How To Access The Black Market – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access the black market, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access the black market,

Method 1 – How To Access The Dark Web

Okay im gonna be telling you how to like get the dark web and the black market a bunch of. Illegal stuff this is all for educational purposes cant arrest me yeah so basically youre just gonna search up genesis. Because um thats the web browser that you have to use to get to it its a tor base wi-fi. Wi-fi searching like browser so yeah okay so its installed um youre probably not gonna want to do this on.

Your phone probably gonna want to do it on something that cant be identified im doing it on a kindle. So if you are gonna do it on your phone i would advise taking out the sim card and putting. On the vpn because if you are gonna do something illegal or if you actually gently do something illegal you. Cant get caught it takes a little while to load but it does work so basically you can just search. Up whatever you want here like if you want buying rodents is not illegal so online so if you search.

It up you can actually buy them online this works with a lot of things actually like you can get. Drugs you can get steroids you can get body parts you can also buy people which is sad but see. If i searched up mice see all the drugs come up and you do have to get a bitcoin account. Usually or litecoin cryptocurrency see heroin literally heroin okay crack fake passports cheap oral steroids german fake passports crush it. Yes see there we are nice they might not load yeah ill take this ones gonna load sometimes it just.

Doesnt load because im on the vpn actually i dont think im on a vpn but its not gonna load. Some of them dont want it but they usually do most of them do yeah this ones gonna load hmm. Just give it a couple more seconds yeah i dont think im old okay can ya i guess ill just. Yeah pure cocaine phentermine yeah so it is can pretty much buy anything i would not advise delivery to your. Address because if you do do something illegal just dont do it to your address just thats wrong well you.

Can also buy body parts by human parts yeah its oh this one doesnt cant find this one that one. Is fake probably yeah well you can buy counter for money actually thats what max this my gosh i think. This ones a fake website but its most of them are you dont actually need a tor browser to get. Whats it called fake money can also buy bank accounts and bank transfers and also paypal transfers i actually bought. A $500 one and it worked for $50 im just kind of a deal you know can also get whats.

A code you can get phones for cheap actually um you know ill search it up in a minute yeah. Search it so you just searched like cheap electronics all congress pochi problem yeah thats fine somebody six million results. But if i just go down you can see that theres actually a bunch of different things that you can. Buy theyre like super cheap see the i-pro next probably its just gonna be so cheap yeah four hundred ninety. Nine dollars for the iphone x yeah eight plus is only $399 see they what they do is they they.

Get they find like every type of coupon that they can get they apply it they also they look for. Any discounts money they they do it pretty started pretty young smart if you got a paypal money they they. Can actually send you money and it comes over a couple days its like four transaction and stuff see if. You click on one that use right now should give it a second ill just go to the paypal bizarre. One i want to probably work so let me tap it with the heck yes it is no yes yes.

It is okay see they use a tor network because if theyre on google they can trace you easier see. Cryptocurrency it to pain so if they just click on paypal transfers five hundred dollars fifty dollars seven hundred fifty. Seventy five thousand two hundred dollars yeah it actually does work if you try it you do have to you. Can also buy it yeah you can also buy paypal accounts but paypal accounts are not as good because you. Dont get like the dedicated amount cuz i actually bought one once and it was i bought the basic one.

And it had a thousand dollars and i bought the basic one again it only had like fifty five dollars. But yeah so yeah make sure to subscribe those thanks for watching peace.

Method 2 – How To Get On The Real Black Market!!!

Yo guys hows it going mega ross gaming here today im going to be showing you how to get on. The real black market where you can buy drugs guns stolen credit cards stolen paypals fake passports fake ids counterfeit. Money and just a whole lot more its a really fun place to just look at so im going to. Show you how to do all that when i come back all right guys so im like i said im.

Going to show you how to get on the black market where you can buy practically anything so first thing. Youre going to need to do is youre going to need to go to a link that i will put. In the description youre going to download something called torque if you guys are like me you automatically get suspicious. When you got to download something but dont worry guys trust me i downloaded this i didnt get any viruses. Nothing insane that you know would really screw up my computer so i if you like i said ill put.

