How To Access Steam Workshop – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access steam workshop,

Method 1 – How To Access Workshop On Steam (Tutorial)

Hey guys welcome back to another video today ill be showing you how to access workshop on steam lets get. Right into it so first youre gonna obviously want to open up steam and you have to make sure that. The game supports workshop not not every single game supports workshop for instance if i went to brawlhalla youre gonna. Notice that this game does not support workshop usually there would be a button around here that says a workshop.

But we went to arc survival of the fittest im gonna notice that workshop option is here once you press. Workshop were gonna take you to the community tab and show you mods and all-out right here you can download. For the game now there is a secondary option for opening up steam workshop which youre gonna want to do. Is open up the game that supports it and theres a certain two button thing i wanna press ok so. For this example im actually be using gmod because its an easy game to load anyways so what youre gonna.

Want to do is you dont wanna press shift + tab and its gonna bring up this menu now for. This menu you what youre gonna want to do is this wait workshop up here youre gonna press it and. Gonna seem to bring up that same tab as before but its gonna bring up for the specific game only. For instance you see how it automatically says gmod it says workshop and it shows you all the stuff you. Can download for this game gmod does have another option but for most games this is the best option for.

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Method 2 – Steam Workshop | How To

Welcome to the steam workshop how-to tutorial video as a content creator on the steam workshop we see and get. This question a lot and thats why ladies and gentlemen this video was created the following will be explained arena. In this video and that is what is the steam workshop and what do you need and how to find. Or get to the steam workshop how to subscribe or download the content how to play the content and how.

To unsubscribe from content if you know everything already then this video is most likely not something for you now. What is the steam workshop the workshop consists of downloadable content for your game which are made by the community. You could see this as dlc which at the time of making this video is completely free because we might. See some paid content in the future so what do you need for all this well you need a steam. Account obviously and the steam client to download and keep the content to date you also need a game on.

Steam which supports the steam workshop how to get to the steam workshop there are a few ways to get. To the steam workshop and ill be showing you two of them one of them is by going to the. Steam client or browser and then you hover over community with your mouse and then you can click on workshop. From here on out you have to search for the games workshop you are looking for with the search function. Another way is to go to your game library and then click a game and then you can click workshop.

There and this will bring you directly to the workshop of that game the most important thing how to download. Or subscribe to content on the steam workshop you probably know how to subscribe to a channel on youtube now. The steam workshop is no different you can go to a workshop page and click subscribe just like that now. Youre a subscribed and the content will be downloaded by steam and get up-to-date automatically as a bonus you can. Help out creator by liking the map and of course favoriting and are sharing it but of course only if.

You think the content is worth it you can also check out all the content a creator has ever released. To the workshop by clicking on the name here and as well even follow a creator by clicking on the. Follow button now you will get a post in your activity feed whenever the creator releases something new to the. Workshop how to play the content and for example we have a csgo map here now lets try out the. Csgo map we just subscribe to launch csgo and when youre in the main menu go to play and then.

Offline with bots or if you want to play with friends chose that option now go to the workshop tab. And click the map now all you have to do is click go if it happens you dont see the. Map you can click on the refresh button over here it might also help to restart your steam or csgo. If that fails how to unsubscribe from content to find everything you are subscribed to you will want to go. Back to the steam workshop page as shown earlier but this time you might have to scroll down a little.

Bit and then click on your workshop files now you can click on subscribe items on the right and this. Will show all the content you are subscribed to simply click unsubscribe if you no longer want this content i. Hope this video helped you out and that it was easy enough to follow and did not go too fast. Because there is sure some nice content to find on the steam workshop so what are you waiting for go. Explore the workshop and subscribe away and if you have found something nice you can always share it in the.

Comments below feel free to subscribe like and share this video with anyone that doesnt know about the workshop yet. I hope to see you in the next video you.

