How To Access The Unconscious Mind – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How Can You Access The Unconscious?

So mark do you what are some effective techniques youve come across – if we want to gain more access. To our unconscious – because it could be a source of nourishment or of of creativity well i must confess. I dont have any special expertise in terms of enhancing creativity but in terms of gaining access to the unconscious. I mean the standard method in psychoanalysis which you can see parallels with what else has been said now is.

The free association method which is giving a giving up of deliberate controlled sort of a channeling of thought processes. And just allowing ones thoughts to emerge and then trying to report them as fully and as and with as. Little censorship as possible that is the standards for sort of fundamental technique of psychoanalysis and its many – its. Meant to you can see how in relation to what i was saying earlier the sort of prefrontal lobes or. Its a focused attention is given up and then these more implicit mechanisms come to the fore but theres and.

This is where the link is with creativity its not just giving free rein theres a theres a sort of. A coming and going you know theres a theres an observing eggo that notices what youre saying and then makes. Use of it so its not just rambling its rambling and then noticing the structure of ones rambles and then. Rambling and then noticing are theres a pattern to this or ones analyst notices that yeah and you know with. Dreams which are another the analysis of dreams is another so standard classical psychoanalytical technique of gaining access to the.

Unconscious its really its just a specialized form of the same thing except here youre free associating in relation to. The dream so you report the dream and then you say everything that comes to mind in relation to the. Dream and why that is uniquely a productive of insight into what is normally unconscious is because the dream itself. Is generated without the prefrontal lobes being you know part of the story so you already have something thats pretty. Unalloyed you know instinctual id like limbic system– sort of functions and then you free associate in relation to that.

So youre going to get even deeper access so normally you dont in waking life you dont have a conscious. Form of these it like thoughts but in the dream you do because the prefrontal lobes are offline during sleep. Yeah and i think that psychoanalysis broadens the spectrum to non-artists so to speak and one of my favorite quotes. Is from einstein he was asked by jacque kodama how he worked and einstein this is summarizing but he said. That his real work was visual muscular and emotional and thats where he did the real work and then you.

Know logical science linguistic or mathematical came later i think actually thats a very deep insight into creativity that what. We are looking at are very deep motor visual pre-linguistic parts of us that are activated.

Method 2 – How To Access Your Unconscious Mind

Hi guys my name is callie and welcome back to my channel im here for your top tips of mindset. Relationship and lifestyle imbalances and today were going to be talking about how to access your unconscious mind and use. It to your before potential right and a lot of people get confused by the unconscious mind because not many. People are aware what they can do or how they can access or new acts to their full potential and.

Use it for themselves so today stay tuned with me because by the end of the video you know what. It is and youll be able to access your own conscious mind too so lets dive right into it so. Before we start let me talk about our minds the conscious and unconscious mind now the conscious mind is roughly. Around 34% of our whole entire mind so the logical mind the planning the strategies the math the appointments the. Bookings and all that thinking logical side of things is from the conscious mind and if you feel like you.

Can multitask your only thing that youre doing is changing your focus to one side over now because youre actually. Not really multitasking and the conscious mind is guinere meaning that it can only do one thing at a time. Right now unconscious mind if stuff lis around 94 to like 98 percent of a whole entire mind thats pretty. Much all of us right and it has the long-term memory it has emotions feelings it has all the patterns. And behaviors that are happening within eyes or the collective you know events that happen in our life stored in.

Unconscious mind pretty much everything is in there so the unconscious mind is actually running through our background right here. Right now right so for example when you chew you dont actually have to think about chili you just choose. Right like you dont have to think about opening your mouth and then closing your mouth and then chew it. On one side put it to the other side and then chew how many times and then you decide to. Consciously swallow it it just happens right put food in your mouth you could be listening or watching youre fine.

