How To Access Showtime Through Spotify – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access showtime through spotify, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access showtime through spotify,

Method 1 – How To Get Hulu With Spotify?

Hello guys in this video were gonna talk about if you can get hulu with spotify so i found the. Answer on communities qualified that come its like official spotify support forum and here there is a response from caterina. Who is a moderator spotify so basically you can get spotify premium and access to holes as supported planned for. One discounted rate if youre college university students youll be eligible for an extra discount so currently as she says.

Spotify is offering one option to get discount in full access so you need to be able to subscribe for. Premium for students spotify account so basically you can only use this hulu plus spotify discount if you are subscribed. To premium for students accounts so you need to apply for premium for students so what you need to do. To sign up for the bundle you need to sign up for premium for students here and you will be. Redirected to this page but if i come slice you as student and then here you will have an option.

To get spotify premium who at supported plan and short time so basically here you can sign up just for. This one bundle i believe this link in the description below once you successfully sign up to the student discount. You can activate your full at supported on and showtime account so you will be able to activate that activate. That from your spotify chrome slash account slash your services but lets read a bit more details before you sign. Up kim the mind keep in mind the following this offer is only currently available in the us so there.

You have it its only in u.s. Its not in europe not in canada not in australia so this bundle. Is not compatible with the whole no commercials or live tv plans and any other hulu premium add-ons if you. Subscribe to spotify premiums for any other companies in spotify view with your provider for example you will need to. Cancel an existing subscription with them before signing up its currently not possible to fight for a student discount with.

A spotify gift card and you cant apply additional discount so is a bundle such as promote for family if. Youre already using who you can connect your eligible existant who let support the account spotify when you sign up. You just need to agree to switch your billing to spotify so thats about it there you have it i. Will leave all the links in the description below so thats about it so if you are in us and. You are eligible for a premium student spotify account you can get all the services hulu off-time and spotify premium.

For free yep so there you have it thanks for watching.

Method 2 – Is Showtime Free With Spotify?

Hello everyone so can you get short time for free if hes qualified so basically the way you do it. Is if you get accepted to spotify premium student so you get spotify premium who had supported plan and then. Showtime so there you had and then $4.99 per month so three services one bill but yeah hulu get unlimited. Access to hit original series blue star status movies documentaries county sports dream life to you to watch on-demand and.

No ads so there you have it you this way you can save like 2198 per month cancel anytime but. Again you will need to be a student enrolled as you u.s. Title for accredited college university above the age. 18 and then you need to be verified using sheer id yep so terry have it thats the way.

Method 3 – How To Get Spotify Student Premium Account | Spotify Student Discount

However lets say you guys dont have a premium account right now we can just click on see plans and. Right here we can see all the plans that are available so yes you guys can sign up right now. For individual plan or for any other one including student and that way this will be eligible to get that. Free google nest mini so the steps are pretty much the same and to make sure theyre eligible well just.

Read up right here says student and if you scroll down just a little bit its going to say google. Nest meaning include it thats how you know its included in the plan so lets say you guys want this. One for example once you click on get started if you guys dont have an account you guys can go. Ahead and sign up for a spotify account by the way if you guys hear any footsteps in background thats. My dog walking around so dont mind that so for this particular video were gonna say well you guys dont.

Have an account so lets create one down here below were gonna see the very last option its going to. Say sign up for spotify so lets just click right there and yes we can sign up with facebook or. We can go ahead and just type in our email confirm our email create a password create a profile name. That can be anything just type in your birthday your gender and right here we can check mark these things. Well not this one if you guys want to share you guys can share if not you dont have to.

But i usually say go ahead go for it and then just click im not a bot select your traffic. Lights or whatever comes up there and youre finally done you guys can just click on sign up once you. Click on sign up you just have to confirm youre a student in this case we did the student thing. However if you guys didnt do the student thing then all we have to do is just get premium but. For now were just gonna click on next and again if you are a student then this would be the.

Stuff that you need to fill out your first name last name email address as it appears on your school. Records so make sure you get everything correct if you scroll down here below youre gonna see country and then. Your university or college just type it in and down here below if you would like to get a text. Message saying if youre being proved or not you guys can go ahead and type it in here once youre. Done with that just click right here because you do have to check this box right here on the side.

And then your very last option will be next so just select next to go to the next part so. After you put in your information its going to take you to another part so its going to ask you. To actually log in to your account at for example seneca college thats your college or sheridan college and then. You will get this message once you log in its going to say there we go youre eligible for premium. For students and thats in this case so were going to get the student discount and then were gonna see.