Method 3 – Steam Workshop – How To Trace And Find Files

Hey everybody welcome back to another video so today im going to show you this process that ive been calling. Reverse lookup basically what it is is a method that i use to track down steam games and steam workshop. Items now why would you want to do this well what ive noticed in the past is when ive unsubbed. From items in a steam workshop usually they should get deleted with an update but sometimes i end up with.

An orphaned process it also happens a lot when youve deleted a game but youve not unsubbed from the workshop. Items before or after for whatever reason now another reason you might want to dig around in the guts of. Your steam folders is you may want to edit files or you may need to make a change or you. Might want to move them so theres multiple reasons right so lets crack on start tracking some stuff down so. How do we go about doing that first things first come to steam and select any one of your games.

Because were going to be looking for the workshop folders right so select your game right click on it manage. Browse local files now were not really interested in these files we just want to get to the steam apps. Path really quickly so click on steam apps and then click on the workshop folder and then click on content. Okay so we see all this gibberish all of these numbers well what are these these are actually game id. So theyre associated to all the games youve got installed on your hard drive so you know each one of.

These that youre seeing highlighted is represented here okay so thats the game id and then where the workshop items. Are there youve just got to drill down in fact theyll be here so these are all workshop items right. So how do we associate the games to these numbers well i like to use the following tool and that. Is steamdb so let me bring it up sort of web browser dont worry about the link ill stick that. In the comments section down below for you if you dont know it already but were going to do is.

Put the id in here so lets just bring that up again where is that folder find it there we. Go cool right so were going to put in this one here which is what well just do the first. One 107 410 so 1074 ten okay hit return and there we go it says armor which is good to. Know and likewise you can put any of the others in and it will give you the steam well the. Steam game for it okay right so now we know this is armor well drill down because now we want.

To know what all these mods are because thats a thats a lot of mods okay what do you do. Next well im gonna go back into steam okay and then what ill do is any ill grab any one. Of these files that has a steam workshop going for it there we go because i want to get the. Specific url that im going to need so this is what im after let me just select any item okay. And then im gonna do right click copy page url okay go back to my browser open up another page.

Paste it in there as you can see here is that particular mods workshop id so im going to get. Rid of that okay because this is where im going to paste in oh lets get rid of steam im. Going to paste this in one of these in lets just throw it in there if i will just resize. This up a little bit okay cool so these are quite im not gonna type those in ill do the. Same trick as usual ill do a right click ill do a rename and then ill just copy it okay.

Now ill put it right here at the end okay press return and boom it tells me exactly which mod. Is installed im free to choose whether i delete it move it keep it whatever or try and edit it. You know at least i know what is on my hard drive so anyway guys thats all there is to. Tracking and tracing sort of lost workshop items on your pc i hope you found that useful stick around for. Another video but until next time my friends this is hipkel signing off.

Method 4 – Steam Workshop Tutorial For Cities: Skylines

Everybody welcome back my name is yumble and today id like to talk to you about how i approach the. Steam workshop how i organize collections how i approach using mods from the steam workshop different best practices tips and. Tricks to get the most out of the steam workshop all of the mods and assets that youre going to. See are user created or community created theyre all free in the steam workshop they all get updated for free.

I do recommend supporting the content creators that produce this the community members that that create the mods and the. Assets that we all use are amazing and they deserve support in in whatever way they list in their descriptions. But everything that youre looking at is is free to use but i want to show you how to get. The best value out of the steam workshop lets do it the first thing id like to do is tell. You why i use the steam workshop one its because i bought city skylines through steam and i actually recommend.

That you do too heres why uh many of you probably got the game for free in other launchers from. Other companies that may be the case the reason that i recommend spending money on a game that you may. Have got for free so you can get it through steam is because the mods that you subscribe to get. Updated automatically so what this means is for instance weve got this recent recent mod inner city bus control from. From bloody penguin i dont need this right now but i like the idea thats pretty cool here just in.

