How To Access Sd Card On Kindle Fire – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access sd card on kindle fire, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access sd card on kindle fire,

Method 1 – Amazon Fire Hd 8 Tablet: How To Insert

Hey what is going on guys im gonna go ahead and insert a sd card into my new amazon fire. Hd 8 tablet very very simple to do now this particular tablet here i can actually install one that is. Up to 400 gigabytes thats huge but i have a 256 gig here i just took out of my phone. Im going to put it in here now if you look on the right-hand side you can see this right.

Here now the thing is this tablet i mean you know if youre familiar with phones and other types of. Tablets usually you have like a sim ejection tool here that you poke into like a little hole it doesnt. Have one here what you simply got to do is from the top here you have to basically pry your. Fingernail in there or you can go ahead and get one of these and pry it out i have like. Nubs here so what i have to do is actually just go ahead and get a knife here or something.

Pointing here and just go ahead and pop that flap open like that and then you can slide it like. Down ok doesnt come all the way out so heres the sd card tray here i do have my tablet. On you can leave it on or you can shut it off if you wish you should shut it off. Technically but anyway so im gonna go ahead and put it in right now with it still on so im. Gonna go ahead and just like this okay as you can see so im gonna go ahead and pop that.

In here and its spring-loaded too so if you have fingernails you got to push it all the way in. Im not able to do that so i got to get something sharp here so im gonna go ahead and. Press in till i hear like a little snap or a little click just like that and now you can. See the sd card here a little icon just popped out and just take know if you guys want to. Go ahead and take it out then same thing you have to use your fingernail you have to press in.

And then theyll pop out or use something sharp press it in and then itll pop out from the spring. Anyways i can see the sd card here right there so now what i want to do is im gonna. Go ahead and im just gonna go ahead and slide down right here and it says right here oh wow. Look i have a error message incompatible micro sd card your micro sd card is incompatible with your fire booth. Remove the card or format and erase it by tapping on the button below im gonna go ahead and format.

Any race and dont forget guys when you format an sd card basically youre erasing or deleting everything thats on. There okay so i probably do have some photos and videos on there from my phone and when i had. The sd card in my phone anyways im just going to go ahead and format and erase right here so. Im gonna go and tap on this just like that so from here i have two options okay i can. Basically make this sd card as my internal storage so it just becomes i just have more internal storage basically.

Or i can use it as a portable storage if i want to keep moving the sd around to different. Devices okay anyways im just going to expand the internal storage on this tablet so im going to keep it. Up here just like that and then im gonna go ahead and click on next and this is erasing format. Im gonna go ahead and click on each race in the format okay do not remove my samsung sd card. Here its currently is at 20% 40% okay that was quick it is done now i have the option i.

Can move data to the sd card if i wish ill just go ahead and move it later and sd. Card is currently ready ill click on done here and if i want to double check it i can simply. Just go into my settings here so go to your settings and then from here you want to scroll down. You want to look for storage okay so tap on storage right there and you should be able to see. This down here okay so we have the internal storage right here and then we have the sd card right.

Here okay so thats pretty simple so you guys go any questions or anything just comment below alright thanks for. Watching guys bye.

Method 2 – Fire Hd 10 Tab (2021): How To Insert Sd Card (Portable Or Expand Internal Storage)

I have the new 2021 amazon fire hd 10 inch tablet here im going to show you how to insert. The sd card and set it up as portable or extra internal storage okay so first thing is go ahead. And grab your amazon tablet top right hand side you have this little sd card slot put your fingernail in. That little hole and open up this little tab right here grab your sd card and you see like a.

Lip on here on your sd card thats the part that youre going to hold on to basically its going. To go in upside down doesnt matter what kind of um this is a samsung card sd card but it. Doesnt matter which brand you use also this is only a 32 gig however the max that you can put. In here is one terabyte okay so this is a small 32 giger im going to put this in right. Here then what you want to do its spring loaded so you want to press all the way in with.

Your fingernails i have nubs so i have to use a credit card and ill push it in and its. Spring loaded and there its locked okay and just fyi if you want to take it out its spring-loaded you. Need to push in and then let go okay and then you can pull it out okay so let me. Go ahead and put this back in here im going to go ahead and slide that in and then right. Away i get this message right here how will you use the storage device now you have two choices you.

Can make it um use for extra tablet storage basically increasing your internal storage or you can use it as. A portable storage now you want to use it for as portable storage if you want to be able to. Like you know download like videos and photos and videos and then take the sd card out and put it. Into like some other device or your computer or whatnot okay but most of you guys i think you want. To go with the uh increase basically the internal storage okay so im gonna go with this one here uh.

Tablet storage now you may have to format it as well okay and its asking me to format it right. Here dont forget what formatting is going to clear everything off of that sd card so if you have photos. And videos whatnot on the sd card its going to be erased okay so im going to tap on format. Storage device right there and give this one seconds and then this pops up here move content to storage device. You can now move files media and certain apps to this samsung sd card but you may have a sandisk.

Or another brand this will take about two seconds and for me its only going to free up like 25. Megabytes i just i just bought this i just got this tablet but you can go and move content later. You can do it now im just going to go ahead and do it now and give this one second. Here and there we go your source device is ready to use im going to tap on done and you. Can always like double check too okay so if you go to settings if you just go ahead to the.

Top here slide down were going to go to settings slide down that down arrow again you see the settings. Icon right there tap on that and then from here you can go ahead and go to storage which is. Right here storage tap on storage and you can see right there okay so you get your internal storage right. There and then we have the sd card right here okay so pretty simple any questions or issues just comment. Below all right.

