How To Access Text Messages On Icloud – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access text messages on icloud, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access text messages on icloud,

Method 1 – Messages In Icloud – Storage And How It Works

Hi everyone aaron here for zolo tech and with ios 11.4 apple finally released messages in icloud and thats available. On the iphone and ipad or any ios device running 11.4 now what that means if youre familiar with messages. Is that everything is in sync and i know a lot of people have asked me well i know that. I get messages on my iphone and sometimes they show up on my mac or my ipad but they dont.

Necessarily sync if you have a new device unless its backed up it wont sync exactly the same and maybe. Youve started a conversation while this device was off you finished the conversation here you go back to your ipad. And its not there this completely syncs both of these and ive created all these different examples to show you. Now the first thing you need to know is you have to turn it on you cant just start using. It its not on by default so what youll do is you go to settings go to your account here.

Once you were in that account tap on icloud and youll get to this page youll see here you have. Messages you want to flip this switch on and that will activate messages in icloud now the initial sync may. Take some time and requires wi-fi and your power to be plugged in depending on the amount of storage you. Have apple hasnt really specified this but i noticed this when i first turned it on on certain devices such. As this ipad it needed to be plugged in and on wi-fi because i have a lot of messages that.

Go back years so what that means is it pushes all of your data to icloud and you need to. Make sure you have enough icloud storage in order to use this so if you go to settings and youll. See here im on the two terabyte plan and its a family plan so its shared across multiple devices and. I have plenty so thats not a problem now lets take a look at how much storage is actually on. Icloud thats using messages in particular youll see i have twenty point six gigabytes worth of messages synced to icloud.

So this took some time and here you can see all the different kinds of conversations and go into them. Individually but 20.6 gigabytes so remember that now lets check the actual device itself and see how much storage is. Being used on the phone so if i go to general i go to iphone storage and it loaded and. Youll see i only have 780 3.1 megabytes being used on my iphone directly so 20.6 gigabytes are stored on. The cloud and only 780 3.1 are stored here the same is true for the ipad as well and everythings.

Just synced now what that means is all of my messages are here but maybe i have a conversation that. Goes back years so lets just take this one for example say i have a ton of conversations and i. Can keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and it goes back years and years while only a certain subset or. Recent messages are sent here and stored on your phone if you need to go back and then it pulls. Them from the cloud and puts them here youll be able to go back years and see them but to.

Save storage space and to optimize your phone a little bit better it stores most of that on the cloud. Now the nice thing about messages in icloud is that everything is synced so maybe ill go to this one. Here ill type the message hello and this is going to give me an error because this isnt a real. Account but it will sync over here so if i go to messages youll see hello is already there i. Can say hi again over here and it shows up here now again i can go back and forth all.

Day long and just say hello go back and forth and they will show up back and forth depending on. What youre doing it doesnt matter what youre saying if its an emoji or whatever it goes back and forth. And syncs really quickly now what if i dont want this conversation anymore if i go back here i delete. It from here it deletes it will delete over here and instantly its gone so youll see its just not. There anymore and thats something that wasnt possible before now i can do the same with a new conversation i.

Can start it over here itll be named iphone 10 hello it will give me an error but it will. Immediately show up again over here and its the same exact thing so everything is in sync between all of. These devices so that means every conversation and that holds true across any device that im signed in with my. Apple id and have mess in icloud turned on so that could be 20 devices it could be 2 devices. Or even one just for storage for now so youll save a lot of storage itll be stored here and.

Its a really convenient feature no its not yet available on the mac so hopefully that will be an update. Soon but right now its on all these ios devices that were an ios 11 point four so its a. Really convenient feature and hopefully that helps you get a better understanding of messages in icloud if you have any. Other comments or things to add about messages in icloud let me know in the comments below if you havent. Subscribed already please subscribe and like as always thanks for watching this is aaron ill see you next time.

Method 2 – How To View And Export Messages On Icloud [100% Works]

How to view text messages i messages on a cloud is there any way to view the text messages and. I messages on a cloud without restoring to i device download phone rescue on your computer and run it click. Recover from icloud and login with your icloud account note if you turn on two-factor authentication you need to enter. The code displayed on your ios device click icloud backup and check your icloud backups before viewing the content you.

Need to download the backups you can download the one you need click to continue after scanning you can view. All your messages from icloud with well-organized order here you can view all your messages besides the existing messages you. Can find the messages you deleted before better yet you can export the messages you need to your computer with. The format you like that is the end of this tutorial thanks for watching.