This screen lets just press on confirm and so were gonna go ahead and get premium so lets just click. On get premium so there is a trial which we dont want because we want the google mini but we. Could go for the trial and that this case yeah were just going to go ahead and choose our payment. Method and fill all this out so heres our credit card information expiry date security code post the code and. Then were just going to click right here on the side and our very last option will say continue just.

Click on continue and yes you do have the option to use paypal as well in order to sign up. For this so if you did use paypal to sign up you should be getting email from paypal plus an. Email right here from spotify at this point in time im gonna click down here below on the bottom right. Hand side go to my account so once youre in your account youre gonna see this get a googleness mini. On us just click on learn more once you click on learn more down here below youre gonna see get.

Your googleness mini since you already have premium account its already happening your account get your google nest mini and. Yes this is exactly what we have to do you cant be on a trial in order to get the. Googleness mini so were gonna do exactly that were gonna forfeit my trial so i can go ahead and get. My next mini that means the billing will start immediately so were gonna do that were gonna click on the. Left hand side where it says forfeit my trial in this case were doing the student plan but its the.

Same thing with every other plan were gonna choose pay value in this case but you guys can choose a. Credit card if you like just put in your postal code and once you do that on the bottom youre. Gonna see continue so just click on continue which is in the bottom and there we go so if you. Guys did it using paypal you should got an email from paper and if you scroll down youre gonna see. This which is get your googleness mini so click right there and finally we should see this page thank you.

So much youve already successfully registered your interest in this offer so we can click on check ability and were. Gonna have to link our google account to our spotify once we click on link account were gonna see this. Message so just click again on link account which is on the bottom left hand side and finally were gonna. See all this stuff so just scroll all the way down and were just gonna click on agree now you. Should say your name down here below so logged in as tech indesign youtube which is perfect so im gonna.

Click agree and finally it should take us to this page where we just have to click im not a. Robot and then it should take us to the google store so we can choose whichever we like we can. Choose chalk or charcoal theyre just colors theyre the same i actually have an unboxing video comparing both of them. In my case i do like the charcoal more than the chalk but its really up to you guys so. Im gonna just click on the second one and to select that one down here below youre gonna see add.

To basket so just click there or click on the google nesmin itself dont worry about the fact that its. Telling you that its going to charge you anything youre going to see the discount at the very end so. Just click on checkout which is on the right-hand side and at this point in time we should see something. Like this okay where we can see that its saying minus so were not going to have to pay which. Is exactly what we want we dont want to pay for this down here below just type in your name.

Your address your cd province your postal code phone number and go all the way down youre going to see. This price discount saver total so this is the most important part that i would say because you guys can. See the total will be zero its not going to cost you anything shipping or anything like that so once. Youre done filling everything out just put save changes one more thing before we keep going is that make sure. That it says save on nest mini thats your code theres nothing else you need to apply so you dont.

Need to apply any other codes or find out any other codes thats the code for this so just again. Save changes at this point you might get a message saying something about taxes dont worry just confirm purchase as. Long as your total is still zero dollars and yes i know its kind of weird that its asking us. For some paypal information or your credit card although its free but just make sure it does in fact say. Total zero so this is our last page we have placed the order were good to go thats all you.

Guys have to do in order to get your googleness mini for free and sign up for your premium account. If i scroll up im gonna see more information including my order number which i suggest taking a screenshot and. Just keeping that for your reference but anyways thats the entire process thats how easy it is to get a. Nest mini for free right now so i suggest you go on and do it because take advantage of this. Great promo by spotify anyways if you guys have any comments questions you guys can write down here in comments.

Area dont forget subscribe and rate thank you so you.

Method 4 – How To Access Showtime From Anywhere Using A Vpn

Hi todays video well be showing you how to access showtime from anywhere in the world using a vpn now. Showtime started originally in the 80s as network channels on tv broadcasting all types of shows and series all that. The group of channels however later on and around 2015 they started off broadcasting online streaming services which is showtime. Com they started broadcasting their shows online and offering the users or the subscribers on-demand online streaming for the shows.

On and our showtime is owned by the network giant cbs its one of its subsidiary companies its very popular. In the u.s. Very popular worldwide there is even a showtime a subsidiary showtime in many countries around the world. However the original showtime is only accessible in the us and as you can see weve opened their site right. Now and this error just popped up showtime is accessible for viewing solely in the united states and its territories.

And possessions and now this video in this video will show you how to use a vpn to bypass this. Jo restriction however this video is for people or subscribers people who are already subscribed to showtime but living abroad. Or living outside of the us how they can access showtime using a vpn because just a quick note here. Sometimes people new subscribers theyll ask them for a bank account with in the us in order to subscribe now. Were not showing you how to subscribe to show time were just showing you how to access show time if.