General these the steam workshop works on a subscription system so rather than hitting a button that says download and. Then moving the given mod to a folder in your file system what this does is it it does that. You know you hit subscribe and its putting the the mod file thats changing the game into a specific destination. A specific file path in your system and cities can read that but whats really beautiful and and what makes. It distinct with subscribing is that if bloody penguin decides to update this mod if theres an update to the.

Game that the developer pushes and all of your mods are out of date you are going to have problems. So this is great because modders are constantly creating for the workshop and also updating their mods to be compatible. With the latest version of city skylines if you do this process manually youll find yourself having to create lists. Of what mods you use going in re-downloading the latest version of the mod copying it to the given folder. For every time the game gets updated thats insane like thats so much work if you do it in the.

Cities workshop the steam workshop for city skylines its automatically going to push updates to broken mods and broken assets. As they come out i think thats brilliant the other beautiful thing about the steam workshop is that youve got. This this dialogue going on youve got a community surrounding cities and a bunch of content creators that are making. Mods and assets for you to use right for for free i recommend supporting them but you also get this. Dialogue where you can give them feedback you can give them direct feedback on how their mod helped the game.

How it you know maybe caused an error how its uh whatever you know you can you get to let. Them know how their mod affected your your game or ask questions i i think questions are really powerful i. See a lot of mean stuff in this honestly so be nice to your content creators please they make really. Nice stuff and they give it to you for free so you know be kind lets talk about some best. Practices when using the steam workshop i strongly recommend running it in your browser so youll see that im using.

I happen to be using google chrome here whatever your browser of choice is your web browser i would recommend. Using a web browser thats logged in with your steam account rather than using the steam browser i found that. The steam browser is really chunky and cumbersome and not not too great at navigating in my opinion maybe some. Of you use the steam browser solely like theres a web browser that pops up when you go to the. Workshop through the the steam application down here i would recommend you can literally google cities workshop if you google.

The words cities workshop the first and second link that come up are going to be for the steam workshop. For city skylines bookmark that and anytime you want to change your assets click that link rather than using steam. I also strongly recommend i i implore you do not have the game running while youre doing this do not. Subscribe to mods with the game running do not unsubscribe from mods everybody says my pavement disappeared my my surface. Painter markings have all disappeared you did that you unsubscribed or subscribed to a mod or an asset while the.

Game was running and it it affects things negatively because youre literally changing the file system of the game while. The game is running not good you know so so dont do that thats a best practice for sure um. As i said earlier the way that this works is you subscribe so you pick a given a given mod. Or asset assets are objects that get used in game mods are changes to the game files so two distinct. Things this is a mod has to be a mod the way that it works is a subscription system you.

Subscribe to the mod and it automatically will download when you open the when you open up steam it also. Means itll automatically update like i said earlier um read the description everybody there are so many there are comments. In the mods themselves and then theres comments on the the stuff that i make so i make youtube videos. Right and im on steam a lot of the issues that people have when they say yumble you recommended this. Mod and it was it was supposed to be the greatest mod in the world but it didnt work because.

Of some reason 99.999 of that can be avoided by reading the description read the entire description every single time. You use a mod or an asset read the description and check compatibility like please make sure that its compatible. With all the mods you already use or if you find an incompatibility factor that in mentally because thats going. To affect things also check the comments just like i said earlier that feedback thing that dialogue if youre seeing. A lot of people having issues and you think its kind of a credible issue that you might run into.

Then you know go into it knowing that rather than subscribing to a to a random mod not reading the. Description not reading the comments coming out the other end going yumble whyd you tell me to do this when. Its like oh because a lot of my responses are oh in the description it says this you should read. It like im sorry if it sounds silly but its not read the description also this little box over here. Required items these are your dependencies so this happens to require harmony which is just a general mod dependency its.

