How To Access Screen Recording On Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access screen recording on iphone,

Method 1 – How To Record Your Iphone Screen

Heres how to record your iphone screen to screen record on your iphone you wont need to download any third-party. Apps by default the built-in recorder on the iphone is hidden so youll need to add it to your control. Center tap the settings icon control center and then customize controls youll see a list of tools and shortcuts that. Youd normally find on your control center as well as a list of options you can add find screen recording.

And tap on the plus sign to add it to your controls you can rearrange the order of the tools. By holding the bars and dragging you should now have the screen recording options setup in your control center if. You have an iphone 10 or later you can do this by swiping down on the upper right corner if. Youre using an older device swipe up from the bottom of the screen when youre ready to record your screen. Open the control center now all you have to do is tap on the record button and your iphone will.

Begin recording youll know that your screen is recording when you see a red timer on the top to end. The recording open up your control center and tap on the record button again you can change the video settings. By tapping and holding the record button to record your voice as well make sure the microphone button is red. Youll find all your recordings in the camera roll of your photos app did you find this video helpful comment. Below and let us know or if you know any alternative methods share them in the comments.

Method 2 – Iphone X: How To Screen Record & Enable Audio Microphone : Record Gameplay, Videos, Etc

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Method 3 – Best Screen Recorder For Iphone (& How To Record Iphone Screen!)

This is a review of the best screen recorders for iphone and ipad right now including a tutorial showing you. Exactly how to record your iphone screen in just a few taps hey its justin brown here from primal video. Where we help you grow an audience and scale your revenue with online video if youre seeing value in this. Video make sure youre giving it a thumbs up it really makes a huge difference and all the links to.

Everything i cover in this video you can find a link in the description box below lets jump into it. So when it comes to screen recording apps on ios in the app store theres a lot of different options. Out there but the great news is you actually dont need any of them the latest versions of ios all. Have an amazing built-in screen recorder which actually outperforms a lot of the ones in the app store so its. Easy to use great quality also records your phone audio and your phones microphone if you want to as well.

And its already built in so let me show you how to use it now if you havent used it. Before youll need to create a shortcut for it in your control center so were going to go ahead and. Do that first so you want to go to settings then down to control center and you want to scroll. Down the bottom until you find screen recording and you want to hit the little plus next to that to. Add that to your control center so now we can go back to the home screen and we can pull.

Down from the top right hand corner of the screen and then on the bottom here weve got our screen. Recording icon thats now appeared so its the one with the two circles now if we just want to do. A quick screen recording and we dont want our phones microphone on then we just tap on that button and. The screen recording will start but if we want to record our phones microphone as well then you just want. To tap and long press on that icon and this will bring up the screen recording options so in here.

You can see that we can select a few different apps that i have installed as to where this screen. Recording will go once its finished youre probably just going to leave this on photos as the default then down. The bottom youve got the microphone on off button so you can easily turn on or off your phones microphone. When youre recording your videos then to start recording all you need to do is hit the button that says. Start recording so if i press start recording now you can see its going to count down three two one.

And then your phone is actually recording so then you just go back to your home screen record whatever it. Is that you want to record and when you want to stop you can press the red button in the. Top right hand corner of your screen so if we press on that now then its going to show up. And say are you sure you want to stop your screen recording we can press stop so then if we. Open up the photos app then we can see weve got our screen recordings down the bottom here and then.

If you want to trim down your recording you can just press edit in the top right hand corner and. Then down the bottom where it shows your clip youve got a little arrow on the left hand side this. Will let you adjust the start time or to trim off something at the start so we could trim off. All of this recording piece until were back on the home screen and likewise at the end if we want. To adjust the end time then we can grab that end handle and pull that back in to the left.

To trim off anything that we dont want on the end of our video there as well once youre done. Making edits to that you can just press done and it will ask if you want to save it out. As a new video clip or if you want to save it over the top of your current one so. Im just going to choose to save it over the top with save video thats going to replace the original. So thats how easy it is to do a high quality screen recording with audio and with your microphone as.

Well from your iphone or your ipad and again it wasnt that long ago that this wasnt built in you. Used to have to go and download apps or pay for apps to be able to do this so its. So awesome that its built in and its so easy and that its really high quality too so now that. You know how to record your phone screen if you want to know what the best editing apps are right. Now on ios then check out the video linked on screen where we cover off all the top options ill.

See you in the next one.

Method 4 – Iphone 12

Hey there guys heres another quick iphone 12 iphone 12 pro tip so you got your new iphone and you. Want to record your screen but you cant find the setting to do it now one good way to do. This is to add it to your control center so to do that you simply want to go to your. Settings scroll down a bit till you get to your control center in your control center you can add and.

Remove the items that show up in your control center when you pull up from the top right so if. You scroll down a little bit youll see you have quite a few options and then we can see we. Have the screen recording option if we tap that tap the plus its now in your control center so now. You can move this wherever you want and place it in a different spot if you want to now once. Youre done here if you pull down from the top right youll see we now have the screen recording icon.

And all you have to do to take a screen recording is pull down on that and then tap it. Itll say three two one and start recording now it may not record your sound or your microphone if you. Want to do that all you do is hold down and then youll see you have a microphone off now. If you want to record your microphone while youre taking a screen recording say youre trying to walk somebody through. Something tap microphone on and then go ahead and start recording again now lets say three two one you can.

Tap out of here tap out of here and go do whatever youre doing while youre taking a screen recording. Youll notice that the time is red that means its recording now say youre done and you want to be. Finished you can either pull down on the control center tap the icon again or simply tap on the time. Itll ask if you want to stop your screen recording and you can cancel or stop once it has stopped. It will say were screen recording save to photos and now you can see the video the screen recording we.

Just took is in your photo library now you can go in edit it if you want to send it. To someone or delete it if you want to and there you go this has just been a quick iphone. 12 iphone 12 pro tip.

Method 5 – How To Screen Record On Iphone 6,6S,7

Whats up i said im gonna show you guys how to scream court on the iphone 6 iphone 6s and. Iphone 7 so um you see that im just going according right now you want to go to follow it. You wanna go to it the you want to go to settings then you want to go to the search. Bar and type in control center and you will see control customized who see control customized i think ya know.

Its customized controls and once you hit that usually screen recording will be at the bottom but its at the. Top because i put it in my thingy but usually it would be at the would be at the bottom. And all you have to do is really um all you have to do its touch the green button and. It will go on up there which means that you have it on your phone now so for instance what. Im gonna do is in a second what im going to do is im going to do stop the stop.

Clock to show you guys an example so basically im gonna hit the green button on the stop clock and. Then it will go up there and include and its gonna have red which means that its gonna be on. My little thing that i have which my screen recording is on so im gonna you guys are going to. See me do that in a minute so yeah like share subscribe.

Conclusion – How To Access Screen Recording On Iphone

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