How To Access Steam Cloud – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access steam cloud,

Method 1 – How To Reload Or Recover Steam Cloud Saves (Quick & Easy)

Hey guys and watch my tutorial for how to restore your steam in cloud game a quick habit here your. Game will only be able to be retrieved if your game did not shut down successfully since the last time. You launched yes so if you delete the save or the game is corrupted and then you open and close. The game when you close the game afterwards it will reload your information to the steam servers so that when.

You try to download again youll just download the deleted data or the corrupt steam files however if your game. Crashed or whether your computer blue screened or somewhere where steam did not register the game as successfully closing it. Will not reupload the data and that can be retrieved if your game is running is the other option you. Can close the game without steam uploading to the servers so if we go properties updates and unclick enable steam. Closed circuit synchronization youll see that cross the cloud and now you can close your game when you close it.

It wont upload to the same servers so you can just really enable that ok so now that we have. That straight on to the actual business at hand here so steam actually has a list of where all your. Steam clouds games are stored so ill put this link in the description but what you need to do is. Find the game so were doing car mechanics similar 2018 so lets define curve we can actually im like 2018. Well go to show files this will give us the path for our game so most of it is stored.

In % app data but it could be stored anywhere so you have to find that file its and its. And local oh yeah and then find that one okay so we found the game were gonna exit steam and. Were gonna delete that game save data okay so it has been deleted so now when we relaunch steam steam. Is now gonna we sink our save data from our most recent save thats why i saying if youre getting. Relaunched successfully it will not load the most recent save see now were sinking sometimes it takes a bit further.

Down at the sink okay there go now its song okay so once it sinks you can done launch your. Game and your save files should be there ill use ill show you in this case so we know i. Showed you that i deleted my app data so any files that are here will have been updated by steam. This is i did not create any these files so right there its my my profile i deleted the data. So i should not have any profile except for the ones created by steam so that hopefully is good enough.

Proof that the system works and you can actually see its sunk afterwards and thats the sinking i was talking. About which will is important to avoid if you have not closed your game yet or if your save is. Corrupt so hope this helps share it with others so everybody can get their save backs i know if i. Put hundreds of hours and do a lot of their saves so happy played.

Method 2 – How To Save Games On The Steam Cloud

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Method 3 – How To Enable

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Method 4 – How To Reset Games On Steam – Erase Game Data

Hello everyone welcome back to another tutorial video dusty here from and in todays video im going to show. You how to reset a game or erase a game in steam so you can either start it over uh. Or you want to fresh save or whatever it is now before we dive into this a couple of things. To note im going to show you two different ways to do this but first off there are certain games.

That this just isnt going to work with so any game that is a game as a service like you. See this one here path of exile or an mmo or a game that is updated and kind of all. Of everythings handled on the game servers youre not going to be able to erase that game data from your. Computer because thats all on the cloud anyways regardless normally if you have a single player game or a normal. Game within steam you are going to be able to do this so the first thing you need to do.

Within steam is open up steam log into your account and then go to steam up here in the left. Hand corner and go to settings so go ahead and go to your steam settings and then navigate over to. Cloud so select cloud here and then uncheck right here where it says enable steam cloud synchronization for applications which. Support it now um if this is checked this is not going to work so uncheck that box once thats. Done go ahead and click ok the next thing youre going to want to do is right click on the.

Game that you want to reset or erase and im going to go and do celeste so im going to. Go ahead and right click here and then go to properties now under the properties here youre going to see. A few different things go to local files itll be the middle option here local files and then go to. Browse itll let you browse the local files on your computer as we can see all of the pertinent files. Regarding that game come available to us now what you want to do is find the folder or the file.

That has something to do with saves so as you can see here it says saves if we double click. That there you can see if you have any saves related to this game it will be here so you. Select all of these here and then you just delete them so you just right click delete now for certain. Games theres going to be a file in this folder the original folder for the game that you just brought. Up via the browse feature its going to be called save dot any save s-a-v-e dot i-n-i or even some.

Of them that ive seen have been s-a-v-e dot a-n-y as well uh all games are not the same when. It comes to doing this so you may have to kind of tinker around with it to get it to. Work but thats the first method of doing that is finding either the saves folder or the saves.any file within. That specific game like you see here select those files and then right click and delete them or drag them. To the recycling bin it really doesnt matter next were going to hop on over to the browser and were.

Going to go to the steam page there on the browser as you can see i am at so. I am actually on the website now i have not even logged into my account theres really no need to. Do that and then what you want to do here is you want to search for the game that youre. Wanting to erase or youre wanting to reset on steam so as you can see ive searched for it here. On the steam search bar and then with this drop down menu you cant do it through the browse feature.

For some reason it has to be done through the browse feature go ahead and select the game that youre. Wanting to erase and then once youre here up in the browser url bar youre going to see uh the. Url and then youre going to see a number so right here youre going to see app slash 413150 we. Now want to hop over to our windows file so go to your browser here go to wherever your steam. Folder is so for me its on my pc its in my c drive and then go to program files.

And then go to steam and then what youre going to want to do is select user data but youre. Gonna have a user data number click that one to open up the games that will be listed via numbers. And as you can see all of the games that i have installed on my steam account on this pc. Have their id numbers here and the one does indeed match up here four one three one five zero that. Is stardew valley if i select that folder there you will see here any files that are in this folder.

Delete them so any files that are under user data the number right here delete all of them so select. All of those files right click delete drag into the recycling bin and that will then reset that as well. I hope this was helpful again certain games youre just not going to be able to do this with if. You have any questions or any problems doing this please put them in the comments section below maybe you can. Help others who are experiencing the same problem as you are but thank you guys so much for watching this.

Video dont forget to like share and subscribe if it helps you out and i will see you guys in. The next video you.

Method 5 – How To Recover Save File From Steam Cloud For Any Game Link In Description

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Conclusion – How To Access Steam Cloud

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