Kind of a its a plug-in for unity that allows a bunch of the mods in your game to work. And its actually super duper important so ensure that you have all the required items with assets it might be. Ac units you know this is another single required item a lot of a lot of given mods or assets. Will have a series of required items okay i like that high school but it doesnt have any record doesnt. Suit my purposes right now how about this okay platform lite this will often be a list if youre downloading.

A map itll be a list including trees and networks and everything go through if youre going to subscribe to. Something i recommend clicking on each one and seeing if theres sub dependencies as well this one requires custom effect. Loader down the rabbit hole we go and weve reached the end so in order to use this building you. Actually need to install the platform light which means you need to install custom effect loader so always make sure. That you get the dependencies for mods and assets especially mods assets they may be optional you dont know until.

You know so id recommend getting the or at least being aware of required items for using a given mod. Also one one final note on this check the age of a of a given mod if you search something. Up and you find the coolest mod like uh i dont know it doesnt it doesnt matter im gonna find. Anything any old uh most popular all time okay move it alright heres a little known mod move it ive. Heard of that it was it was last updated march 8th thats amazing the this iteration was originally posted january.

9th 2019 which is fine its been at the making of this video its about two and a half years. Ago thats great but its also been updated march 8th which was only a few a month or two ago. Which ensures that its compatible with the uh latest version of skylines always check these things every single time if. You subscribe to something from 2015 and it says um you know the name of the mod or asset and. It says uh depreciated or whatever irrelevant if in parentheses it says use new version be aware of that so.

Check the date and double check the comments anytime youre subscribing anything old because oftentimes old things will not work. In the current version of the game the game has changed so very much its been updated so many times. Do yourself a favor read the description check the dependencies check the comments check the date love yourself moving on. Id like to talk about some more organizational aspects of the steam workshop i think the interface is is pretty. Clunky and a little bit dated but what it does is really good and you can use it to your.

Advantage creators and users of the workshop can make what are called collections and if you want to see a. Given creators collection i think my favorite way to search the workshop in fact in general is to google so. Check it out im going to type in my name and im not even i dont even have that many. Things i dont even have that many things in the workshop but youll see within a few within a few. Links youll see my steam community thats all well and good thats me workshop items so you can google your.

Favorite creator click workshop items and youll be able to see all of their contributions to the workshop mine are. Fairly modest um you know more to come probably im more of a video maker than a than a thing. Maker but id love to do more interchanges but this is how you can find your favorite asset creators assets. Very very quickly and not have to deal with the poorly optimized search the not really very optimized search of. The steam workshop but heres the important button collections here so if you want to see somebodys collections a lot.

Of people say yumble where where are all your mods and stuff theyre in the collections theyre linked in my. About page on youtube thats how you can get here also go to the about page but these are all. Of my collections right so i did one for utilities and services vehicles networks transit parking maps buildings education parks. Page two interchanges okay where are the pictures doesnt really matter interchanges and mods the mods are the kind of. The holy grail collection the rest are all assets but these are all the different uh the different things that.

I use so feel free to check out my stuff but you can make your own stuff is the real. Point let me uh let me figure out how to make a collection one second remember how i said the. Workshop is kind of cumbersome well welcome to it its a little its a little inconvenient but you go to. The main page here so lets say this is the city skylines workshop page so google cities workshop and itll. Be the first and second link well bring you here the way you create a collection is hover over browse.

Click collections and then create a collection a reason you might want to create a collection is for sharing purposes. Um thats mostly why i make collections is because people want to know what mods and assets im using so. Thats really good maybe you just want to make a collection of like mods for my new city you know. Whatever the case may be its just just a collection of mods for your new city you dont want to. Over subscribe to mods you want to have a collection just just for you so you can load that up.

When you load your new city thats great maybe you pick um lets see what do we have thats pretty. Terrible um so you pick an image i picked an image of my face thats great you can describe it. And just say mods for parkville you know whatever your city is called thats thats a good example these are. Items that will work together and itll show a subscribe all button up in the corner the subscribe all button. Just just for the sake of example itll look like this um where are my collections files ive posted collections.

