How To Access Text Messages Through Gmail – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access text messages through gmail, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access text messages through gmail,

Method 1 – How To Read Mobile’s Sms In G Mail

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Method 2 – How To Read Text Messages Remotely On Other Phone

Hello fam you are welcome to my youtube channel the one movie today we are learning how to read text. Messages from our other phone so you have two phones and you want to read text messages on this phone. Or on this phone using the other phone so now you have traveled and youve left one of your phones. Home or with your wife or with your kid and you want to read all text messages on that phone.

Stay with me to the end and this doesnt require installing any application so lets start but before we dive. Into it please if you havent subscribed to my youtube channel do me a favor and subscribe and turn the. Bell icon for push notifications of our new uploads thank you very much now i have bunch of messages on. This phone and i want to use this phone to read all these messages here good so now this is. The messages we want to read on this phone so what you need to do is to come to this.

Phone and open in a browser so open in a browser with my case ill open chrome browser and type. good so we type then you scroll down so you find what it says let me see if. I can zoom messages for web click on that and now the moment you click on that this is what. You are going to see and remember this computer you have to toggle this future which says remember this computer. On so you toggle this on so that you will not be logged out when you come back so now.

Youve toggled this on you this is a buy code that you need to scan so lets go to our. Other phone you click you open your um your message app so this is your message app where you you. Receive all your messages open it then you see this three um these three vertica um dots so click on. This and you could see on the second option says messages for web click on that then you see scan. Code qr code scanner you see klr scanner click on that now you pick and you show it to this.

Now good so now you scan it and you click allow now here you could see all the messages appearing. Here so the moment you click on scan for web here on your phone it will open your camera to. Scan then you scan this by code i showed you so now here you could see all the messages exactly. As a test has appeared on this phone and the most interesting part of this is now you can take. This phone to anywhere and leave this one home and you can still read any messages that comes thereafter but.

One thing you need to know is it can make it so easy to access this by clicking on this. Add messages to home so add messages to home so click on this icon and it will prompt you to. Install so adding messages all alternatively you can come to this place and you see install app then you. Click on install and it will install this to your home page so now you can access this anytime by. Going to google chrome thank you very much for watching this video if you find it useful please dont forget.

To subscribe to my youtube channel the one movie until next time i say peace god bless you bye bye.

Method 3 – How To Auto Backup Your Text Messages To Your Gmail Account Easily

You can access gmail everywhere and any platform and thats the main benefit of gigolo if you see any youll. Device you can sign up count on the old devices and when you buy a new device you just need. To login with your gmail account and all your games is in front of you however you can easily access. Your gmail account in the new device but what about text message is not only changing the phone you also.

Need to backup your text messages if you want to format your android device well in this situation you need. To take a backup of the text messages now how to backup your text messages your gmail account so if. You want to take photo backup your text message into your gmail account that a boon and before going into. That if you have not subscribed to my channel yet then here to this match subscribe button and subscribe my. Youtube channel and support me so the process is very easy so first of all go to your gmail account.

On your pc like this tap on this setting gear icon under this select settings click on for money and. Pop up i am a pdf now scroll down you can get an eye on three options turn it on. Now the second step only the android device simply open play store and download i never hold sms backup plus. After downloading turn a stony lones this app im stroking the app you will find the following option so if. You want to take backup your checked message of hulu is equal to come tap on connect option give the.

Required permission prove this app now it will ask you to add your gmail account so sync you gmail account. With this app after giving that gmail account permission it will pop up a window and ask whether you want. To backup whole message currently put on the device so i want to make up so tap on backup and. You can easily see a birthing process on the top of this app this is back up in over your. Text message on your gmail account and how long will it take is depend on your tech message decided now.

How to access your text message on your gmail account it is also very easy to accessible text message it. In your gmail account just open your gmail account on your pc or android device there are two option to. Add sensible message on your gmail come first in the search bar type sms and you can see a level. Option insulation tap on it and you can see all your text messages on your gmail the second method is. On super easy swept left/right code tab here and you can see an sms label air phone rates in distance.

All your latest and old text messages in front of people now how to open back up your text messages. To your gmail account this is also very easy yes again open ss and becca plus f at the bottom. Of that neck option you can see and pull the leg of option tap on it intervene potion now type. Of auto backup settings to configure the frequency until the setting of body filler defenses but here you being recommending. You order the regular schedule for pencils 24 hours he will automatically backup setup is now complete the final readiness.

In this way you can easy / backup your text message your gmail account and i hope this process really. Helps thats about video guys and i hope you ready if you did enjoy this do research for fashion travel. To the channels for in developing said my name is and i.

