How To Access Tv Settings With Xfinity Remote – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access tv settings with xfinity remote, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access tv settings with xfinity remote,

Method 1 – Programming The New Xr15 Remote To Your Tv

Alright guys ive done a video on a really long time i wanted to get you guys up to date. On the new xr 15 voice remotes this is basically just like the other remote the x or 11 the. Only difference is these little these buttons right here they dont stick out so you cant really fill them you. Have to really feel unloved elderly people have trouble with this remote because you cant find the dang buttons on.

It i mean the front the back the uh the damn the select buttons right here in the middle and. Its really really really difficult for them to fun i do like the fact that this doesnt have an all. Power button as you can see its just got a power im a tv input the other remote has an. All power which turns off the box and the tv which can screw a lot of stuff up because if. You turn the box and the tv off then you hit tv power times tv back on on the box.

Itself so this one eliminates that issue so basically what im doing is im gonna show you guys how to. Program this to your television basically what you do is you hold in this little button right here that looks. Like a an eye pretty much hold that in and you hold it in the xfinity button at the same. Time alright whats the red light its your turn green part its green you let go of it i can. See my tv screen its prompting me to punch in three four seven so on the remote i push three.

Four seven alright back to the tv you should automatically go by itself alright would you like to remote would. You like to control your toshiba tv using your new remote then you just hit that little button that you. Cant find right there in the middle thats lit up right there its this link button so were gonna hit. It were gonna select yes okay ive already programmed this tv so i dont need to punch in the code. But as you can see this is going to tell you youre gonna hold in the xfinity button and the.

Mute button and one and when the light turns green and youre gonna punch in the code that it gives. You on the tv and this is going to do this for any model of tv so im gonna do. Is im gonna hold in these two buttons lights red returns green one zero one five six one zero one. Five six see my remote control flash my two green lights flashed then im going to try to volume up. Always volume up is gonna see volume it up and its working on the tv so then we hit the.

Select button which is that little circle in the middle again when we select all set im not its hard. To see on my tv because its old-fashioned and you then you select again it works lets go ask you. You want to control your audio device receiver using this new remote youre gonna go over with this little invisible. Arrow right here youre gonna go over not now you dont want to do that because youre on the sound. Bar and youre all set and thats all it takes and then just hit exit you get all this other.

Job now everything is now programmed and you are good to go and this will work on just about any. Model of tv normally when you do this itll pop up your model if it doesnt pop up the model. Of your tv it should pop up a screen with like a bunch of apple bits on it and just. Scroll over and select the letter of the model of your tv and then go down and once you go. Down youll see let me turn this in for c once you go down youll select the make the model.

Of your television and then you hit ok and itll give you a bunch of codes im gonna just try. Those codes and it will walk you through step-by-step how to program the new xr 15 wonderful comcast remote thank. You guys have a.

Method 2 – How To Program New Xfinity Remote Xr-15 Without Codes.

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 3 – How To Program Your Xfinity Remote Without The Code

Hello this is jill hey many of you use comcast xfinity for your cable tv and a lot of you. Have this kind of remote this is an xr 11 xfinity remote and if you ever hook one of these. Things up i brought in a nice little dvr box and hooked it up to your tv or you just. Repurchased a new tv youll realize that you have to program a tv code into your xfinity box or remote.

So it your remote can actually operate your tv so when you bring your xfinity box home with you and. Take your remote out quite often theres a slip of paper that has a whole bunch of codes usually a. Five digit code which has 4 different tvs a different code and sometimes four this is a toshiba sometimes there. Could be 1 2 or more different codes for different toshiba tvs but if you lets say purchase a new. Tv and you want to reprogram your remote to that tv sometimes youve lost that piece of paper now you.

Can go online and kind of look up the old codes at wwe xfinity calm ford / remotes and you. Could normally find your code that way but if you cant if you dont have access to that website or. You cant find your set of paper you can actually program your remote without the code itself and that is. What im gonna do today now this is again an r and x r 11 xfinity remote now now if. You have an older type of remote like this one thats an old comcast remote its a similar process but.

I have another video that kind of shows you how to program these ones but this is for the xr. 11 so before you can reprogram your remote to your tv you need to turn on your tv so you. Need to get your original remote or just go to the side of the tv or whatever and just turn. On your tv okay im just gonna mute it for now so we dont have to listen to that and. Then you could just put your original tv tuner away okay so what you want to do next and ill.

Kind of go over this first since things kind of timeout if you dont do it quickly enough youre gonna. Hit and press and hold the setup button thats on the lower left-hand corner so you hit and hold and. Watch the light up on top that will turn the light will turn from red to green now when it. Turns green youre gonna hit nine nine one thats the only code you have to remember so you hit nine. Nine one watch the light and the green light should blink twice now youre ready to start searching for your.

Code and you search the codes by hitting the channel up button right here and so youre gonna depress that. Plus that press s and as you press that youre gonna watch tv youre not gonna do it really quick. Because eventually the tv will turn off and when the tv turns off off that means that the code was. Found and the remote recognized the code and then from there youre gonna hit the setup button once youre not. Gonna hold it youre just gonna hit it and the green light will blink twice and that will be it.