These are my collections and that subscribe all button and click my mod collection and this subscribe to all unsubscribe. To all these buttons are here be leery of those if youre staring down the barrel of a collection that. Has a subscribe to all button nothing is guaranteed and i do not even recommend doing this on my own. 100 item long mod collection here do you remember what i said about dependencies and reading the description if youre. Hitting subscribe to all youre not checking the dependencies youre not checking the description i i still recommend going in.

And clicking on each mod and ensuring that theyre all compatible because i dont even use every mod on my. Own list there we go im not im not using that because it causes errors right now so go zoning. Adjuster i dont use it its incompatible with this adaptive roads was causing errors so these are mods that all. May work well in the future but right now im saving them in my collection until that day comes but. Thats what this button does it gives that that subscribe to all unsubscribe to all button there um or you.

Can get rid of that button i items that users users should choose between in this case it would be. Like a mod collection and a map you know whatever designation you want save and continue and now youre allowed. To add the the items that you want to use in that collection and thats great the way that i. Recommend actually doing this theres a theres a better way so this is the collection in question uh maybe ill. Go back to the main workshop heres the best way to add a mod to a collection click on the.

Given mod go to the page this is inner city bus control from earlier you can do add to collection. Check the box of the thing that you want to that you want to do once youve created the collection. So lets uh i dont think ive published it yet or you know i havent finished it but once ive. Made it to the end of these things the image the publish all that then there is a theres a. Thing oh no its already there actually mods for my new city im not actually going to create this but.

Mods for my new city you can check it there and hit ok and then this mod will show up. In that given collection that youve just created its really powerful its its easier to maintain than it is to. Start initially in my opinion so the sooner you start making collections for your city the happier youll be when. You decide to switch cities and then come back to the original city or its its really like i can. Keep up with all of my collections no problem but if i had to go back and redo them all.

I would be pulling my hair out so start this as soon as possible rip off the band-aid start making. Collections start taking care of your mods you finally did it you did it didnt you you subscribed to everything. Every asset every mod youre crazy whyd you do that now its time to manage all of it so this. Is the city skylines main menu weve just subscribed to a couple things or we just made some changes whatever. The case may be the content manager is now the place youre going to want to go mods when you.

Download them are are not active by default which is distinct from assets anytime you download an asset its automatically. Deemed on in city skylines im not sure how it works across games or anything like that but its automatically. Turned on if its an asset mods are by default off so if youve subscribed to a new mod and. Youre wondering why its not working you can go in and hit enabled order descending and you can see the. Mods that are not on right now like look at this i got i got new cube maps thats something.

I havent talked about on youtube yet sky boxes you want to change your sky get a cube map um. Im going to turn that on real time not using it right now love it not using it right now. Im going to leave it off thats intentional hard mode were going to leave that off ive uh you know. Thats okay im inexperienced thats what it is more challenge for experienced players sorry noob um everything else is on. So the rest of the list is going to be on so thats a thats a clever way sort by.

Enabled order descending a good way to organize your mods and see which one is not turned on yet right. And remember you have to turn them on for them to appear in game or for their options to exist. In game so that button is going to be grayed out and the the mod is is dormant its in. Your system if its on this list it is downloaded but it is not engaged a lot of mods that. Are conflicting or that shouldnt be installed together should be unsubscribed so you can click this to unsubscribe which is.

Just as good as unchecking the subscribe button in your browser you can do that here you can do it. Just as easily in your browser but everythings here also so if you want to uninstall something entirely then get. Rid of it especially if theres a conflict and you know that theres a known conflict between an important mod. For you and a mod that you have thats turned off just get rid of it frankly i dont have. A good example of that here most of my mods are turned on um but if theres conflict just unsubscribe.

Just say no you know i think thats the best way to do it rather than just unchecking another key. Thing about this so lets g.

Conclusion – How To Access Steam Workshop

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