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Method 1 – How To Access The Akashic Records – Tutorial – (This Works!!!) Mel Rentmeister

Can everybody really access the akashic records for themselves the answer is yes and today im going to teach you. How to do that im going to give you four methods that you can use that you can try and. Then choose which one works best for you because there is no one way of accessing the records and if. Somebody tells you there is only one way and you need to do it and you need to do it.

In exactly that one right way its not true there are i dont know multiple ways and im going to. Give you four that you can try because i do actually think that everybody should have the access to that. Resource to get guidance and higher wisdom for their life to improve their life situation to improve and heal whatever. It is they need healed are they want to improve and change and this access to this higher consciousness and. This universal information is so valuable and therefore i am going to teach you now how to access the akashic.

Records so just before we begin there you dont need to be spiritual or you dont need to meditate every. Day you dont need to mmm follow a certain diet or you dont need to do anything like that in. Order to be able to access the records just be you okay and one other thing that is important is. That you need to assume that this is going to work for you because if you assume and if you. Think that yeah it works for maybe everybody else but not for me then youre going to make this your.

Reality and your doubts are going to stop and hinder the the energies to flow freely and the information to. Comfort so while you are on the subject of the akashic records i just want you to put your mind. To the side your analytical critical mind it is okay that its there but just leave it by your side. And assume and pretend for the time that you want to go into the records that this actually can work. For you use it as an experiment and then it like as a playground dont make it a serious big.

Issue play with this so the first method that i would like to give you is you can use a. Specific prayer its called a sacred prayer to open the akashic records and also you close your kashi records with. A separate part of the prayer and then there are different versions of this prayer that you can find and. You can also see which one resonates with you the most and then what they say how you do it. Is with this you do need to actually follow a specific path is that first of all you read it.

Out loud okay you read the prayer out loud and even after your 50th time to go into the records. You dont learn it off by heart they say that you should read it because its a different kind of. Interaction that your mind has when you read the words so you read it out loud once and then you. Read it silently for yourself two more times and at the end you say the records are now open and. Then you go into the records with your question this is actually very important as well that you see there.

Theres so much information that you cannot get all of that at once you need to be really really really. Specific with the question you have so think about a question before you go into the records and then once. You open the records with the prayer and just assume you say this prayer once out loud two times in. Silence the records are gonna open youre in there and you start asking your questions now some people they feel. That there are teachers and masters in there in the akashic records and they direct their question to the teachers.

And masters and get the answers from them that works well for some people some people they get the information. Directly or they find that they are there are spirit guides in there that would give them the information or. Other energetic beings or whichever you feel comfortable with again there is no one way okay you are the highest. Authority spiritually and otherwise in your life which means that you will co-create this experience whatever you do and so. Go in with your question with the intention to get pure information to get untainted information that is valuable and.

Precious and important for you to know right now and at the beginning it is helpful to write it down. Whatever you receive you dont need to be meditating you can do that too and lets move on to that. Later but you can ask your question and whichever way you receive it right whether it is a word whether. It is a feeling whether it is a sentence whether it is just a knowing write it down what you. Feel write down would you hear what you see what comes through and then afterwards you can look at it.

Again this is very very helpful and at the end once youve finished with that question or other questions that. You might have had you close the records with a separate part of the prayer so that is one method. That you can use the second one is if you want to spend more time tuning into the frequency of. The akashic records and you need maybe that time it is helpful to do a guided meditation okay so you. Find a guided meditation that helps you access the akashic records and that helps you explore the akashic records now.

This works well if you enjoy spending time coming yourself doing the breath work and then slowly moving into the. Akashic records and again once youre there you can ask your questions and receive the answers you can do that. When you sit there with your eyes closed kind of in the meditative state right and write them down afterwards. And just receive what you receive and ask that you remember everything afterwards now the third method that you can. Use and that can be long or a short version is that you visualize okay you take a visualization lets.

