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Method 1 – Here’s How To Access Samsung Cloud Data On Your Computer

Whats up guys this is luca welcome to my channel in todays video well be discussing how to access your. Assumption cloud data on your computer so as you guys know our samsung phones automatically and manually backup ert like. Images and videos onto your samsung cloud but it doesnt let you see like you know it doesnt let you. Manage your samsung cloud data because there is no way samsung has not put any way to actually access your.

Sunset cloud data we are computer so well be discussing that in this video well be making use of a. Software that is provided by something itself and then well be installing that into our computer to actually manage the. Contents of your samsung cloud on your computer so let me set up my devices so im on my computer. Right now and to be able to actually download your images and videos from the samsung cloud you actually need. This app called samsung gallery its available from samsung but its only on your microsoft store so i or either.

Through this link which im going to show you in this video but let me show you if youre on. Your windows computer just click on microsoft microsoft store and search for this app called samsung gallery you will come. Across this app as you can see it is actually not installed on my computer but i can click this. Button to install it which im going to do right now but let me show you what this app is. So the photo 3 videos that you actually take on your samsung device is actually automatically or manually backed up.

To your samsung cloud as you can see in the video that is fine playing right now on my screen. And there is no way to actually access your sunset cloud through our computer through your pc the only way. Is to is through this app called samsung gallery this is how something has designed it so using this app. You can actually download all your content from samsung cloud to your computer which were gonna do in this video. The requirement to actually install this app on your computer is actually you need a windows 10 computer minimum this.

Is what it is so as you can see from the system requirements on my screen this application needs windows. 10 version this or higher so basically you need a windows you know if you have windows 8 it will. Work this abullah actually work on windows 10 or higher and you actually need a 64-bit computer to you know. For this app to actually work very well but i do have a windows 10 computer so without wasting any. Time lets install this app it is starting downloading it doesnt tell me the size of the app though oh.

Yeah it tells me right now it is sixty eight point six eight emme and with this download speed its. Actually done lets give it a minute to install and its actually install so lets click this button to machine. On launch this app yeah its taking a little longer because its actually installing its just install and you know. Running for the first time samsung cloud saying add local folders create your stories so what we gonna do we. Actually need to click on this button to actually sync apart the sams cloud because this is what were gonna.

Do in this video so lets click that and as you can see there are some settings at the background. Which we can do after we login to our samsung account so im just gonna synchronize my samsung cloud account. To this samsung gallery app so im just gonna put my credential which blocking alright i think i have successfully. Logged in and yes as you can see see way all your shots were taken i dont want to allow. That so im clicking deny and as you can see it says 15 gb or 15 gb use it is.

Actually in my situation right now gallery is thirteen point three nine gb so my assumptions out is like almost. Full because i do have like a lot of videos and images in my sunset cloud but yeah as you. See my samsung cloud has been synced with my computer so using this i should be able to actually download. My photos and videos from my samsung cloud so actually using this download button you can actually download all of. Your content in your samsung cloud you just just with a click like all of your gallery items like photos.

And videos will be downloaded to your computer with just a click so im not gonna do that but if. You want you can just take a backup of your samsung cloud with using this downward vernon and i would. Advise her to keep this box checked because even if you delete some content from your sampson cloud it wont. Be deleted from your computer it will be like a local backup copy once you have done just go back. After you have click the back button you can see there are some settings on your screen which you can.

Manage like the folders where you want to actually backup your content to your computer im not going to mess. Around with it with this right now if you own you can change the location of your folders to click. The back button again and after clicking in the back panel you see you are actually viewing all of your. Content of your sampson cloud on your computer and its actually refreshing right now so its continuously syncing also so. If you scroll down i can see all of my images that are actually in my phone which are actually.

Backed up to sampson cloud and now available on my screen on my computer and to be able to download. These photos and videos to your computer you actually need to hover on this image and then actually click on. This check box like one by one in case you actually click on the forum it will actually open it. Open in ehrlich full screen to actually show you the image it wont selected so you know just select on. The on the check box and you see there is a download button right there on the screen so if.

You click on the download button you can see at the bottom it says preparing your download and your it. Is downloading like 10.9 1 mb now it has been completed and it will be saved in the folder we. Just configured so if you go back to settings you can see the download folder is inside my pictures and. Sampson cloud download so lets visit that folder hey or again go one more and you see my images are. Actually been downloaded to this folder so this is how you can actually download all your images and videos to.

Your computer from sampson cloud using this app called sampson calorie so for now im actually really impressed with this. App because there is no other way to actually access your sampson cloud data from your computer using this app. Which is available from samsung why your or your microsoft store you can actually access your folders the sap. Is coming like really well its actually working very fine i dont have any issues with it there are some. Settings like if you click on this button it will actually add a folder in your samsa cloud and if.

