How To Access Screenshots From Minecraft – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access screenshots from minecraft, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access screenshots from minecraft,

Method 1 – How To Take Screenshots In Minecraft (Where To Find Screenshots In Minecraft)

Everyone and welcome back to the breakdown today im gonna be teaching you as the title says how to take. Screenshots in minecraft and then where to find those screenshots it can be kind of difficult to find screenshots in. Minecraft its very much so not self-explanatory and out there in the open to find a screenshot after you take. It even taking screenshots is a bit complicated so ill be showing you all that in this video but first.

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Much anybody no matter what version youre in so yeah it doesnt really matter whatever my conversion youre in this. Is gonna work im gonna go to our server here play not breakdown craft calm and take a screenshot is. Pretty easy now for some people right its going to simply be f2 right you simply hit f2 and its. Going to take a screenshot but thats gonna work for me because i have this keyboard right here this is. A where they go you know at any quiles keyboard right so these f keys are actually the you know.

Number keys as well so if you dont have these as number keys and theyre dedicated you can simply hit. F2 and that screenshot will take that simple right however if you dont have that what you need to do. Let me unplug this wont really give you guys the good look at it here what youll want to do. Is press f in right right like that and f2 at the same time right so fn and f2 at. The same time and that is going to take a screenshot minecraft so let me go ahead and move back.

In game here and i will show you exactly what i mean right so i got a clip on my. Keyboard back in and i will press fn and have to in game and it will work so here we. Are back kind of in-game or you can see minecraft and yeah what we want to do is press fn. And f2 and thats going to as you can see saved a screenshot as the date right thats what thats. Gonna do simple as that now you might have noticed that if you click on this right it actually does.

Open up the screenshot but how do you find this right where do you even get to this if you. Want to like move it to your desktop or edit it or post it somewhere how do you get to. That well ill show you that here in a second so last at least i want to go over this. One more time if you have a dedicated f2 key start off by just pressing f2 right if you press. F2 and it doesnt take a screenshot press the fn key on your keyboard and f2 and that will take.

A screenshot so we can take a few here well take some there come over here maybe get like kind. Of in this area thats pretty good screenshot and go ahead and hide our hud thats gonna be f1 or. F in and f1 to do that and then press f2 and there we go were taking screenshots just taking. It taking a couple beautiful screenshots maybe even come in here turn off our clouds lets go ahead and take. What youre gonna see in the thumbnail real quick so lets lets turn off our clouds real quick boom clouds.

Are gone and ill go ahead and fly just so we can get the best screenshot that we can possibly. Get here so boom lets go ahead and i think thatll be a pretty cool a pretty cool screenshot for. The thumbnail so we can do fn f2 then if i turn the hud back home we can see all. Of these screenshots that we have in fact taken but how do we find these well in order to find. These we need to we enclose that minimize minecraft whatever im just gonna close out of it but you can.

Leave minecraft open and find this what you want to do basic on the little windows icon for me its. In the top left of my screen right for you its probably need bottom left for your scream its gonna. Either be in the top or bottom left of your screen because that little windows icon and then when you. Do that you can go ahead and type in run are you man youll then have this run app right. This run application click on that and then in here what you want to do is type % app data.

% so % at that a percent and hit enter that is then going to open up a folder here. Specifically your roaming folder and in here youll have a dot minecraft folder double click on that and then scroll. Down and youll have a screenshots folder right and here are all the screenshots ive ever taken in minecraft theres. Quite a few of them for example we come back here this is a screenshot for a thumbnail lucky blocks. Right thats thats a screenshot for that thumbnail thumbnail however if we come down here these right here were all.

Taken today in this tutorial so if we click on that last one thats gonna be the one that youre. Most likely seeing in the thumbnail but its definitely gonna be either that one or one of these and you. Can see as i was just spamming that screenshot button the cloud is actually moving so kind of cool stuff. There but yeah there are all of the screenshots right like so boom all the screenshots that we took today. So yeah that simple that easy nothing too crazy nothing to really over complicate things with thats how you take.

