How To Access Siri On Iphone 11 – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access siri on iphone 11, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access siri on iphone 11,

Method 1 – How To Use Siri On Iphone 11, 11 Pro, And 11 Pro Max: 3 Ways!

Hey whats going on guys so you have a iphone 1111 pro or the 11pro macs gonna show you three. Ways how to use siri okay so in regards to the first way first thing you want to do is. You want to go into your settings here and there from settings you want to go ahead and you want. To scroll down to where it says siri and search tap on that now if we look right on top.

Now you can see right here heres two the first two ways to do it right here you can do. One where you can listen to basically you can say hey siri then you can ask your question or the. One i recommend doing is just pressing the side button for siri okay so the first way is this one. Lets try this one here is the press side button for siri so let me go ahead and turn this. On and then im going to go ahead click on enable siri on once i do this you get another.

Option here that pops up where you can go ahead and use siri when it phone is actually locked as. Well so for example i have a press side button for siri so if i what i need to do. Is press and hold ask my question once my question is done i can go ahead and let go for. Example im gonna press and hold whats the tallest mountain in the world and then i can let go now. We also have another option here that we can use siri when locked okay so if we have this on.

And now my password in even if my phone is locked just like this and i want to go ahead. And ask every question i can still go ahead and hold the side button here or the power button and. Ask the question press and hold was todays forecast and then let go now i think this is the easiest. Way to do it most of you guys will do the press and hold the power button for siri okay. Now the second way what were gonna do is its gonna be up here the hey siri okay and you.

Can have all of these on as well okay anyways for hey siri let me just go ahead and turn. These off right here and then were going to go ahead and activate the hey siri so the first time. You do the hey siri you have to go ahead and click on enable and then you have to go. Ahead and let siri recognize your voice so were gonna go ahead and set up hey siri theres only things. Like a second go ahead and press on continue here hey siri hey siri send the message hey siri hows.

The weather today hey siri set a timer for three minutes hey siri play some music okay and then once. Its done you simply tap on done right here so now we have the option here every time we say. Hey siri whats tomorrows forecast so now we also have the one where we can also click the lock screen. Here – so once we have it locked even if the phone is locked we can do the same thing. Here so the phone is locked here hey siri what is the top three languages spoken in the world okay.

So you got the i gotta say it but the hey siri okay so you guys got that hey siri. Turn off hey siri okay so let me just go to settings here and i can go ahead and turn. To hey siri on or off right there like i said for myself and i think most people we like. To use the the side button here or the power button so im gonna go ahead and leave that one. On and i also like it to allow it when the phone is actually locked as well and i just.

Put it in my password here now the third way is through the accessibility so go ahead and open up. Your settings here and then you want to go ahead and scroll down you want to go down to accessibility. Tap on that then you want to go ahead and tap on touch and then we want the assistive touch. Okay so tap on that right there and then what you want to do is go ahead and turn it. On right here and then once i turned it on you see this little floaty thing that pops out let.

Me turn it off again and im gonna turn it on so now you have this floaty thing here okay. And you can do a lot of different things with this here okay so if i can make it if. Its a single tap here i can go ahead and tap on that i can go ahead and put whatever. I want even if i wanted to do a screen shot here so every time i tap on its gonna. Take a screen shot okay but what you can do is you can go down to siri tap on siri.

And now it doesnt and this will float anywhere even if we go ahead and lock the phone like this. Is still gonna be here so once its on the lock screen here i can do the same thing i. Can just go ahead and press it once how many centimeters is six foot one and another thing too if. I go ahead and log back in here and i just go back so you can do the you can. Do the siri with a single tap you can make a double tap you can even do the long press.

Here for instance ill go ahead and do the long press and ill go ahead and make that activate series. So i stroll down ill click on siri here let me go back let me go ahead and take off. The single tap here let me just put down none so now i have to long press but we need. To long press it i remember long press is basically pressing a holding okay its not one tap is not. A double tap you have to press and hold a little bit open the youtube app and there you go.

Pretty simple so those are the three ways any questions comment below thanks for watching guys bye.

Method 2 – How To Call Siri – Iphone 11 (Ios 13)

Hey guys so im going to show you how to set up in called siri for a pony webbing or. Any other recent iphone so its pretty simple now first youre gonna want to make sure its set up so. Does press on your settings and then youre gonna press right here on syrian search ah syrian search okay now. Hes top three options you want to make sure our neighborhood just like this so listen hey siri press side.

Button for syria and about siri when locked so should look like this okay so now if you have a. Newer iphone about the home button such as the iphone 11 the 10 and 10 are then youre just gonna. Hold down the side button right here whats the weather heres the weather today so youre not just pressing it. Youre holding it down for wait a second now if you have a an order iphone with the home button. Then just hold down on that instead and one more we can do it is by saying hey siri whats.

The weather its currently raining and 34 degrees in new york expensive alright guys so hoping yourself out thanks for. Watching i want me now have comments both you have any questions.

Method 3 – How To Set Up Siri On Iphone 11

Hey guys regatta here welcome to another blog tech tips and of course guys today i have the iphone 11. This applies to any iphone 11 so lets go ahead and unlock and of course ill be showing you how. To set up the siri are to activate the siri feature now series one of the great features thats baked. Into the iphone 11 however by default is not set up sophia devices knew you need armed siri youll notice.

That its not set up outside the box now of course in order to set it up simply go ahead. And dispersity steep we are the power button towards the side make sure your device is unlocked first person old. So your device needs to be unlocked so once you do our guys you should see the screen for siri. And it says helps to get things done just by asking siri can even make suggestions before yall mean ups. And keyboards and so on so were gonna turn on syria it says what can i help you with alright.