It in the description so if your mac youll just go if your windows just going to click here if. Your mac click here if your jean your linen linux or whatever youll click that like you click this and. Then click there but yeah so once you guys have downloaded it youre going to need to go through like. A setup thing to where you will set it up and then youll get this right here so this is. The actual browser that we will use to get into the black market because you cant just go on google.

And look up the black market it doesnt work like that and if you guys actually want to see a. Video that i will upload about the levels of the web the deep web the dark web and then like. The regular web i will do a video on that later so just let me know if you guys want. To see that but first thing were going to do once we get here is we are going to click. Privacy and security and set itll be set to low but were going to set it to high so that.

Way it just makes you know more secure so the first one im going to show you guys is the. Hidden wiki and i will put this link in the description with all the other links so once you get. This downloaded just copy it and paste it so this one is pretty good it actually takes you to other. Links to where you can buy stuff so you know you can just kind of look through here yourself you. Know counterfeit bills what else we got here double your bitcoins you can buy credit cards here get cheap low.

Balance cards shes got a whole bunch of stuff selling a few iphone 5s is probably stolen fixed football games. Low price apple products hacking unlock smartphones gift cards selling passports so yeah become a become a citizen of the. U.s. Real us passport um yeah this is the this is the black market right here guys everything im going. To show you is different you know websites for the black market but this is just one of them um.

Yeah voila we are in the black market right here so this this one you click on one itll take. You to a link in dont be surprised if some of them you click on are dead like they dont. Work and that would probably be a good handful of them drugs most people will probably come here so yeah. Biggest network so if i click on it probably wont work because its probably been shut down and then theyll. Shut down for some time and then they actually come back over this one actually works so if i click.

Here to join im not going to go through the whole process yeah i dont wanna do that but yeah. That one actually works it wasnt working yesterday so like i said it goes down for a little bit this. One says down so it may be working probably not because it says down but that one was actually down. Yesterday so see this ones back up i can register if i wanted to but i dont want to do. That with you guys staring at me so yeah next one im gonna be showing you guys so you can.

Just click on these like i said this one least you werent working yesterday so they probably go down up. And down for a little bit so next one im going to show you is grams grams is a drug. Website within the black market so i can look up a weed and i can buy some weed and then. You buy everything on here with bitcoins because you dont know the receiver and the receiver doesnt know the giver. Of the bitcoin so you dont know the buyer and they dont know the cell so you want some uh.

Good old mess here you look up some meth and boom you can buy some meth oh you want some. Crack you can buy some crack and even if youre looking for the lsd area lsd they probably got some. Of that i would imagine five hits 250 hits four hundred six hundred twenty-five hundred fifty ten five hundred and. Hundred two hundred thousand hits nine hundred so yeah they got a different areas of lsd this is more lsd. So yeah and you got a couple pages here so that is a two of them the next ones im.

Going to show you you actually have to create account and i already have a created account on these one. So ill just log in real fast and then ill get back with you guys this one is called alpha. Bay and i will also put this one in the description so for this one you need to select what. You want to look or just to look it up so well look up a glocks because this one also. Sells websites sells website sells weapons unlike the grams one we looked at that one you know you may find.

Some weapons but this one actually specializes in it also so theres a glock and i think theyre not really. Coming up because yep i didnt click on that so you have to click on weapons and then search and. Then i would imagine yep now see now glocks are popping up here a lot of them and then here. You see eur/usd press so thats us dollars then you got your bitcoins so what you will pay in bitcoins. And thats its us value so here we can look that up and now we can just remove that see.

All kinds of guns here they got a munition pistols and long-range guns explosives hand weapons and others so well. Select them all and then search and so this is what we come up with some brass knuckles a lot. Of pocket knives pistols nine-millimeter glock 17 38 caliber beretta so yeah theres actually rifles here too but theyre not. Pulling up and you know you guys can do this yourself you can look if you want so next one. Im going to be showing you is called dream market and i will put this in the description too so.

