How To Access Screenshots – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access screenshots, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access screenshots,

Method 1 – Windows 10 How To Take A Screenshot Or Snapshot Of Your Screen And Where Is It Saved

Welcome to this windows channel and this is a tips video if youve ever wondered how to do a screen. Shot or is that shot of your desktop or any screen that youre looking at its very easy in windows. 10 it used to be a time when we needed some third-party app and it was really complicated or you. Have to you know do that print screen and then copy paste it somewhere or well all that is gone.

Its very easy this tip works for windows 8.1 and windows 10 so say you want to take a screenshot. First of all youll have to locate that key that little key thats print screen its either like this with. Little inscription prt sc r for print screen or it could be simply print screen written on the key you. Know but you have to locate where it is each keyboard is different so its not always the same place. Here its just above the insert key on this keyboard but you know what online is not there its on.

The upper right of the keypad it can be on different spots so just look at your keys when you. Locate the print screen key what you did to do a screenshot or take a snapshot of your screen all. You have to do is hold the windows key and do a lick quick press on print screen you should. See your screen dim a little bit and then come back to normal it means it worked but theres a. Catch maybe it didnt work and on my computer thats now i do it thats not how i do it.

I need to have an extra press of another key on my toshiba i have to press three keys to. Do it so i have to press function key or the fn key on the bottom left at the same. Time that im pressing the windows key and then i press print screen it dims my screen comes back to. Normal that means i got a screen shot now youre telling me okay thats really cool but where is the. Picture the picture is in if you go to your file explorer your pictures folder and its in a folder.

Called screenshots and here it is i took many screenshots today lets say you take another one from here and. Have this screenshot once again on some computers you hold the windows key quick press on screenshot and others like. Mine function key windows key quick press on print screen if your computer dimmed the screen little bit then came. Back to normal it means it worked and here in my screenshot folder i now have a screenshot of this. So its really cool very handy very easy to do and so if you need to take a screenshot of.

Something you know sometimes you write or you have a problem and you write to a software company and they. Say well wed like to see a screenshot of whats happening thats how easy it is to do so depending. On your computer windows key quick press on print screen or function and windows key together quick press on print. Screen and all the pictures are always saved in the pictures folder of your computer into a folder called screenshots. Hope this helps you a lot if you enjoy my videos want to subscribe to my channel youll be informed.

When new videos online if youre any comments questions anything you want to know about windows any problems you might. Have share it with us well try to help you if we can hopefully you enjoy our videos give us. Thumbs up helps us on the ratings on youtube and thank you for following us on the channel.

Method 2 – How To Take A Screenshot On Windows 10

Hi everyone my name is kevin today i want to show you how you can take a screenshot on your. Pc using windows 10 and full disclosure before we jump into this i work at microsoft okay lets jump into. It here i am on my desktop and we need something to take a screenshot of i dont know i. Cant think of anything better than my youtube page so heres my youtube page and it has a picture of.

Me and an awkward pose with my finger pointing up were going to take a screenshot of this today im. Going to show two different methods to take a screenshot one uses an app that comes with windows 10 and. The second technique is using your keyboard so lets start out with the app that comes with windows 10. The. Probably the easiest way you could get to it is to open up search and then to type in snipping.

Tool thats the name of the app the snipping tool so im going to go ahead and type it in. And there you see it right there the other way you could get to it is i could click on. The start menu and this is the long way to get to it ill go into the start menu scroll. To the very bottom down here and then theres a section called windows accessories whats interesting is this shows you. All the other things that also come with windows you get a fancy note-taking program called notepad very basic you.

Also have a souped-up one called wordpad and not quite at the level of word and then here we also. See the snipping tool if you want easier access in the future you can pin that to the start menu. Which shows up uh where all these apps are over here i could also click on more and i could. Pin it to the taskbar ive already pinned it to the taskbar which is why it says unpin so i. Pinned it to the taskbar because this is a tool and an app that i use quite often so what.

Im going to do is im going to click on it on the taskbar this uh to open up the. Snipping tool now there are a few different modes that the snipping tool has you could do a full screen. Capture with a full screen capture that simply takes a screenshot of the entire desktop theres also a windows snip. And ill show you how that works so here i could select a window if i want to take a. Screenshot of my browser or i can take a screenshot of the whole desktop theres also rectangular snip and freeform.

Snip so with a rectangular snip i could simply uh highlight an area of the page i want to take. A screenshot of and the other mode the free form i can try my best to select an area that. I want to take a screenshot of and here im going to do my best at creating a rectangle and. There you have it theres my screenshot of myself what i could do then is i could go to file. Save as and i could save this as different file types i have the option of doing a png a.

Penig i guess i also have a gif or a gif depending on who you talk to and then theres. Also a jpeg so i could choose what type of file a png is the default that i could save. It as i could also email it to someone make a copy uh here i could save again as well. What i can also do with this tool you can annotate so here theres a pen tool lets say that. I want to give myself a little mustache and then i want to give myself a nice fake tan there.

I could highlight myself in yellow and so there you could annotate if you take a screenshot of text and. You want to highlight it you could do all that i could also go ahead and erase that because i. Dont know if i like my fake mustache and the fake tan what you could also do which is kind. Of neat is you could set a delay so similar to when youre taking a photo of your family and. Someone wants to hit the take photo button then you all run together and smile you can set your delay.

Of course someones eyes will probably be shut and youll have to take your photo again but theres one way. You can delay take a photo so this is the snipping tool pretty useful tool if you want to take. A screenshot okay so now that weve looked at the snipping tool what i want to do next is i. Want to show you how you can take a screenshot using your keyboard um so i have a few different. Keyboards because depending on the type of keyboard you have the way you print your screen is going to be.