You synchronize your samsung cloud to your phone that will create a folder in your phone also so you can. Just play around with this app and i believe its actually working fine im not seeing any issues with it. If you see the review on microsoft store or microsoft comm you will see like it or some users are. Actually not happy but for me its actually working fine so why dont you give it a try yourself -. And this is pretty much it from this video i hope and if you do give me a thumbs up.

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Method 2 – Samsung Cloud: How To Access Samsung Cloud 2021

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Method 3 – Samsung Cloud Gallery Download & Samsung Cloud Drive Tutorial

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Method 4 – Samsung Cloud Backup & Restore For S8, S8+ & Note 8

In todays video im gonna show you how to backup your samsung phone to your samsung cloud account as well. As restore the cloud back to your phone lets get started hey everybody welcome to tech with bret where i. Help tech work for you and today were going to talk all about samsung cloud now first i want to. Mention samsung cloud is only available in certain countries as well as certain carriers i know here in the us.

Verizon does not currently support samsung cloud now lets talk about a few reasons why you might want to have. Samsung cloud so samsung cloud allows you to backup your phone anytime that the phone is charged above 10% and. Its connected to wi-fi so that means that every time you take pictures you go home it can automatically backup. That information say one day you lose your phone or its completely destroyed that information will all be stored on. Your samsung account so today were going to show you how to backup everything so that its readily available now.

Samsung cloud is a great way to also backup your phone and then restore it when you get a new. Phone it does need data and a wi-fi connection to do that so i do recommend if you are looking. For a solution like that to check out my playlist on the pop up where you can actually use smart. Switch to completely backup your phone instantly use wi-fi or with a wired connection from your old phone whether its. Samsung or iphone to your new samsung phone where this tutorial is just going to show you how to use.

Samsung cloud so lets get into it the first thing is were going to cover how to backup all of. These applications so your phone contacts internet messages samsung notes s note gallery clock my files voice recorder and any. Music files that you have downloaded to the phone if you have music that youve purchased through play music thats. Already going to be stored in your google account so to get this set up you just need to head. Into the settings of your samsung device and then go down here to cloud and accounts when you open up.

Cloud and accounts youll see a few different options but we are interested in the samsung cloud portion at the. Top so as samsung cloud you actually get 15 gigabytes of free storage now that will backup your pictures and. Everything now if you run out of space youll see this little pop-up that says you dont have enough bass. You can click manage cloud storage and then it will give you a list of where all the cloud storage. Is being used up and here at the bottom you can actually change your storage plan so when i go.

In here right now im on the free 15 gigabyte option i can select 50 gigabyte for one dollar a. Month or i can select 200 gigabyte for $2.99 per month and you can select those easily and then it. Will use your samsung account and you can pay for that so in samsung cloud there are two different things. That you can do one is called data sync and one is called backup backup will backup your things that. Youre using like your text messages and all kinds of information where data sync will allow you to instantly sync.

Information from your phone to the cloud so lets say i have two phones that im using consistently with this. Sync option whenever those are synced it is actually going to sync over here if im signed in to the. Samsung account and if i have those options checked so if youre looking to do that thats a pretty cool. Feature lets start here and go into backup settings so this is all the information that it is going to. Backup consistently so here at the top we see that it has phone clock your home screen meaning where the.

Applications are located here its showing you that its going to backup applications then here we have backup your settings. So anything that youve changed in the settings here your text messages will be backed up including pictures we have. Music voice recorder as well as documents so right now its scanning through the phone and seeing what it needs. To backup and im just going to select backup now to make sure that the most recent information has been. Backed up to the cloud now if there is any of this information that you dont want backed up you.

Can easily turn it off when those options are available and under the information settings here are a few more. Things that it will backup if you want to see the details about that that has finished backing up and. Here its showing me the date and time that each of the different applications have been backed up and then. Here it also gave me a notification that says data has been backed up so now were going to go. Back and were going to look at the data sync options so here is where its going to sync your.

Information and you can turn on and off that info so here i have the gallery turned off and im. Gonna turn that on right now sometimes i do take a lot of pictures and videos and so it takes. Up more than the 15 gig and if you are looking for an option thats completely free make sure you. Use google photos or if you want to pay for another service like dropbox you can try that out as. Well but right here were just going to do that option and then im going to click settings and then.

Right now it is already sinking so here in the settings i can adjust sync using wi-fi only so i. Can say only backup this information while im on wi-fi like gallery you dont want it to be using your. Data but maybe contacts you want that instantly backed up so there you would have that off and gallery you. Would have on and then here you can turn on notifications to receive updates about promotions and other information and. Then right here it is showing that the gallery is syncing now it has synced all of this other information.

