How To Access Usb On Mac – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access usb on mac,

Method 1 – Mac Tips – Using A Usb Drive On A Mac – Diy In 5 Ep 99

Its not showing up i wont this fit whoa i thought i deleted these if any of those situations seem. Familiar to you not to worry ive got you covered welcome to diy and five hello everyone and welcome to. Diy and five the show where we make tech tasks easy enough that you can tackle them yourself my name. Is trisha hershberger and today well go over how to use a usb drive thumb drive or flash drive etc.

On a mac computer if you find the tips in todays video useful give us a like and subscribe so. You dont miss out on any future tips a flash drive is a small portable drive that plugs into a. Usb port on your computer its an inexpensive and great way to transfer or backup files quickly and easily they. Come in a wide variety of designs and capacities ranging from this cute little guy to the oh so professional. And beefy kingston datatraveler elite g2 to begin using a flash drive with your mac simply insert it into a.

Usb port on your computer modern mac books like the newer macbook air and the macbook pro may not have. A full sized usb a port at all only offering the tiny or usb see alternative while this may seem. Frustrating at first usbc offers many advantages like faster speeds and the ability to plug in an upside down or. Right side up if you have a computer that only works with usb see you can either get a usb. A 2 usbc adapter or dock or you can purchase a usb c flash drive like the kingston datatraveler duo.

3c good news here is these are both relatively inexpensive and pretty commonly available now that usb c is quickly. Becoming the new standard once you are able to insert the drive for the first time your mac should install. The necessary driver software automatically and a usb icon should appear on your mac display if the icon does not. Display try unplugging and re-plugging it in or using a different usb port on your computer you should also double. Check that your mac is set to show external drives on the desktop you can do this by going to.

Finder frances general and making sure theres a check mark next to external drives another way to access your drive. Is by going to finder and clicking the flash drive from the sidebar on the left side of the window. Once youve gotten your usb drive connected to your computer you can use it the same way youd use any. Other folder on your computer copy files by dragging them from one location to another and a copy will be. Saved in both locations to select more than one file at a time click and drag the cursor over the.

Files you want to select remove a file by dragging it to the trash then click and hold the trash. Icon and choose empty trash to fully delete the file once youre finished using your usb drive you need to. Eject the device before unplugging it you can do this by clicking the usb icon on the desktop and selecting. Eject from the file menu you can also click finder and click the upward pointing arrow to eject your flash. Drive or you can drag the usb drive icon from the desktop to the trash can as a windows person.

This always freaks me out but i assure you it will not erase the contents of your drive just help. You to safely eject it once the drive is ejected you can safely remove the flash drive and stow it. Away for future use then there we have it there are tons of simple tasks like this that can be. Confusing if you arent sure what to look for or encounter a bump you werent expecting where do you find. Yourself getting tripped up let us know in the comments below and well do our best to walk you through.

It either in a comment or we may even make a full video just for you thank you so much. For watching everyone and ill see you next time with more diy and five.

Method 2 – Using A Usb Drive On A Mac

Whether you call it a flash drive thumb drive usb drive or a memory stick these devices are great for. Storing files and sharing files between computers heres how to get the most from your usb flash drive on a. Mac first find an available usb port on the side or back of your computer and plug in the usb. Drive the drive will automatically appear on your desktop after a few short moments as a removable drive all you.

Need to do is just double click to access the drive and any files or documents on it there are. Multiple ways to save files like documents photos and music to the usb flash drive first drag and drop allows. You to select a file or several files and quickly drag them to the usb drive using your mouse make. Sure that you can see the files that you want to save to the usb drive and the usb drive. Itself all you have to do is select click and then drag to copy the files over you can even.

Drag and drop files to the desktop icon for the usb drive to copy and paste once again highlight the. Files that you want to copy and control click the mouse or two finger click depending on your system to. Bring up the menu select copy and go to the usb drive and ctrl-click again this time select paste to. Save the files and again you can paste the items directly to the icon on the desktop save has is. Mostly used when working inside an application like microsoft word or powerpoint it allows you to save the document to.

A specified location like the usb drive select file from the top menu and click on save as navigate to. The usb drive and then click save and thats it your file is now saved to the usb drive for. Easy travel or as an additional backup if youre looking for more space on your usb flash drive and decide. To delete some older files its important to note that when using a mac deleting files from the usb drive. Will not free up space unless you also empty the trash afterwards just control click or two finger click on.

The trash icon at the bottom and select empty trash formatting your drive will also free up space by deleting. Everything on the drive you might want to format in order to change the file system so you can save. Larger files or to make the job compatible with other operating systems or maybe to just completely clear the drive. So navigate to applications than utilities and then disk utility or simply search for disk utility in spotlight select the. Usb drive and then click the erase button here you can change the file system and rename the device when.

