How To Access The Akashic Records – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Access The Akashic Records – Tutorial – (This Works!!!) Mel Rentmeister

Can everybody really access the akashic records for themselves the answer is yes and today im going to teach you. How to do that im going to give you four methods that you can use that you can try and. Then choose which one works best for you because there is no one way of accessing the records and if. Somebody tells you there is only one way and you need to do it and you need to do it.

In exactly that one right way its not true there are i dont know multiple ways and im going to. Give you four that you can try because i do actually think that everybody should have the access to that. Resource to get guidance and higher wisdom for their life to improve their life situation to improve and heal whatever. It is they need healed are they want to improve and change and this access to this higher consciousness and. This universal information is so valuable and therefore i am going to teach you now how to access the akashic.

Records so just before we begin there you dont need to be spiritual or you dont need to meditate every. Day you dont need to mmm follow a certain diet or you dont need to do anything like that in. Order to be able to access the records just be you okay and one other thing that is important is. That you need to assume that this is going to work for you because if you assume and if you. Think that yeah it works for maybe everybody else but not for me then youre going to make this your.

Reality and your doubts are going to stop and hinder the the energies to flow freely and the information to. Comfort so while you are on the subject of the akashic records i just want you to put your mind. To the side your analytical critical mind it is okay that its there but just leave it by your side. And assume and pretend for the time that you want to go into the records that this actually can work. For you use it as an experiment and then it like as a playground dont make it a serious big.

Issue play with this so the first method that i would like to give you is you can use a. Specific prayer its called a sacred prayer to open the akashic records and also you close your kashi records with. A separate part of the prayer and then there are different versions of this prayer that you can find and. You can also see which one resonates with you the most and then what they say how you do it. Is with this you do need to actually follow a specific path is that first of all you read it.

Out loud okay you read the prayer out loud and even after your 50th time to go into the records. You dont learn it off by heart they say that you should read it because its a different kind of. Interaction that your mind has when you read the words so you read it out loud once and then you. Read it silently for yourself two more times and at the end you say the records are now open and. Then you go into the records with your question this is actually very important as well that you see there.

Theres so much information that you cannot get all of that at once you need to be really really really. Specific with the question you have so think about a question before you go into the records and then once. You open the records with the prayer and just assume you say this prayer once out loud two times in. Silence the records are gonna open youre in there and you start asking your questions now some people they feel. That there are teachers and masters in there in the akashic records and they direct their question to the teachers.

And masters and get the answers from them that works well for some people some people they get the information. Directly or they find that they are there are spirit guides in there that would give them the information or. Other energetic beings or whichever you feel comfortable with again there is no one way okay you are the highest. Authority spiritually and otherwise in your life which means that you will co-create this experience whatever you do and so. Go in with your question with the intention to get pure information to get untainted information that is valuable and.

Precious and important for you to know right now and at the beginning it is helpful to write it down. Whatever you receive you dont need to be meditating you can do that too and lets move on to that. Later but you can ask your question and whichever way you receive it right whether it is a word whether. It is a feeling whether it is a sentence whether it is just a knowing write it down what you. Feel write down would you hear what you see what comes through and then afterwards you can look at it.

Again this is very very helpful and at the end once youve finished with that question or other questions that. You might have had you close the records with a separate part of the prayer so that is one method. That you can use the second one is if you want to spend more time tuning into the frequency of. The akashic records and you need maybe that time it is helpful to do a guided meditation okay so you. Find a guided meditation that helps you access the akashic records and that helps you explore the akashic records now.

This works well if you enjoy spending time coming yourself doing the breath work and then slowly moving into the. Akashic records and again once youre there you can ask your questions and receive the answers you can do that. When you sit there with your eyes closed kind of in the meditative state right and write them down afterwards. And just receive what you receive and ask that you remember everything afterwards now the third method that you can. Use and that can be long or a short version is that you visualize okay you take a visualization lets.

Say you have a lift in front of you and you see that youre on the third floor because this. Is the third dimension okay so you press the lift or opens and you go in and then you press. Number five because you want to go up into the fifth dimension and you feel yourself going up in the. Elevator and the doors open and you see our and on the fifth floor and then yet you can either. Imagine that you walk through a library hall and you go to your book and you ask your question and.

You received information you can also imagine that youre in an office building and their desks with different computers on. Them so you choose a computer you go there and you type in what you want or you can imagine. There is a big screen there and you know its like the cinema and you just sit there and direct. With your thoughts what you would like to have on the screen like the questions the question and see then. What unfolds on the screen there are people who work well with visuals so you can actually go into the.

Records and visualize that its all on the screen some people are better with just knowing or sensing the information. Or actually seeing sentences or having visions and it depends it really depends and you will find your own way. With this it is just important that you trust yourself and trust the information that comes through as long as. Youre in the records i want to ask you to not judge what you experience just to experience it okay. Dont comment on it internally dont judge dont criticize dont analyze just receive and observe okay this will really help.

