How To Access The Dark Web – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – Dark Web: How The Unseen Internet Is Accessed

In 2015 the founder of a website called the silk road was sentenced to life in prison the billion dollar. Black market site was once the premier online bazaar for drugs and other contraband but it remained hidden from casual. Internet users for years because of something called the dark web so what exactly is this dark side of the. Internet if you think of the web like an iceberg youve got the surface web up top thats the internet.

You see and use every day whats submerged is the deep web an anonymous online space only accessible specific software. And then theres the dark web now thats the part of the deep web that hides your identity and location. The dark web is a series of encrypted networks that serve to anonymize peoples use on the internet thats matt. Swenson hes a special agent with the department of homeland security and his focus is on cyber crime its relatively. Easy for anyone to access this encrypted network all it takes is downloading darknet software the most common dark web.

Networks that we encounter right now are tor i2p and freenet tor is by far and away the most popular. Tor stands for the onion rooting project it was actually developed by the navy for the government back in the. Mid 1990s but it was open sourced in 2004 and thats when it went public its now the dark web. Browser that the vast majority of people use tor allows a person to surf the internet anonymously so that their. Web traffic is basically encrypted and when they view the web the encrypted traffic wont be attributed to them or.

Their location to understand how tor actually works you need to know what happens when you typically search the web. Think of your ip address as an online identity any device you use to connect to the internet has one. So anytime you visit a website you can be traced back to your exact location thanks to that ip address. The tor browser looks like any other except theres a whole lot happening that you dont see instead of your. Connection request bouncing from its origin right to its destination tor sends your request on a much more roundabout route.

So lets say youre in new york and you want to search a site hosted in new jersey instead of. Connecting you directly the tor browser takes you on at least three random detours called relays so your request could. Go from new york to south africa from south africa to hong kong and then from hong kong to new. Jersey tor is comprised of people from all over the planet who are donating their computers to the network it. Has more than 7 000 relays to choose from bouncing your request around to random computers all over the world.

Makes it much harder for people to find you software firm hyperion gray put together this map showing all 6608. Dark websites crawled during january 2018. Each screenshot is a site and the content ranges from the nefarious to the. Noble for some users like journalists or whistleblowers the dark web is just about identity protection where individuals can share. Anonymous tips with the press on secure drop sites but more often than not its tied to the world of.

Cyber crime special agents like swenson are looking for the kinds of users who want this full cloak of anonymity. In order to mask their illegal activity putting a stop to this kind of crime has been described as a. Never-ending game of whack-a-mole for law enforcement but even with the odds seemingly stacked against them the anonymity of the. Dark web can sometimes play to the laws advantage no and no location means you never really know who youre. Talking to.

Method 2 – How To Find Anything On The Dark Web

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Method 3 – Easiest Catch: Don’t Be Another Fish In The Dark Net | Derrick Day | Tedxwakeforestu

All right steven alwine gentleman lives in minnesota he was an elder in his church but he found the website. Ashley madison for those of you who dont know what that is its a website where married folks can arrange. Dates so and not with their spouse so mister alwine had decided that was a good idea he had done. This a few times and he decided all right im done being married didnt want to be married anymore so.

Reasonable person might say okay divorce not mr. Alwine he decided im gonna have my wife killed so how do. We do that he does a little research goes out to the dark web and he finds a contract killer. Five thousand dollars later these guys contract done he thinks all right well the day comes and goes that his. Wifes supposed to be dead shes not so mister alwine goes back to the contract killer to complain maybe not.

Smart but thats what he did believe it or not the contract killer was sympathetic to his cause because for. That $5,000 price he had hired the b-team right not not the best that we had but luckily for him. The 18 was available its only $20,000 for them theyre gonna do the right thing credit the 5,000 that hes. Already spent given them so he only needs to give them another 15 and theyll set up a new new. Contract right with the 18 well get it done so he agrees he has a condition its got to be.

