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Method 1 – Your Soul Purpose: Learn How To Access The Light Within

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Method 2 – 5 Steps: How To Remember Your Soul Purpose & Mission

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Method 3 – How To Find Your Soul Purpose (Learn Astrology For Beginners!)

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Method 4 – Finding Your Soul Purpose: What Your Spirit Is Trying To Tell You! | Kim Russo

Feel you make a bad decision love yourself up even more no matter what love yourself up everything starts first. With our thoughts because thoughts are energy love truly is the highest vibrational frequency that exists and when you ascend. To the love vibration thats where the miracles happen thats where the magic happens so i said to spirit if. You want me to continue doing this i need to know im on the right track i need proof but.

They always gave me the proof i needed or the encouragement to keep going hi everyone welcome back im michael. Sandler your host on inspire nation if youve ever wanted to discover your sole purpose then do we have the. Your soul purpose happy medium show for you today ill be talking with kim russo world famous medium the host. Of the ever popular celebrity ghost stories and the author of two brilliant books your sole purpose and the happy. Medium and thats just what i want to talk with her about today about how to connect with spirit dive.

Into the heart and discover your soul purpose that plus well talk about strap-on skates and mr softy miss lucy. Had a steamboat billy and joseph father frank and doing gods work what in the world is a chapman stick. And what on the earth crazy-eyed flying monkeys have to do with anything so welcome back to the show kim. Are you ready to shine yes always always with my brightest light so we spoke a little bit off air. So its so interesting the synchronicity because i had planned this question in advance before we spoke because i was.

Going to say kim before we dive right into things the world seems flipped upside down and backwards right now. Have you had any inkling about what would be happening to yourself over the last few years well yes actually. Yes my my guides have been always telling me for years now that theres um hang in there hang in. There we have a we have a plan going on in the background and i never really knew what that. Meant and i just realized i needed to live in the moment because time is not linear as we speak.

You know we know that and i really just have a lot of friends that are astrologers and i dabble. Myself and everything in my astrological chart is indicative of im about to embark on a new journey and what. That didnt make sense to me because i its like once you learn how to ride a bike youll always. Know how to ride a bike so i couldnt imagine me not being a medium and i never understood like. Well what is this new path and so everyone would say well its sort of in the same field but.

Its different so i think that started to unfold little by little and now i think i do know what. What spirit meant um when they told me to write my second book your sole purpose which really does not. Talk too much about mediumship but talks all about how to tap into the light within us and um its. Chock full of information that actually can lead to mediumship and all of the gifts that we were innately inherited. And born with and bring bringing us back to our sovereignty so i think its a much deeper book it.

Takes things to another level of the happy medium book and i always thank spirit for giving it to me. Because it was one of the best experiences of my life mediumship in a sense its all within us so. So within as within so without as above so below it gets a little bit confusing but the youre talking. About a path toward ascension and im im thinking of your evolution in particular but all of ours mediumship is. Sort of quasi listening out there its not really but im going to call it that for this purposes is.

Listening out there and the light within is about listening in here correct correct absolutely its actually everything is within. Um external ex anything external is is a mirror image of what we project within us so many people dont. Know this yet and many people are learning this the hard way because everything starts first with our thoughts because. Thoughts are energy and what we believe about ourselves and about our abilities and about our um well a lot. Of it has to do with what weve been programmed as children and and you know just go to the.

People that say well im the first person in my whole family that ever went to college you know youve. Heard people say that in the past and they they feel so proud of themselves that theyre breaking that cycle. And they thought theyd nev step out of that family dynamic um but i think spiritually now we are all. Breaking out of into the into the into the natural way of being to what we were intended to be. From the get-go uh innately our sovereign beings what does that mean to you kim because i i know what.

Youre talking about and and and im seeing it all around me and seeing it from all these different authors. But if we look at a surface level and thats it you cant play the game at a surface level. Now it instead looks like holy crap do you know what this looks like and what this really is and. My spirits message comes is coming across i dont like the word desperate but theres this desperate message and its. Universal and its its its collectively being told to all of the way showers and the light workers and really.

