How To Access Secure Folder S9 – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access secure folder s9,

Method 1 – Samsung Galaxy S9: How To Show

Have to show or hide the key folder on your samsung galaxy s night or the s9 class first tap. On the home key to go back to your home screen then swipe down and on the settings icon from. Here tap on biometrics and security then tap on secure folder now you need to put in the pin to. Turn it on or to access secure folder now in here tap watch show us the kill for the switch.

Just show all right so if you tap on the switch you will let you hide it once it is. Hidden if you go in here and you look for a secure flora you no longer can find it even. If you try to tap it in secure folder you can see its a the secure folder using info so. You can access in here so i have some info info but you cant actually open it and this is. The settings so we can go into the settings so in order for you to bring back to q photos.

Now you need to go back to that same settings so ill switch here folder and then put in the. Pin and then tap on show secure folder once youre secure that folder is enable we can go back and. Find it its right there and we would put in the search the same shows up here as well and. Thats it thank you for watching this video please subscribe to my channel for more videos.

Method 2 – Samsung Galaxy S9 Secure Folder Log In Hidden Phone, Apps & Camera – Youtube Tech Guy

Okay guys this next one takes hiding stuff to a whole nother level so if i unlock my phone with. This finger you see my regular homescreen however if i unlock my phone with this finger i go to my. Secret phone this is called the secure folder and it has been on past samsungs before but now what they. Did was depending on which fingerprint you use you can actually have a separate phone entirely separate note i mean.

By this i mean any anything thats on this side of the phone will not be shown on your personal. Side of the phone so if you have contacts on this side of the phone there will not be shown. On the regular side if you have photos on this headphone they will not be shown on the regular side. If you have an account say you have an instagram account or a facebook account or snapchat account on this. Side of the phone it will not be on their own side of the phone theyre completely separate phones so.

Emails – of course everything any app you can basically add onto here is going to be separate and you. Can download apps that are on this side of the phone that are not on the regular side of the. Phone so this is a completely separate phone so how do you set this up so first you have to. Set up secure folder itself now to do that im going to go back to the lock screen and security. And then im going to start secure folder so you set that whole part up then you have to have.

Fingerprint unlocking enabled so at least two fingerprints in order to do this you can do up to four so. Again just so you can have your both index fingers and your thumb unlock your regular phone but this finger. Right here this middle finger will unlock this secure folder what however you want to do it so once you. Have the fingerprint setup done im going to go to secure folder now and you can have secure folder appear. On your on your regular folder list so right there show secure folder it will appear in your apps but.

You can even change the icon so you dont have to call it secure folder you can call it whatever. You want so you can call it you know love this or work or whatever you want to do you. Can have it as whatever you want but when you show you just do that right here customize icon so. You can customize you can call it work you can you know call it a nature you can call it. Photos you know you can call it whatever you want whatever you want to call it you can call it.

Whatever you want but in settings you go to lock screen or sorry you go to lock type and then. I type in my super secret password you enable fingerprint plus now what this does is it allows you to. Have a dedicated finger to unlock to secure folder instead of your really phone really great cool feature and it. Takes a little explaining to do but once you have it its a really cool feature to have because then. You can have one finger unlock a regular phone and one finger unlock your secure folder alright guys hopefully you.

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Method 3 – Samsung Secure Folder – Features & How To Use!

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 4 – Samsung Galaxy S9: How To Activate

Hi in this video i will show you how you can activate or deactivate a secure folder on your samsung. Galaxy s night or the s9 price now first on the home key to take you back to your home. Screen the vents wet down and tap on the settings icon so here go down and tap on biometrics and. Security and you want to go down and tap on secure folder now here is where youre going to start.

To set up the secure folder so ill tap on the continue button it is now processing the request now. You need to use the account password or a fingerprints or some other biometric security so im going to use. My fingerprint here it will create a new secure folder on your phone and from here you can select which. Lock type you want to use for your secure folder im going to make it easy and use pin and. Then you can also use biometrics security as well so ill tap on next now we will need to put.

In the new pin so ill put one two three four and ten continued there are seven one two three. Four and seven okay and now that mutant is applied to the secure folder so secure folder is now added. So from here you can tap on add eps to secure folder and you can also add files to the. Secure folder to access the secure folder tap on the home key and go to apps right from the app. Screen you can look for secure folder it is somewhere in here so you can see is the icon with.

My local folder so tap on that they say keep you up secure for this file save so ill close. It for now so thats how you can start secure folder you can tap on this more options button and. Then you can lock it once it is i love you need to put in a pin to unlock it. Okay and then you can get back into your secure folder now to deactivate the secure phone lets go down. And then tap on the settings icon then tap on biometrics and security then you want to tap on sukira.

Folder then go down and tap on more settings and then tap on install now before we go ahead make. Sure you backup whatever you have from your secure folders either to the samsung cloud moving out of the secure. Folder otherwise after you install everything inside your secure folder will be erased such as your secure files photos documents. Contacts apps anything that you install in safe secure and folder will be gone so once you are happy telling. You mr.

Puttan and thats it secure folder is now the active edit from your phone thank you for watching. This video please subscribe to my channel for more videos.

Method 5 – How To Use Secure Folder On Samsung Galaxy S9

Hi in this video i will show you how to use the secure folder on your samsung galaxy s 9. First of all swipe the home screen upwards open the samsung folder tab secure folder icon swipe the screen to. The left and then tap start now youre gonna need to sign in to your samsung account so tap sign. In enter enter the email address or phone number associated with your samsung account then enter your password and tap.

Sign in tab i agree to all then tap agree and done now select a method to secure your folder. I will select pin code and then tap next enter your pin code and then tap continue reenter the pin. Code and then tap ok now youre gonna see the apps contained within your secure folder if you want to. Add more apps tap add apps choose the apps you would like to add and then tap add now if. You want to lock the folder tap lock to open the secure folder swipe the home screen upwards open the.

Samsung folder then your folder enter your pin code and then tap ok tap an app to open it thats. It i hope this video was helpful if it was dont forget to hit the like button i would really. Appreciate it.

Conclusion – How To Access Secure Folder S9

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