How To Access Verizon Cloud – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access verizon cloud,

Method 1 – Verizon Cloud Help Video

Good morning youtube my name is mark lawson also known as the verizon guy and today im gonna help you. Transfer your information using verizon cloud first things first we need to open up cloud in the play store and. Check and make sure its updated youre going to want to do that on both devices or the app stores. For iphone after that youre gonna open up verizon cloud on both devices when you have it opened youre gonna.

Look at the top left corner on each device and youre gonna see those three lines or the three dots. Click on it at that point its gonna open up a side tab on each side tab scroll down and. Youre gonna want to click on tools on your old phone hit cut and then on both devices or in. Hid content transfer copy from on one phone and copy to the other youre gonna click it if its an. Android and iphone that youre transferring to and then you get that code and youre gonna scan it at that.

Point its gonna call create a direct wi-fi connection between both devices this is how you youre basically gonna transfer. Your information also at this point its going to start scanning the information on your old phone so that it. Could transfer to the new one process may vary on the time but it takes a little bit after that. Its done the so now youre just testing the connection and you will then pick what you want to transfer. For this demonstration im just going to click on the songs of course you tranch whatever you like and then.

You hit the transfer button when after you decide what youre gonna click on and they give you an estimated. Time at the bottom and then once its done its done hopefully this video helped if theres any other videos. That youd like me to create or help you with there are things you want to learn about your phone. Im happy to help other than that you all have a great day.

Method 2 – Verizon Cloud Help On Desktop

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 3 – Tommylog Tech – Backing Up With Verizon Cloud #Vzwbuzz

Hey kids its tommy and welcome to tommy log tech for todays edition i want to talk about verizon cloud. Their cloud-based backup and storage service but before i talk about their service a lot of people ask me tommy. What is a cloud whats all this about so i had emma love emma draw me a little picture of. A cloud so what it is is cloud is like your centralized server or your centralized storage place and you.

Can have your you know your iphone or samsung your android hes even had for ipad oh cant have your. Blackberry or your 306 50 or piney up or whatever those are that doesnt apply but you have oh dont. Forget you can have your mac or your pete your windows pc all storing and backing up stuff into this. Cloud so the cloud is kind of ambiguous its made to look that way you just kind of log in. With your credentials and then all your stuff just shows up there so thats what the cloud is and verizon.

Cloud its kind of three different flavors its an app for your mobile device its an app for your laptop. Mac or pc and it is a web-based device that you can access from anywhere in the world all you. Need is internet access and it works like this she got your you got your little iphone here youve got. Your your android device youve got your your ipad and what happens is you just you log in with your. Credentials and what happens is you can back up everything that you all the pictures that you have ever that.

Youve taken that are on this device they go up to remember our picture the cloud they go up to. The cloud so if something happens to this like it gets stolen ive been through that before if it gets. Stolen run over destroyed you have it in the cloud and it can come back to you so youre saying. Tommy what gets backed up into the cloud well you have your contacts thats very important your photos you spend. A lot of time taking selfies your video data your music documents on certain devices you can get your call.

Log and text messages on android devices thats super nice so really if this device gets wiped away and you. Have to get a brand new one lets go okay im just logged back in credentials password bam and then. Its going to start downloading all that information from the cloud essentially re setting up this device you dont have. To rekey in your your uh your your music or your documents or your photos how many times youve had. To rekey in your contacts thats horrible you can go online and you can look at this you can either.

Download the app on it runs on mac os 10 windows seven eight eight one and you can see all. The all your documents in there and you can say hey i want i like that i dont like that. And whats awesome is you dont even need those apps you can just go online into i think just going. To your my verizon link in the show notes here and you can get access to all your stuff how. Cool is that whats neat about this whole process is that verizon has a more everything planned unlimited talk unlimited.

Text and they give you 25 gigabytes of storage i mean i have a 32 gigabyte iphone so basically i. Can store everything but its not i mean i dont have 32 gigabytes of photos and stuff so thats an. Acumen amount of space and you can share it with your entire family so it has people take pictures boom. It automatically syncs up to the cloud a couple of caveats if youre an ios user the backing up isnt. As smooth as it needs to be right now the best thing it can do for you is alert you.

That you have to backup which isnt much of a strategy but im told by the big brain trust at. Verizon that thats going to be fixed and its going to happen automatically okay but im certainly on the android. Device you set it and you forget it once a day up in the cloud up in the cloud up. In the cloud its kind of cool because it doesnt use your your network bandwidth it waits until youre on. Wi-fi so its not going to use your cellular data that i thought that was a nice setting if you.

Wanted to it will but just be warned filled a lot of data its going to eat up your plan. Thats probably not the smartest thing to do 25 gigabytes verizon cloud totally 100% tommy approved this is rock solid. Works as advertised and is part of tommys backup strategy and i think it should be part of your backup. Strategy too this is tommy from tommy log tech thanks everybody for watching.