Let me sign into this one and then ill show you what you can get on this one alright guys. So this one loaded up and i clicked on a drugs here you got your other ones so yeah this. Is what happens when you look up drugs and you can also search for certain drugs yeah search text um. Got your suggested here we can go on other see what happens when other comes up i dont know what. It is purses stash can so thats pretty cool actually hd wi-fi clock hd wi-fi wall clock condemn out i.

Dont know that his rolex here um some glasses no that is by custom cart i guess so yeah all. These are probably all these watches are to be 100% honest with you either fake which is um illegal im. Pretty sure to make fake products and/or theyre actually real but stolen so youre probably in a pan quite a. Bit for it if its real so what here you can buy a drivers license so yeah um how i. Made hundreds of dollars so visa these look to be like a stories or advice or whatever but you still.

Have to order it a counterfeit 20s so yeah theres your counterfeit you can buy boobs apparently so well get. A digital and yeah you guys can look this up you guys probably notice i have skipped it thats because. A nude image come up and you cant have that on youtube but anyway what i was saying was you. Guys can look at this on your own which i encourage you to do i think people should look at. It see whats on the deep web and like i said i will be doing a video about the deep.

Web in the dark web and the regular web the difference and how to get to them and all kinds. Of stuff and yeah ill be telling you guys how to do that and yeah this is how you get. On the black market and look at all kinds of legal stuff so i hope you enjoy the video if. You did click that like button and if you want to see the difference between the webs and how to. Get to them click that like button in that subscribe button button and yeah thanks for watching peace.

Method 3 – Super Easy Way To Access The Dark Web (How To)

This episode is brought to you by – lame try – line premium free for 30 days at – lang. Comm / infographics and never forget another password and keep all your online accounts secure if youve seen our shows. On the dark web youll know some of the things you can find there we talked before about illegal activities. Happening there but theres much more to this place you might find whistleblowers in the dark web perhaps fearful of.

Their identity being uncovered human rights journalists might also publish here with an understanding that their work cant be traced. Back to them critics of oppressive governments might air their concerns there while others just want absolute privacy when talking. To people about their health welcome to this episode of the infographics show how to access the dark web first. Lets give you a 101 on the dark web sources differ on how much of the internet can be seen. Using a standard browser in the story npr told us that 96% of the internet is not available through normal.

Browsers call it the iceberg theory which means the internet we see is just the tip other resources tell us. Its more like 90 percent which is still huge so what exactly are we not seeing first of all we. Should understand the difference between the deep web and dark net sites the deep web might not be quite as. Degenerate as the dark web the deep web is simply part of the web that cant be accessed through conventional. Browsers one expert tells us despite many representations of a nefarious underground operating out of site the deep web is.

Mostly benign private databases and web resources not meant to be accessed by the general public lots of data online. Isnt available to our prying eyes companies our banks have private databases or some websites might not want to be. Indexed they want to remain unsearchable its not really that surprising that most of the information flowing around the internet. Is protected but then we have the dark web and thats a totally different thing this is a place where. One wants absolute anonymity not to say people dont get found they do as we said you might find political.

Dissidents working there in some countries you can still lose your freedom or life for criticizing a leader or ruler. How does it work how do people get this anonymity they require well the darknet both incorporates encryption and also. Uses special privacy browsers the best-known is tor which is sometimes called the onion router its a free software that. Directs traffic through a massive network consisting of thousands of relays these servers are run by volunteers heres an explanation. By the tor project tours users employ this network by connecting through a series of virtual tunnels rather than making.

A direct connection thus allowing both organizations and individuals to share information over public networks without compromising their privacy were. Told that the tor network was created by the us navy and is still partly funded by the us government. People can publish websites that cant be tracked tor tells us that while many people might think chat rooms are. Just full of rather strange people talking about eating each other or making a poodle burger many people go to. Hidden chat rooms to discuss privately how they survived abuse or perhaps talk about an illness they have that theyre.