So once you do that you can see here you just simply need to top the icon down here i. Could ask what time is it alright and of course its simply this is the time another way to go. Into setting up on syria roxas ensue is to customize the settings so this boy im going to settings are. Minbari once youre in the general screen right here simply go down and it says right there syrian search set. Of simply touch our top syria and search of course it says press side button for siri a low siri.

When locked and of course those are the settings you can customize them and you can just use the a. Civic feature it says set up hey siri and this is the second way you can actually go about it. And set it up for most people is going into settings and turning on the options theyre also shown is. The better option this is yours i recognize your voice and you say hey siri sarahs continued and im just. Going to train it now a siri im just gonna finish yourselves all right so once youre doing that as.

You can see here ive completely completed a set up by sandy phrases as just shown and thats mainly be. Hasty eruption so we hit done and there you go and of course lets make sure simply make sure that. You customize siri like oh youre lamont notice it says the language is set to the uk standard switches on. Us so im just gonna look for english united states im just gonna change language alright next im gonna see. Your voice and its on american female which is the preferred so i think thats alright that this is my.

Information nun and so on and of course you might have to turn buck on a cv since ive switched. The type of language im gonna say this back up once more alright so basically run through once more so. He dont alright so you can see as long as you change the siri voice through and julie recognition and. A siri language will determine the accent basically siri speaks so as you can see now its completely set up. And thats it so those are ways you can so as i said you can simply top the poll sleep/wake.

Button and see what you want to see but of course i suggest a more detailed method that you can. Customize of going into settings selecting the syrian search and of course selecting your language if its not already selected. And turn on a syrian setting up the process so now i could basically give it a command hey siri. Whats the tallest mountain in the world according to wikipedia its mount everest alright so flawlessly as you can hear. It does respond and all i have to do is use the phrase again i could test it from the.

Lock screen let me go back to lock screen hey siri what time is it its 8:25 a.m. Ok perfect. So thats basically the customization settings and the assistant is great at certain questions and so on so lets make. Sure that you set it up from in sitting sorry guys so its ricardo garden showing you how to set. Up the siri feature on your iphone or your new iphones the procedure is basically the same on all the.

Device as well our guys got a same one till next time bye.

Method 4 – How To Enable

Hi guys in this video i will show you how to enable or disable siri unlock screen on iphone running. Ios version 14.2 so this is my iphone device so lets start so first of all you have to open. Your settings app so here is my settings app let me tap on this to open it you can see. Guys its opened and also let me show you guys first that i have ios version 14.2 installed on this.

Iphone device so let me tap on this general and then let me tap on this about and you can. See guys here i have this software version you can see i have ios version 14.2 installed on this iphone. 10r so let me go back let me go back again so in order to enable or disable siri on. Lock screen on iphone what you need to do you have to open your settings app and after that guys. You have to scroll down to face id and passcode so let me go over there so here i have.

This face id and passcode so you have to tap on this to open it let me tap on this. And after that you have to provide your passcode so let me provide mine and i have this face id. And passcode this screen opened and after that guys you have to scroll down to this section uh allow access. When logged okay and in this section you have to find this siri you can see currently i have this. Enabled so suppose if you want to disable this then you have to tap on this toggle next to this.

City and move this slider to the left so let me show you i am tapping on it and you. Can see its now disabled and whenever you want to enable this then you have to tap on this toggle. Next to this siri and move this slider to the right so let me show you let me tap on. This and you can see its now enabled so let me go to my lock screen and lets ask siri. A question so let me go to my lock screen and you can see im at my lock screen so.

Let me ask hey siri how are you doing im pretty good thanks and you can see guys its working. Fine so let me unlock my iphone so lets disable that so let me tap on this toggle and move. This slider to the left in order to disable siri on lock screen okay so let me tap on this. And you can see its now disabled so lets go to the lock screen and ask siri a question so. Im going to that so you can see im at my lock screen so let me ask city air question.

Hey siri how are you doing and you can see guys siri is not activated okay so its now disabled. On lock screen so let me unlock my iphone and after youre done guys you can close your settings app. So let me close that so thats it in this way you can easily enable or disable cd unlock screen. On iphone running ios version 14.2 so thanks for watching if you like my videos please support this channel by. Subscribing to it thanks bye.

Method 5 – How To Enable Siri On Iphone 13

Come back everyone you may be wanting to go ahead and actually turn on siri on your iphone 13. Now. The process is very easy it doesnt take too much time now theres a couple of different ways to do. This the very first way to actually do this is to hold down on your side button right here where.

The power button usually is you can go and hold it down and youll come into this little panel now. In order for you to actually turn on siri you can go ahead and you know click on the little. Turn on button down here and it will go ahead and bring you straight into the area where you can. Go ahead and turn on siri if you want to so you can follow through with those directions and thats. Really pretty much it now the other option you have is going straight within your settings panel so all you.

Have to do is go ahead and click on settings right here and you wont come into this panel but. You will come into this panel now all you have to do here is scroll down until you see your. Little siri option so typically its up top i dont know i scroll down this much so you can see. Right here its siri and search so all you have to do is go ahead and click on that siri. And search option and here you can go ahead and change up your siri options and change up however you.

Want to and all this other stuff but siri is not going to be enabled until you go and hold. Down this button to the side and you actually download siri now i actually dont have siri download on this. Phone but thats pretty much it once you go ahead and enable siri by tapping that right button and holding. It down and going through that siri process and you also you change up the peripherals here to wherever you. Want it you pretty much have siri enabled now you can disable siri within applications and all this stuff too.

If you want to but ultimately thats pretty much the process if you guys have any other questions or anything. Like that let me know in the comment section below hit the like button tell me so much but definitely. Hit that subscribe button more importantly everything else i love every single one of you guys hopefully ill catch you. Guys in the next video peace out till then china.

Conclusion – How To Access Siri On Iphone 11

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