You are already a subscriber with showtime and now how you can access the the vpn that well be using. In this video is pvp nb vpn at the netherlands based vpn that started in 2014 one of the most. Secure vpns available in the market today we reviewed them before and in one of our videos on channel great. Great vpn highly rated perfect and its all all its features they continuously improve their features and add new features. To their application one of the best my opinion one of the best vpn providers available in the market today.

Now moving on from there now we need to first we need to close this part and open our vpn. Provider now we are already subscribed with them with b vpn so we wont go through the steps of subscribing. Well just show you how to now you can do these steps with any other vpn as well all all. We need to do is connect to a server within the united states now quick brief explanation on what a. Vpn is a vpn or virtual private network operates a global network of servers where it allows its users to.

Connect to any of these servers to bypass restrictions online descriptions also what it does is it has features within. The vpn service that protects its users online privacy online security and online freedom now in order to the idea. Of bypassing g restrictions such of that of showtime its very simple all we need to do is you the. Vpn connect to a server within the us now once were connected to a server within the us and we. Try to access showtime the website showtime well think that we are actually located within the us ok moving on.

From their location so already it was picked out that it was florida lets just refresh the server is here. To see if we can get a faster server within the u.s. New jersey seems a little faster ok we. Have multiple server new york city is actually the fastest so far and lets pick city lets give it a. Try to connect sometimes the server could be busy wont allow us to connect sometimes it connects right away but.

And be vpn never failed to impress us it connected right away to us new york lets minimize it lets. Open another tab and try shows and see if its gonna give us there again and there you go we. Are in showtime you can start your free trial you can sign in with your credentials here is a preview. Of the shows on it included all that we have full access to the website right now and we are. Located outside of the us now that is how you access showtime from outside of the us well thats it.

For today thank you for watching.

Method 5 – How To Activate “Showtime” In Fnaf Help Wanted!!

Hello people of the internet my name is johnny and welcome back to another video on the youtube channel todays. Video is very different because its something that i dont usually do i think the last time i did a. Tutorial video was back in fnaf six but today im gonna show you boys how you can activate show time. In five nights at freddys vr help wanted because while unfortunately steerwall has not released the feature its still not.

Officially out people have found ways to activate it in game using a command and that is the whole point. Of todays video so boys if you enjoyed the video please make sure that you are subscribed to the channel. It takes like two seconds while youre down there also hit the like button now before we hop into it. Lets catch everybody up to speed on what exactly showtime is because technically you can go through the entirety of. Help wanted and not see a single thing related to showtime of course besides the very obvious and mysterious button.

In the main hub that says start showtime but other than that theres nothing else in the game related to. Showtime so what is it the first mention of showtime can be traced back all the way to november of. 2018 where scott mentioned in a steam post that in the vr game wed be able to see an actual. Stage performance from the classic band for the first time properly since the first ever fnaf trailer and then after. That we got no further information on showtime until the games release its worth mentioning that some youtubers did get.

Early access to help wanted a little bit before the release but the button that is absolutely no thing yeah. Didnt really do anything which was fine because the copies of the game that these youtubers got were still in. Early access in fact the reason why they got early access to help wanted was because steelwolf and scott wanted. These youtubers to play through the game and see if they can find any bugs to report back so maybe. Showtime wasnt in that build simply because they werent finished with it jump ahead a week to the actual release.

Of help wanted in late may of 2019. The showtime button was still in the game but it was also. Unfortunately still defective but clearly showtime was still in the game because players were able to find a end showtime. Button located just outside the main hub and also the performance itself the animations for it were in the files. Even the music with and without lyrics was still in the file so what happened to showtime well scott would.

Actually answer that very question about a week after the games release in a reddit post called concerning showtime and. The secret images he stated that quote showtime was left out of the game because it didnt feel right its. Not that it was unfinished necessarily there may be some bits and pieces floating around of incomplete versions but there. Was in fact a completed version i made the call to leave it out though its one of those things. That i need to feel 110 about to me and that may or may not ever happen so it appears.

That the version of showtime that weve seen in the files and spoiler alert also seen in this very video. Is technically not the full completed version of showtime as for what button was left in scott stated that he. Might use the button for something else in the future what that meant we dont know we just have to. Wait and see and wait we did and c we did not you see even nearly two years after the. Games initial release showtime is still not in the game at all the button remains but it also remains defective.

Still last we heard from scottsdale scott said that he was quote still on the bench about adding the feature. To the game but we still do know some things about showtime its a stage performance of the og gang. In the main hub freddy fazbear bonnie chica foxy and theyre singing a song called freddy fazbears pizza theme song. Alan simpson is listed as the music and lyrics composer and kellen gough joe gaudette amber lee connors and chris. Mccullar are listed as the voice actors for freddie bonnie chica and foxy respectively though joe goddard made a comment.