Method 3 – How To Recover Deleted Text Messages On Iphone: 5 Ways (2021)

Today today today today were going to be talking about something pretty cool something i havent talked much about before. But that is iphones so i am pretty much 100 positive that all of you have one of these in. Your back pocket right now and one of the apps that you probably use the most is messages but what. Happens when you accidentally delete one say you want to get the conversation back maybe some photos that you had.

Sent to someone and you accidentally deleted it what do you do now well youre in luck because today were. Going to be covering just that and were starting right now so if youre like most iphone users the messages. App is probably of utmost importance to you and this is compounded especially if you use this for professional reasons. And so it would cause a pretty understandable punch to the gut if uh you all of a sudden lost. A conversation that was either really important or contained some important information or documents attachments photos etc but dont despair.

Just yet because weve got these five quick things were gonna be running through right now and the first one. Is use your icloud backup so this one is probably the most obvious but if you regularly use icloud and. Sync your phone with icloud you can just tap into that backup and pull basically anything that you want from. Any point in time its a lot like time machine for mac if youre familiar now i should warn you. Real quick that you should use caution when you use this method as it does require you to restore your.

Phone to a factory setting and if thats a bit too much commitment for you and understandably so its a. Bit of a scary concept then i would recommend you try the other four methods in this tutorial before using. This one and just kind of use it as a last resort but if youre comfortable then you can follow. These steps to restore from an icloud backup go ahead and open your settings app then go to general and. Select the reset option next tap erase all content and settings and confirm your choice by clicking erase now this.

Is a pretty sketchy thing to do i know but as long as you have your icloud backup you have. Nothing to fear so lets move on next up go ahead and follow your phones instructions until you see the. Apps in data page and from there choose restore from icloud backup then from here youll sign into your icloud. Account and choose the most recent backup that you know contains the conversation that you had before it was deleted. So for example if you had the conversation last week and you deleted the message today then youll want to.

Go back to that backup that was made last week or anytime before last week when that conversation took place. Finally wait for the recovery process to finish and you should have your conversation back now keep in mind as. Of june 2020 im using ios 13.5.1 which is the latest version however this should be duplicable for pretty much. Any ios version out there as this procedure really hasnt changed much in the last several years now the second. Method is we can actually retrieve messages from an icloud backup individually now this is kind of dependent on a.

Couple things here the first is the territory in which you live and the second is entirely predicated upon whether. Or not youve turned on messages inside of the icloud backup setting itself so yeah theres a couple conditions with. This one but if you happen to luck out then it works really well and you can actually check to. See whether you are able to do this method by just going to your settings then clicking on your profile. Icloud and seeing if messages is turned on now if not you can skip this method it doesnt really matter.

Its just another one to check off the list but if you are one of the lucky souls to have. This enabled inside your settings then go ahead and follow these steps just go ahead and open the settings app. Tap your name and select icloud and go ahead and uncheck messages and click disable and download messages then once. Its finished go ahead and check messages again now something important to note about this method is that theres a. Couple reasons why you need to turn off text messages in the third step that i just mentioned firstly turning.

Them off actually forces your iphone to download the most recent versions of those messages straight from icloud right to. Your phone second you want to prevent your iphone from telling icloud to get rid of the deleted messages that. Youre trying to recover once that happens you wont be able to use this method anymore so use caution with. That as well now method number three is using itunes to recover your messages this is very similar to the. Icloud backup except this time were going to be using an itunes backup so hopefully if youre an iphone user.

Youve been connecting your iphone to your computer to sync it with itunes for your music and all your movies. And stuff like that at least once in a while and if youve done this theres a good chance that. Theres an itunes backup waiting for you on your computer that you could use to restore your messages now the. Process that im going to be using and showing you how to do today is only applicable to mac os. Catalina or later if you happen to have mac os mojave for example its a lot of the same process.

Its just not exactly the same i dont have time to go over every single option today its very similar. But theres a lot of tutorials in our guide which i will link to down below in the description if. Youre interested so to restore from your itunes backup connect your iphone to your mac next launch finder and select. Your iphone under locations then click the restore backup button in the general tab then pick the most recent and. Relevant backup that you want to restore then enter your password if youre asked and click restore so again this.

Is very similar to icloud youre just taking a backup that was loaded onto your computer at some point putting. It back onto your phone and that will come with all of the messages that you may have deleted from. Past weeks days years whatever method number four is going to be using recovery software so if youve made it. To this point in the video then theres probably a good chance that you havent gotten your messages back which. I know it sucks but dont fret we still have a couple more methods to go over and this one.

