How To Access Timeline On Facebook – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access timeline on facebook, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access timeline on facebook,

Method 1 – How To Search Someone’s Facebook Timeline – Full Tutorial

Hello and welcome to another online business realm video if you havent done so already please go ahead and click. The subscribe button to stay up to date with everything we have going on here at the channel so for. Today on social media monday we are going to be looking at how you can search a timeline so facebook. Began in february of 2004 chances are most of you did not have an account at that time or even.

Within a few years from there people really started getting facebook accounts 2006 7 2008 it really blew up it. It grew to where it wasnt just kids getting them their parents were getting them and things like that so. Now were looking at about 10 years when the majority of people in our country have a facebook account so. It used to be if you wanted to go find something on somebodys tom line you could just scroll down. And just keep scrolling and keep scrolling if youre on a desktop itll get down here and itll show a.

Loading feature and you can keep going down and keep going down of course facebook a few years ago introduced. The memories so this is a way to kind of shortcut on a daily basis every day with the memories. Youre gonna be able to see things that happened seven years ago so theres my dog miko we found him. On a roof thats a long story so thats kind of a fun memory for us to look at seven. Years ago now so but the thing is what if i want to find this but it wasnt on the.

Same day so on january 20th 2018 this pops up into in facebook tells me seven years ago this happened. But what if i wanted to find this and i wasnt exactly sure what the date was but i knew. It was a long time ago it would be very difficult for me to scroll down my entire newsfeed so. Ive been down three loads now and im on january 14th and i dont pose on facebook a whole lot. Most of stuff i do on facebook is sharing things and things of that nature but i do post thing.

You know a couple times a week or whatever and so it would take someone a long time to go. Through my timeline well now facebook has introduced a quick search so lets say i wanted to find that same. Video or that same picture of my dog miko but i wasnt exactly sure when it was but i knew. It was or the first couple months of the year in 2011 i would just go over here and you. Can look at the about me or the timeline you can go to recent and i could go to 2011.

And i can even search by month so lets say i want to go to february id say i knew. It was really cold so i would just keep going down and theres a couple pictures of my dogs so. I know i knew that was a picture of miko pretty shortly after we had gotten him and so i. Could scroll down until i hit january 20th now scroll just a little bit longer and there it is so. This is really cool that facebook has done this because for a long time you know ive wondered how in.

The world would you go back and find something like lets say that you posted something and you thought it. Was gonna be important for your business now you want to go back and read that post but you cant. Find it well now you can do that so what is a drawback of this new timeline feature the drawback. At this point is that this is not available for pages so you cant go to a business page like. Lets say we want to go to netflix lets say we wanted to go there and find you know what.

Kind of movies they introduced in 2015 or series as you see here once i start scrolling down that feature. Doesnt pop up i dont think it will be long before facebook in acts the quick search or facebook fan. Pages and product pages as well so i think that its not too far off and this would be something. That would be very cool to go and look at if you want to go and see lets say you. Had a local business that had a sale a couple years ago and you want to know what it was.

You could just scroll down to that year and then go through and look so with the timeline feature pretty. Much all you got to remember is kind of about the season and year of an event and you can. Go back and find it so i hope you found this video helpful i hope this video will be able. To help you in your online business if theres maybe something that you posted on your timeline you want to. Go back and get like maybe there was a blog that you had read and you remember sharing it but.

You cant find it but you think matt maybe now it will be really relevant to what youre doing the. Quick timeline feature will be a good way to do that so thanks for watching please dont forget to click. The subscribe button to stay up to date with everything we have going on here at the channel and until. Next time get out there and make some money.

Method 2 – How To Go Back In Facebook Timeline To Read Old Posts

Hello guys welcome to todays video im try stanley and this is tears tech talks video on todays videos guys. I want to show you how to go back in time on facebook timeline and see what youve posted so. Far and then to check and to review probably you you had a previous post you posted um 2002 or. 2006 or 2016 and you want to go back in time to check those posts you know if you have.

A lot of posts on your on your facebook it might be difficult to view by scrolling down its going. To take a while to get to the accurate date so if you want to check between dates and between. The timeline you can definitely go back in time to see all those posts and to be able to review. Them and just check whichever one you want to review so that is what im going to be showing you. Guys on todays video and ill be doing it on my web version and also on my mobile version but.

First lets dive into the web version go ahead and open your facebook application and make sure youre logged into. The facebook account you want to review the um the previous post you have made go ahead and click on. Your profile icon or profile name then scroll down to this section where it says post you can notice this. Place it says filter go ahead and click on the filter post now you notice where it says go to. And then it says yay so click on that particular option to select um lets go ahead and select uh.

