode.

On windows 10 personally my favorite is by using the system configuration tool because you can turn safe mode on. Enough at will for more videos like this please subscribe and thanks for watching.

Method 4 – How To Get Into Safe Mode In Windows 10 – Step By Step

Welcome back to this bytes4u so since windows 8 came out microsoft decided it was way too easy to get. Into safe mode lets f8 thats all you need to do to get in but no no no we need. To make it more difficult i know dont worry guys in this video im going to show you six different. Methods to get into safe mode the first four easiest if you can already get into windows the last two.

Is if you cant get into windows and number seven is well youll see number seven anyway lets get started. Alright so before we actually get into safe mode one of the things were going to have to do if. You dont already have one and if you do just put the same one in again is were going to. Have to set a password so well click start settings or go into the control panel accounts sign in options. And then password now like many of you typically i dont have a password on my computer i just wanted.

To go in i dont want to have to type every time i go in safe mode requires a password. Depending on how old or how outdated your version of windows 10 is so were going to have to set. A password if anything temporarily but in order to get into safe mode so well click add over here and. Then well type in our new password and then click next finish and now we have our password so then. To get into safe mode well click on the start button and type ms config and then click system configuration.

From here will go into boot click safe mode apply and ok this is going to allow us to get. Into safe mode the problem is every time you restart your computer youre going to go back into safe mode. This is a precaution just for now but on the next methods we wont have to go through that and. Then we click restart all right and then here type in that new password you just put in close this. Out and youre in safe mode now safe mode is important for so many reasons for example one reason is.

If you install a driver or a windows update or a piece of software or you have a virus you. Cant get into windows anymore so you need windows safe mode to be able to remove all that stuff now. In this video ive linked up above that goes into basically a bad driver install and then how to remove. That driver and everything now if youve installed a program that starts up with your computer that causes you not. To be able to utilize it correctly im going to show you here real quick how to fix that so.

When youre in safe mode you right click on the start button you go into task manager and then start. Up yours might show up like this if it does just click more details and then click startup okay so. Here well notice a bunch of programs that start up some of ive already disabled but maybe ive installed a. Piece of software or a driver thats causing me issues so im just going to go right click disable right. Click disable and just because for example purposes right click and disable now i can just close this then right.

Click shut down or sign out well we forgot one thing start ms config boot and uncheck this so that. We dont go into safe mode every single time we reboot apply okay and then restart alright so then when. Were here type in your brand new password and youre in windows so while that method works its not my. Favorite method so lets move on to number two so for method number two were going to go ahead and. Click on the start button settings scroll down updating security recovery and restart now under advanced startup all right so.

Here were going to click on troubleshoot advanced options startup settings and finally were going to click on restart thats. Going to give us these options in a second all right so then on startup settings well go ahead and. Press number four number five or number six number five is for safe mode with networking and number six is. Safe mode with command prompt the easiest is number four and then here well enter that new password and we. Are in safe mode easy enough right so now lets right click shut down or sign up and restart for.

Step number three or for method number three all right so for method number three right click on the start. Button hover over shutdown or sign out now were going to hold the left shift key and press restart now. We can let go that shift key and well click troubleshoot advanced options startup settings and again restart all right. And like we did before just hit number four for safe mode go ahead and log in and thats method. Number three all right and lets go ahead into windows for method number four now for method number four if.

You just cant get past this window you can get to here but nothing you do works youre going to. Click on the start button hold again your left shift key then click restart restart anyway while youre still holding. Your left shift key and well be brought back to this one so that well click troubleshoot advanced options startup. Settings and restart like we did before and number four here for safe mode and enter in your password and. Youre in windows again so now lets move on to number five number five is none of this works and.

Youre panicking dont worry youre still good thats panicking is kind of number seven which really isnt a method to. Get back into windows foreshadowing alright so for number six this is kind of a last-ditch effort that you really. Cant get into windows and youre kind of panicking dont panic just yet so were going to press the power. Button when we see our boot logo asus msi gigabyte evga whatever motherboard manufacturer you have when you see that. Press and hold the power button so let me show you im gonna put my hand over here remember when.

I see that logo press and hold now that thats off turn it on again repeat the process you might. Need to do it two or three times press and hold now for the third time turn it on again. The screens gonna look a little bit different this time or it should we just might have to do it. A few more times just in case im gonna have my finger right over here okay so when you see. That please wait then youre good so were going to be brought into the recovery menu in the recovery menu.

Well just click see advanced repair options then it looks like it did before troubleshoot advanced options startup settings and. Then restart to change windows options such as and like we did before number four enter say enable safe mode. And youre in windows again okay so now for the next step its going to involve our windows 10 usb. Install drive the emergency is after this one so i kind of put this one into play it is a. Little bit more advanced so work with me on this alright so for this one with the computer turned off.

Were going to insert that windows 10 drive and turn around and were going to go into the bios all. Right so when were in the bios were going to go over to boot now in boot we have two. Options if you have a boot override option you can just select your thumb drive and press enter on that. Thumb drive and itll boot to it and then next time itll boot regular like you have set up in. These boot options okay so now here on boot option number one if we dont have boot override were going.