You then afterwards also trust the information because as with intuition your mind will obviously always have objections about this. That and the other that it cannot logically make sense of right now or that it cannot logically prove right. Now but later on your mind can see that if you have trusted the information you know you were right. Your internal guidance was right or your higher guidance was right so method number four is the quickest the easiest. And simplest and this is simply by intending to go into the records okay your intention its like okay im.

Asking now for the akashic record to be open for me so i can explore this question or so i. Can experience this that and the other and by putting out this intent into the universe as you know everything. Is energy and your intention is energy and the universe is responding to that energy and to be honest with. All of the other methods that are out there it is always your intent that opens the records with anything. You use your intention is to go into the records and this is actually what will get you there okay.

And the akashic records are interactive so dont just sit there once you open the records and wait now you. Can do this in terms of okay i want to explore the energies and the frequencies here but again thats. An intention but then start interacting put out what you want to know its okay like even your your deep. And big questions everything put it out there are simple questions if you want to start with that and like. I said use it in a light-hearted way in a curious type of way playfully that way it wont be.

Too serious and you wont put too much pressure on yourself to you know have it right and to because. Thats not how it works now i invite you to try one of these methods and see how it works. For you see what you experience and like i said it is important that you assume that its going to. Work if it works for so many other people it can work for you and it is my promise to. You that it can work for you if you put your doubts to the side for the being you can.

Always afterwards let your analytical mind look over what youve written or check in with that experience and you know. Let it see what happened but for that time suspend your critical mind suspend your judging mind and assume that. This is going to work and trust what comes through now this whole issue with trusting yourself your inner guidance. The higher guidance its a process and i get it and this is what i have struggled with as well. At the beginning because i wanted to understand it because i i wanted to to be certain and to know.

But unless you put in the trust first and then look at whether there was something real to this or. Not you will not find out so im like theres no harm in this like youre not asked to you. Know trust in that you walk out on the lake with you know thats frozen and you dont know if. The ice is gonna break or not theres nothing going to happen so the trust will develop gradually and this. Is okay but allow your experiences to be the proof and to help you more with that trust okay for.

Some people it helps them to think that theyre going to a certain place actually when they enter the akashic. Records in the end the akashic records are a part of you to your soul story theyre your souls energy. Information so theyre all in here all that information is within you all that knowledge and wisdom yes you can. Address higher vibrational energies or angels or guides if that helps you but in the end theyre also just part. Of you so its all within you can access that now im going to leave you with this for today.

I wish you success in trying this and if you dont experience anything for the first time that you enter. The records thats okay youre doing the second time and the third time with an open playful light-hearted attitude and. Then see what happens i will see you next time.

Method 2 – How To Access The Akashic Records, (Episode Part 2 About The Akashic Records) – Teal Swan

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Method 3 – Access The Akashic Records To Learn Your Soul Name And Purpose Hypnosis

Welcome to this powerful hypnosis session to allow you to access the akashic records to pose questions learn your origins. Heal from past lives and discover your soul purpose this is sara dresser clinical hypnotherapist and i welcome you to. This session it is considered that the akashic records contained the entire history since inception of the universe a universal. Collective consciousness of every soul that came into existence while our future is not predetermined possibilities are formed from every.

Action every thought every event every action in the know whatever the now is has a ripple effect to our. Past as well as our future while the akashic fields are nonlinear in time and non of material for the. Purpose of this session you can think of the akashic records as a huge library of information we will ask. Your soul name and your purpose tonight but think about what else you would like to be clarified what questions. Answered as you read through the akashic records as you ponder these questions get into a comfortable position so you.

Can relax easily take a long deep breath exhales slowly and as you breathe normally become aware of the rhythm. Of your breathing and trust that you will go down to the level of relaxation which is right for you. At this time and you may reach different depths on different days and nights riaan serenity breathes out thoughts and. As you feel your belly rise and fall know that as youre breathing deepens and slows so does the electrical. Activity of the brain feeling the electrical waves of the brain slow down breathing and out and as you settle.

Moving and adjusting as necessary and allowing arms and legs to uncross to allow energy to flow easily and as. You breathe in you can feel the breath flow down every limb in your body bringing light breathing out letting. Go of any noise in the mind any discomfort in the body take a couple more breaths and feel your. Energy your circulation flow and as you continue to breathe you can think of your body as a vessel the. Satellite ready to receive messages as you feel energy flow settle deeper and allow the feelings of comfort of calm.