2016 or lets select 2015 just to back date about i i think i created this account 2017 2018 so. If you guys already have an older date you can go ahead and select that and if you want you. Can also specify a month a specific month that you want to view but for this video i want i. Dont want to check any month because i made this account before that particular period i think its 2018. So.

Lets click on done to review that now you can notice it says um this is my bit ea on. My bit mode actually which is um um 19 1995 actually not accurate um in 1990 and i posted this. On may um 14th may 1995 which is also not possible because i dont think facebook actually existed that particular. Period i think its because i actually made my um betty thats the reason why i actually detected that so. Let me go ahead and change this um year of bit but if you guys have any posts youve made.

Between that period youre definitely going to see that so if i um for instance switch to 2018 which is. I think thats when i created this account and click on done they are going to display everything that i. Made posted or made visible that particular period so as of february 2016 actually was in a relationship which i. Think i was creating a tutorial thats why i selected this relationship status stuff and then i think i firstly. Created this stuff also this is actually my beta and this is actually the relationship status and i think i.

Actually have people replying to that which is also cool so let me go ahead and change this filter to. Im going to change this to 2019 to see 2019 post also so im going to click on done wait. For it to load uh youre going to notice every post i made 2019 i think i actually made a. Lot of activities on 2019 because that was when i was moving around a little after the incident so this. Is actually what is displaying and i think that is okay for my web view so im going to go.

Over to the mobile version to show you guys how it also display on the mobile version so lets dive. Into the mobile device all right from your mobile device go ahead and swipe up open your facebook application and. Now click on the icon on your profile icon scroll right down to the timeline area now you can notice. This area that it says post you can see there are two different icons right here click on the first. Icon on that post section now you can notice where it says go to now go ahead and click on.

This date option and then click on on this year option right here to switch to 2018 and then click. On ok and now select done when you scroll right down you can see all our recent activities just like. On the mobile on the web version so if you want to switch the year to 20 um 2019 go. Ahead and click that and you can select the year theres rta or you can just swipe over by going. Back to different year two different moons and selecting let me start from january and then click ok and say.

Done so when i scroll right down it hasnt updated actually i think there is january 2019 okay done now. It should refresh automatically but i think on the mobile version its a bit different so let me go ahead. And and go to a different mod i think probably i didnt have any post between that period so im. Going to say this lets see it still didnt update so i think on the mobile version its not working. Properly but this is very okay on the desktop up so let me see its probably filtering some things im.

Definitely going to go to a different year now let me go to the current ta let me see where. This is coming from now unfortunately it actually came up on display 2019 post 2019 post 2019 post i think. It actually taking a while to load probably my internet that is causing it but if you notice it displaying. Is explained properly from 20 from january 20 um 2020 till date i think so this is actually cool now. If you want to revert back to the current date all you need to do is to go over to.

This section that says today go ahead and click on today and then click on done now to show you. The most recent um to the older updates so it looking cool and i think its okay working fine right. Now probably the mobile version just needed to switch to a different date to make it work properly but i. Think so far this is actually the result that i want to achieve so if this video helped you guys. To achieve your own results please do subscribe to the channel like the video and ill be seeing you on.

My next video peace you.

Method 3 – A Complete Overview Of Your Facebook Profile And Timeline

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 4 – How To Get Your Facebook Timeline

Hi there guys its alex from alex – gordo calm today i want to show you how to put the. Facebook timeline on to your facebook account it was actually first released on the 30th of september and ive been. Meaning to do this video for a few weeks now but havent got around to it but now here i. Am doing it so i hope you find this all interesting facebook are actually going to get everybody over to.

This eventually so you know whether your suppose whether you like it or not you have to go over this. This is so obviously as you can see the old timeline this is my personal account i do have another. Account which is topped right up which is myself and my wifes account so lets dive straight into it and. In the address bar what you need to do type in forward slash developers and hit search and youll. Come up with this page over on the right-hand top top right-hand side it says create a new app click.

On that and first of all you need to do is to give your app a display name ill call. It alex god sure got out of course and a space name which maybe be god it could be anything. Basically long as you get it valid and its available and then check the box i agree to facebooks platform. Policy pull policies click continue and then you need to put the caption in here theres a lovely little picture. Right in pri id say marysville is that pee in that pri the right and click submit and it will.

Come up with this box whether youve i dont know whether youve you verified your account obviously you have to. Verify by your account ive got to do this so what i need to do is need to click on. The mobile phone and this will send me a number to my phone and you need to put the phone. Your phone number in here this is my phone number for anybody wants to get in contact with me and. Click confirm and this should get a code through on my phone which ive just received now lets see what.

It is okay right you cant write this in it is 3c txt 360m and click confirm wallet thanks account. Verified okay then cross and that and click on agree facebooks platform policies and continue ok security check again i. Love these dont you dr e here and submit load in page ive only done this actually once to my. Other cat weather account when it first came out and right ok thats good excellent so what youve got here. Now youve got a space i dont understand any of this dont confess it i actually do but this is.