And you could be through chewing and looking at someone at the same time you can do all that all. At once because of the unconscious mind and thats how powerful the unconscious mind is its playing in the background. As a loop recorder or as a memory at the back so you can do other things and focus on. All the other things so the more that you can work with your unconscious mind the more and more potential. You can harness because you actually changed the patterns and behaviors in your unconscious mind so it can actually help.

You move forward into the direction that you want to go so how do we do that tip number one. Quiet the chatter in your mind so what happens is we get so caught up with business we said caught. Up people talking so caught up but the things that are happening in like we cant even hear ourselves think. Anymore at all people so all we hear is our friends talking about whats happened in the day or what. They like or dont like with you more talking to herself like you know whats happening and why do you.

Feel about that you know all the comments that are people were making and things that are happening in the. World you know disasters or events and those are the things that are all surrounding you on your pontus level. And that repeats itself until youre actually quiet your mind and i should give it time to break away from. All this chatter you can actually start to hear your true self actually talking and how you actually feel about. Something what you want what you dont want and the quieter you become but more we can hear yourself talk.

And when you hear yourself talk in that really quiet voice of yours which is the inner voice which is. Part of your unconscious mind and higher self this is the part where so true your truth inside you your. Authentic self thats talking so tip number two do you know numbers its actually about meditation i know to a. Lot of people this is still quite we were never heard of it ive never done it and tried it. However even like a short 10 minutes meditation could really help you quiet your mind and actually start to hear.

Your actual voice or what do you really want what do you really desire in your life and in meditation. Even with the swan can really calm your mind relax your mind refresh your mind so you can move on. To the next thing for the next event of your life or a next part of your day you know. Without having to bring your business your craziness which is stress towards to the next thing that youre doing and. Meditation is very effective actually get in tune with whats inside your heart and what are you really thinking so.

When you need to have quiet mind and really access your unconscious mind to see how do i really think. Of how can i reach my full potential and how do i really feel better situation is when you have. A meditation in 10 minutes can really do that for you so tip number three is about creating new pathways. To think differently and be differently because your mind doesnt know what it doesnt know so what you have to. Do by visualization being able to feel how it is to have something that you really want in life and.

Believing in it actually creates a new path so your brain can actually go for that goal or go for. That desire and of course when you first start its gonna be a real rough patch like a rough footpath. Road but eventually the more you go on this path the more desire that is this becomes a solid a. Footpath fraggles and solid pathway for you to walk through and what happens is youre creating new neural pathways in. Your mind so you tell your unconscious mind this is what i want this is what i desire and you.

Actually when you start to decide that this is what you want your own question my unconscious mind can actually. Recreate that and actually take you to the path that you really want to go and being able to do. That is accessing your unconscious mind to actually do and different other than what you have been doing in the. Cycle or the slope so what people tend to do is to have a vision board they tend to be. Do visualization meditation they tend to daydream and have a moment every day – i should picture where they want.

To go so youre praying actually starts creating this path to your desired goal and you can do that too. You can watch youtube and a visual boy or if you want me to do a topic on vision boards. I can do that with you – its just comment below you feel like you want a vision boy or. You feel like you want to know more about it comment below or anything else you want to know then. I can tell you and they can be left out of it for you – because the thing about our.

Mind it doesnt know what is real what is not until you create it in your mind right so when. You when youre when you think of something so real so pure so connected your mind believe its true they. Miss that it is achievable though is possible so what it does is create ways to actually find it and. Create it and get it so the first thing youre going to do is actually find out what oh i. Really want true to my heart – to my soul and you get that in your new murphys and get.

You there and tip number four guts feelings right a lot of people look like i dont believe in my. Gut feeling because i dont know even know what its trying to say to me what the gut feeling is. Is in the state that you have within you thats telling you something about someone or something or this feeling. That you have about a certain event and this gut feeling comes up because youre weary or youre aware of. What has happened in the past or an instinct that something is trying to tell you that something is not.