A little different first were going to look at my dell keyboard on my dell keyboard there is a simply. A section that says print screen and so what im going to do is because its in blue i need. To press the function key at the same time so ill simply press function and print screen at the same. Time and then there the screenshot was saved if i click here it looks like it automatically saved it to. Onedrive heres the print screen that i just did this is a microsoft keyboard theres simply a button that says.

Prt scn thats the abbreviation for print screen im printing the screen out thats where that comes from because i. Want to print a copy of this all i do is i simply press the print screen button and then. That also takes a screenshot and then i also have my lenovo laptop here and theres a key here that. Says prt sc and that also allows me to print the screen now a few of the fancy things that. You could do so print screen simply takes a screen capture of the entire screen what i could also do.

Is lets say i select this window and i just want to take a screenshot of this window what i. Could do is just press the alt key and print screen at the same time and so if i go. Into here youll see that that took a screenshot of just that window so even if my desktop is bigger. Than that window i can limit the screenshot just to that window another kind of neat technique is if you. Press the windows key and print screen at the same time itll simply automatically save that so there it saved.

A copy and where it puts that is it puts it in pictures so you go to this pc pictures. And screenshots and there you see that it just saved the screenshot although if you have your computer connected to. Onedrive and you simply hit print screen it already saves it to one drive so it kind of does the. Same thing today i showed you two different ways you could take a screenshot one of them is with the. Snipping tool the other way is using your keyboard and hitting the print screen button and a few combinations of.

That depending on what you want to do hopefully that unblocks you with all your screenshot needs if you enjoyed. This video please give it a thumbs up i love seeing thumbs up and if you want to see future. Tech videos like this hit that subscribe button and that way youll get a notification anytime new content like this. Comes out alright well thanks for watching and ill see you next time.

Method 3 – Windows 10 Screenshots Are Not Being Saved In Pictures Folder Fix

Hello everyone how are you doing this is andy tech here of another quick tutorial in todays tutorial and show. You guys how to resolve if you windows 10 screenshots are not being saved automatically within the pictures folder on. Your computer this should hopefully be a pretty straightforward tutorial and without further ado lets jump right into it so. Were gonna go ahead and start by left clicking on the start button to open up the start menu search.

And youre going to go ahead and type in regedit so our eg edi t best matches your going back. Or a jetted youre going to right click on that and then lava hawaiians administrator if you receive a user. Account control prompt you can look with one yes so now that we are in the register i would suggest. Creating a backhoe before we proceed in order to do that its very simple just lawful in the file tab. At the top left one time left click on export this point youre seeing the name of the registry backup.

Its whatever you want inside of this field and then make sure expert range thats all also i would suggest. Saving it to a convenient and easy to access location like your desktop and if you ever had to go. Back in and change it just go back to the previous version you would file import and then just locate. The file again and then it would restore your registry back so pretty easy how to do that so once. Youve made your backup you want to navigate over to 8th heat current user so either double click on the.

Folder or left with a little arrow next to expand and now you want to go and do the same. Thing for the software folder now same thing for microsoft scroll down to windows so expand the windows folder here. Also expand current version so you can follow the path up here so again computer each current user windows currentversion. And now were going to be looking for something that says explorer right here you want to expand that now. You want to go ahead and locate the user shell folders key here right here so you want to look.

For a key on here that says bee7bea he ate one and there should be a dad with a bunch. Of various letters and numbers next to it however if you do not see it in there were gonna have. To go ahead and creep on here so im gonna have this in the scripts in the video so right. Click in a blank area ive cooked new and then awful extreme value paste this in hit enter and now. You want to double click one im gonna have a path underneath of that entry as well when i want.

You to copy and paste in here value data should be percent user profile percent backslash pictures backslash screenshots left. With one ok close out of here restore your computer and that should be about it so i do up. This brief tutorial was able to help you guys out and as always thank you for watching and i do. Look forward to catching you all in the next tutorial goodbye.

Method 4 – Where Are The Screenshots In Windows Pc, Laptop

Hi this is a very simple video to show you why the source in your windows computer gets saved and. Actually its very basic things anyway uh let me show you this so to first of all you need to. Open the file explorer and then come to this pc or my pc whatever it is then you may see. This picture folder directly here but if you dont see the picture folder here then dont worry open the c.

Drive then go to users and then here uh open the folder after your username whatever it is or maybe. It is your name open it then you will find this picture folder here just open it and here it. Is youll find this screen source folder here and if you open this then youll find all these consorts in. Your computer whatever you have captured so thats it it is so simple right but in case if you dont. See any screen source picture here in this system search folder or even you may not have the skill source.

Folder here in this picture library in this picture folder so if it happens then you may have changed the. Default location of your screen source or it got automatically changed because of some issue in your computer but anyway. It is going to be very easy to fix this kind of issue and i already have video on that. Topic and it is very simple video just watch that video and i hope it will get fixed and you. Will not have any trouble to find the source in your computer ill put the link in the description as.

Well as in the first comment of this video and you can check the description and the first comment or. You can comment anything whatever you your question is just comment that in the comment section i will repeal you. Back soon so thats it for this video guys if you like this video then please click on the like. Button and please stay connected by subscribing this channel so thank you for watching this video see you soon in. The next video goodbye.

Method 5 – How To Find Minecraft Screenshots (On Your Pc)

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Conclusion – How To Access Screenshots

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