To flow into you with every inhale letting noise and chatter escape with every exhale as inside sounds and outside. Sounds seem to drift further away allow your attention to focus to sink down to your core wherever you feel. Your core your center and from wherever that center is feel every part of you anchored to the center feel. Energy radiates from this core a network of energy to every organ every limb deepening the connection to self and. As you breathe in you acknowledge that you have a body but you are more than a body as you.

Connect to the energetic self that existed before this lifetime and you may see this center in yourself as a. Globe feeling it like a brightest sun with rays extending throughout yourself beyond the physical boundaries of self as you. Breathe feel the motion of air of energy and feel the energy cause up and down the center of your. Being as your energetic being expands and you reaffirm the connection to all energy to all beings and you may. Start to feel a tingling vibration as relaxation flows through your face head and neck and expands throughout your call.

Feeling your arms and legs like sunrays and this vibration flows and continues to spread to your hips legs and. Feet all the way to the tips of your fingers and toes and the energy overflows beyond the boundaries of. Your physical being becoming more and more aware of the energy inside of you the energy around you the energy. In this space between fingers you may start to feel a static energy feel yourself tuning in to the vibrations. Like a radio station fine tuning your frequency finding harmony amongst all frequencies in your body and now take another.

Deep breath exhales slowly acknowledge each breath as a gift and give gratitude for this life as you give gratitude. Feel your vibration left more and more as you breathe you may feel your eyelids flutter and as you become. More aware of the stillness within you become more aware of the connection to time to that moment when time. Began the beginning as you might now start to feel that you follow a thread well pass back through mists. Or maybe journey down a tunnel journeying through linear time to the moment when time emerged and start to feel.

This journey however it shows up for you as i count down now from ten to one and ten now. Feeling a sense of traveling and stillness combined a nine feeling numbers go by as the clock start turning back. And eight counterclockwise following the thread as he travels swiftly through centuries going further now to seven and whatever noise. Is around you you connect to the silence within and six as you gather greater speed you are still silent. And calm and five further faster deeper passing through past lifetimes and for karma and karma this consciousness expands and.

Three feel yourself as pure energy physical form is gone to getting closer singing softly in control all of the. Way and one allowing vibration and motion to return to quiet again breathe in and out and take a few. More moments to regain the rhythm of your breath if needed and at first you may simply perceive dog and. You see somewhere that there is a light shining from above and you notice that you are in a vast. Library old wooden shelves an ancient well-loved books from the floor all the way up towering higher further than you.

Can see the smell of musty pages the faded blues reds and greens of book covers and you may even. Hear a sound like a crowd of whispering as each book speaks and you walk through the passageways seeing them. Sorted by alphabet take a moment to find the letter of your last name and follow it tracing a fingertip. Along the shelf as you feel the old worn grain of the wood smooth over time with many hands many. Books and when you find your last name on a shelf now search for your first name looking around and.

When you find your first name notice that there are many books for this lifetime and others and you trace. Back to the oldest book the first book and you pull out the book hearing it slide from between the. Neighboring books feel the cover in your hand a faint dust floats up the well-worn cover notice the style of. Writing the feeling in your hands and with a creek you open the cover and turn to the front page. To find your soul name it may be spoken it may be written it may flash in front of your.

Eyes what is your sole name and now there will be some time for you to explore the books of. Your life remember the questions you first formed to discover what healing is required or discover your purpose in this. Lifetime take time now to ask questions 00:31 00:32 and find the answers and now when youre ready you can. Close the last book and remind yourself that when you wake and return to a fully conscious state you will. Transfer all of this energy to your conscious mind all the knowledge you have gained today to your conscious awareness.

And when you are ready you can let this 00:33 scene fade and choose to either transition into sleep or. Slowly return to full awareness and know that you can return to this journey at any time to ask more. Questions gain more insights progress on your healing breaking patterns from the past to realign to your sole purpose and. 00:34 expand into your higher self you.

Method 4 – What Knowledge Lies Within The Akashic Records?

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Method 5 – A Simple Way To Access Akashic Records

No thats not how it works hello and welcome into my channel thank you so much for tuning in to. This video todays video is going to be about how you can connect with your akashic records and your past. Life the simple way to do so so without further ado lets go ahead and get straight into how you. Can connect with your akashic record and your past life hello everybody yes im doing this video because i felt.

Like this is a video that some people would really like to know about theres a lot of talk all. The time about spirituality and theres a lot of misinformation theres a lot of information out there that describe spirituality. To be something where its just like youre just gonna meditate and then youre just gonna have visions and youre. Going to see things and thats not necessarily the case everybodys experience is different but when it comes to a. Generalized experience that everyone can do or everyone can follow simple things that will allow them to actually tap into.

Their akashic records and their past life information there is something that you can do when it comes to connecting. With your akashic records it really comes down to your perspective inside of this world and inside of todays society. We are just drowned with information were drawn with information left to right before you even know it as soon. As you wake up you already have people telling you what to do what to eat where to go how. To live all these things and when it comes to tapping into the akashic records its really about your mental.