Done by next sunday so contract killer says okay fair enough sunday comes and goes his wife is still alive. So mister alwine i guess figuring that vacay ive been duped im out 20 grand but i still dont want. To be married so he decides to kill his wife stages of suicide he goes and picks up his 8. Year old adopted son says son were gonna go get mom and go to dinner has this son go inside. To get mom and find mom dead supposed suicide yeah not a nice guy so what do i start with.

This story because i mentioned the dark web and thats what im going to talk about today maybe you know. What it is maybe you dont maybe youve heard of it maybe you havent but were going to talk about. How its used and how it gets abused so dark web started out actually as a research project by the. Us navy they wanted to have a means that they could use the internet right to communicate but they wanted. To do it you know quietly where they knew no one would know be anonymous so they start this project.

And this technology comes out that hey we can do that we can be anonymous for fellow trekkies right they. Build a romulan cloaking device so unfortunately though like what captain kirk did write that romulan cloaking device gets away. And it gets out to the private sector the real world gets this technology this tool so and we develop. What becomes the dark web you say well derek if its just this little thing out there why is it. Such a big deal well i think we can agree googles a monster right its a big thing and surely.

Google has reached the end of the internet with their vast resources well thats not quite right depending on the. Source i looked it up its between five and 14 percent of whats out on the internet that google is. Able to index to give us access to when we do our searches regardless of the number its a very. Very small part of whats out there so how are we going to think about the dark web well i. Like to think about it im from south dakota so its deadwood south dakota circa 1860 right its the wild.

West theres no sheriff in town youre not gonna tell me what i can do youre not gonna tell me. What i cant do im gonna buy im gonna sell you know anything i want its its open season and. Thats kind of the case right we just heard mr. Alwin you can hire contract killer you can buy guns. You can buy drugs you can buy credit cards human trafficking happens on the dark web the super bowl was.

In minneapolis the firm that i worked for worked with the nfl and their anti human trafficking a group that. They had going and that happens at big events because unfortunately that goes along with these big events and over. 90% of the cases that they were aware of the folks were using the dark web to set up their. Meetings so so instead of just talking about it im gonna take us out were gonna take a look at. What the dark web is all right so right now what ive done i loaded them ahead of time but.

Im on a browser here so were actually out looking on the dark web i can click on stuff and. We can and could go so this is a uk passport you say okay name of my choice that might. Be beneficial thousand pounds like man thats a lot of money for a counterfeit passport well if you read a. Little bit closer this is not a counterfeit passport this is a legitimate passport that they supposedly has someone working. On the inside thats going to get this entered into the uk database into their government database so if somebody.

Pulls it up like yep that persons good you know it says that you can travel in the uk and. The eu on this particular website but i can come to the united states on a british passport as well. So you say so what well gentlemen another minnesota businessman as traveling overseas comes back through me appleã­s airport customs. Does a cursory search on his computer and they find questionable images of young folks so the airport police they. Stop they call our firm and say hey can you do the forensics on this right on this computer for.

These images we say sure so we get it in start doing the exam for the images and we find. Additional criminal activity so we stop you go back to the airport please say hey we found what you what. Were looking for you know good job guys deterred but we found some additional information here that we need another. Warrant for so that we can continue and what this gentleman had done he was a prominent businessman he was. Wealthy he to decided he no longer wanted to be married but he didnt want to give his wife half.

His stuff so he goes to this exact website gets a uk passport in the name of his choice and. He goes back overseas hires a firm to set up a trust he starts selling off his family assets puts. Him into accounts that this trust controls in this name of his choice and comes back to the united states. Right now hes got nothing half of nothing is nothing so he figures hey i can go on live my. Life would still have all my money luckily though due to this case gentleman is not hes now a guest.

To the state of minnesota for the next 12 years now this is an interesting this one this next one. And youre gonna say derek its broken and thats kind of the point ill talk ill switch back over here. In just a second but this website just yesterday when i was going through this was up and running and. It is this website we hear about counterfeit credit cards right being a being sold on the dark web so. This is an example of that but also right the wild west things come and go so just overnight for.