Method 4 – How To Send A Text Message From Your Email Account (2020)

Hey youtube welcome back easy technology fans in this tutorial im going to be showing yall how to send a. Text message from your email account and you can do this from your cell phone or your computer so this. Is very convenient because if you dont have your phone with you you only have your laptop you can send. Anybody a text so lets go ahead and get started im just gonna open up the internet browser and then.

Make sure just go to your email so im gonna do and then im gonna pick any email ill. Sign up with my z technology email let me log in all right once youre all logged in basically what. You have to do is compose an email just like normal go ahead and do that and then under the. Two section instead of writing somebody elses email youre gonna write their 10 digit phone number so just to show. You how it works im going to send a text message to myself so let me type in my phone.

Number and then youre going to write since i have a tnt so im going to be writing at txt. Dot att dot net and if you have other carriers in the us then ill be listing the descript in. The description below what you need to type after your 10 digit phone number so for example if you have. Qriket itll be your 10 digit phone number at if you have sprint itll be add messaging dot s. If you have t-mobile itll be your 10 digit phone number at t m o m a i l net.

And if you have verizon itll be a 10 digit phone number at all right write what you want. To write in the subject ill just write hi and then write what you want to write in the messages. So lets just say go out and vote today all right and thats pretty much it go ahead and send. It so as yall know i just sent a message to myself and i got it and im going to. Reply im going to say okay thank you on my phone through the same message on the number that got.

Sent to me and there it is as yall can see it heres my phone number it says me and. Heres my reply i said okay thank you so there you go thats pretty much it for this tutorial make. Sure you like subscribe if you havent done so and share this video thank you.

Method 5 – How To Monitor Text Messages On Someone Else’s Phone

Hey guys in this video im going to show you how to monitor text messages on another cell phone by. Using verizon message plus right from your desktop laptop or phone youll be able to see all incoming and outgoing. Messages as they come and go in real time you will also be able to see all of the contacts. In the phone as well as newly added contacts another great feature is that you are able to send text.

Messages to the contacts in the phone that are already there if you are trying to monitor text messages on. A cell phone that you dont have please watch this video until the end also make sure to like this. Video and subscribe to my channel if you dont mind the first step to monitoring text messages on another phone. Is to download the verizon message plus app from the google play store or wherever else you can download the. App from once it is downloaded the app will prompt you to enter the phone number of the device you.

Want to monitor now listen carefully to what i have to say okay if you were trying to monitor your. Own cell phone you can yeah all you have to do is enter your phone number into the app okay. After it will send you a code via text message you enter that code into the app and you now. Will have access you will have text messages sent to your desktop laptop or any other device that you can. Use the app from alright this is very convenient if you want to let your phone charge in another room.

Or if you have lost your phone somewhere as you can just look at everything on the device from one. Device of your own like your computer or laptop okay heres the fun part if you are trying to monitor. Text messages on someone elses phone or on a target device that you do not have in your possession there. Are two legitimate ways to do this me ive used both of these ways actually so the easy way would. Be to go to spy ways calm and have them do it for you just tell them the phone number.

Of the device you want to monitor and they will give you access to to the text messages its as. Simple as that all you need to do is download the verizon plus app and thats it you have to. Have that already downloaded in order for them to do it if you like this option you can visit spy. Ways comm by clicking the link in the description box below and youll be there in no time the second. Method is to the second method to accessing text messages on a device you do not have is to use.

Spoof calling this is where you can disguise your phone number on someone elses caller id when you call them. You can disguise your number as anything anything you want as the police even what i did when i wanted. To access my girlfriends cell phone yes i thought she was cheating on me i spoof called her using variety. Verizon wireless is 1-800 number when she answered the call i acted like i was a verizon employee and told. Her that she won a free samsung 52 inch tv who wouldnt want that right and that we needed to.

Identify that it was actually her on the phone by sending a text message with a five digit code i. Told her to read told her to read me the code when she received it and that we would send. Her the tv within five to seven days yeah that was good after she gave me the code i entered. It into the verizon message plus app and boom i had access to all her text messages and contacts she. Was kind of stupid to begin with so so i knew it would work you know lol so yes you.

Can access text messages to a cell phone you do not physically have by visiting spy wiz calm by clicking. The link in the description box below this video or using the method that i just described please remember to. Like this video and subscribe to my channel for more cool things that i do with cell phones and stuff. Like that so until next time guys ill see you later.

Conclusion – How To Access Text Messages Through Gmail

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