And its its just its cause sometimes it can sound cliche like live in your heart you you know you. Have to live through the love center uh love makes the world go round but now were really understanding what. This means um and spirit is desperate to get that message out and that what that really looks like is. We were never meant to come here with such uh to dim our light and to play small that is. Not what we were created to to do and its not actually why we agreed as souls to come here.

We agreed to a pretty big mission being here on planet earth at this moment in time and space and. That helps me to stay focused and remember why i decided as a soul to come here now and it. Really is to help some people will be those people that will go out and write books and be on. Television and try to get the biggest platforms they can to spread their message of love and peace and to. Really help encourage people to harness their own gifts but then there are some people that are meant to just.

Be the light in their own families or in their own communities with their friends volunteer work just holding the. Vibration of love encouragement faith and and um uh just being grateful and holding the high vibration of helping one. Another right whats the point if you cannot leave a legacy of helping to change the world even if its. Just for one person on this planet that me it it makes a world of a difference and i always. Knew that as a child that i didnt really want to waste this life in a mundane way and i.

I just think spirit picked me i think i remembered my mission at a very early age i think you. Did too michael no i think we spoke about that once yeah and and its interesting because ive got to. Dovetail for just one brief second because im like a kid in a candy store kim i channeled for last. Nights class we have this manifestation mastery circle we do wednesday nights and and and i was channeling wayne dyer. And then held class and the key word and i said well this is quintessential wayne the key word that.

Came out last night or if i can remember the exact sentence was if youre desperate to manifest you will. Get nowhere what you want to be is desperate to reconnect with spirit and who you truly are and to. Go from the i to the we at this time and the key word was desperate or desperation and so. You just said kim i dont want to use the word pause pause pause desperation and im going my jaw. Is just hitting the floor really wow hows that for synchronicity so spirit spirit is really knocking at the door.

For me it was at age five when i was uh playing on a fisher price uh parking garage thing. And im standing on it looking outside parents are are out doing something theres a babysitter in a room or. Two away and i slipped and fell hit my chin on uh the windowsill knocked out a tooth but i. Had been thinking about uh connection to spirit i we are we won where do we go if were not. Here what is consciousness and that was like my starting seed because i had a tooth knocked out to remind.

Me that i was starting to go down this path wow thats pretty cool instead of getting knocked in the. Head you got knocked in the teeth i have been knocked in the teeth ive been knocked in the head. Ive been knocked in everything and so now kim i say may i have the messages kind gentle easy good. But bringing that back to the collective to me it seems like and kim id love your take on it. That this really is theres a theres both a massive choice we get to be made that gets to be.

Made at this time but were also all having the carpet pulled out from underneath us to make us unstable. I believe to make it easier for us to make this shift what are your thoughts uh well spirit has. To you know i have my bad days too i i always have to keep reminding myself that im human. And whenever i go back into like that 3d mentality of uh time space and matter i remind myself that. Thats just one timeline and um so what spirit has been telling me is a very similar message instead of.

The word i they are giving me we must go from me to we instead of me me me going. To we and they also are talking about um i just lost my train of thought because whenever i talk. About spirit um well just have to remind me uh the question because i just was like went into my. Home what is that can you read that yes where did you get that from this is my book automatic. Writing and it was a channeled text on teaching people how to channel and it ends the last chapters from.

Me to we oh well i i must read that now for sure i havent read it yet but thats. Pretty incredible um oh oh you oh you i just remembered you said that the the rug is being pulled. Out and you think thats making it easier and what then the trainer thought for me was yeah i i. Have to just keep reminding myself that um what spirits showing me like you can you see it as a. Rug being pulled out i see it as a boiling pot of soup on a stove uh because spirit speaks.

To me a lot in metaphors and pictures and theyre showing me that when a pot boils all the gunk. At the bottom boils and it settles on the top and i feel like were just as light workers the. Light is really um starting to touch peoples darkness and their belief system so so the gunk is coming from. The bottom rising to the top for all to see so the dark is uh showing itself right now in. A lot of ways a lot of a lot of division going on i mean i dont have to tell.