Already now a few things that you may want to do while this is backing up your info is check. Some of the other specific apps that you use so most of the apps that you use will automatically backup. Through your google account or theyll backup through the account that youve created from those apps so like all the. Social networks those are all backed up some of them like whatsapp you will need to go in and go. Into the settings and backup the information to google drive but for the most part all of those are already.

Being backed up if you use the secure folder youll need to go into the secure folder hit the menu. Go into the settings and then here you can choose backup and restore and there you will back it up. To your samsung account and you can click backup data to secure folder and then when you get the new. Phone you would come in here and you click restore from the secure folder after you sign into your samsung. Account some of the things you might want to check is samsung gear and samsung health so you can just.

Go into here and it will back up through your samsung account so you just want to make sure that. You have the most recent information by clicking settings and then going into the samsung account and you can select. Sync now next lets look at the calendar so if youre using the samsung account for your calendar that will. Automatically be backed up i typically use the google calendar and so that information is already saved on my google. Calendar the next item you may want to check is your game data so if i go in here and.

I go into one of the games that i have you may need to check each game individually as they. Are all different so this game is most likely backed up to my facebook account because ive signed in or. On my google play account but you can always just go into the settings and then you can check to. Make sure that anything is backed up and everything saved for when you get your new phone you can restore. That information and every app is different so you will need to check each and every one of those and.

Then lastly the most important is your contact so it will backup contacts that you have on your phone i. Prefer to make sure theyre all backed up into my google account but you can use the samsung account as. Well to backup your contacts so you may just want to double-check there if you want to go through and. Manually back these up you just come into the app click the menu go to manage contacts and you can. Click export your contacts and you can say that to your phone and then back those up to a certain.

Location or you can actually sync contacts and that will sync to your google account or whatever account you want. It to do and then you can move contacts and you can just play with that if youre really concerned. About making sure your contacts are backed up i do have another tutorial you can check out on exactly how. To do that now if you only wanted to backup your gallery information you would just need to go into. The gallery app so if i open gallery i click the menu click the settings here and then here i.

Have samsung cloud account and then here we can see that it is syncing the sink is on its gonna. Sync only via wi-fi and i could also choose certain albums that i want to sync so right now its. Just going to sync everything that i have on the phone so that may take a while but you could. Turn off specific albums right in there and you can also come in here and free up a local space. So if you are taking up too much space on your phone you can have it delete versions on your.

Phone where all the rest is still synced to samsung account and then here you can see how much storage. Youre actually using up so im taking up 2.3 eight gigabytes out of the 15 gigs so so after a. Few minutes that has finished sinking and here it is saying how much storage we have used up 4.4 gig. Of 15 gig and while i was waiting for it to store one of the things i was doing was. Checking to see how much storage was actually going to back up so if you go into the phone settings.

And then you go to device maintenance and right here under storage you can see how much storage it will. Back up so under images i have 1.37 gig and under videos i have 3.66 gig so i just had. A wait till it reach 5 gig and i knew then it was going to finish doing the sync so. Now it has completely synced all of our information if i go back in here and go to cloud and. Accounts and then i go to samsung cloud right here we can see that ive used 4 point 4 9.

Gig of my 15 gig everything is backed up and you can see that everything has been synced right here. It did have it could not sink under s note i just turn it off and turn it back on. And then it started working again so now im going to factory reset my phone and then restore all the. Information from samsung cloud so you guys can see exactly what comes over now you wont need to factory reset. Your phone only do that if you really want to and if you want to erase your phone and everything.

Has been backed up is how i am going to do that is if you go into the notification panel. You click the settings and then were gonna go down here and go to general management and down here at. The bottom you will see reset so here i am going to click on the factory data reset right here. I have already backed up everything im sure im ready to do this so here im just going to select. Reset and i will type in my samsung account password and now it is going to reset all that information.

So there its going to go through and perform its factory reset and now its rebooting back up to the. Main page now when you do sign back into your new samsung phone it will ask you to sign into. Your google account i suggest you do that it will also ask which device you want to restore from down. Here at the bottom you can do the do not restore but i do want to restore some of the. Applications that i was using so im going to click note 8 and then it will ask if i want.

To restore all 146 of those apps and then i can go through and turn off any of those apps. That i do not want it to restore im just gonna go ahead and select restore and then here its. Asking if i want to protect my phone but im gonna say no thank you ill do that later and. Were gonna skip anyway and then itll ask if you want to link to your google assistant account and here. It is restoring all your information so it will start downloading your applications contacts and everything and then well go.

Into the samsung account in a minute and then well install everything from there during the setup of the phone. It did ask me to sign into my samsung account so i just did that and then here it is. Asking if i want to restore from samsung cloud so i can click right here or i can actually go. Back into the phone settings and thats the way were gonna do it today now one quick note when you. Do samsung cloud it will not backup your microsd card you will just simply need to pull that out and.