Is particularly powerful and by far my favorite the avenue that were going to be taking is using a software. Called disk drill which is going to go into the phone and pull the messages out for us all completely. Intact and ready to go now before we get started in this method there is something that i want to. Just take a real quick 30 seconds to explain thatll make this process a lot quicker easier and simpler to. Understand so each minute that goes by that you use your phone constantly theres files that are being written and.

Pulled from the memory thats inside of the phone and as you continue to use your phone the chances of. Recovery unfortunately go down and down and down why is that well the basic premise of file recovery is were. Trying to not overwrite the files because what happens when you delete something is that space or that file is. Just marked as open and available ready to be overwritten at a later date by some other file like a. Photo or even another message and so at this point if youre still using your phone and downloading games and.

Apps and things like that to your phone i would recommend that you stop that or at least try and. Keep it to a minimum before you run the software because whats gonna happen is as you use your phone. Its going to continue to overwrite files and those files that are overwritten might end up being your messages and. So you dont want to have that happen and so minimizing the amount that you use your phone before you. Scan it with software is paramount so with that being said lets go ahead and recover our messages first of.

All go ahead and go down to the link in the description where you can download and install disk drill. From the official clever files website and once its connected go ahead and launch disk drill and at this point. Youll have a couple tutorials which you can run through if you want to just kind of teach you all. About the interface and how it works but once you get through that you can go ahead and initialize the. Free scan just like this by clicking the recovery button next to your iphone now from here well just wait.

For the scan to finish and i will come back to you once its done alright so once it is. Finished you can go ahead and preview all of the deleted and existing text messages just like this you can. See which ones are intact and even some of the attachments and things that have been sent through messages inside. Of your iphone which is super cool once you find the text messages that you want simply select them just. Like this then click the recover button and get your text back finally number five the last way that you.

Can get your text messages back is by contacting your carrier so if all else fails contacting your carrier can. Be an extremely beneficial method to getting text messages back especially in the event of a legal suit or some. Kind of professional engagement where you need those messages back or else well its definitely not the most reliable way. Its certainly worth a shot especially if your carrier supports that kind of thing or theyre more apt to give. You your text messages back in the event of a loss for example and since all of you guys im.

Sure have different carriers i cant possibly begin to explain how to do it for every single person but im. Just going to be going over the basic premise of how to do it from inside your iphone so heres. How go ahead and open your settings app on your iphone then go to general and tap about at the. Top of the list and heres where youll see your carrier now from here you can visit your carriers website. And get things like contact information to actually get in touch with them and tell them your situation and perhaps.

Just maybe theyll be able to work with you and get your text messages back and honestly i wish you. Guys all the best of luck with that because losing text messages or really anything from your phone or any. Device is an extremely scary and just kind of mini heart attack situation but anyway i hope that this video. Genuinely helped you guys i really hope it did and if it did always be sure to leave us a. Like down below also be sure to let us know down below in the comments section if you have any.

Questions or comments about things that you want to know or if you want me to cover something in a. Future video be sure to let us know down below in the comments as well but with that being said. My name is andy thank you for watching you.

Method 4 – How To Recover Messages From Icloud On Iphone – No Computer

Hello everyone i met here and today i will be solving a problem where icloud wont restore your messages even. When messages are enabled in icloud first of all please subscribe to my channel if you havent subscribed yet it. Will help a lot so last night i downgraded my mobile phone newly released ios 13.2 to i us thirteen. Point one point three because i us 13 point to add some multitasking and then management issues because of it.

It didnt work well for me so i decided to upgrade but when i downgraded my device what i found. Out was that all of my messages were gone but then i went to icloud and i found out that. My messages are in there if i click on many storage i can clearly see that the messages are there. As you all can see 62 points 3 mb it means all four messages are there so i decided to. Work a bit on it and i found out two ways by which i can be so my messages from.

Icloud so first of all you have to go to your account we have to load out cookies enter your. Password to turn off find my iphone click on turn off keep a copy of showdown in tison data removed. From his iphone will still be available in nightclubs enable all the options down below if you want to keep. A copy of all this data on your iphone then click sign up are you sure it may take a. Minute to remove your write load data from his iphone and it will also take some time to make a.