To select the patriot memory or whatever your thumb drive is press enter f10 to save and exit and okay. Okay and then here you select whatever version of windows you have installed and then well click next dont click. Install now that might be for the last method and then click repair your computer now this menu is a. Little bit different because we dont have the option to boot into safe mode we have to make it so. Now well click troubleshoot command prompt okay so then here were going to go ahead and type bcd edit space.

Forge slash set open bracket the little squiggly lines here and default then close it space safe boot space minimal. Then we press enter then at this point take out your thumb drive then shut down your computer then turn. It back on ah and we forgot to set back the windows boot manager as the boot drive so lets. Go back into the bios then in the bios well go back to boot come down to boot option number. One and set windows boot manager f10 save and exit okay and just go ahead and log login so the.

Last method unfortunately is reinstalling windows it is not ideal although thats my favorite method because windows is fresh windows. Is brand new your system works great if you dont know how to i have a video linked up here. Thats going to go ahead and show you from beginning to end how to install windows and you know give. You all your recommendations and everything i dont recommend repairing windows more than what weve done already because then your. Windows is kind of crippled its not going to work as well as it did potentially before all these issues.

So in this video ive shown you a bunch of different ways to get into windows safe mode windows safe. Mode really does help you a ton unfortunately microsoft made it incredibly difficult to get into not as easy as. It was windows 7 and just about everything before that but i mean it is what it is we have. To live with it right now so let me know down in the comments below what you think of this. Video on top of that just realize i made this video because a lot of people have asked me for.

Something along these lines and so just know that when that happens when people ask me enough questions that you. Know i have to type it a bunch of times id rather make a video i feel like thatll help. You so much more to get what you need right now even though i do reply to all of my. Comments if not within seconds you know within maybe an hour two or three and if im just slam busy. Doing a bunch of other stuff another day or two or something but ill get back to you i always.

Do unless youtube does not deliver the message and unfortunately that happens sometimes so let me know down what you. Think down in the comments below id love to get your feedback and again maybe ill make some more videos. For you guys on the topics you have for me so again this is iggy with this bite for you. Im always trying to bring you the latest review and then also a bunch of different videos to help solve. A lot of the headaches you guys have today all right my friends iggy with this bites for you up.

See you guys.

Method 5 – How To Enter Windows 10 Safe Mode When Windows Cannot Boot Normally

How to enter windows 10 safe mode when you cant boot normally when youre having issues with a windows computer. One of the first step to troubleshooting is to boot into safe mode safe mode is a simple striped down. Version of the operating system loading only the most essential files and drivers this mode makes it easy to troubleshoot. Problems because it does not load things that can make windows crash in this video well show you three ways.

To boot that works effectively when you cant boot windows 10 normally the first method interrupt the normal boot process. Of windows 10 three times in a row if we interestin fails to boot normally three times over before time. It enters by default in an automatic repair mode using this mode you can boot into safe mode to trigger. The automatic repair mode you must interrupt the normal boot process three consecutive times use a reset or the power. Button on your windows 10 pc to stop in during boot before it finishes loading windows 10 if you use.

The power button you might have to keep it pressed for at least four seconds to pull the power off. When we induced and enters the automatic repair mode the first thing you see is a screen that tells you. That the operating system is preparing automatic repair on the automatic repair screen press the advanced options button then choose. Troubleshoot on the troubleshoot screen go to advanced options on the advanced option screen choose startup settings windows 10 c. Is that you can restart your device to change advanced boot options including an a bling safe mode press restart.

After windows 10 restart one more time you can choose which boot options you want to be enabled to get. Into safe mode you have three different options standard safe mode press the 4 or the f4 key on your. Keyboard to start it safe mode with networking press 5 or f5 safe mode with command prompt press either 6. Or f6 login to windows 10 safe more with the user account that has administrator permissions and perform the changes. You want the second method user windows and insulation thrive and the command prompt if you have windows 10 setup.

Dvd or usb memory we can use it to boot your broken pc with windows 10 into safe mode to. Create a windows 10 installation tribes see the video description for tutorial how to create windows 10 installation media on. A usb stick or download a free iso file boot from windows 10 setup dvd or usb and wait for. The installation environment to load choose a language and keyboard layout you prefer and click or next click on the. Link that says reply your computer when asked what option you prefer choose troubleshoot on the advanced option screen click.

Command prompt inside the command front window type the command bcb edit space / set space bracket default bracket space. Safe boot space minimal press enter on the keyboard and after a moment tells you that the operation completed successfully. Close the command prompt and choose to continue on the next screen after your pc reboots windows 10 starts into. Safe mode log in with the user account that has administrator permissions and perform the changes you want its important. The problem with this method is that it tells windows 10 to enter safe mode automatically every time you start.

Up until you tell it not to to disable the setting and get windows 10 to boot normally again run. The same procedure one more time and type command bcdedit space / delete value space bracket default bracket space segment. The third method use f8 or shift + f8 does not work when using uefi bios and ssc drives in. Windows 7 we were able to press f8 just before the windows got loaded to open the advanced boot options. Window where you could choose to start windows 7 into safe mode some websites advise you to press shift +.

F8 just before windows 10 starts loading so that you make its launch the recovery mode from where you can. Boot into safe mode the problem is that most times shift + f8 knafeh does not work even though theyre. Current commands supported by windows 10 if you found the video useful please like and share and dont forget to. Subscribe.

Conclusion – How To Access Safe Mode In Windows 10

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