Say you have a lift in front of you and you see that youre on the third floor because this. Is the third dimension okay so you press the lift or opens and you go in and then you press. Number five because you want to go up into the fifth dimension and you feel yourself going up in the. Elevator and the doors open and you see our and on the fifth floor and then yet you can either. Imagine that you walk through a library hall and you go to your book and you ask your question and.

You received information you can also imagine that youre in an office building and their desks with different computers on. Them so you choose a computer you go there and you type in what you want or you can imagine. There is a big screen there and you know its like the cinema and you just sit there and direct. With your thoughts what you would like to have on the screen like the questions the question and see then. What unfolds on the screen there are people who work well with visuals so you can actually go into the.

Records and visualize that its all on the screen some people are better with just knowing or sensing the information. Or actually seeing sentences or having visions and it depends it really depends and you will find your own way. With this it is just important that you trust yourself and trust the information that comes through as long as. Youre in the records i want to ask you to not judge what you experience just to experience it okay. Dont comment on it internally dont judge dont criticize dont analyze just receive and observe okay this will really help.

You then afterwards also trust the information because as with intuition your mind will obviously always have objections about this. That and the other that it cannot logically make sense of right now or that it cannot logically prove right. Now but later on your mind can see that if you have trusted the information you know you were right. Your internal guidance was right or your higher guidance was right so method number four is the quickest the easiest. And simplest and this is simply by intending to go into the records okay your intention its like okay im.

Asking now for the akashic record to be open for me so i can explore this question or so i. Can experience this that and the other and by putting out this intent into the universe as you know everything. Is energy and your intention is energy and the universe is responding to that energy and to be honest with. All of the other methods that are out there it is always your intent that opens the records with anything. You use your intention is to go into the records and this is actually what will get you there okay.

And the akashic records are interactive so dont just sit there once you open the records and wait now you. Can do this in terms of okay i want to explore the energies and the frequencies here but again thats. An intention but then start interacting put out what you want to know its okay like even your your deep. And big questions everything put it out there are simple questions if you want to start with that and like. I said use it in a light-hearted way in a curious type of way playfully that way it wont be.

Too serious and you wont put too much pressure on yourself to you know have it right and to because. Thats not how it works now i invite you to try one of these methods and see how it works. For you see what you experience and like i said it is important that you assume that its going to. Work if it works for so many other people it can work for you and it is my promise to. You that it can work for you if you put your doubts to the side for the being you can.

Always afterwards let your analytical mind look over what youve written or check in with that experience and you know. Let it see what happened but for that time suspend your critical mind suspend your judging mind and assume that. This is going to work and trust what comes through now this whole issue with trusting yourself your inner guidance. The higher guidance its a process and i get it and this is what i have struggled with as well. At the beginning because i wanted to understand it because i i wanted to to be certain and to know.

But unless you put in the trust first and then look at whether there was something real to this or. Not you will not find out so im like theres no harm in this like youre not asked to you. Know trust in that you walk out on the lake with you know thats frozen and you dont know if. The ice is gonna break or not theres nothing going to happen so the trust will develop gradually and this. Is okay but allow your experiences to be the proof and to help you more with that trust okay for.

Some people it helps them to think that theyre going to a certain place actually when they enter the akashic. Records in the end the akashic records are a part of you to your soul story theyre your souls energy. Information so theyre all in here all that information is within you all that knowledge and wisdom yes you can. Address higher vibrational energies or angels or guides if that helps you but in the end theyre also just part. Of you so its all within you can access that now im going to leave you with this for today.

I wish you success in trying this and if you dont experience anything for the first time that you enter. The records thats okay youre doing the second time and the third time with an open playful light-hearted attitude and. Then see what happens i will see you next time.

Method 2 – How I Open The Akashic Records

Hi friends im chelsea welcome back thank you guys for tuning in and watching all these videos on my vlog. I will link the theres a few previous videos if you want to catch up theyre not i mean heck. You can do whatever you want theyre not meant to be sorry they are sort of meant to be watched. In chronological order but what the hell you can do whatever you want see a free will yo so again.