A java app display name ive given it and the space name all you need to do over here dont. Cross your left hand to a tab bar down here and it says open graph you left click on that. Open graft and it brings you this page now what you need to do next is start by defining one. Action and and one object for your apt and we need to do it put anything people can really. You know you could put literally anything and maybe a book maybe read a book that comes up with some.

Again book okay thats fine and get started from page to learn this is really quite an attractive a scene. This time line which is basically the wall your warren is your timeline its really quite good and really quite. Funky and its just my sky overall really nice feel to it okay well come up with this page what. You need to do now is you dont need to do anything anything on this page i dont think is. Go to the bottom this page and click save changes and next it will come up with another page and.

From my memory i think thats it on the next page also this on the top of the timeline theres. A lovely bit pitch you complain well put that in and youll be able to see out how to do. It okay and you need to go to the bottom of this page again and save and finish and thats. It what we need to do now is we need to go back to our facebook if i can find. It okay i mean of dying in the bookmarks id be a quickest way to do this okay and get.

It now introducing timeline a new kind of profile and click on get it now and this what youll get. Is really quite nice as you can see before a complete fresh new look in timeline i think its really. Quite nice ive been using it now just before the 30th september and so reasonably could use used to it. Now i was he going to take a lil bit of time to get used to it but its really. Good you know youve got up in the top tubby got your friends the photographs your maps and your likes.

Youve also got timeline here from when you first set up your account up until now theres lots of other. Features on im not going to go through them all you just get your app to download it to this. This part and go through it it really is quite clear to have a player that you cant break it. What i want to show you next really is to add a cover up in this area here you can. Have whatever whatever you want actually a huge great big image so if we go over to upload the photos.

Ive got a picture which are quite short quite like ive seen these cars all around london this sort of. Really really nice i really like you know basically i would love one of these cars and its a bentley. If you dont really know what ben is this is a bentley and its one of my favourite cars at. The moment which is is lovely this this sexual pictures a bit pixelated um im actually as much time but. I will change its picture to a much better one theres also a start tour which gives you a complete.

Tour of the complete facebook knew your facebook timeline i hope that helps you out i am a member of. The six figure mentors and which is a coaching training program which will basically teach you how to make money. Online and all make how to bring your even your business on to the internet and teach you how to. Market your business and also make money so if youre fed up with what youre doing in your job or. Whatever you know and you want to get on the internet too learn how to make money just feel free.

To call me up if you want to go to my blog alex – god calm up in the right. Hand tab well find a free six figure mentors boot camp just put populating email address in there and you. Know ill send its or several videos to to show you exactly what you need to do to build an. Online business okay so im going to say goodbye now going to edit this but put this on youtube and. I put it on my blog and you have you guys have a really really lovely day evening or night.

Wherever you are in the world this is alex from alex – god of calm have a good day and. Ill see you on another video all right.

Method 5 – How To Post On The New Facebook 2020 Timeline

Hi there this is ace guzman and i want to thank you for stopping by this video today if its. Your first time here be sure to like comment and subscribe to this channel so you dont miss a beat. When we go live and when we upload new content what are we going to talk about in todays video. Well have you been wondering about the new changes that have been happening on facebook for 2020 theyve pretty much.

Been changing a lot of different things but were going to take things down to a little bit of the. Basics because here were going to find out about whats changed in facebook when it comes to posting on the. New facebook look timeline and well see the differences and were going to go into that right now so lets. Take a look over here on the screen so right now what ive done for you is i actually provided. A split division between the old classic look and the new facebook five look that is actually available right now.

So what youre seeing right here in the old classic look the one that youre used to when you post. On your timeline it still says whats on your mind and youll notice that you have your tabs here create. Post photo video live video life event photo video tag friends feeling and activity and then also the three dots. Which is the menu well this is going to disappear im sorry to tell you this but facebook has now. Made it mandatory by default the new facebook look which is this right here which actually is more mobile optimized.

And so that whole tab area is gone and now its changed to this where it is says whats on. Your mind but now you have access quickly to the live video icon you have still your photo and video. Upload tag button and then you have your life event right in front of you and when you click in. The center of whats on your mind its going to open up the menu and youre going to be able. To choose between making your post public sharing your post with your close friends that are connected with you on.

Your facebook account you can also click on this tab right here that says friends accept specific people that you. Dont want to have see the specific post so say for example you had some very important details to say. About like an upcoming wedding but you dont want the future mother-in-law to see the wedding pictures and of the. Other side of the family like the groom or anything because they might kind of tattletail what you could do. Is select your future mother-in-law or future father-in-laws name if theyre your friends on your facebook account and then you.