You just turn on the news and well know whats what uh you know is going on but the point. Is is that i really do believe that we are shifting into higher timelines higher vibrations but when that when. You rise up everything that was holding on is going to just fall away and that probably looks to you. Like the rug is being pulled out but really we are being redirected you know were were uh were not. Having a breakdown were having a breakthrough thank you so lets lets go there and i want to go personal.

With you kim for a minute if its all right by you youre saying im a medium heres what i. Do heres my game heres how i play it and what was spirit telling you and and what was the. Process you went through of im gonna go surrendering to the light within what was your process of saying okay. Im going to let go it was a hard one and it was a long one because i am im. A very cerebral person im a gemini so im an air sign not an air head an airside just for.

Those who dont understand astrology and im very cerebral so things have to make sense to me i need to. Understand something before i can actually do it or actually be interested in it and spirit kept saying to me. You dont need to know everything will give you to the best of your ability to understand the way spirit. Works in a linear fashion but they showed me thats not how spirit works at all so when i started. To trust that they would always be there for me because what my biggest fear when i started channeling was.

What if nothing shows up for me and i have a client sitting in front of me and theres my. Ego i didnt want to feel like a fool or fraud and i this was this thing where i went. From being um a man a legal like a secretary in an office in a corporate world in real estate. To being able to know how to master everything that i did to completely going in blind having to have. Faith and at the same time claiming that im channeling so i wanted to be able to back up my.

Claims but spirit would just keep laughing at me and saying thats not how this works once you believe us. And trust that we are there always that will speak for itself that will be the claim it took me. So long to leave my ego at the door and to just trust but once i did that the rest. Is history it hasnt stopped and this is what i teach my students when they join my classes number one. Rule leave your ego at the door like when people enter a room and you say please take off your.

Shoes i tell them please take off your ego because its very hard to learn this work when you think. Youre going to control it how do we take off our ego shoes so i am a big believer in. Uh taking off the training wheels right away just get on that bike and start rolling uh because ive done. It many times with my students and ive i love when spirit shows them that they can do this work. Now ill tell you what it looks like michael they start to to tune into some object or a person.

Because i have them do these test uh exercises in class and i can actually see their facial expressions and. Their pauses when the the logical brain kicks in and i will stop the midstream and say stop thinking thats. Your ego stop making logic thats your ego stop worrying if youre wrong thats your ego and i will say. It out loud to them in the moment as theyre trying to pick up information and sometimes ill say youre. Taking too long thats not thats not how spirit works because spirit will come in as a flow sometimes youll.

Pause when when youre not understanding the message but theres a lot look on their face that i am trained. To identify when they kick into ego and i just remind them its its really repetitive like when you go. To a gym you have to just keep training that muscle but not the spirit doesnt filter through a mind. It filters through the spirit so its more about feeling than thinking thinking has to stay out of it because. We just become a clear channel a clear vessel like an interpreter for the deaf thats how i like to.

Equate it have you ever seen an uh interpreter for the deaf changing the message no they dont they cant. Theyre just standing on a stage with the hit sign language wanting to get as close to the message as. Possible and so you train yourself to to leave yourself out of it is there a tool so im going. To i guess my thinking mind is going there anders ericsson he is the um the author and scientist who. Came up with the 10 000 hour rule that came out in malcolm gladwells books or became popularized there and.

He talks about having deliberate feedback that the way to become great at anything is to get feedback to know. How am i doing and be able to improve how am i doing be able to improve how can we. In a in a world at least in the west but im going to say its worldwide phenomenon where weve. Been trained that mind is king mind is god how do we begin to recognize hey wait because were so. Indoctrinated in the mind we may not even recognize it this is my mind not my intuitive self this is.