Put it into the new phone nothing on there can be backed up to samsung cloud now that we are. Back to the main settings of this new phone im just gonna go back into the settings of the device. And then i am going to go down to clouds and accounts here im going to select samsung cloud and. Then here im gonna start and it will then verify my samsung account so here im going to tap on. Restore and then its gonna show you everything that it will actually restore to your phone and then here it.

Will show you what device you want to restore from so i have other backups but here we have the. Galaxy note 8 so here im gonna restore all the information i can phone clock homescreen app settings messages music. Voice recorder and documents and then im going to select restore now to restore your data samsung cloud needs to. Install apps from your backup data if you dont install these apps then your apps and homescreen wont be restored. So here im going to select install the app so i dont actually need to restore from the google at.

The very beginning of the setup you can restore all your applications right through here and if there are any. Duplicates it will just override one of them then we can go back and check out my sync information so. Here it has already synced my contacts my calendar and its currently working on samsung notes internet and my gallery. While you are waiting for this to sync your information in the notification panel it will actually show you the. Progress of restoring all your information so here it says restoring data its currently at 68% and thats restoring your.

Home screen settings documents contacts apps clock phone messages music and calendar here it is syncing the apps some of. Your apps are syncing and being backed up automatically this keeps them up to date and all of your samsung. Devices it also syncs some of my email accounts when i use the default email application ill just need to. Sign back in to those with my password and i can continue to use them so let me update you. On a few things that have happened i let it fully install all of the apps from google play so.

It had downloaded those i think i had a hundred and fifty five applications that i had downloaded those finished. And then i went back into the settings of samsung account and i selected restore again and then slowly its. Been pulling down information and right here it says it has 8% that its done and then here it has. Apps the left and some settings left to download so now on my home screen ive seen it change a. Few things it did put a background that i had a while ago i didnt have that currently on my.

Phone but it did sync over a background and then it also rearranged all of my apps so now everything. Is exactly how i had it on my previous phone i even have folders just like i had on my. Other device and there you can see it may be missing a widget or two but pretty impressed how it. Was able to get all of those in the right place so now lets check out some of the data. And see if that has been installed so here were going to go into the phone settings and im gonna.

Go into the recent tab there i have my call history now im gonna go into the contacts and i. Have sync my google account so thats probably where all those are coming from but text messages so if we. Go into the text messages you can see that it synched my whole history of text messages which im really. Excited about and then here we have samsung notes so if you had anything backed up through samsung notes it. Is going to be available right there and i had just created that note earlier today so everything is right.

There available then we have s an estimate will sink through samsung account on its own so it doesnt necessarily. Have to back up through samsung cloud in here i could say yes i want to use my samsung account. To sync all that information and it will start downloading all that so here we can go in the gallery. And youll see i have all that information and all those pictures available that i used to have one of. The things i really wanted was this drone footage that was on my device and you can see that that.

Is synced in the cloud and i can click play to sync it down to the phone if i go. Into the settings of the gallery and select samsung cloud we can see that it is backed up all those. Pictures on the cloud and then here we can select our clock there we have all of our alarms set. Up my file so this will have all of my downloads and everything if i go into the internal storage. And select downloads youll see all that information is there so you dont transfer any of the sd card information.

Through samsung cloud you would just need to move the card over to a new device so here we can. Go into the voice recorder and you can see that all my voice notes are there and play music it. Will have all of my music and up here we even have all the different messaging apps and everything that. I have it looks like its still downloading a few of those applications and it made a placeholder right there. And if we go back into the secure folder so in my secure folder i can restore that information as.

Well i just click the menu and then i select settings and then i go to backup and restore and. Then restore again and then right here it even says youre going to restore from bretts note 8 secure folder. So thats not going to pull down everything from your samsung cloud thats just going to pull down from your. Secure folder and here ive already started that process we can see that all of our applications now installed and. Are available right there i will just need to sign into any accounts that i had and im pretty confident.

With how everything looks this had just about every single thing that i wanted to be transferred over available to. Me and im really impressed i was able to pull over the entire home screen ill just have to go. Through and sign-in to all of my applications and that will just take a little bit more time the samsung. Cloud actually worked really great just like these switch aversion so if you dont have another phone that youre transferring. To you just want to back this up sampson cloud is definitely a great option with that 15 gigabytes of.

Data maybe its not going to backup all the photos and videos you have but there are plenty of other. Services that you can do that with or you can actually just pay for your own if we want to. Check up the progress of the backup we can just select the notification in the top and then here you. Can see that everything has been restored and right here it is still restoring applications and it currently is at. 45% and then it also needs to restore settings so thats currently at 0% and so there we c.

Conclusion – How To Access Samsung Cloud

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