Would say accept them i dont want them to see that photograph or post that im posting so i noticed. Something about this i noticed that you know the windows a little bigger and there is an icon here with. All the different colored themed backgrounds so remember how in the old you know menu you would be able to. See this right away well the same thing here except theyre giving you more of an option and you click. The four squares and look at this now theyre opening whats available on mobile because when you have your mobile.

Device and you use the facebook app on your mobile phone you have access to all these other different themes. That you can use for your background so lets say for example i want to use this one i can. Choose that now before i would have to go on my mobile phone and i would have to just select. You know do it from my phone and then post because i needed the access to the other advanced themes. Now its all available to you on desktop so you can do that the other thing is heres your emojis.

You can access your emojis right here they dont make it look obvious though its very invisible almost so just. Know that its right next to the four squares and you can actually see all of your available emojis if. You want to put any type of emojis and then right here it says add to your post youve got. Create room this is so new right now because if you click on this this is now available to you. To create a group room that you can chat with multiple friends on facebook and you can you know find.

Out um a start time you could do um invite only you can choose how you want to do it. You can say hey its aces room you know or your room you could say you know what you plan. To do with the room and or you can do it from scratch right you can put a little icon. And say were going to be talking about you know someones birthday and were going to plan someones birthday party. And then you click save and now youll be able to create a room so theres a lot of different.

Options around here look at this whos invited well my friends only or invite specific friends you can choose that. Were gonna go back browser here okay and start time you can choose the start time or you can schedule. It look at that you can actually schedule it i like that too so lets say were scheduling it for. The eighth and well say its going to be around one oclock in the afternoon so were gonna go to. One oclock in the afternoon okay and then save and there you go you created a scheduled room that youre.

Gonna have a group activity and a conversation right in the room how awesome is that so you have that. Option as well upload pictures look at that look what its saying this cant be combined with what you chose. In the background the only way its going to work see how its grayed out is if you take this. Whole thing and go back to the white square and now there it is it returned back okay so if. That happens to you what i just showed you right there you can now access it now you can upload.

Your photos or upload videos mp4s and things like that uh tag your friends heres the silhouette the icon is. Right there in front of you you can choose that here it is in the old one but were not. Using the old one were using the new one so guys we got to get used to this this is. The new one now then we have feeling and activities and we can choose you know how we feel happy. Sad thankful blissful activities you know im celebrating im watching something im reading something right you can choose those right.

There and then check-ins are going to be right here so you can check in where you were eating at. Or you know youre hanging out the bar or whatever and then you have your three dots which is your. More and then you have access to you know start a watch party raise some money for some funding um. Animated gifts gifs these are all wonderful id love using these and uh we can do that and choose by. Keyword we say saturday self-care saturday like the looking at you all with us he look cute um and you.

Can do that or you have um you know uh everything that i just talked about is available in just. One menu so theres multiple ways to now access you can do it this way or you can choose the. Three dots down here and access it this way okay but pretty much thats all that is there to it. And i want to show you that this is very simple so lets say for example its someones birthday how. Do you wish them a happy birthday say happy birthday and we want to tag somebody so we just hit.

Tag were going to go like this simple as this just hit the tag button and now you can tag. Your closest friends so lets say im going to choose deborah and now automatically deborah is tagged and once im. Done tagging deborah i can click done but check this out notice how in this bar you can tag multiple. People what if they have the same birthday so lets say deborah and jeanette has the same birthday right then. You can choose the two people and then click done and what that does is it automatically tags them in.

The post right and so while you have this happy birthday you want to put some emojis remember what i. Said go right over here select some emojis we got some birthday cake right got some party hats right streamers. And thats it so thats as simple as its gonna be and i feel bad that the old classic version. Is going away ive been so used to it but you know what its opening another opportunity and i am. Going to really work on learning about the new one and when i do im going to bring it to.

You thats right what i learned new here just like i did today im going to be bringing it to. You so let me know what you want to know about the new facebook and post your questions below this. Video if you got value from this video give it a thumbs up let me know your questions about what. You like to learn about the new facebook and just understand you know its its going to be trial and. Error theres no tutorials on this at all when i contacted facebook i actually asked if they had any tutorials.

And theyre like nope its so brand new so you know what that means open opportunity for everyone to post. What theyre learning about on facebook so with that being said i want to thank you so much for stopping. By this video today as i said if its your first time here be sure to hit the subscribe button. Click the notification bell so you dont miss a beat we go live when we upload new content and if. Youd like to know how to work with me and my partner rich guzman on how to develop your persona.

And your brand online and social media like facebook and know how to post where you get the highest engagement. As well as leads and sales click the link below this video for more information about that and itll take. You to a video where you could get all that information and your questions answered thank you so much my. Name is ace guzman and i will see you on the next video take care.

Conclusion – How To Access Timeline On Facebook

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