Screenshots in minecraft you simply hit the f2 key or the fn + f2 key and youre done thats it. Its that simple then if you want to find it just come to this folder here the screenshots folder here. And theyre all in here i mean i dont know what many of these are but there we go theres. Another one as you can see were in medieval survival again on break down craft scroll back here theres this. One right here this is going to be again our i think sky block im breakdown craft there cool stuff.

So awesome stuff there thats what were looking at thats what we have and yeah this is all the screenshots. Ive ever taken in minecraft er pretty much in here pretty cool but nevertheless that is how you can do. That that is how you can find your minecraft screenshots and take screenshots in minecraft but there is one thing. I want to show you if for example youre pressing f2 and its not working and youve tried everything and. Youve probably google this youve not been able to work and like figure it out you can come into minecraft.

Here click on options go into controls and then scroll all the way down to the bottom and matt this. This is your take a screenshot button now by default it will be f2 and if i change this right. So you do that and then hit reset it resets to f2 but you can change this to whatever you. Want if for example you wanted it to be like f8 you could do that right you could change it. To whatever you wanted or you can even make it to where its like okay every time you press k.

It takes a screenshot its gonna be a little annoying but if we jump back in here ill be able. To press k and it will take a screenshot because we have not programmed do that but by default is. F in f 2 or just f 2 in order to take a screenshot but now if i expand k. Right im hitting k on the keyboard im just gonna pull this up so you all can see it theres. K and im just fame and k and its taking tons of screenshots because we have now set that up.

As our screenshot button but if we come back in here go into controls and then scroll down until we. See the screenshot here we can take f 2 and now it will reset and we have to press f2. To press the screenshots or take screenshots panic a no screenshots now cuz we reset it however if we press. Fn on our keyboard and f2 right see theres f2 theres the fn key expand that and it is taking. Screenshots so awesome stuff there that is that you can do that and that is probably why your screen shot.

Start working even though you know youre everywhere its telling you its because the control will change at one point. So they have that if you have any questions let us know in the comment section down below that is. How you take screenshots in minecraft my name is nick give this video a thumbs up come join us on. Break down krabs is actually our medieval test server which is why nobodys online as you can see here we. Have 81 players currently online on a loon on a random tuesday peak over 300 players on breakdown craft so.

Come play with this plate-up breakdown craft comm is the ip weve got incredible greet protected survival maybe even survival. Is one of them this is ark like i said test server but this is how it looks on the. Main server as well and i also have a kwatak survival with an incredible size shot based economy and then. We do have a custom sky block as well with opie enchants 1.8 pvp all of that stuff so come. Believe lets play our break time crap comments the ip i cant wait to see you online my name is.

Nick this has been the breakdown and im out pace.

Method 2 – How To Find Minecraft Screenshots (On Your Pc)

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 3 – How To Find Minecraft Screenshots *2021*

Welcome to the video state im gonna show you i can take and find minecraft screenshots on your computer okay. So first of all if want to go ahead and take a screenshot you want to be in minecraft able. To go ahead and press the f2 button it will freeze for a second and its going to go ahead. And notify that you have took a screenshot and its gonna have the date and the timestamp next to it.

Just so you know when it was taken so you want to go ahead and find do you minecraft screenshots. The first thing we need to do is go ahead and minimize minecraft i what wants to do is click. On the windows icon and you want to type in run and open the run out once we have opens. The run out we want to go ahead and type in percent update percent just like so and go ahead. And click on ok now thats going to open up the update to roaming folder oh and steves go ahead.

And click on dot minecraft it should be near the top of the list they want to go ahead and. Click on screenshots its gonna open up a file with all of the screenshot you should have taken in minecraft. That havent been deleted now naturally there will be in time order but you want them to be laid out. Nicely like this what we need to do is go ahead and click on view you can go ahead and. Change the way it looks by clicking on group by and then selecting date you can also change the layout.