Method 3 – Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet: How To Insert Sd Card Properly & Double Check

Hey what is going on guys so you have the fire seven kids edition amazon tablet here im going to. Show you how to insert the sd card and make sure that it is in properly and how to double. Check okay so first thing to note the max remember you can put in here is 512 i have a. 256 bigger its a samsung if youve seen their work best with these tablets this is the evo class 10.

Ill put a link below where you can get this as well anyways first thing you want to do is. Go ahead and open up your sd slot right here you want to pry your finger nut here on the. Top and kind of whip it out you might have to use something pointy in there if you dont have. Nails anyway its going to grab your sd card and you want to face it just like this and you. Want to go ahead and slip it into the slot and you want to push all the way in till.

You hear a snap okay you can youre gonna have the use your fingernails and go all the way in. If you cant go all the way in and i have to use something like this and you kind of. Hear a snap right there okay its in and here it is so were gonna follow the instructions here now. You could use it as internal storage or portable storage if you use it as in total storage like this. Is only 16 gigs on this on the storage on this device here however if i go ahead and use.

It as internal storage in it then a 16 gig + 256 gigs and like 90% of you guys are. Going to use it as internal storage okay however you can still use it as portable storage if you want. To still be able to like cut photos and videos and stuff on there i take the sd card out. Put it in when your phones and still be able to get the photos and videos anyways again most of. You guys are going to be using internal storage because 16 gigs really isnt it enough so tap on that.

Im gonna click on next now what we have to do is erase in format so anything he have on. His sd card right now is going to be long gone okay so and its gonna be formatted so that. It can be part of the storage part of the internal storage okay if you wanted to use it as. A portable storage you have to select the other option and it formats it differently okay anyways its formatting the. My samsung sd card out right now now we can do this too we can move data to sd card.

So from here if you have any photos or other files on the the internal storage itll go ahead and. Move it to the sd card but remember the sd card is part of the internal storage now so im. Gonna go ahead and click on move now okay sd card is ready im gonna click on done and there. You go now if you want to double-check you can just go ahead and swipe down the notifications and you. Can tap on the gear icon to go to settings or you can just tap down here to go to.

Settings and then from settings you can just scroll down and we go to storage here and then from storage. You can see the internal storage here and the sd card here you can see i have 234 gigs free. Of 235 again this is a 256 gig err it shows 235 gigs because theres always like system files on. Your soda it always makes it like a little bit less anyways its good to go and thats pretty much. It any questions comment below thanks for watching bye.

Method 4 – How To Install An Sd Card In An Amazon Fire 7 Tablet

Its john your gen x grandpa with another quick tutorial for you im going to show you how to use. An sd card with your fire tablet from amazon so the first thing youre going to need obviously besides your. Tablet is a micro sd card thats one of these little things its about the size of a postage stamp. Theyre very easy to lose when you buy it itll probably come with an adapter like this that you can.

Insert in your pc or your laptop but this is the part that were going to put in our fire. Tablet so uh the thing to pay attention to here is that there is a little slot here on the. Side and you open that up and that is where the sd card goes now your little cover may have. Come off they do tend to come off and if it has thats fine the key to remember is that. The print goes towards you and the little tab is pointed up so from your vantage point im gonna youre.

Gonna be looking at it from the back but the tip goes towards you now this is a quite a. Recessed slot so im going to use my adapter here to put the sd card in there im going to. Cover it up and then depending on your card whether its formatted or not you may get a message that. Comes up and prompts you to format your sd card if you dont get that message you want to tap. And go into your settings and then once you are in your settings you want to tap storage and once.

Youre in the storage settings you should see the sd card listed and with a number of options so the. First thing that i would recommend is to tap erase sd card and go ahead and erase everything on that. Card and then once thats done you can check the options that you want to use with your sd card. Now the only ones that i recommend using especially on an older tablet like this one is to store your. Audiobooks and your books and your periodicals on your sd card now one of the benefits of this is it.

Lets you move those books and things from device to device if you dont have enough space on your current. Device and you can choose to install apps and things like that you could also put movies and tv shows. On there so amazon prime gives you the option as well as netflix to download movies and episodes to watch. At a later date and if you have an sd card thats appropriately fast enough thats certainly something that you. Can do but i recommend storing audio books and your digital books and things like that now do remember that.

When if should you choose to remove your sd card you do want to select to safely remove your sd. Card and then tap ok and then once thats done and you the sd card disappears youll see two options. Mount sd card which will allow you to put it back in which it does automatically when you put in. The first time or erase we want to take our sd card out so were going to go ahead and. Pop that sd card out here and pull it out of the device there you go its that simple and.

You can transfer books and things there when you get an audio book itll automatically go there when you download. An e-book it will automatically go to your sd card theres nothing else that you need to do and the. Benefit of this is that it saves space on your local device so that your apps can have a little. Bit more space to store data and things like that instead of your books and your audiobooks and your movies. And things being stored directly on your device your device will run smoother and it will be less likely to.

Crash as always if you like this kind of stuff i hope it earned a like hit that like button. And if i earned your subscription and you want to be notified of when more videos like this come out. Hit the subscribe button and tap that bell as well my name is john eugen ex grandpa until next time. Bye.

Method 5 – Fire Hd 10 Kids Tablet: How To Insert Sd Card & Format

I have an amazon fire hd 10 kids tablet here im going to show you how to insert the sd. Card as well as how to format it so first thing is go ahead and take the private kids case. Off top left hand side you see the sd card slot right here yo.

Conclusion – How To Access Sd Card On Kindle Fire

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