Right and somethings not going to end well that something needs attention so this is that gut feeling that you. Feel right here even this whole sensation in your body that you should actually consider and really think about if. You should proceed to do it because your logical mind its very logical right i can only think about numbers. You can think about the planning strategies and math all that kind of stuff but when it comes to a. Feeling you have to compare okay yeah everything seems like logically working and its all fine but if gods not.

Connected to that theres obviously some mismatch in there and you need to really reflect to that so you can. Actually understand whats really going on and most of the time mcduff feeling is quite correct you know knowing because. Youve done it before or your hand experience or something has happened to trigger this gut feeling and follow this. Gut feeling but actually leads you to the right path and its partly intuition as well and i often follow. My intuition to do the things that i want to do when i feel like its not right if im.

Not connected and i feel like you know something strange is happening i really just continue on doing that and. You being able to follow that gut feeling or that intuition that you have within you go for it because. Most of the time its learned actually for me a hundred percent no time is leading me to the right. Place even if i feel like its not right is actually leading me to the right place like three steps. Down from the top feel so good about it right so follow that gut feeling fold it intuition to get.

You to the path that you want to go this is part of your own conscious mind telling you something. Something was about to happen somethings about to go down and its telling you to do something about it or. Do something different so tip number five it kind of links to everything that were spoken about is about listening. To that inner voice within you but inner voice is so powerful its so true its so quiet its so. Great to you and when you start to hear something tell you thats really nasty very unpleasant that is my.

Conscious mind your own conscious mind is always very quiet very peaceful very calming telling you something right so for. Example youre going to buy it or purchase something at the store youre your conscious mind center you buy it. I really love it you know even though its few hundred dollars im going to wear it im gonna do. Is im gonna have so much fun with it and the fact is theres a little voice in you that. Actually says something oh im not too sure you know actually were not gonna use it you know its gonna.

Sit in the wardrobe no and all that little voice in you thats really quiet and trying to speak that. Is the voice that you listen to and thats the voice that is so true to you right because the. Truth is i have done this before personally that i should win hosts and i dont worry about it i. Should be fine i love it it looks amazing and by the time i purchased that item its been sitting. There on the shelf for few weeks few months because im telling myself oh yeah ill use it in this.

Event ill use it when this happens but the fact is it doesnt happen and i actually dont actually get. To use that item because by the time that time comes actually or something else in your place of that. Or i spent it or you know i forgot ive forgotten about what i actually got before so it was. In a voice in you knows you so well and is thats the voice that you need to listen in. To and loan you know it takes practice it takes time to actually start listening to that inner voice within.

You and that is your unconscious mind talking to you so i thought all these points that i mentioned unconscious. Might be so powerful it is this voice that calming voice that boy thats in you to tell you to. Do something not do something and warn you all the things that are happening and of course when you tap. Into your unconscious mind then you are going to clear any patterns and behaviors any of the past memories or. Traumas that youve been through that really stay in that loop right so thats why you act the way you.

Do you behave the way you do you you know scream you get frustrated get annoyed all these patterns are. Coming through or staying in there in your unconscious mind right until you go there and actually clear it spend. Time working on it and with a coach with a therapist you know with if you like information for how. I do what i do check out my website below and i can help you through the process as kids. I love working with the unconscious its so powerful and thats how it gets me and a lot of people.

To the next level and moving forward to the direction that they want to go right so an unconscious mind. Is something that everyone has you have you have and your sister your brother like your mom your dad all. Of us were born had an unconscious mind because when you do seek out to clear your own post mine. And find pathways to make it work in your favor thats when you really excel in where you want to. Go and where you want to be and thats the potential that each and one of you have so thank.

You for saying to me because next week i something very excited for you and its gonna be a surprise. So stay true to me click on the subscribe button the notification button and i will inform you of this. New video thats going to come up its going to surprise you so in the meantime i put this inner. Happiness guide that i have for everyone free to download so just going to much description below and we get. All the details about it and go through the process the steps thats asking you and in the meantime check.