Barriers this is very important to understand a mental barrier is all that it is thats keeping you from tapping. Into akashic records and this information of your past life and the reason why i say this is because the. Mind is going to only accept what its used to its going to only go by what it knows to. Be true so if youre living your day-to-day life thinking that astrology is just based off of indian astrology its. Just the vitic astrology if youre living your life thinking that julius caesar and all these people from the roman.

Dynasty and from the greek dynasty run the world and theres nothing before that if youre living your life thinking. That the gregarian calendar system which is the calendar system that we live by today is literally the only construct. Of time and putting time inside of this construct where we can live day to day and really plan out. Time and plan out our days and the hours and the seconds if youre living by societys construct then you. Are having a mental barrier so how do you tap out of that mental barrier how do you break out.

Of that mental barrier the first thing you want to do is to open yourself to new information open yourself. To new perspectives open yourself to new things and expand your mind dive into different types of information dive into. Different cultures dive into different countries belief systems and do your research or take information thats different from the information. That youve already been taking and the reason why im saying this guys is because when it comes to kashic. Records this isnt something that you find necessarily outside of you this is something that youre gonna find within yourself.

But a simple way to get that information or to wake that information up inside of you is to actually. Accept it from the exterior so when things like cometic um you know ways of life and things like ancient. History and ancient knowledge come into play if youre rejecting ancient knowledge and youre rejecting ancient history you might as. Well reject yourself from opening up knowledge that you have within yourself you are stopping yourself from remembering remembering your. Knowledge that you have within you and the knowledge that you have within you is from your past life it.

Is from your akashic records the things that you do inside of life that you pick up on so easily. The hobbies some people pick up on languages and its just so easy for them to learn a certain language. Some people dont matter what your color scan of doesnt matter where youre from you may find yourself migrating to. A certain culture you may find yourself really being pulled towards a certain way of life that is not the. Same as where you were born or where you grew up from or how you were raised and this is.

Because this is deep inside of your akashic records these are things from your past life so if you find. Yourself being drawn towards these different things that are different from what your mind really thinks is right and wrong. It is good to open your mind up to new possibilities so tapping into your akashic records in your past. Life really has to do with you opening up your mind and expanding yourself into accepting different ways of thinking. Different ways of living life because life isnt just what people show on tv life isnt just about what gurus.

And different spiritual people put on youtube or put on the internet its about what you feel deep within yourself. Its about the things that youre drawn to those are the synchronicities within your specific life the things that you. Naturally pick up on that youre so good at certain hobbies that youre just so good at its probably because. In a past life you were a mathematician so all of a sudden math is just like a second language. To you it could be that in a past life you are korean so for some reason korean is just.

A language that just comes so easily for you or maybe you are just around a lot of korean people. Or how to learn language ones in a past life this is what its all about its about shutting off. The noise and letting the water and letting the the stream really pour down on you the stream of information. That is nourishing to your soul be able to filter the information and tap into the information that youre more. Drawn to even if you feel like you dont understand that information you will remember it because this is your.

Akashic records i know this seems like a really simple way and a simple thing to do but it really. Is it just comes down to that if you open yourself up to new information and you open yourself up. To new ways of being learning new cultures discovering different things youll open yourself up to your akashic records think. About neath okay we also know that as sagittarius but think about this sign this star sign and these individuals. And the description of them theyre known as people that can be gurus people that can be mentors people that.

Have access to a lot of information they have a lot of wisdom and a lot of knowledge and theyre. Capable of teaching that knowledge not because theyre just a teacher but because they know the knowledge so well that. You can actually teach it once you get to the point where you really know something you can teach it. So when we look at that sign neat sagittarius what is that all about what are they doing why do. They have access when people have this energy inside of their chart or theyre tapped into this energy why do.

They have access to all this information why do they have access to all this ancient knowledge and theyre able. To teach it so well its because sagittarians and neath expand themselves their minds are expanded and they dont stay. Stuck inside of a square they expand their reach they expand their their seeking they seek wisdom from far away. They open themselves to limitless possibilities and if youre not open to limitless possibilities if your perspective is really stubborn. If your mindset is really closed off and youre really just going off of todays society or going off of.

What the media is trying to tell you or what information is coming to you from the tv or from. Modern day society more in particular if youre just going off of that then youre limiting yourself from tapping into. The knowledge your akashic records the knowledge that you have stored within yourself so it really is as simple as. You deciding to open up your mind to new knowledge and to new ways of thinking once you open up. Yourself to new ways of thinking new ways of being and you go out and seek knowledge from within yourself.

That knowledge will al.

Conclusion – How To Access The Akashic Records

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