How To Access Snipping Tool – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Use Snipping Tool (Beginners Guide)

Over the last several months people keep asking how to capture a smaller portion of their screen to copy text. An image or anything else they need saved you could use the screenshot feature in many of the popular browsers. Which have their limits or you could install third-party software if you run the windows operating system to have a. Built-in screen shot program called the snipping tool which has most of the features that most people would ever need.

Today i will show you how to use the snipping tool and go over the key features coming up next. On tech gumbo the snipping tool has been around for more than 10 years and it can be used with. Windows vista windows 7 windows 8.1 and windows 10 if youre still running windows vista you seriously need to upgrade. Since microsoft and its support for that operating system in april of 2017 for many of you the most convenient. Way to open the snipping tool is to use a keyboard shortcut at the end of this video ill show.

You how to add a keyboard shortcut to easily open the snipping tool otherwise to find the program go to. Your search bar and type snipping tool and select it to open it another way to quickly access the snipping. Tool is to pin it to your taskbar i keep mine just to the right of file explorer if you. Select new itll start the process for a new screenshot based on which mode you have selected lets first go. Over the four different modes select the drop-down arrow to see which modes are available freeform snip will draw a.

Free-form shape around an object rectangular snip will drag the cursor around an object to form a rectangle window snip. Will let you select one of your windows that you want to capture and full screen snip will capture the. Entire screen using the print screen key on your keyboard well also take a screenshot of your entire screen to. Demonstrate each mode ive opened a couple programs so first ill select mode and well start at the bottom skipping. Full screen snip which takes a screenshot of your entire screen selecting window snip will let you choose which open.

Program that you want to capture just highlight your cursor over that program and left click as you can see. It captured everything in that program and you have some tools here at the top before you save your screenshot. By selecting the pen you can draw on your screenshot the colors you can choose are red blue and black. Or you can use a custom pen which can be created by selecting customize here you can change the color. Thickness and the tip to the right of the pen is the highlighter which comes in handy to draw attention.

To areas of interest and to the right of the highlighter is the eraser you can use the eraser to. Delete anything youve marked up to the left of the pen you have two options for emailing to a recipient. To the left of that you can copy the screen capture to your clipboard and if you select the floppy. Disk icon you can save your screenshot to your computer for later use just name the file ill just call. This one handbrake select one of the file types listed and when done select save selecting rectangular snip lets you.

Capture a smaller portion of your screen i find it useful on certain websites to capture selected parts of an. Article its also useful on certain sites that dont make it easy to save images when selecting rectangular snip just. Left-click and drag the area and when youre done let go here you can save it and mark it up. Just like we did in the previous example and the last mode is freeform snip by selecting it your cursor. Changes into a scissors icon by simply left clicking and dragging around an area it will capture that portion of.

The screen of the 4 modes i find the rectangular snip is the one i use most often i mentioned. To you earlier that i would show you how to create a keyboard shortcut to easily open the snipping tool. Heres how you do it find the program ill do a search for the snipping tool again so just type. In snipping tool instead of selecting it right-click and select open file location find snipping tool in the list right-click. And select properties find where it says shortcut key to the right where it says none left click and on.

Your keyboard tap the key or combination of keys that you want for your shortcut for me ill hold down. Ctrl alt + f5 at the same time to make those my shortcut keys to open the snipping tool when. Youre done go down to the bottom and select apply and then ok to complete the process you can follow. These same steps i just showed you to create shortcuts to any of the programs on your system that concludes. This tutorial on how to use the snipping tool thanks for watching if this video helped you out give it.

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Method 2 – How To Use Snipping Tool In Windows 10 [Tutorial]

Hello everyone how are you doing this is mdtech here another quick tutorial today im gonna be showing you how. To use the snipping tool built into windows in order to take screenshots of your computer so ive been personally. Using the snipping tool for many many years now and its been in every version of windows since windows vista. And i thought i would just make a brief tutorial today just in case you guys didnt know because it.

Is a tool that i use very regularly and it has a lot of benefits and nice features added into. It so to access this snipping tool its very simple you would just go on to our start menu and. Then just type in snipping tool so the icon will have a little circle of a red board around it. And a pair of scissors so you want a left clip on it so this tool might look very simple. But there are several different features that are included within it and there is one feature only available to windows.

10 users thats kind of cool so to jump right into it under new this is where you can select. A new snipping this is where you can snip a section of your screen so if you open this little. Drop-down arrow we can select for different types of snips a free-form snip thatll basically create any free-forming shape so. If i select that we can create any random shape on the screen if i selected a rectangular snip itll. Come in the shape of a rectangle a window snip will take a screenshot of a specific web browser page.

Or dialog box so for example i opened up file explorer here which will open up a new window and. Then with the snipping tool i have it set on window snip i can just left click on this window. And we have a screenshot of this specific window which was a very nice feature if youre doing troubleshooting tutorials. Or if you just want to take a screenshot of a certain segment of the page and then the last. Way here we have the full screen snip which well just take a screenshot of the full screen very similar.

And function to the print screen button on your keyboard or at least on most keyboards so now that we. Got the basic functionality out of the way we can go a little bit deeper into some of the settings. So theres also a delay feature so if you wanted to delay the screen snipping for a few moments if. You wanted to launch a certain webpage so lets say for example i wanted to set it for 3:00 and. Then i click on new itll wait 3 seconds before it sets the screen to be ready to be snipped.

I believe this is a new feature within windows 10 i dont think you can get this in earlier versions. Of windows then you also have the options button and this is where we can actually change a selection border. Around our screenshot so if you wanted to have a red or blue or green or any one of these. Colors borders around our screenshot you could select them here so on windows vista i believe it actually is set. By default to use a red border and its very easy to disable that as well so if you actually.