Youre finished click erase to format the usb drive and erase all data depending on the size of the drive. Formatting will usually only take a few seconds before youre able to access the drive again and when using the. Usb drive its important to safely eject first on the desktop control click on the usb drive and simply select. Eject once it disappears from the desktop youre free to remove the usb drive from the computer and if you. Have any other questions contact kingston comm forward slash support thanks for watching.

Method 3 – How To Format And Use A Usb Flash Drive On Your Mac

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 4 – Mac Or Macbook Does Not Detect My External Drive, How To Fix?

Mac or macbook doesnt detect my external drive seven ways you can fix it check your settings before proceeding to. More complex troubleshooting steps check your settings if hard and external disks are set to be shown on the desktop. Go to the upper menu and click on the finder menu go to preferences in the general tab under show. These items on the desktop check the boxes next to hard disk and external disk if the boxes are checked.

And you dont see the external drive on your desktop proceed to the next step run disk utility in the. Upper menu click on the go menu and select utility in the utility window find and click on disk utility. If you see your external drive in the disk utility window but it shows that its not mounted select the. Drive and click on the mount button then go to the upper menu and click on the apple logo click. On about this mac go to the storage tab if you cant see your external drive there go back to.

The disk utility window select the drive and click on first aid then click on run and wait for the. Process to finish the first eight option will check the disk for errors and then repair the disk if necessary. Click on repair disk if you see this option pop up reformat external drive in the upper menu click on. The go menu and select utility in the utility window find and click on disk utility in the disk utility. Window select your drive click on the erase option choose the disk format as exfat ms-dos fat or mac os.

Extended journal click on erase go to the storage tab to see if your external drive is visible remount external. Drive using terminal go to the upper menu and click on the apple logo click on about this mac go. To the storage tab to see if your external drive is visible open spotlight by pressing command and space keys. On your keyboard in the spotlight enter terminal to open it in the terminal window enter disk util list the. Disk util list command will display the essential information about all available drives and volumes attached then search for slash.

Dev slash disk external physical make sure to remember the number following after the word disk in the same terminal. Window enter another command line disk util info disk digit after that eject your disk by entering the command disk. Util eject disk digit after executing the eject command check if it was removed by entering the command line disk. Util list if you dont see your drive in the list and it means you removed it successfully then remove. The drive physically from your mac reset non-volatile random access memory restart your mac when you hear the startup sound.

Simultaneously hold down command option p and our keys on your keyboard for 20 seconds when you hear the startup. Sound for the second time you can let go of the keys reset system management controller shut down your mac. Unplug all peripherals simultaneously hold down shift control and option keys on your keyboard together with the power button for. 10 seconds if you have a macbook pro the touch id button is also the power button then reconnect your. Power cable and other devices turn on your mac inspect the external drive via console it wont fix the problem.

But will provide information to diagnose the problem in the upper menu click on the go menu and select utility. In the utility window find and click on console select the error and faults tab plug in your external drive. To your mac then look to see if it detects your drive or if theres an error if no errors. Pop up and nothing happens then your problem is not with the external drive thank you for watching.

Method 5 – How To Show Devices Mac Book Pro 2012.Mov

Hello there everyone iko rico 22 here im going to show anybody that is new to macbook pro much like. Myself i have these at work these computers so youre getting you so myself but then im gonna finish it. Out okay what im gonna show you is lets say you take a memory card out of a camera much. Like this one here and you decide on your macbook pro that you want it to show up on your.

Desktop like you would like you would a windows laptop you know when you put it in a windows laptop. It shows you hey here it is this is how you get to it well with the mac it doesnt. Necessarily do that so if you dont know what youre doing theres two ways to to access your actual device. So when you insert your your memory cards and you know plug in maybe a usb external hard drive or. Something if you want it to show up on your desktop all youd have to do you can either go.

Into finder and itll show up down here or the thing i like personally is for it to show up. On the desktop as its own little you know almost like a folder so what you do is you go. Into finder up here sorry for the you know cheapy quality i just had a very high desire to make. This video and you go to preferences and then you can click that and once youve clicked that see right. Here where it says show these items on desktop you can click hard discs watch over here on the right.

Im gonna click it see how it just pops up press it again to get it to go away external. Disks cds dvds you know pretty much anything you want connected servers and thats pretty much it and if you. Decide that youre one of those people that you know wants to make their own ringtones for your iphone and. All of that one of the easiest ways to do that is to make sure that your show all filename. Extensions is there so that way once youve converted something to m4a and you want to change it to i.

Believe its mm4 r rm so yeah i think its import and then you make your but thats a whole. Different story so thanks for watching hopefully thats been helpful and yeah have a good day.

Conclusion – How To Access Usb On Mac

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