Saying that bonnies voice was quote not his voice so again we do have the song itself both with lyrics. And without and we also have the animations of the characters in-game or at least the animations of the characters. And the files for the game so all were missing is the show itself in-game us being able to sit. Down in vr or in flat mode and watch it live in game or at least thats all we were. Missing because again recently it has been discovered just how you can access help wanted showtime so long intro out.

Of the way let me show you now how to actually activate showtime before we start two quick things number. One this method only works on pc fortunately it does work in vr and flat mode but it is only. Exclusive to pc so no mobile no consoles im sorry just pc and number two i of course have to. Shout out who found this method in the first place cranky 2002 on reddit and youtube they did a fantastic. Job finding this method and of course this video would not be possible without them ill leave a link to.

The reddit post and youtube channel down below in the description go check them out go show them some love. All right now the steps to take to activate show time step number one open up help wanted and beat. The game through pizza party you have to have all the levels completed for showtime to work you dont have. To be all the levels in the coast of dreadbear dlc just the main game and then you have to. Download the universal unreal unlocker the software allows you to access debug features of the game lit the environments around.

You and freely explore the game with the debug cameras it is perfectly safe and it wont cause any harm. To your device after youve extracted the file from the zip go back to help want it and now open. Up the universal unreal unlocker and inject the dll into the freddys win 64 shipping.exe process as seen here you. Should see a bunch of alerts and notifications pop up in the top left of your screen that just means. That the software has successfully connected to help wanted and now once again go back to help wanted and in.

The main hub press the tilde button this will open up the debug console where you can type in all. Your commands if the console doesnt pop up for you try rebooting your game and you need to type in. C e space show time button press all one word into the console after that hit enter and youre all. Good to go if your game or the uu keeps crashing your device may be detecting the programs as a. Virus also if the command doesnt work try downgrading help wanted and there you go just like that you now.

Have access to show time in five nights at freddys help wanton for console and mobile viewers and also people. Who just cant access the feature dont worry im gonna show clips of showtime in both flat mode and vr. Right now so you can see what it looks like by the way feel free to use this footage for. Your videos and other things and here is showtime and fnaf help wanted enjoy ladies and gentlemen boys and girls. Fazbear entertainment would like you to put your hands together for the one the only freddy fazbear hello everybody you.

Ready to have a good time i know i am cause its pretty fast theres pizza for kids its number. Well lets meet the band my name is dont be scared im a real fun-loving guy bonnies by name im. Hopping along with floppy ears and a cotton my guitar is blazing this rabbits hair raisins just listen to me. Whales take it bunny raspberry entertainment offers absolutely no guarantees regarding guest safety hey im chica the lady of the. Group my singing is a treat so sweet but keep an eye on your pizza cause im a bird who.

Likes to eat no no no no finally theres eye and a foxy for a hand he hangs out over. In pirates cove now youve met all the members of the band just cant keep for the next hour add. Meat to any kids pizza for just a dollar and if your parents really love you theyll buy you a. 32 ounce freddy fountain drink and dont forget all the popular kids sign up for our mailing list and get. Free stuff on their birthday freddy fazbears pizza where fantasy needs fun ready ladies and gentlemen boys and girls fazbear.

Entertainment would like you to put your hands together for the one the only freddy fazbear hello everybody you ready. To have a good time i know i am well lets meet the band my name is freddy im the. Singer in the band got a hat and a big bow tie well im a big brown bear but dont. Be scared im a real fun-loving guy my guitar is blazing this rabbits hair raising just listen to me whale. Take it bunny raspberry entertainment offers absolutely no guarantees regarding guest safety hey im chica the lady of the group.

My singing is a treat so sweet but keep an eye on your pizza because im a bird who he. Hangs out over in pirates cove now youve met all the members of the band for the next hour add. Meat to any kids pizza for just a dollar and if your parents really love you theyll buy you a. 32 ounce pretty fountain drink and dont forget all the popular kids sign up for our mailing list and get. Free stuff on their birthday freddy fazbears pizza where fantasy needs fun ready it wouldnt be a johnny blocks video.

Without editing johnny blocks im popping in quickly to let you all know that it is possible to watch showtime. In nightmare mode im not gonna show it in this video because number one its basically the same thing in. Fact it is entirely the same thing except they just have different colors nothing really too noteworthy and number two. Cranky showed it off in their video so again go check out cranky if you want to see nightmare mode. Showtime and now back to your normal outro and that is how you activate fnath hope wanted showtime feature if.

You enjoyed the video make sure you subscribe to the channel and that youve also hit the like button and. Once again dont forget to check out cranky 2002 the person who made all of this possible thank you for. Watching and ill see you on the flip side goodbye you.

Conclusion – How To Access Showtime Through Spotify

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