How To Access Secure Folder S10 – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access secure folder s10,

Method 1 – Galaxy S10

Hi in this fear ill show you how you can set your secure folder and how you can store your. Personal data in this folder so that you can keep your data safe and more secure now first tap on. The home key to take you back to your home screen then swipe down at the top here and tap. On the settings icon actually when you go down and tap on biometrics and security then we go down and.

Tap on secure folder now well begin to set up the secure folder so tap on agree now we need. To put in the password of the samsung account so ill go ahead and do that now because once you. Put in the password you can also check the radio box to verify identity with biometrics so next time when. You need to verify yourself you dont have to keep putting in the same password we can use biometrics which. Is a lot faster then tap on the ok button and now the setup process begin so say add file.

Easily creating secure folder so we just wait for it to sit up okay now we have to set up. A pattern pin or password as a backup in case we cannot use our bar matrix to access so im. Just going to choose pin and tap on next i want to put one two three four and tap on. Continued so we can also select confirm pin without tapping okay and turn on continued ill put in the pin. Again to confirm and thats it so thats the cue folder has been successfully loaded so from here you can.

Add apps and files to the secure folder and any apps or files that you put in here no one. Else can see unless they have ie a pin to access your secure folder so they had ab simply tap. On the add app and in here you can add whatever apps you like so i will choose calculator for. Example in a tap on add button and now this app is an attitude askew folder so whenever you are. Using this app all the datas a store in this folder only so i would not store our shaft this.

Folder which make it safe because anyone trying to access files from the apps they cannot do so similar to. Files you can turn on add files and then here you can choose files from your file explorer or for. Videos images with documents for example so you can add it to your secure folder and from here actually do. You want to move to files or simply just to copy it so if you do not want to store. The file outside the secure folder then you can simply just choose the move button and well move to your.

Secure folder so from now on no one else can access it except you having the password to your secure. Folder and i said thats some pretty straightforward setting up the secure folder there are more settings and customization you. Can do if you go into settings i love all the things you can do such as backing up your. Data setting up backup accounts by carefully stalls change the settings and notifications and other things so you can go. On here and play around with the settings and thats it thank you for watching this video please subscribe to.

My channel for more videos just before i finish off with the videos to access the secure photo you can. Just simply swipe up like this and then there should be a secure folder in here which you can tap. On it to get started so so here keep your queue for a file safe backup your file so you. Can either choose to backup or not now you can see there when i try to go into secure folder. It does not require me to put in the peano password thats because it has been designed like that by.

Default if you want to lock your secure folder simply tap on the menu key on the top here and. Choose lock and that will lock the secure folder so the next time when you are gone in you will. Need to put in a pin or password or you can use your biometrics securely and thats it thank you. For watching this video.

Method 2 – How To Use The Secure Folder On Your Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus Or S10e

Hi in this video i will show you how to use the secure folder on your samsung galaxy s 10. S 10 + or s 10 e secure folder is a private encrypted space on your samsung smartphone apps and. Other data like notes pictures contacts or documents are hidden under an additional layer of security if you want to. Use the secure folder follow these simple steps first of all swipe down from the top of the screen with.

Two fingers swipe the screen to the left tap secure folder tap continue enter the password for your samsung account. And then tap ok to sign in to your samsung account if you have not added your samsung account to. The phone already you will need to do so now now select a secure lock type and then tap next. I will select pain enter pin code and then tap continue then re-enter the pin code and tap ok you. Will see the apps available in the secure folder you can tap on one to open it if you want.

To include more apps you can tap add apps select the apps you would like to include and then tap. Add then tap add files to upload files to the secure folder choose the type of file you would like. To upload in this example i will select images select the images youd like to upload and thence have done. You can choose to copy or move the files if you copy the file this action will create a duplicate. Version in the secure folder if you move the file it will be deleted from its original folder i will.

Select copy if you want to lock the secure folder tap the menu icon and then tap lock if you. Want to access the secure folder swipe the home screen upwards swipe the screen to the left tab secure folder. Enter your pin code and then tap ok i hope this video was helpful if it was dont forget to. Hit the like button i would really appreciate it.

Method 3 – Galaxy S10

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Method 4 – Samsung Secure Folder – Features & How To Use!

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Method 5 – How To Enable Secure Folder On Your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

How to enable secure folder on your galaxy s 10 plus having a secure folder on your device not only. Keeping your files safe but it will avoid other people from opening it without your permission if youre wondering how. To do it this video is for you first go to settings then go to biometrics and security after that. Locate secure folder option then tap it if this will be your first time opening it make sure to set.

It up first here you can choose which security unlock you will use after that you have successfully enabled the. Secure folder to access it just go to app menu and tap the secure folder icon now if you wish. To hide the secure folder from the app menu just open the secure folder then tap the three dots at. Ins here locate the sure secure folder option then toggle the switch to turn it off then tap hide to. Confirm then if you wish to display it again just toggle the switch to on it will display the secure.

Folder icon on the app menu thats it we hope this video is helpful to you for more s 10-plus. Video in the future just hit subscribe to be the first to know it.

Conclusion – How To Access Secure Folder S10

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