It should have programmed your remote so lets go ahead and do this so were gonna have a whole press. And hold the setup button and watch the green light or excuse me or watch the red turned green so. Its red thats green now were gonna hit nine nine one it blinked twice and now were just gonna hit. The up channel button thats one two now you it may take a long time before the tv turns off. There you go that was actually pretty short it could take a long time but were gonna hit the setup.

Button one more time and it blinks twice and everything should be good so i using the tv you should. Be able to turn it back on and there it goes it actually warrant has to warm up and then. The volume should work fine as well so lets go ahead used to be on mute its not okay so. We get mute and that works volume up volume down and well mute it again so there you go thats. How you do it and again to summarize you hit and hold setup button until the red turns to green.

You hit nine nine one watch flash twice and then you just start scrolling the up button you might hit. This button like 50 times or so depending on which code its kids look for hundreds of codes every time. You press it it looks for it tests another code when your tv turns off stop pressing this button and. Instead just hit setup once dont hold it and watch it flash twice up on top and there you go. That is how you program your xfinity xr 11 remote to your tv without knowing the code i hope this.

Video helped you out and i will see you next time bye bye.

Method 4 – Xr2 Remote Programming With No Tv Codes

Alright this is a video about how to program the xr2 remote dont know what model number you have you. Can flip up on the back it says xr 2 right there on it basically to program this things just. Like the xr 11 first thing you want to do is hold it and set up the light turns green. Youre gonna press the a button right there its gonna clear out all the previous codes and the remote its.

Gonna get them all out of the way so you can have a fresh start and then you hold it. And set up again your lot changes you hit nine nine one and then you go right here and you. Channel up do this numerous times sometimes it can be up to 30 times some tvs turn off instantly after. The second click or so you hear your tv go click and go off you stop itll be off and. Then youll hit setup again then light flashes twice green that means your code is locked in to the remote.

Okay now you shut your attempt to turn the tv back on you hit the power button it comes back. On that means youve done this correctly this remote should volume up volume down channel up chilling down on the. Cable box and you can turn off and on with that do not hit the all power button that turns. Your box off we do not want to turn the box off leave it on all times because it has. To receive updates from comcast pretty much thats it this programs the exact same way the xre 11 programs only.

Differences this does not have the voice command feature on it so its pretty much it its very simple like. I said just hold him set up the light will change light changes you hit nine nine one and then. You channel up until your tv goes off you want to make sure you get set up again it locks. The code in im gonna make sure that right when your tv goes off you do not hit the channel. Up or a button again sometimes youll be hitting it and be going through it and itll go off and.

Youll accidentally hit it another time if you do it will not pop power the tv back on youll have. To start back over and every time you start over you want to hold in the set button here and. You want to press the a button and thats going to clear out the other code thats previously in there. You dont have to do that but i recommend doing that thank you very much please like and subscribe to. My videos and watch them as many times as you can thank you have a good day.

Method 5 – How To Program Your X1 Remote Control To Your Tv And Audio Device

Your xfinity remote for the x1 entertainment operating system can be programmed to control your set-top box tv and audio. Device such as an av receiver or sound bar first lets pair your remote to your set-top box this allows. You to put your set-top box out of sight and point your remote anywhere to control it pairing your remote. Is easy just follow these simple steps first manually turn the tv on be sure your tv is set to.

The correct input for your set-top box on your xfinity remote control press and hold the setup button until the. Led at the top of the remote changes from red to green next press the xfinity button and release a. Three digit code will appear on your tv screen enter the code by pressing the numbered buttons on your remote. Press ok now the remote is paired to your set-top box once the remote is paired to a set-top box. It can only control that particular box to pair this remote with a different box repeat the process now lets.

Program the remote to your tv this will allow you to power the tv on and off control your tvs. Volume and switch between inputs on your tv first you will need your tv manufacturers code here are a few. Of the most common tv codes you may need to try more than one manufacturer code to find the right. One a complete list of codes can be found at xfinity calm slash remotes once youve found your code press. And hold the setup button on your remote until the led at the top changes from red to green then.

Release type in the manufacturers code using the numbered buttons on the remote once the code is entered correctly the. Led at the top of the remote should flash green twice now you can control your tvs power volume and. Inputs with your remote programming your xfinity remote to your a/v receiver or sound bar works the same way using. The manufacturers code a complete list of codes can be found at xfinity calm slash remotes once youve found your. Code press and hold the setup button on your remote until the led of the top changes from red to.

Green then release type in the manufacturers code using the numbered buttons on the remote once the code is entered. Correctly the led at the top of the remote should flash green twice this will allow you to turn your. Audio device on or off with the all power button and control the volume of your receiver or sound bar. Once programmed your remote will only control the volume of your receiver or sound bar and not the volume of. Your tv if you need more help please visit xfinity calm slash remotes.

Conclusion – How To Access Tv Settings With Xfinity Remote

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