Copy of a dead tie and save it to your iphone if you have enabled all these options after that. Tap on sign out now this procedure will take time according to your data of that how much data it. Has to copy it wont take much longer itll hardly take 1 to 2 minutes now it has signed me. Out of icloud now click on sign-in to your iphone enter your apple id okay when into your password after. Their tap on next therefore if you love doing education till also theyre going to do resolution ewing type out.

After the after bag that i will show you you guys we get you back 19 us we will enter. My current iphones passcode so that it will use these passwords you access the same password and other sensitive data. Stored and i can read my password now im signed back in now click on icloud and you can see. The green bar my messages are still there when you click on manage storage you can see it still 60. 2.3 mb but this is surprising that my messages are disabled by default when i log back in so just.

Turn it on sometimes this solves the problem and the messages start to download and this bar appears at the. Bottom of your screen in the messages have downloading messages from icloud but if this doesnt help then what you. Have to do is you have to turn it off manually and you will see it is asking for two. Options whether to disable and download messages or cancel the option you have to click on disable and download messages. Then it will 100% work and your device will start to download messages for my clothes then you can mail.

Again and this is it from todays video guys it is 100% help you and im sure that if it. Helps you then you subscribe to my channel and like the video it will really help me guys please have. Me go i really have very less followers by now only have 125 subscribers i really want more so please. Help me out watch other videos links are given in the description and these videos are really good for your. Iphone please check them out too and please subscribe to my channel and like the video and comment down below.

If this helps you thank you so much this is i made peace out.

Method 5 – Messages In Icloud: Everything You Need To Know

Long after originally promised messages in icloud is finally here with a recent update of mac os 10 13 5. And ios 11.4 were going to dive in to see exactly how it works what it does and how you. Can enable it welcome to apple insider everyone this is andrew imessage is one of the biggest selling points of. Apples ecosystem it works amazing across all their platforms but there was still a little bit of synchronization issue to.

Eating a message on one place wouldnt delete it other places that has been all fixed now with the release. Of messages in icloud with now the release of eleven point four and mac os 10 thirteen five it now. Works starting on the mac it is really easy to enable has head to messages then the preferences go over. To account which is the second tab and then simply tick that little box it says enable messages in icloud. Now itll free up space on your mac by uploading all of your messages conversation attachments all of that right.

Into your icloud storage so you save a little bit space on your mac and all that data is available. Across all of your devices plus when you get a new device your entire history will be there because again. It is all saved inside of icloud once it is enabled on your mac we can go ahead and enable. It on our ios device whether its our iphone or ipad to do so all you have to do is. Launch the settings app click on your profile picture and your apple id right there on the top or sign.

In if you have yet to do so then tap on icloud now you just find this slider next to. Messages and and enable it in the future if you ever go to disable it itll give you a little. Pop-up window letting you know that it has to download all the messages before it can turn it off for. Those like me that have a huge conversation back history with people over many many years and send tons and. Tons of attachment this is amazing it clears off so much space off of your device and it gives you.

All that history so you dont have to delete anything you can keep all that history and get more space. On your device of course you do an internet connection to download some of those things and it does take. Up some of your icloud storage if you dont have a paid subscription to icloud store youre probably going to. Need one to really take advantage of messages in icloud i dont ever delete any of my messages and i. Have like 30 some gigs over the course of the past several several years with everyone that i talked to.

In use i was really impressed with how quickly this thing to cross i believe an imessage right here on. My iphone barely a second later that message disappears right on my mac it works pretty flawless in the background. And saves me so much space while most of this is overwhelmingly positive theyre still drawbacks aside from taking up. Quite a bit of icloud space that you get very little bit to begin with it doesnt really work across. All platforms or screen your iphone ipad and your mac but not against apple watch if i delete that message.

Right there in my phone its still hanging out here on my watch it doesnt go away same thing in. Reverse if i delete a message on my apple watch it doesnt delete on my phone maybe well see full. Support for that come with a watch os 5 at dub dub dc another lamentation that should be fairly obvious. Is this doesnt work with text messages so even though your text messages may come to all your devices your. Watch or phone your computer if you delete one of them on your phone its not an imessage so that.

Does not sync across thats not stored inside of icloud so those things are still available on your other devices. And would have to be manually deleted as well so what do you guys think of messages in icloud was. It worth the wait have you gone upgraded let us know down below if you enjoy this video like it. And hit that subscribe button also check out a price guide which makes it extremely easy to find the best. Deals and apple products updated daily be sure to follow us on social media and well see you in the.

Next video.

Conclusion – How To Access Text Messages On Icloud

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