Did a new screenshot here and we currently have a set it delayed in three seconds so if i did. Another rectangular shape we have different options up here in order to edit our picture we could save the image. Directly to a file or folder or you could save it by default to the pictures folder and then if. You wanted to change it to an email or something you could very well do that we could save the. Snip we can copy the image so itll be saved on our clipboard and then if we wanted to open.

Up word or something like that we could paste it in if you have an email client setup on your. Computer you could send the snip via email and then i accidentally just clicked on the pen tool which i. Guess is a good segue into our next feature which is you can select different pen colors to draw onto. The image and if you customize it you can also select different thicknesses and tip sizes and to create the. Best image you can so you kind of have some pain features built in you also have the highlighting tool.

So you can just highlight over the picture and then you also have the eraser which will erase the selection. So if i just left-click on any part of that highlight or just it itll delete the entire segment of. It and then if i left click on the blue line i created earlier with the pen itll delete that. As well so if you edited if you go up to the top tools here if you click on edit. Again you can copy the image file youd create a new snip you could save it as a file name.

And save it to desktop or something like that you also have the ability to print this file out if. You have a printer setup so thats just about it if you go underneath tools we pretty much cover all. The options here and if you actually dont want any pen you can pick different colored pens as well im. Not sure if i mentioned that before so you have a lot of different customization options within the small little. Tool and it is a very nice feature to have and if you can use it that would be great.

So i hope this tutorial helped you guys out and i will see you in the next video goodbye.

Method 3 – How To Find The Snipping Tool

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 4 – Windows 10 – Snipping Tool – How To Use Screen Snip To Take Screenshot – Shortcut Key Tutorial In Ms

Hi and welcome students todays tutorial will be in windows 10 and im going to show you how to take. A screenshot using the snipping tool and im going to show you how to take a screenshot specifically just on. A portion of your screen lets get started so on windows 10 youre going to see my desktop here and. Im going to open up the start menu the way i do that is by pressing the windows key on.

My keyboard alternatively you could go down here and click on the start menu and then im going to immediately. Type snip okay so you hit the windows key and immediately type snip snipping tool will pop-up now if you. Feel like this is a tool that youre gonna use repeatedly i recommend pinning it to your taskbar to do. That you right-click and you click pin to taskbar okay thats going to put it right down here you can. See that i use it often so its right down here on my taskbar and then im going to click.

It thats gonna open up snipping tool now with the snipping tool we have a couple modes and the mode. That we want to select for only getting a portion of our screen is the rectangular mode and so im. Going to click on this drop-down arrow just to the right of the word mode and choose rectangular snip and. I click that and youre gonna see that your screen kind of grays out and then you have this white. Cursor and im going to take that white cursor and drag over the windows logo and youll see that it.

Captures an image of just the windows logo that i drew a rectangle over now from here what you can. Do is you can go to the save icon thats right here save snip and now i can choose a. Place to save it so i could just choose to save it on my desktop and ill just call it. Windows logo and you guys will see this is a portable network graphic file a png and i click save. And this is going to save that screenshot right here on my desktop and so if i double click that.

Its going to open it up as an image so i open it up and theres my screenshot this means. That i can email it somebody or use it in a presentation really however i want to use it thats. Fine so thats how we take a screenshot in windows 10 it doesnt matter if youre using a desktop laptop. Hp dell anything that youre using youre gonna have no problem taking the screenshot that way as long as you. Have windows 10 so hopefully this video has helped you out if it has give it a thumbs up and.

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Method 5 – The Snipping Tool – Windows Screenshots Tutorial

So in this video tutorial were gonna take a look at the snipping tool and the snipping tool really is. I think one of the best features thats buried in windows 10 a lot of people dont even know it. Exists and they would use it a lot i think if they knew it did exist and what the snipping. Tool is for is its for taking screenshots its for taking snapshots of things that you have on your computer.

And saving those for later so that you can use them lets say in a powerpoint presentation or a word. Document or whatever so lets look at it to activate the snipping tool what you need to do is go. Down to the lower left corner of the screen and click on the search windows button and then just type. In snipping when you do that you should get a result that appears next just click on it it opens. Up and its just this little bar this little toolbar that appears once you see this toolbar what you need.

To do is arrange the screen the way you want it to be to take your screenshot so lets say. I want to take a screenshot of part of this article okay i would just make it look the way. I want to make it look and that might include using ctrl – ctrl + to make the text bigger. Or smaller it might involve using this scroll bar to get the part of the article i would like to. Capture but once i have it the way i want it to be i use this toolbar from the snipping.

Tool to click new and notice that the color of the screen changed a little bit it went kind of. Milky white and my mouse cursor has turned into a plus sign at this point all i need to do. Is click and drag around what i would like to capture and then just let go of the mouse button. And the snipping tool has taken a screenshot of that web page okay theres the screenshot and now if i. Want to i can annotate on this i can use a pen to draw on it i can use a.

Highlighter to highlight different parts of this image i can delete if i need to delete and then i simply. Click save snip i can save it to the desktop if i want to or to pictures and i can. Change the type of image that its saving as if i want to i could save it as a png. Yes or i could save it as a jpeg or one of these other options i am gonna stick to. Png and ill click save if i want to i can change the name but ill just click save and.

There on my desktop now is an image that i have taken as a screenshot now if you really like. The snipping tool if you think youll use this over and over i highly recommend the next time you start. It up to use it you go down to the taskbar right-click on it and choose pin to taskbar that. Way once its closed from then on you should have access to the snipping tool quick access here on the. Bar and you can just click on it to open it up so i hope youll enjoy using the snipping.

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Conclusion – How To Access Snipping Tool

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