How To Access Twitter Drafts – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access twitter drafts, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access twitter drafts,

Method 1 – How To Save And Find Your Tweet Drafts In Twitter (Mobile)

This video is going to show you how to create a draft of a tweet and then also how to. Retrieve it later its not necessarily intuitive on mobile so thats what were going to do and i am using. An android uh version of the the twitter app so to keep that in mind so lets say i decided. To go in and craft a tweet so im gonna say uh you know hey whats up with that thing.

Oh i cant type today or swipe um and so lets say i have that and i decide oh i. Dont want to actually tweet that so im going to hit back and twitters going to ask me do you. Want to delete or save so im going to say ill save that this can be nice if you have. An idea and maybe you need to switch between devices because oh the pictures i have are on this other. Device versus this device im talking desktop versus mobile so click save okay so uh now to find your drafts.

This is and again android app might be a little different ios so i always go to my actual profile. And then im going to click on the triple dots the stack of dots on the top right and youll. Notice theres my drafts the second option so im going to click on drafts theres the tweet i was thinking. Of and now i can go ahead and tap on it and continue but again really handy if you need. To swap between devices you had a good idea here you dont want to lose it you want to save.

It in drafts and then access the drafts over on desktop and ill do another video here and shortly about. How to see your drafts on desktop but thats how you do that let me know if you have any. Questions about creating drafts or anything else on twitter and check out our playlist about these things too uh looking. Forward to seeing your tweets bye i hope this was helpful click there to subscribe to the channel dont forget. The bell also click over there in case theres any other videos on this topic youd like to watch lastly.

If theres a topic youd like me to cover in a future how to social video leave it in the. Comments id be happy to create something that will save you time make you more efficient and be really social.

Method 2 – How To Use Twitter Drafts

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Method 3 – How To Find Drafts On Twitter Desktop

Hello welcome to simple answers im your host jason and in this video ill be showing you how to access. Your twitter drafts on your desktop or your laptop first you will go right here where you see whats happening. Just like youll normally do to type up a tweet and there you can put anything there whether its a. Number or anything just put one thing there and then youre gonna press plus beside tweet and after you have.

Press plus you will see unsend tweets and right there is where your jobs will be and from there you. Can simply select a draft that you would like to send right now by tapping on it and then you. Will press tweet and thats it by the way the way to create a giraffe let me show you just. In case you dont know is by simply going right here as youll normally do to type up a tweet. And youre gonna press anything and then youre gonna go to plus and there youll type the tweet that you.

Like to see if the senator later did the giraffe and then youre gonna press x right here to close. Out and then youll see the option come up to save it and youll simply tap on save and again. As i showed you in the first part of the video youll simply go to unsend tweets to resend the. Tweet when you are to send a tweet sorry when youre ready hope you found this video helpful and informative. If you did be sure to hit the like button and subscribe and thank you for watching.

Method 4 – How To Use Twitter Drafts

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Method 5 – How To Find Twitter Drafts On Iphone

Hello welcome to simple answers im your host jason and in this video ill be showing you how to find. Twitter drafts on iphone first lets go into twitter then youll simply tap on the feather in the bottom right. Hand corner like you normally do to type a tweet then right beside tweet in the top right hand corner. You will see drafts you simply tap on that and there youll see your saved drafts you can simply tap.

On the draft and there you can edit it if youd like and also post it now if youd like. Hope you found this video helpful and informative if you did be sure to hit the like button and subscribe. And thank you for watching you.

Conclusion – How To Access Twitter Drafts

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