Afraid could be found out in chat rooms outside of private browsing this is a good thing of course because. Why shouldnt people at times have a bit of privacy you might remember probably the most infamous site the silk. Road a marketplace where you could buy many things that you wont be seeing sold in the local shopping mall. But some of these items were just regular things more recently alphab a enhancer were also closed but these sites. Were run as hidden services or onion surfaces on the tor network but this show isnt about what we find.

On the dark web its more of a how-to show to tell you how to access the dark web it. Actually isnt hard at all so first get yourself a virtual private network or vpn if youre intending to get. On the dark web this is easy just google vpns even our sponsor dashlane has a vpn some are free. Some of them cost a small amount of money you dont need a vpn but if you want to get. Extra secure get one even if tor was compromised and you were visiting the dark net sites because you had.

A vpn its very unlikely you could be traced okay so you have your vpn and youre ready to access. The tor browser to do this just go to tor and download it couldnt be easier only download from the. Tor site if you google the words download tor browser you should see the top result as the tor project. Just wait and then install the browser on your machine next youll have the option to start the tor browser. This you will do and you will have access to dot onion website if you want to visit marketplaces simply.

Find a darknet market list you might also go to the popular databases the onion directory and the hidden wiki. These will tell you how to access most things in the dark web note some people say its best to. Not change the window size while in the tour as authorities can track you easier if you do others say. Also turn off javascript some others say that you should put tape over your webcam because you just never know. Hey mark zuckerberg does it disable your mic to basically shut down all apps that are on your computer it.

Should go without saying that you dont use your real name and try not to send anyone a photo of. Yourself you should also use an anonymous email account when youre done with your session just shut your computer down. Voila youve been in the dark net and youve done it the safest way the dark web can be a. Pretty scary place but for most people they really just want to look for themselves for one reason to see. If their personal information is being bought and sold on digital marketplaces you could try to access the dark web.

Yourself but theres an easier way – lane offers a free dark web scan that will automatically find out if. Your information is up for sale and what exactly that information is from your drivers license to social security number. Or even telephone number and by signing up with – lane you can help secure your internet experience by using. Their vpn to browse quickly and safely head on over to – lang comm slash infographics for a free 30-day. Trial and if you use the coupon code infographics you can get 10% off a premium subscription today how many.

Of you have accessed the dark web what were you looking for and what did you find did you have. Any dark web tips for us tell us in the comments also be sure to check out our other video. The rise and fall of the dark web silk road thanks for watching and as always dont forget to like. Share and subscribe see you next time.

Method 4 – How To Access The Dark Web – Quick & Easy!

Today im going to show you how you can browse the dark web safely and securely and the method im. About to show you will be similar for other devices so the first thing we need to do is download. The tor browser if you dont know what the tor browser is its basically like a normal browser except its. More secure and you can use it to view the dark web the dark web uses danya links and not.

Comm links so make sure you watch out for them so to get the tor browser you just need to. Click on download tor browser then you want to click on the operating system that you want to download tor. For so in this case its going to be windows so now weve got our vpm we dont want to. Run it just yet theres an important step we need to do first and thats to get self a premium. Vpn now the vpn you use is very important because we need it to stay fast and secure but we.

Also need it to not store any of our traffic logs the one i personally like to use is called. Ipvanish and i like to use them because they do exactly that but you can also get it on other. Platforms like mobile mac and linux so if you want to use the same vpn as i do you can. Get it in the link in the description so now youve got your vpn of choice all you need to. Do is connect to a server thats quickest for you thats also not in your own country and to do.

This you want to click on server list then you want to click on the drop down box and click. On pink and its going to sort all of the vpn servers by the quickest first so were going to. Select belgium for example and thats at a whopping 18 milliseconds which is really quick for a vpn if they. Want to go ahead and click on connect and its going to connect you to of belljo vpn server so. Now well connect it to the vpn server when we browse the deep web theyre going to think that were.

From another place with another identity we can now continue to close this down and we can go ahead and. Install the tor browser so just go ahead and do that now and once its all installed just go ahead. And click on finish and it will pop up just like normal so when you load the tor browser up. For the first time it will need to connect to the tor servers and it might need to set itself. Or and its very easy we just need to click on connect and once its completed it would just pop.