Not heart speaking and then to bring ourselves back thats a loaded question but i see i ge you know. Because theres so many layers to that um because obviously we need the mind to interpret the message so we. Need to go into the mind into that rolodex that we have of a frame of reference so my guides. Speak to me in metaphors pictures a lot of movies things that happens in my own life so they have. To go through our memory bank which is the mind they have to use what utilize what weve learned and.

What we what we use as a frame of reference in our own experiences in order for us to mirror. That to deliver the message uh there have been some words ive channeled that ive had to look up that. Ive never heard of so thats one way that i know it didnt come from me um but to get. Back to your question its to some degree we can control our lives to live healthy to be safe to. To you know stay stay stay alive right we have to stay alive we have to eat the right foods.

We have to um we have to actually own accountability for a job or for some kind of some kind. Of task in life and sole purpose but other than that when we have a decision to make and we. Just dont know which way to go the logical brain will always kick it back to um to fear like. In other words you have to see where would the blockages be like how am i coming up with that. Decision and i love to give examples because this is the best way that i like to teach um what.

If you love to swim but you never learned how to swim because your mother was afraid of drowning herself. And she taught you how to be afraid of the water okay so then its like should i go in. The water should i not go in the water but my soul wants to go in the water but i. Wind up not going in the water because my mother always taught me i will drown because that was her. Fear so fears get transferred onto us programs get transferred on to us so how do you make a clean.

Cut you know biased unbiased decision in the mind when everythings tainted you have to say is that my control. Issues thats helping me make that decision or is it the right decision like are you a control freak are. You basing it in fear i always say dont base choices and fear but when you when you have the. Answers that come and filter through your heart i say the easiest way to recognize the right decision is when. It makes the least amount of sense does that does that make sense while it does kim and im im.

Chuckling on the inside the thinking mind and i know that the audience is their thinking mind completely rails against. It its how im living were out on the road in an rv here i told you a couple days. Ago somebody said sarasota so of course were going to be spending time in sarasota and somebody is going to. Say someplace else and were going to go there and what i will do is i will check in and. I will ask is this a fear-based decision first off and and then secondly ill go how does it feel.

And usually the ones that come from spirit are scary so its actually not a fear-based decision its actually the. Verse im going where im doing what well that makes no sense i guess ive got to go for it. Well so let me tell you personally what works for me and everyone at home can try this i i. Was exactly what you just said i struggled with in the very beginning and i said to spirit when you. Want me to do something you need to show it to me in three different ways three different times i.

Need the three rule the three and sure enough it came up three times but also i take it one. Step further spirit will always know your personality they know everybodys personality theyre dealing with they know your triggers they. Know your fears and when i say they you know i could speak from your relatives on the other side. To your spirit guides to the angels you know really we can go we can go to all of it. They know your fears they know how to get you to do something and they know how to bring something.

To you because that when i retrace my steps when spirit was trying to get me to do something i. Realized they brought certain people into my life they they pushed me to do things i i wouldnt normally do. Right but theres always this constant conversation that you should be having its not a one and done deal its. Its just like spirit taking you by the hand and you need signs you need them to show you um. When i first started doing readings there were some people that were so easy to read and some people that.

Were really tough and whenever i was done with the reading with some people i wasnt sure if they were. Happy or did i make a difference and i would start to beat myself up over it which is the. Ego i now know this i didnt know that back then and im like did i say it wrong how. Come they didnt cry how come they didnt seem happy so i said to spirit like a bratty girl if. You want me to continue doing this i need to know im on the right track i need proof whats.

It what happened with that lady who just left she wasnt happy within a day this happened so many times. I would either get an email from that person calling to rebook right away they want to get on my. Mailing my um waiting list for the following year recommending people wanting to have groups at their house so there. Was my answer they were happy and then i realized that people showed their emotions differently so i had to. Take myself out of every equation when it came to doing this work and when it came to me trusting.

Spirit and and and you really do start to recognize ego after that and im like theyre probably my my. Guides are laughing at me but they always gave me the proof i needed or the encouragement to keep going. And everybodys guides will do that for them too i promise ive seen it happen way too many times but. You must have an open clear communication with them which means its a practice that we want to start cultivating. On a daily basis isnt it yes yes moment to moment yes when people think theyre all alone and everythings.

