How To Access Social Club In Gta 5 Ps4 – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access social club in gta 5 ps4, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access social club in gta 5 ps4,

Method 1 – How To Log Into Rockstar’s Social Club!! (Tips To Actually Receive Rewards On Gta V And Red Dead 2)

Hey everyone whats going on my name is shorty for todays video im gonna be showing you guys how to. Log on to the rockstar social club and the reasons why you should do so just to start off with. The major basis of the social club as you can see right here youll be able to connect to the. Whole bunch of other members that play the rockstar games that you enjoy and those games could be anything from.

Red dead 2 all the way to gta and etc another cool thing about this is you can access and. Your crews and you can create a crew you can ask people for help on jobs and you can even. Share cool photos and videos and be up-to-date on events and news now this is gonna be kind of more. What were going after the events and news and the reason why is because if you signed to the social. Club youll be able to know when you could get an in-game reward such as discounts or even free money.

As the videos ive been doing for you guys lately and i know a lot of you guys are wondering. Why youve been able to get rewarded for completing the hatchet challenge or completing the revolver challenge and the reason. Why all revolves around logging into the social club whenever you so line it with the social club youd be. Able to get those rewards once you do so and its really quick and easy to do it and in. This video ill show you guys how to do it you can theres two different ways to do it and.

You can either sign up straight with either your playstation on your xbox account or you can create an account. And then link your xbox for psn account to it but as youll see later in the video im just. Going to be using the the sign up session and then link in my xbox account so anyway please sit. Back and enjoy and hopefully this video will help you guys get those inking rewards you guys have been worrying. About all right anyone so in order to sign up to the social club its pretty simple and easy so.

First you can sign up either manually you can sign in through your psn or your xbox now if you. Sign up manually the first of course you gotta put your date of birth just for the sake of everyone. Just go january first and the year lets just do 94 just for fun so anyway youll click next and. Of course you gotta agree to the terms of conditions thats we got to do with everything nowadays of course. You got to put your your email your password and your nickname now for my email its gonna put surety.

Xbl one of course like i said youll put your email but that was just behind and for our password. Youll put something youll make sure to remember do not forget that there is an uppercase so i as you. Can see here i am having trouble putting it make sure you put you username that you want and of. Course with me i always just put my youtube channel just be simple if you live somewhere else inside the. United states please make sure you choose that and of course if you want to get updated on the announcement.

Stuff a rock star like the rewards and things you can always click that button and now we just got. Do that you know just simple things but anyway once we get through this you then youll be here and. Its so that your comments actually successfully created and now you can see who can see your profile you can. See your friends and your country and just basically the nitty-gritty stuff about your profile you can see i just. Want everyone to see my stuff and of course you can see your feet so like your videos and your.

Photos and stuff again you can either choose your friends or your crews or nobody and of course as well. As your game stats and i mean its just its just like up to you i mean it really doesnt. Matter its just personal preference you know me i really dont care who sees what but anyway moving on we. Will eventually finish our program and well get to the loading page and of course this is everything thats going. On of course theres news and stuff thats going on such as ive read that too and gta now theres.

A new challenges or rewards that came out be posted as you see some new races and some new cars. I just got released in gta 5 and of course the rockstar red dead redemption beta just came out which. Is why you see a lot of news about red dead redemption – but then you can go to your. Profile of course if you didnt know the website its social club rockstar games calm and i go to your. Profile and see thats where you can post on your wall and your activity and stuff and ill check on.

Your games and your friends and your crews but see now when you go into your games this is theres. No gaming accounts linked to your social club now of course you can either to cut this step out you. Could record you could log into your psn or your xbox account first or you can just sign up regularly. Like we did here both ways work fine its just one way well but youll do it first and then. Finish up the rest of the steps later first as you can see right here were deciding to create the.

Account first and then well go in later with and linking our xbox or psn accounts now that we have. Decided were gonna link our gaming accounts seeking to choose between psn or twitter or xbox because if you do. Link it to your xbox account then you can get the rewards and stuff for gta and now of course. As you can see who can see your xbox live account and what that is of course mine was already. Pre-loaded on here so thats why i was able to just instantly get mine and as you see right there.

You can show who can see it and you can unlink it if you really choose the wrong one or. Whatever and thats just how you choose your account and of course you can also check out your profile and. Stuff see if everything is correct and if you ever want to change your avatar you know theres always steps. You could do as well but see now we go back to their main page and you can see that. Your xbox account is would be linked as well as the original name thats basically it i mean once you.

Do that then youll be eligible for the rewards and things and both gta and read it – when retta. – has stuff coming out i mean its pretty helpful tool i mean i do like it and let me. Especially can get the in-game award for gta i mean who doesnt love all that stuff but yeah i mean. Thank you guys very much for watching my video i mean your support is always nice and welcomed and as. Im and as im continue making these videos any comments you guys have you know id be really really happy.

To answer them i mean im just thankful you guys are keep on staying with the channel and staying with. The videos that i do of course all your support just makes me feel better i appreciate people coming back. And watching my stuff but anyway thats gonna be it thank you very much again for everything if youve any. Questions please just let me know i thank you guys very much.

Method 2 – How To Link Ps4 Account To Rockstar Social Club

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Method 3 – How To Sign Up In The Social Club (Gta 5 Gameplay)

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Method 4 – Gta 5 How To Get 200K Every Time You Join Gta Online

But i am telling you how to get to him to get every time you dont go at all it. Isnt automatically when you drunk enough tall you feel cool on grand theft auto online when you can do on. Story mode and online if you type in six they should come off no guys ill show you if you. Go on your phone and go on the in it then just go and type in c then you can.