As always i have frickin lily here who knows what hes gonna do what chaos he may or may not. Cause hopefully hes chill sometimes he causes some freakin ruckus but in todays video of this vlog series im gonna. Go over exactly what i do to get prepare and get ready to open the akashic records and what that. Kind of looks like and then after i might share just something i went into the records last night and. Just some stuff came out and so ill share what that experience was like and then just sort of what.

Life is like with the akashic records this last month so sick lets get started so entering the akashic records. I theres a few things i follow theres not so much a routine held there is a routine what am. I talking about so one i dont have any alcohol in my system 24 hours before so if i wanted. To read you understand what 24 hours i was just trying to explain that to you but like you obviously. Understand so if ive had alcohol within a 24 hour time period i do not go into the akashic records.

And this is for the sole point of making sure my body in my mind or in a very clear. State and yeah thats just why i do that so like for one i had a glass of wine last. Night so i wont go into the akashic records today until i mean if i really needed to i could. Go in tonight at like 9 oclock at night but whatever um so one thing i do is if sometimes. I just go in with like the intention of just cruising around which doesnt really provide a lot of information.

Or channeled messages one because its so freaking infinite like me just being like im just like browsing along its. Like imagine walking into the biggest bookstore the in the entire world and being like im just looking for a. Book but i dont know what book i dont even know what type a book or what section im just. Gonna walk around to i find one so thats very similar to going into the akashic records without a sort. Of intention or question beforehand which isnt wrong im just sort of cruising feeling the vibes because a lot of.

Times you can go in and your guides the teachers masters loved ones all of them will just have information. Ready for me to download and thats a base sort of on what thoughts and deeds actions experiences ive had. In that past day week whatever so i always kind of go in and go with that first just see. What kind of comes up and then i usually have questions written down and i always make sure i always. Im just aware of my intention there is no wrong questions there are no wrong intentions but if im asking.

About like say money is it coming from a place of fear and really trying to go in deep and. Understand what that place of fear means for me i can still ask the same question again theres no nothing. Wrong with doing that just understanding like where im coming from with these questions and so like i said long. Time if it is coming from a place of insecurity or fear or pain or worry anxiety i like to. Work through that before i go in dont have to sometimes im like i dont i need some help so.

I always start with the grounding meditation i try to not have caffeine or at least caffeine too soon before. I open them just because it makes my mind and body its harder to relax because the main thing with. Opening the chick records is having a relax being extremely relaxed while also having your mind still be vigilant and. Focused so yeah its like caffeine doesnt really help with that another thing is just having an open mind and. A willingness to be open to whatever comes my way so sometimes you might receive information that you dont want.

To hear that you just dont feel ready to hear but whatever information is provided to you in each session. The lords of the records the masters teachers and loved ones whoever your angels your spirit guides feel is you. Are ready for that and so ill start with a grounding meditation so how typically looks like in my mind. Is i imagine myself sitting there sitting in a chair or whatever and im aware of the space im in. In my room and then i kind of see these like roots coming out of my body and they go.

Into the earth below me they kind of just keep going so the roots are going deeper and deeper through. The soil deeper and deeper until they reach the core of the earth and then they these roots that kind. Of form like a lock system around that core of the earth and then i take my grounding cord so. You imagine a rope whatever feels good to you it could be a chain it could be a length of. Branches and i connected into my root chakra and then i tie it in my mind so this is all.

My mind i tie it around like the heaviest brick ive ever felt and i pick it up and i. Let it drop and it goes down down down right into the earth connects to this core of the earth. And from there i feel that energy of being grounded into the earth i imagine all this energy i imagine. That my body is so connected to the earth and i feel so good and i feel so grounded and. I imagine this little white beam of light come from the core of the earth and follow my grounding cord.