Out all my other videos about relationships mindset procrastinations you know self-sabotage and you know get into the routine and. Getting yourself out and being released and being your full potential right so in the meantime have a great time. And i will see you next time you.

Method 3 – Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind | Dr. Joe Dispenza

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Method 4 – How To Talk To Your Subconscious Mind (Crazy Method)

Its believed that the brain processes over 400 billion bits of information per second however were only conscious of 2,000. Of these thats incredibly ineffective i was like having a ferrari and then getting it towed by a donkey how. Can we access our brains full capacity we have to use our subconscious mind in this video im going to. Show you a technique to talk directly to your subconscious mind and get those answers now theres a story i.

Always tell people and its a story that got me interested in the subconscious mind in the first place basically. What happened was i was at the gym with one of our training partners and one of our mutual friends. Came up to us and introduced us to this other guy now this guy worked the subway we said hi. And continue with our workout later on that week my friend now were discussing this other guy and we needed. His name some reason we we couldnt remember his name to save our lives and we just kept going back.

And forth im sure youve had that feeling before where you had something that tip your tongue or you had. Some that you knew but you just couldnt access it so we just kept trying theres a james is a. John theres a steve kept trying the alphabet going through different names trying to get to the bone but and. Then we couldnt do it so eventually what happened was we just forgot about it no went on our way. Laya that night before i went to sleep i had this strange idea i dont know where it came from.

But i thought to myself you know what im gonna ask myself to retrieve this name so i went to. Sleep and i with the intention of remembering this name i woke up in the middle of night as i. Usually do to go to the toilet and i heard george i went to toilet and it was when i. Was in the toilet i realized that george was actually the name of the guy the subway guy so i. Quickly ran to my phone and put it down in my notes the next morning quick facebook search led me.

To discover that george was indeed the name of this guy so how on earth was i able to remember. The name of this guy while i was sleeping however when i was awake and conscious and deliberately trying to. Find this name going through the alphabet i couldnt thats because the subconscious mind now take a look at this. Picture here how many squares do you see just take a look at it chances are you see some squares. Appearing when you move your gaze across the screen when you concentrate on one block you dont see the squares.

Appearing its the same thing the subconscious mind sometimes when we concentrate on something with so much energy and purpose. It actually gets in the way of us progressing you see heres the magical thing about our brains our brains. Dont sleep when you go to the gym and you use your biceps you know and youre doing your last. Rep last set peak intensity your muscles are activated at an incredible rate activated i love your muscle fibers however. As soon as you rest and things cooled down a bit you dont really activate many of those fibers throughout.

The day our brains are different theyre on at 90 to 100% all the time even with sleeping and youre. A science scientists have discovered that theres two modes of operation theres whats called a task positive network which is. A bunch of brain regions that activate when we are consciously working on something we deliberately have our attentional awareness. On it then theres the task negative network also known as a default mode network this is the regions in. The brain that spark up when we just you know daydreaming when were not putting our attention purposely on something.

And even when were sleeping our brains think about all kinds of things and compute things without us even knowing. Thats the subconscious brain at work right then neuroscientists are now starting to discover that think of your subconscious brain. Or a thought process kind of like an egg when you see an egg a chicken egg right and an. S you dont think much of it you think that perhaps is just yes egg doesnt do much its not. Rolling its just there and its kind of boring nothing amazing is going on however when you look inside if.

You analyze what was going on inside that egg as a chickens forming a bunch of complex things are happening. As life is actually coming in billions of bits of information and going into the chicken eventually what happens is. The chicken cracks open out of the egg and this whole new organism it arrives and its got this conscious. Moving around so thats the same thing with our brain when you start off with a thought and you let. It work you let incubate with the subconscious mind it can grow until you come up with a solution something.

Thats amazing geniuses like albert einstein were known to use intuitive mind a lot not just the conscious mind einstein. Actually said the intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant we have created. A society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift you see einstein used his subconscious mind and visualization. To create thought experiments which revolutionized physics in the way that we looked at the physical world with his equations. He started off with these thought experiments to help break through the plateaus he was having with his mathematical equations.