Whatever reason whether some law-enforcement agency got this guy or something happened but his wit his website is now gone. Thats a good thing but the interesting thing i like to wanted to point out here is sure we have. Credit cards but if you look at that second option it says paypal what the heck does that mean well. This guy will send a compromised paypal account you give him its like 10 cents on the dollar so you. Give him 350 dollars and he claims that hes gonna give you access to a paypal account that now has.

3,500 dollars in it blum you can suck all the money out and go on about your business thats a. Pretty good business plan the other one there western union i thought was interesting as well he claims that he. Can intercept a transfer so i assume hes got someone working inside western union right he can intercept that wire. Transfer and have it sent to you instead and again he charges about ten cents on the dollar for that. But again wild west its not there you can see theres a websites trying to go to the address i.

Said guns right guns on the dark web this guy hes got several hell sell yeah all right come on. Down through here the nice thing about this guy you know you know what youre getting his guns are new. And unused so drugs its a big one on the dark web this is one of our favorites this guy. Selling psychedelics but again hes a businessman right so he wants to try to ensure you that what youre getting. Is good so he he makes sure that his products are rigorous rigorously tested if you can see that right.

Here all products are tested by ourself remember a mind is a terrible thing to waste these folks its more. Drugs different types if you can kind of ignore or look past the heroin and the cocaine and all that. Look at the top its the peoples drugstore and where theyre doing theyre gonna pride themselves in offering the best. Quality products competitive prices making every effort to go above and beyond when it comes to customer satisfaction right you. Could find that probably on amazon right some small marketplace thats their goal maybe walmart right thats their goal as.

Well so these folks you know its a business and if you werent you know if you didnt have a. Warm fuzzy yet theyre also trying to pass on savings if you look here in the middle it says the. Heroin they offer comes direct from the importer theyre gonna cut out the middleman again pass that savings on to. You if you still werent convinced theyre gonna try to educate us what is the difference between number three and. Number four heroin it says most people know that already i did not ill admit but theyre gonna educate us.

And they just said as example heres right at the bottom heres the e-commerce part of their webpage and get. What you want now spellchecker apparently is not a drug dealers you can get a quarter gram all right so. This guy here gal they advertise it its a prescription free drug store sounds great right well believe it or. Not we actually had an attendee im an event ask us one time isnt that legitimate i have a prescription. Yeah yeah the answer is no its not but this person it was it was really interesting what they asked.

Was is i have a prescription for my medication over the years cant afford it anymore its too expensive right. Whether the drug goes up whether my interest goes up whatever the reason might be its too expensive but i. Need it right whether im in pain or whatever it might be so these guys i can afford it on. One of these sites i have a prescription for it you know my doctor its being so doesnt that make. It legitimate again the answer is no but let me give you a little bit of example why you may.

Not want to do that so lets say a few years ago you had a surgery hip replacement knee replacement. Something big there were some complications in that surgery and you were in pain so the doctor years ago right. Prescribes pain meds lets say if i could in so youve got your vicodin you have to take four at. A time i mean youre in a lot of pain so you do this after many years so right we. Get to today and opioid theres a problem with that right prescription abuse were concerned with that so your doctor.

Says hey lets review this i think we need to try to wean you off of all that vicodin so. Your doctor starts to do that you know instead of four pills you know three two and you know you. Dont feel well youre still in pain youre like this is not working im not abusing my pills i need. It you know im taking what he told me to take to get rid of my pain so im gonna. Go to one of these sites where i can get my vicodin and im gonna do what i was prescribed.

Before im not gonna take any more im not gonna take any less okay thats fine well the person thats. Running your prescription free drug store also knows how to shop on the dark web so they go and buy. Some synthetic powdered fentanyl and they get a pill press right pharmacy quality that they can press out pills that. Look like vicodin start doing that boom hammered out the margin on vicodin is very low right its very expensive. So this guy hes not worried about he wants profit right hes a businessman so not worried about your pain.