And follow those roots ive been planted into the soil come up into my body and it goes through into. My root chakra then it goes into my next chakra and it slowly but surely this light goes up and. Up shokran it cleans them so i imagine each chakra is kind of like a washing machine cycle but in. The color whatever chakra im working through and then when i get to my crown chakra and i imagine all. The light and its just beaming it so beautiful and all the light comes out from that crown chakra and.

It creates this sort of ball of light around me and its this really beautiful bright light and i feel. So much love and i feel the energy of the earth and i feel just like this immense beauty in. This immense love and then that ball of light as im sitting there it begins to lift in my grounding. Cord is still connected to the earth and it begins to rise up into the atmosphere up into space and. Then i get into a space a part of space and i see you know i pan out i see.

The entire galaxy that earth lives in with each planet and i imagine little bolts of lightning coming and sort. Of pulsing on my ball of light that im in and just feeding the cosmic energy of the universe into. That ball of light which energizes me and i feel peace and i feel love and i feel connected to. The cosmic energy and i feel connected to earth energy and then the ball of light keeps going up and. It keeps going up and it keeps going up until i come up to a platform and i see before.

Me its like a long runway up and like the middle of the stars in the middle of the universe. In the middle of the galaxies and the my ball of light opens and i walk out down the catwalk. Im surrounded by so much space and i come to a door and i opened the door and its dark. Inside and as i step in i see that im in this hall of books its the biggest library of. Books ive ever seen and then i see this white hand theres darkness theres like curtains are darkness i see.

This white hand come out and push a book towards me in on the book in gold letters it says. The book of light and i open the book and all the pages start turning and all the letters are. Writing are in gold and i picked the book up and i tell myself that i am accessing the akashic. Records and so from there i come back to so you really if you follow through with all of that. Like i feel very relaxed i feel very just warm and i come back so i come back to earth.

In this space the physical space that i am and i read the pathway prayer so im going to read. That for you now im not gonna say my full name because i dont want to open their records for. Myself but in the part i would say chelsey ray jay baer but im just gonna say chelsey and so. Do we acknowledge the forces of light asking for guidance direction and courage to know the truth as it is. Revealed for our highest good and the highest good of everyone connected to us a holy spirit of god protect.

Me from all forms of self-centeredness interact my attention to the work at hand help me to know myself in. The light of the akashic records to see myself through the eyes of the lords of the records and enable. Me to share the wisdom and compassion that the masters teachers and loved ones of me have for me help. Me to know chelsea in the light of the akashic records to see chelsea through the eyes of the lords. Of the records and enable me to share the wisdom and compassion that the masters teachers and loved ones of.

Chelsea have for her help me to know chelsea in the light of the akashic records to see chelsea through. The eyes of the lords of the records and enabled me to share the wisdom and compassion that the masters. Teachers and loved ones of chelsea have for her the records are now open and so i do that grounding. Meditation to connect to cosmic energy and earth energy and to sort of visualize to sort of get that minds. Eye working and get really visual so thats where im like walking down that platform in space im opening the.

Door and im handed a book and i open the book and i feel the energy of the book and. Then the pathway prayer process so what i just read i know it says the word god and it might. Seem very religious its god as in the essence of oneness it can be your christian god it can be. Your catholic god it could be whatever you want it to be its just that just word represents the sort. Of essence of the entire universe not like that very religious god it can be for you whatever you feel.

Comfortable with but and so the reason why you read the pathway prayer and there are a ton of different. Prayers out there to open the akashic records this one specifically is a heart centered prayer and it opens sort. Of the heart of the akashic records so whatever that means to you its not its not something im fully. Capable of explaining yet but basically our words create a frequency so that specific pathway prayer each word creates a. Frequency an energy that helps connect me to that realm of consciousness so i say it out loud and i.