Up just like this so the last thing wed to do is just to configure the tor browser to make. Sure it set maximum security for the dark web and to do this you want to click on the shield. Icon in the top right and click on it about the security settings you want to make sure that the. Safest option is checked and this is going to go ahead and save all javascript and other things like that. To make sure hackers find it a lot harder to track you once youve done this you can close out.

Of this tab and you can go ahead and start browsing the dark web some people like to install the. Tor browser on a usb drive just for even more security but i personally just keep on the computer and. Also when you are browsing the dark web do not over put this in full-screen mode because hackers can somehow. Know that in full screen and it can be easier for them to track you so just leave it in. Windowed mode just like this and if youre not too sure where to start on the dark web ill leave.

A link in the description to the hidden wiki and its got all of the up-to-date links to dark web. Pages so if you are going to go around clicking on these make sure you do at your own risk. And that is all i need to do to access the dark web but safely and securely and the process. Is pretty much the same on any other platform so if this video is helpful please leave a like and. Pass on someone i may find helpful as well if you have any questions or comments just even below and.

Ill reply to you as soon as possible so thank you for watching and have a good day.

Method 5 – What Is The Black Market Auction House + Where Is It In Shadowlands?

The black market auction house is an auction house that has items for sale by npcs that you can bid. On unlike the normal auction house it does not have a buyout option so competitive bidding often happens the black. Market auction house was originally introduced in miss of pandaria black market auction house is very unique in the fact. That it sells things that are no longer available a set amount of items will go for auction on the.

Black market auction house it changes once per day and the maximum bid that you can place is max cash. Stack being 9 million 999 99999 gold since this auction house sells some of the most desirable and rarest items. In the game it is a very competitive place to bid and even though its fun sometimes to go look. At some of the stuff you may be able to place a bid with smaller amounts of cash chances are. Youre not going to win anything significant if you dont have well probably over a couple mil now in this.

Auction house all kinds of items are available including armor pieces that are no longer available such as tier three. Some pets that are no longer available and some pets that are and are quite rare there are rare drop. Mounts such as ashes of a lar and even the invincible rains that go for sales sometimes and discontinued mounds. Such as the swift zulean tiger not to mention several other random miscellaneous items needless to say its pretty much. All desirable and worth at least taking a peek at considering if you get outbid you will get all of.

Your money returned to you so you might as well try and bid on a few items every so often. So this is the exact location of standing in front of the black market auction house auctioneer starting in orobose. Im going to show you a quick route how to find the black market auction house its in revenge rath. And were going to be heading right here so were simply going to start on the second floor of oribos. And just go ahead and take our flight master and were going to take the flight right to wayne crypt.

Hill in revan draft nice and simple only cost the gold and now once we are at this flight path. Lets go ahead and mount up and were going to be heading right here fairly simple and safe to get. There i think theres even a rev draft world quest or regular quest that actually shows you exactly where this. Is and right here there we are so it looks like the ashes of alar or for sale right now. Going for a hefty three mill ill tell you i would rather just farm it a cool little companion that.

Is also a treant much like my treat form i think thats tier three looks incredibly cool bidding works just. Like everything else ill go ahead and show you how i do it im going to go ahead and bid. On this current price is 5500 so im just going to put that right up to 6k put up my. Bid and there it is if i get outbid ill get my money back if i win it ill get. The item additionally there will also be unclaimed black market auction house crates which you can buy which will give.

You a random black market auction house item of course a lot of people have done a lot of experimenting. With this and i think a lot of people have found that the average was its not worth it to. Buy thats going to be up to you i hope i get something cool oh my god dont buy these. Boxes just dont do it just dont buy them if you want to risk uh paying a lot for the. Crate to possibly get something quite as lame as a blue pet but it is also very possible you get.

Something very epic even amount buy at your own risk but its a lot less certain as a matter of. Fact if youre looking for certainty stay away from the black market auction house entirely there is no certainty involved. Possibly one of the most important things to note is the brutus or the brutus or .

Conclusion – How To Access The Black Market

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