And his actual conscious work the thought experiments gave him epiphanies famous ones like the elevator experiment and the train. Experiment or him riding on a bike and viewing a beam of light traveling with him helped form the theory. Of relativity many scientists have attributed this intuitive mind to being the reasoning behind the scientific discoveries this out-of-the-box thinking. The film a beautiful mind highlights this perfectly when it shows john nash discovering the nash equilibrium theory for game. Theory while sitting at the bar and trying to pick up a girl i know what youre thinking so what.

The hell is the technique pay attention i learned this technique from my coma chalco who is a creativity specialist. Who specializes in understanding how geniuses think how they think outside the box so this is a way for you. To give suggestions to your subconscious mind in regards to tasks and discovering new ways of doing things what you. Wanna do first is figure out the problem is define the problem lets say you have a problem and lets. Say this particular problem is an engineering problem youre an engineer right and you have to design this bridge so.

What you want to do is you want to find exactly what the problem is then you want to get. All the information in front of you so find as much information as you can thats going to help you. Fix this problem consciously so this could be textbooks this could be experts this could be looking at previous designs. Or what anything that can help you get that in front of you and then try deliberately solve the problem. As you normally would in life so you can do this for five hours straight or you can do this.

Over the span of a couple days just delivery truck deliberately try to solve the problem if youre lucky you. Will solve the problem and youll be able to walk away but sometimes we cant solve the problem at that. Conscious level so what you then want to do is get out a pen and a paper you want to. Write a letter to your subconscious mind i know this sounds weird but it will make sense you want to. Write a letter to subconscious mind so dear subconscious or dear me and then you write a letter explaining what.

Your problem is exactly as it is you know make sure to clearly define it and explaining what you need. The subconscious to do or what solution the subconscious should come up with so you want to write it as. If youre writing it to an expert or to a guru whos gonna help you with this problem so once. You write this problem what you want to do is completely forget about it dont think about it anymore dont. Consciously go over it anymore youve wrote it just leave it so go on throughout your day as normal go.

For a walk maybe meditate swim play some xbox or ps4 whatever you do just go on and live your. Life what would happen is within a week usually you will get your answer and the answer can come in. The most unlikely time maybe when youre taking a shower boom youve got the answer youve got a new way. Of looking at the problem and thats when you can go back and then use your conscious mind with this. Newfound idea the answer sometimes can come in the form of a dream right so pay attention to your dream.

Always have a note pad near your bed or anywhere you rest or are in that meditative calm state because. A lot of times thats when youre gonna have those great ideas this happened to me numerous times a lot. Of times people ask me how am i able to come up with these videos this channel has over 300. Videos each video covering different topic how am i able to come up with us its because my subconscious mind. Is always working always work in the back find your solutions finding new video ideas its tuned into that frequency.

So i can go for a walk outside analyze something maybe a car driving past and it would just connect. The dots for me and ill have a new idea something interesting to talk about with you guys its because. I become into my subconscious mind its like what i said says you have a gift and you have to. Learn to use it now this isnt just for engineering problems i was just an example i gave you you. Can do this for your personal relationship problems you can do this for problems you have in regards to your.

Career if youre not sure about those choices youre making your career you can do this about just direction if. Theres something youre unsure about your subconscious will tell you in one way or another when you least expect it. But you need to put that suggestion out there if you dont put that suggestion out there its not gonna. Come to you the reason i was able to remember that guys name is because i put the suggestion out. There and if you having trouble actually again the solution because sometimes these answers will come a bit later just.

Reflect you on your letter before you go to sleep so every night vigorously just reread it dont try consciously. Think about it just reread it and i guarantee youll come up with a new solution you know guys i. Hope you enjoyed that technique use it i promise you youll be one step close.

Conclusion – How To Access The Unconscious Mind

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