Write this down her face paper if you want so when you type that in you show click on this. All he says joined you france and dog button sun just gonna click a plan out then it is yes. Yes no yes no yes yes if you do not do that well justin yoga rosa suggest and thats all. What your name to be doing yes yes yes no yes no yes yes so this you have to doing. With us those you can click wait a minute click no a minute look again click again dont worry five.

Minutes its time 24 foot fish 61 jim twenty hundred ie 1620 hundred eighty two one go for 300 so. Click again welcome any son and god what a couple of minutes 60 60 or near 2100 ie two hundred. Forty three hundred three hundred sixty four hundred twenty one tonight five hundred forty six hundred do i gun oh. Okay here you actually got all ten of them in well you can get them fast something thats what this. What i love the demo a little bit slow sometimes so you can fly for five minutes by little bit.

Normally five minutes then you click one two three so just keep you down tell me you got it pulling. Yall get you on your kid see ya uh one more time before you are um this video one do. Three four five six seven eight-nine gosh you just got fred to love with him for two days where your. Hope you enjoyed if you do not believe me you should just when you type six in so gals been. Like you gonna hear it and type six in saying its time to say kissing at the wrong you should.

See our best attempt and over 2,000 cash in just a way to us yeah so you can get two. Hundred thousand when you do it so hope youre not bye.

Method 5 – Gta 5 Online: How To Find Custom Jobs & Playlists – Ps4 Ps5 Xbox One Pc [2021 Update]

Hey guys its purple haze in this video im going to show you how to find and bookmark custom jobs. And custom job playlists so first off let me show you that i dont have any already bookmarks so ill. Show you how to do that so options tab or options button scroll over to online click jobs play jobs. Go down to bookmark jobs to find the actual bookmark jobs that you have stored from social club here you.

Can see i dont have any bookmark jobs so were going to back out im also going to show you. The playlists so in the same menu as opposed to going to jobs you can go down to playlists you. Can either create your own playlists or you can download and play bookmark playlists from social club and as you. Can see i dont have any on here either so im gonna go ahead and show you how to do. That well right now were gonna go over to the social club website ill keep the link in the description.

For you and then well go from there alright guys heres social club website social club rockstar games comms gonna. Give you two options with you the first time youve been there its either to sign in or sign up. If you dont have an account youre gonna have to sign up for an account and if you do you. Have to sign into your account once you do that go to the very top here if you want to. Start looking for custom jobs right away hit the jobs tab once you do that you will start to see.

Your options for jobs and you can bookmark there are things that you need to pay attention to that are. Very careful for the especially you know more importantly the platform that youre on if youre on playstation 4 click. Playstation 4 and check out the jobs here heres one by mint for life millionaire wall ride looks like he. Only needs 5,000 more plays to get to 1 million plays on this job so there are ways you can. Bookmark these jobs thats for playstation lets go to pc and find pc jobs in here will bookmark one right.

Here biggest stunt ramp gta lets bookmark this job go back lets bookmark jobs here bookmark that one and well. Bookmark the transformer parkour okay thats how you do those and you bookmark these jobs any one you want do. You think that youd look like wouldnt have fun playing bookmark it also now to get to the to the. Playlists what you need to do is you need to come up here to games tab go to grand theft. Auto 5 scroll to playlists once you do that you can see all the playlists here and you can search.

For what kind of playlist youre looking for if you want races type in races you see what kind of. Races come up verified stunt races new custom stunt races find things that you like lets pick this one right. Here new custom stunt races and lets add it to the game now when we add it to the game. Now when we go back into gta online through the options menu im going to show you how to pull. Up the the jobs that you put youve bookmarked or pull up the playlists that youve bookmarked and load into.

It and then you can just start playing it no problem so were back on gta online and what were. Gonna do now to find the custom races or the the playlists that we bookmarked is were gonna hit the. Options button get to this menu were gonna scroll over to online were gonna hit jobs play jobs now were. Gonna go to if you want to go to those two jobs that we bookmarked were gonna go to bookmark. Jobs and then those jobs that we bookmark were stunt races both of them so theyre both under the stunt.

Race category but if you just bookmark to regular land race or deathmatch or a capture or last team standing. Theyll all be under here so from here well go to stunt race and then well pick on any one. We want lets go to transformer parkour this is one of the ones that we bookmarked well click it then. You want to start this job and thatll start you right into the job and as you see weve loaded. Into it and we can now start to invite our friends or whatever we want to invite or we could.

Play it ourselves if we want to were gonna go ahead and leave that and im going to show you. The playlists also so now we are back outside of our home our apartment i wanna go to the playlist. We go back to this menu the options menu click online and now instead of going to jobs were gonna. Go to play lists were gonna go to bookmark playlists and were gonna see that bookmark playlist that we have. Here and i can click that playlist or i can make my own playlist now i can make the playlist.

Of just the jobs that ive already bookmarked myself or i can use rockstar jobs if i choose to but. Were gonna go down to the bookmark jobs click it and you can see both those bookmark jobs were just. Only have two so were gonna make a playlist of two jobs and were gonna save this playlist and we. Could save it and name it anything we want test list i will just do that and then we save. That test list and now we can go to our playlist so now we have a playlist on here and.

Now you see the playlist test list with two jobs in it but thats it man thats how you find. The jobs thats how you find the bookmark playlists and thats how you start them and play them and have. Fun like we do guys when you bookmark jobs and may ask you to restart gta online thats normal you. Can you can certainly restart it all the time so jobs just show up in your bookmark close without having. To restart it so i never do myself but you can certainly restart it if it doesnt show up and.

Thats how you find the jobs that dont show up but heres that playlist that would bookmarked oh hey if. This video is helpful make sure you like and subscribe share it out to your friends appreciate everything thanks bye.

Conclusion – How To Access Social Club In Gta 5 Ps4

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