Hes worried about his profit so thats what he does you buy vicodin from him or her you get it. Right get it back you look at your pills like man that looks just like what the doctor gave me. Boom im saving money but i still have my prescription whats the problem with that fentanyl is 14 times strong. Then vicodin so now instead of taking four of your vicodin youve now taken 56 and thats gonna be the. Age-old story right rockstar hotel room dead in the bed so thats an example of why you might not want.

To do that so you may ask is what were doing here illegal am i breaking the law by surfing. On the dark web the answer is no because remember what did the dark web start out as it was. A tool right for anonymity thats what the technology is its just been abused right if i take a hammer. I can build a beautiful house or i can take that same hammer and destroy a priceless piece of art. So its how i use that tool these guys are using it for bad you say okay what good use.

Is there well lets say youre in a country where the internets not as free and open as it is. Here in the united states a political dissident whatever reason whatever it might be you need a way to communicate. Outside of that country well this would be a way to do that right you can stay in contact with. Your family with you know whatever it might be but that would be a legitimate reason to use the tool. That the dark web uses legitimate marketplaces are starting to pop up also you know real retailers using this dark.

Web technology because they think hey you know our customers want to be anonymous for whatever reason so again right. Capitalism were gonna try to do that were gonna give them a marketplace but those are legitimate you know heres. One right here that we may all recognize right its facebook but this is using the technology this dot onion. At the end that shows you that its using that technology to be anonymous on the internet thats dark that. The dark web uses now you also notice right it pops up people want to be anonymous but facebook wants.

To get some more stuff you have to allow some thats what this is asking me hey we want to. Use your stuff that makes it be less anonymous but on the face right facebooks trying to use that to. Give people the ability to to use this technology and be anonymous as theyre surfing on the internet if they. Want to be so you know not everyone on the dark web is a criminal but i can guarantee you. Most criminals are using the dark web so i hope that this is giving you a little bit of an.

Insight to what it is what can and cant be done and why it may or may not be a. Good thing thank you very much.

Method 4 – Super Easy Way To Access The Dark Web (How To)

This episode is brought to you by – lame try – line premium free for 30 days at – lang. Comm / infographics and never forget another password and keep all your online accounts secure if youve seen our shows. On the dark web youll know some of the things you can find there we talked before about illegal activities. Happening there but theres much more to this place you might find whistleblowers in the dark web perhaps fearful of.

Their identity being uncovered human rights journalists might also publish here with an understanding that their work cant be traced. Back to them critics of oppressive governments might air their concerns there while others just want absolute privacy when talking. To people about their health welcome to this episode of the infographics show how to access the dark web first. Lets give you a 101 on the dark web sources differ on how much of the internet can be seen. Using a standard browser in the story npr told us that 96% of the internet is not available through normal.

Browsers call it the iceberg theory which means the internet we see is just the tip other resources tell us. Its more like 90 percent which is still huge so what exactly are we not seeing first of all we. Should understand the difference between the deep web and dark net sites the deep web might not be quite as. Degenerate as the dark web the deep web is simply part of the web that cant be accessed through conventional. Browsers one expert tells us despite many representations of a nefarious underground operating out of site the deep web is.

Mostly benign private databases and web resources not meant to be accessed by the general public lots of data online. Isnt available to our prying eyes companies our banks have private databases or some websites might not want to be. Indexed they want to remain unsearchable its not really that surprising that most of the information flowing around the internet. Is protected but then we have the dark web and thats a totally different thing this is a place where. One wants absolute anonymity not to say people dont get found they do as we said you might find political.

Dissidents working there in some countries you can still lose your freedom or life for criticizing a leader or ruler. How does it work how do people get this anonymity they require well the darknet both incorporates encryption and also. Uses special privacy browsers the best-known is tor which is sometimes called the onion router its a free software that. Directs traffic through a massive network consisting of thousands of relays these servers are run by volunteers heres an explanation. By the tor project tours users employ this network by connecting through a series of virtual tunnels rather than making.