Weighing on their shoulders take a minute or a second take a deep breath center yourself stop all the chaos. In your mind uh breathing helps me breathing the breath helps most people to center its slow down the minds. Put your hands over your heart feel your heart beating and then ask the same question and then feel your. Answer theres a word thats going around the spiritual community thats called resonate does it resonate and i love that. Word because when something resonates it does not have to make sense it just has to feel right theres no.

Resistance now if theres a resistance in that time that just might not be the right time for you right. Because timing is everything so we have to get out of the ego again and just say okay maybe not. Now but maybe sometime it will be it will resonate just like a certain book you pick up it doesnt. Resonate and you put it down and a year later you pick up the same book and you cant you. You just devour every chapter because now youre ready to hear the message and then it will resonate so resonance.

Is a very big thing when it comes to tapping in to your higher self and to the other realms. Thank you so lets go from there lets go from resonance lets go to the symphony or harmony of your. Life and is there a master blueprint or a master song uh i do believe there is i believe theres. A master blueprint however its like a gps do you want to get the theyre the quick route with no. Tolls toll booths and uh you know you know traffic lights or do you want to get on the express.

Lane i believe there is a master plan an end an end goal but i also believe that when we. Get in our own way we can kind of take the longer route but i do believe every soul gets. To that place in due time absolutely i really do believe that 00:31 so you so you really are always. Where you are supposed to be you just may have taken a little bit of a longer route because you. Need to learn the hard way right we some of us learn easy and some of us like math i.

Cant do math i mean i it takes me a while when i was in school i needed a math. Tutor i cant grab it so dont beat yourself up guys thats where im going thank you if we realize. Were exactly where were supposed to be and were on the spirit led path and i say we can have. It the easy way you can have it the hard way my early years i used to take it the. Hard way with the 2×4 now i say im listening better and i i am continuously working to listen even.

Better each and every moment if i can if i remember if we pick on ourselves though were shutting off. That flow 00:32 arent i so its its its a double-edged sword of you may feel youre off path love. Yourself up you may feel you make a bad decision love yourself up even more no matter what love yourself. Up a long time ago my um guides told me and it resonated and it stuck with me and i. It words to live by uh there are no bad decisions there are just experiences theyre experiences and maybe theyre.

Experiences that you you werent happy with or that you didnt enjoy that adventure theres different adventures and there are. Some adventures that are great but i wouldnt change for the world some of my experiences looking back now because. They really did get me from point a to point z or t um and without them i think there. Would be a piece 00:33 of me missing it makes me a better teacher with these experiences and adventures it. Makes me a bit better listener li

Method 5 – How To Uncover Your Soul’S Purpose (Find Your Passion)

Hey guys welcome back to my channel if you are new here welcome my name is ella and this channel. Is all about spirituality manifestation mindset and align business in todays video im gonna be sharing with you five steps. On how you can start to uncover your souls purpose your sole purpose is the what and the why of. Your life it is the very thing that when youre following it it brings you joy and fulfillment when we.

Live our lives in alignment with our souls purpose we literally feel good all the time we create for ourselves. A life that we dont need a vacation from we raise our energetic vibration all the time to keep on. Attracting our desires and ultimately we live in presence and in love every single moment so before we jump into. The five steps first of all you really need to set the intention that you are set on discovering and. Living out your purpose a lot of times we think that our purpose is outside of us but really it.

Is something that we already know deep within us your soul knows it your interviewing knows it and is really. About unraveling the many layers of conditioning and your ego in order to allow what is within you to come. Out so really take this moment for yourself to set the intention that i am going to really uncover what. Is my souls purpose from the inside out so the first step is to reflect on what lights you up. And what do you love doing so a great way that i like to do this is to imagine that.

You were given the opportunity to go up on a stage youre not bei.

Conclusion – How To Access The Light Within Your Soul Purpose Learn

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