Would use my full name and it just each part plays a specific part so theres a part that says. Like help me let me grab it where it says protect me from all forms of self-centeredness so the point. Is to be very open to not come from this place of ego but just to have an open openness. And willingness to see the true thousand is so each part can be broken down and theres a purpose for. It to be open be willing know youre going to see the truth and be just so willing to see.

That truth and so in the kaushik records i would typically just sit for a few minutes and just see. What sort of comes to me or if i open the records for you it would be the same thing. And yeah just see what kind of downloads i get and what sort of happens there and then from there. I would ask questions and receive the answers and so once im done with the records there is a closing. Prayer so i will read that now i would like to thank the masters teachers and loved ones for their.

Love and compassion i would like to thank the lords of the akashic records for their point of view and. I would like to thank the holy spirit of light for all knowledge and healing the records are now closed. Amen though records are now closed amen the records are now closed amen and after i closed the records i. Like to stand up and get a drink of water and sort of that purpose there is to reconnect me. To this space because essentially my consciousness just went into the realm of the akashic records so even though my.

Physical body is here its almost like my brain my consciousness my soul is like entering that other realm and. So its important since we are physical bodies in this physical space to make sure we reconnect to that physical. Space so i might do another grounding meditation i might for sure drink some water just walk around thats like. The most simple thing you can do like some palo santo and another thing while im in the records i. Typically if its just me i just write because if i speak how i would for a client i usually.

Dont remember everything i that is said through me and so its really hard i can hear amazing things but. Typically after ive done them for myself im like what they say i cant remember it was something really good. To profound so ive been getting in the habit of writing and that is something you can do as well. And then with clients i just record the session because sometimes i can speak really fast and things will just. Come out of me so i want to make sure they have that as a way to get all the.

Answers they want have them recorded and not have to worry about taking notes so alright thats gonna be end. Of that i feel like i feel really lightheaded i think i went into the akashic records just then even. Though i didnt use my full name but i feel tired and i feel the weight of everything so i. Think i need to go have a sip of water and walk around reconnect to this physical plane so thank. You so much thats just how i get into the akashic records there are so many different ways and ive.

Really just learned to use what works for me so thank you so much for joining in and holla at. Me if you have some questions or if youre interested in a reading or if you have more questions on. Just how to open them for yourself cool cool beans see you guys.

Method 3 – How To Access The Akashic Record

Now this person is not a shaman shes not a clairvoyant shes not a psychic and yet somehow shed managed. To download more than 40 precise pieces of information for that group of people but in that moment i found. That with us in the right frame of mind i was able to access all this information in the late. 19th century a new generation of esoteric writers began exploring the concept of the akashic record the word akasha is.

A sanskrit word meaning space or ether russian philosopher helena petrovna blavatsky described akasha as an all-pervading lifeforce with the. Imprint of all human thought and action encoded within it alfred percy sunette and henry steel olcott drew on buddhist. Ideas and concepts who developed the idea further in 1889 charles webster leadbeater put forward the idea that in the. Right state of consciousness the akashic record could be read these theosophical writers began to put forward the idea that. An akashic record of all human activity can be found in the unifying web of space-time which they called the.

Etheric plane ancient religions mystical and shamanic traditions also speak of a metaphysical record of the human story islam speaks. Of the preserved tablet christianity speaks of the lambs book of life in hebrew scriptures the psalmist writes that all. Our days are written in the book of god these 19th century philosophers and researchers began to ask of these. Religious concepts might be a description of a real world phenomenon open to a more scientific approach in other words. Was this metaphysical archive referred to by christianity judaism and islam a closed book accessible only to esoteric elites and.

Priesthoods or was it a reality built into the fabric of the universe and accessible to any who know how. In australia supply teaching or what we call relief teaching is a highly professional and skilled profession you need to. Have a bachelors degree in education and you need very particular skills to go into a class thats never met. You before those kids couldnt care less about your approval or disapproval and somehow in the first few minutes get. Them in the palm of your hand so that they are wanting to please you for the rest of the.

Conclusion – How To Access The Akashic Records Pdf

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