A direct connection thus allowing both organizations and individuals to share information over public networks without compromising their privacy were. Told that the tor network was created by the us navy and is still partly funded by the us government. People can publish websites that cant be tracked tor tells us that while many people might think chat rooms are. Just full of rather strange people talking about eating each other or making a poodle burger many people go to. Hidden chat rooms to discuss privately how they survived abuse or perhaps talk about an illness they have that theyre.

Afraid could be found out in chat rooms outside of private browsing this is a good thing of course because. Why shouldnt people at times have a bit of privacy you might remember probably the most infamous site the silk. Road a marketplace where you could buy many things that you wont be seeing sold in the local shopping mall. But some of these items were just regular things more recently alphab a enhancer were also closed but these sites. Were run as hidden services or onion surfaces on the tor network but this show isnt about what we find.

On the dark web its more of a how-to show to tell you how to access the dark web it. Actually isnt hard at all so first get yourself a virtual private network or vpn if youre intending to get. On the dark web this is easy just google vpns even our sponsor dashlane has a vpn some are free. Some of them cost a small amount of money you dont need a vpn but if you want to get. Extra secure get one even if tor was compromised and you were visiting the dark net sites because you had.

A vpn its very unlikely you could be traced okay so you have your vpn and youre ready to access. The tor browser to do this just go to tor and download it couldnt be easier only download from the. Tor site if you google the words download tor browser you should see the top result as the tor project. Just wait and then install the browser on your machine next youll have the option to start the tor browser. This you will do and you will have access to dot onion website if you want to visit marketplaces simply.

Find a darknet market list you might also go to the popular databases the onion directory and the hidden wiki. These will tell you how to access most things in the dark web note some people say its best to. Not change the window size while in the tour as authorities can track you easier if you do others say. Also turn off javascript some others say that you should put tape over your webcam because you just never know. Hey mark zuckerberg does it disable your mic to basically shut down all apps that are on your computer it.

Should go without saying that you dont use your real name and try not to send anyone a photo of. Yourself you should also use an anonymous email account when youre done with your session just shut your computer down. Voila youve been in the dark net and youve done it the safest way the dark web can be a. Pretty scary place but for most people they really just want to look for themselves for one reason to see. If their personal information is being bought and sold on digital marketplaces you could try to access the dark web.

Yourself but theres an easier way – lane offers a free dark web scan that will automatically find out if. Your information is up for sale and what exactly that information is from your drivers license to social security number. Or even telephone number and by signing up with – lane you can help secure your internet experience by using. Their vpn to browse quickly and safely head on over to – lang comm slash infographics for a free 30-day. Trial and if you use the coupon code infographics you can get 10% off a premium subscription today how many.

Of you have accessed the dark web what were you looking for and what did you find did you have. Any dark web tips for us tell us in the comments also be sure to check out our other video. The rise and fall of the dark web silk road thanks for watching and as always dont forget to like. Share and subscribe see you next time.

Method 5 – What Is The Dark Web? | Cnbc Explains

Youre watching video on youtube then you head to amazon to buy your grandmas birthday present this internet browsing is. Taking place on a level of the internet called the surface web but beneath it are many more layers of. The internet and whats known as the deep web at the top of these layers are websites that can be. Accessed that cant be found by doing a simple search on google or bing think online banking and government databases.

Pages that are password encrypted what if you keep going down all the way to the bottom of the deep. Web well here youll find the dark web here users can communicate through encrypted messages and combined sell anything with. Total anonymity its been called the wild west of the internet because operating in the shadows are extremists criminals and. Trolls but where did the dark web come from and how does it work firstly the dark web is not. A place but a term that describes parts of the internet that hide your identity and location the dark webs.

Infrastructure was created in the 1970s at the same time as the internet itself but to utilize it you needed. Dark net software and to the u.s. Naval research lab who created back in the early 2000s one of the. First and still the most popular dark net software talk it was creative for a number of reasons which included. Providing the us navys intelligence officers with the means to maneuver through the internet without being recognized or traced but.

To really give you an understanding of what the dark web is like we need to explore it firsthand so. Ive downloaded tor which looks like a normal web browser and seems to behave like one – i can visit. Any site .

Conclusion – How To Access The Dark Web

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