By clicking on this box here so if we go ahead and click on the screenshot your statement doc they. See thats the one we have just taken so if this video is helpful please leave a like and pass. On sauna may find helpful as well thank you for watching and have a good day.

Method 4 – Fixes – How To Take And Find

Hello this is bionic beam and welcome back to another video today i am going to show you how to. Access your minecraft screenshots easy way to find your screenshots are firstly to take your screenshot with the f2 button. On your keyboard then you can simply hover your mouse over it when you press t and if you double. Click on it then it is now open up give me a second to bring it up right guys there.

We go ive got my screenshots now so uh here you can see the screenshot hook so once you double. Click it it will open it up on your desktop so you can see your screenshot that you just took. And from here you can uh edit it um using the edit and create button and you can hit these. Three buttons and then hit the save as button which you cant quite see but theres a save as button. So you can resave it in a new location if you want to do that instead and another option is.

To do the hard way which is to find exactly where they are stored in your computer so now guys. Were going to try the hard way but first youre going to need to navigate to your file explorer youll. Then need to open your youre going gonna need to click this little button over here which says this pc. Right here um it looks like a monitor icon and you need to hit local disk and itll give you. A bunch of folders just ignore all of these and click on users and then you need to click on.

The folder which has your username on it so this is mine so ive clicked on it then i need. To scroll down and i need to find my app data folder and you may find a problem where you. Cant find your updated folder and to solve that you simply need to click the view button so to solve. That you simply need to hit the view button and turn hidden items on to true and now if we. Scroll down we can see the updater folder and this little um kind of faded folder that means its um.

That means its a hidden item now we need to open this itll give you these two folders just click. On roaming and then ill give you another bunch of folders just ignore most of them and click on your. Dot minecraft folder and then youll need to go into your screenshots folder and then itll give you all of. Your screenshots and a useful and a useful tip if you want to do this and come to your screenshots. A lot then you can actually grab your screenshots folder like this and you can pin it to your quick.

Access but now if we look ive got my screenshots folder on my quick access so if i click on. It i immediately get taken to this folder if you found this video helpful please consider liking and subscribing to. Help support the channel it really means a lot.

Method 5 – Minecraft Tutorial || 1.16 Where To Find Minecraft Screenshots Mac 2020

Hey guys what is up its your boy painting coming at you with a brand new video today im doing. Something a little bit different kind of a tutorial so i always struggle find him on minecraft screenshots and i. Always forget and every time i look online its really really unhelpful you know kind of guides so today im. Just gonna show you the fast and the best way to find your screenshots so if youre like me and.

You have a mac if you click go into your computer and then macintosh hd library application support so usually. The minecraft folder should be in this application support folder but for some reason on my computer it never shows. Up so if that guy if that isnt working for you guys what you need to do is just open. Minecraft and go ahead and fire this up real quick right here well thats firing up guys i would just. Like to apologize i did miss that upload date for lets play episode 4 but that is on the way.

Plus i dropped a new video today as well so go ahead and check that out ill leave a link. For that in the description but yeah sorry about that guys but anyways so im actually running forge right now. It this doesnt really affect the screenshot so you go to options resource packs ok and then you do open. Resource pack folder let me get out of full screen here so you guys can see whats going on so. Then its just gonna open this resource pack but if youre like me well mines blank so it doesnt really.

Matter but what you need to do if youre on a mac click this button right here it shows items. As icons so you go ahead and click that and from there you can see that were still in library. Application support but now we have a lot more stuff right so now you can go into this folder find. Screenshots and bada-bing bada-boom you got your screenshots so yeah guys just a quick tutorial for today hope you guys. Like that please leave a like comment subscribe and make sure you turn on those bail notifications so you get.

Informed almost blanked out there when i upload that really does mean a lot to me and share this video. With your friends if you think it could help them and yeah thats all for today guys have a great. Day.

Conclusion – How To Access Screenshots From Minecraft

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