How To Access Sd Card On Android – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access sd card on android, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access sd card on android,

Method 1 – How To Move Apps And To Sd Card Android

Hi guys today let me show you the whole process how to put your memory card as internal storage on. Your android im gonna use a motorola phone in this case and also im gonna show you how to move. Your apps and games to the memory card im gonna show you the whole process how to do all that. So the first thing youre gonna do just you know make sure you got a memory card in your phone.

So let me just put mine all right once you put the memory card on your phone restart your phone. Just turn it off and turn it back on all right once your phone is on right here if you. Go to settings now you scroll down and go to apps right here right here just click on co 52. Apps and if i click on let me see which app im gonna move to the memory card let me. See facebook all right if i click on facebook right here and if i go to a storage as you.

Can see we dont got the option to move it to the memory card so the only way youre gonna. Be able to do that you need to put your memory card as internal storage on your phone how to. Do that easy so youre gonna go to settings right here right here go to storage just click on your. Memory card in this case i have the sandisk sd card 16 gigabyte now just click on those three dots. Right here and click on storage settings right right here as you can see we have the option to put.

The memory card as internal storage so right here just select format as internal right here and format sd card. So before you hit format sd card you know youre gonna lose if you got some stuff on your memory. Card you will lose everything if you dont want to lose your stuff that you already have on your memory. Card just make sure to transfer all your files to the computer and that way youre going to be able. To format your sd card without losing data all right just click on format if you are ready to go.

Right here and just wait until the memory card is you know completely format all right now right here just. Click on move content later and click on done so now your memory card is being as internal storage on. Your phone so if you want to move your apps or game now youre gonna be able to let me. Show you how to do it just go to settings one more time go to apps right here co 52. Apps right here and go to facebook so basically youre gonna click on the app that you wanna move okay.

So in this case im gonna move facebook to the memory card so now just click on storage right here. As you can see now we have the auction change so you we can change the storage of that app. What were gonna do right here just click on change and you can select sandisk sd card right here and. Just click on move so as you can see now the facebook apps has been moving to the memory card. So thats the only way guys youre gonna be able to transfer your apps and games to the memory card.

So i already show you how to put your memory card as internal storage on your phone if you got. Any question please let me know and by the way dont forget to subscribe to my channel share this video. See you next time.

Method 2 – How To Use Sd Card As Internal Storage In Android (Easy Steps, No Root)

Hey guys welcome back again ladies im jay today ill show you how to use your sd card as an. Internal storage in android phone without you rooting your phone so first unit qu formatted sd card i mean if. You have any data in your sd card so farm it over as you got before youre doing this because. It will fall but you are all data so now insert your sd card to your phone but you know.

One thing this method will work on the marshmallow objects only so okay after you insert sd card you will. See here the option like eject and setup here you can see so just tap on the setup okay so. Here tap on use as a internally so it is important thing right now i am using 16gb of sd. Card and i am going to make this as a internet storage of my phone so chappell use an internal. Storage okay after this tap on next okay its saying it is and format yeah its need to agree and.

Solve with your order so as i said before youre going to make your sd card at the internet so. Rich you should back up your data and clean your sd card so after this tap on arrays and format. So here you can see the formatting is going on sd card is forwarding so do not move the sd. Cards while its formatting okay so here we go we got on message the this sd card appeared to slow. You can continue but f move to the location may set our data transfer may take long time its okay.

I believe this lets tap on work it and thats it you have ten so now you can move your. All data all apps for two images whatever from internal to external as you can see here you have option. Like here you can see the mood takes about two minutes ahead will freeze free up to 1.7 g be. On internet so some apps will not work what is underway okay so if you want you can move your. All data from your internal phone storage to your sd card so i am going to move later what i.

Want i dont want to take the your three minutes we can do later suffolk for this just click on. Next tap on next and damn thats it your new sd card is working to move photo files and app. Data to use device go to setting and storage thats it boom so now my sd card either into isolation. So go to studying lets see ok-hee storage and usb here tap on this okay as you can see here. The two is an internal storage and this is a my sd card so i have only two studies on.

Mb and i never forty do so because i am using 60 16 gb of etiquette so like this you. Can easily make your any sd card either internally storage in marshmallow so thats it so time for watching see. Next video please like share and subscribe thank you very much.

Method 3 – How To Installing Micro Sd Card In Android Phone

This video im going to be installing a micro sd card in my motorola android phone my phone is a. Motorola moto x 4 it has 32 gigabytes of storage internally and i want to add 16 gigabyte of micro. Sd card my phone is capable of doing that it connects me store up to 2 terabytes microsd card and. I dont need that much space so put that down im going to be just putting in 16 gigs and.

I dont work just fine this is the tool that came with the phone to pop open the area you. Need to access to put the sd card in these things are real small so what i recommend is put. A white piece of paper down just so you dont lose it anyway in the table and the this one. Is a 16 gig micro sd card on amazon this goes for about five to six dollars if i want. Say 128 gigs and gigabytes to give me a little while storage that would run me about 19 to 20.

Dollars so its pretty cheap lets start also check with your if youre going to install in another type of. Phone or actually any phone even if you do buy a moto x they might have a different version of. It check and make sure with the maximum storage memory micro sd card you could put in there almost storage. And all right lets get to this put that down so i dont lose it the first thing you need. To do with your phone is turn it off make sure its not in standby mode and make sure its.

Powered off completely and shutting down and if it buzz when its off there were just just buzzed its off. So i want to take this tool here now if you could see it but the hole is right there. My cameras gonna be able to pick that up anyways i dont feel real good eyes do this from a. Quick alright just push it in pops open the drawer be careful your sim cards gonna be in here where. The microsd cards gonna be installed so thats why i have this paper because the sim cards probably gonna pop.

Out there it is almost popped out slide back into place thats it when you put the microsd card in. Case you couldnt figure that one out im sure you could not the easiest way to put this in that. I found its just kind of laid on top and just slide it around until it pops in make sure. Everything its flush something you go across here if you find any resistant as youre pushing it in the tray. Pull it back out make sure these are flush if dont try to just jam it in there youll end.

Up could end up ruining it something you know do that and just push it back in it stops and. Turn the phone on also the software i use for me theres apps you can use – for transferring between. Your device and the microsd card you could download an app onto your phone and do it that way if. Thats easier for you for me i use an android file transfer on my computer so i plug it into. My computer and that way i can just transfer it back and forth its real easy to do and let.

Me get to the storage heres the storage now heres the internal memory so thats how much i have thats. Used so i had a 32 gig i dont have much left so what i want to do is transfer. Some stuff onto my sd card micro sd card sigh and on this card already already did just as a. Brother i tried it i transferred a photo on there its five point one im sorry five point eight seven. Megabytes thats big the photo is and i have fifteen point four six gigabytes free and thats the sd card.

Thats the internal memory and thats about all there is to this thank you for watching.

Method 4 – Redmi File Manager Permission Problem-Can’t Access Sd Card & Solve App Icon Missing

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 5 – How To Fix Memory Sd Card Not Detected By The Phone – Without Pc

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Goodbye to the iphone in place dont forget or subscribe your moyano seldes video according to stein ah and ah. And.

Conclusion – How To Access Sd Card On Android

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