Method 4 – How To Remove & Quit Paying For Verizon Cloud

Good morning this is mark so ive recently went to a higher tier data plan then switched it back down. Then received notification hey youre gonna get this verizon cloud thing for a while and then the past three days. Like its hella frustrating trying to remove it so if you have a verizon cloud and now theyre gonna charge. You for it i recommend getting all your information off the verizon cloud first im gonna have a different video.

That pops up at the top right hand corner to show you how to do that on a computer at. Any rate after a few attempts i figured out how to remove the verizon cloud so just download the my. Verizon app you can click on it ive already logged in you hit the top right hand corner under that. You actually go up to account and then at that point you usually verify it verifies again and then you. Have to login again you want to go to add-ons and then you want to go to the number that.

Has verizon cloud i removed it off one of my numbers and im going to show you so then you. Click on another number then youll see verizon cloud whatever this one i have the free five gigs but theres. The one that charges now you hit view and then within you it shows you the plan youre on and. It shows ad so then you actually hit add and then at that point this you wont see the free. One if youve switched but i one of my other numbers had that 500 gigabyte one and i didnt want.

To pay for it so then you just hit delete your verizon cloud account and thats it after you delete. Youre good and the nightmare of paying extra money a month because there i feel like theyre trying to trick. You is frustrating so that will injure me thanks for watching if you like other little simple tech videos or. Anything else that i can help with please leave a comment below hit like the like and subscribe if you. Enjoyed the video and thanks for watching.

Method 5 – How To Backup Your Android Phone To The Cloud

Hey whats up its jared with stata tech and today were gonna talk about how to backup your android phone. Now theres a couple things that i do to make sure that all the things that i like and i. Want to keep are backed up and my android phones and android phones are different so there are different ways. To back them up depending on the type of android phone that youre using so ive got the pixel 3.

Xl here and then i also have the galaxy s 10 plus and so were gonna quickly go through what. I do on any phone to back up some of the things that i have and then also how to. Backup the phone itself such as the apps the data that youre saving within those apps like games and all. That good stuff well lets start with what i do on both of these phones so youll see that ive. Got google photos installed here most android phones are all gonna come with google photos on them now and google.

Photos is great because it backs up all of your images to the cloud all of your images and video. So theres no need to keep them all stored on your phone theres no need to download all of them. To your computer every now and then theyre gonna be backed up in google and so you dont have to. Worry about it now if youre on the pixel device pixel phones come with original storage of those images if. Youre on another phone and you use google photos google photos is gonna give you free unlimited backups but those.

Images are gonna be compressed just a little bit now i rarely am able to really tell the difference in. The quality of the images google does compress them a little bit so they give you high-quality backups to your. Images but nonetheless they still look absolutely fantastic but if you dont have a pixel phone and you want to. And you want to get a little bit better quality images saved you can choose to use your your google. One storage i think is what its called now google one storage to utilize the saving of bigger images and.

All that stuff so i do that when im not on one of my other devices because you know when. Im when im talking about photos and stuff and camera phones i want to make sure i have my original. Photos but its not really a necessity now if you save other stuff to your phone such as music and. Movies uh a phone may have the option of having a sd card in it and an sd card is. A great way to save some of those larger files and make sure that theyre not living on your phone.

On the phones physical storage not all phones support that for example this phone does but this phone does not. So depending on the phone you may or may not be able to use sd card storage now for those. Of you that just really dont want to be in the cloud at all and use any cloud services thats. Probably pretty tricky to do on phones these days but a phone with an sd card may be your best. Option because at least the backing up of all of your data can be done to an sd card instead.

Of having to be done in the cloud so google photos is pretty much the only app that i use. As far as backing up my photos and videos i you also use dropbox as well dropbox is great for. Backing up documents and files and stuff like that that i may open in an email and save to my. Phone i can then save those in dropbox and so that way between like documents and images and videos i. Have all that stuff backed up and im not having to worry about losing anything now on a pixel if.

Youre wanting to actually backup the software it does all this stuff by itself but you may want to force. A backup in case your phone hasnt been plugged in in awhile or maybe you just want to check to. Make sure that your phone is being backed up so from the surge just do a search for backup and. Youll see weve got weve got our backup settings right here you can see it says that its backing up. To my google drive account and it gives me that email address so you want to make sure that these.

Are correct you wanna make sure that its also the same account that you use to download all of your. Apps from because next time when you go and log in to a new phone and you need to restore. Your phone from its last backup youre gonna want to make sure that thats the same account that you downloaded. The apps from otherwise if theres some paid apps its gonna check it against the google account that youre logged. Into and the purchase history isnt gonna be there so you kind of want to make sure that those are.

Matched up then it also shows the active backups which are backups that are happening periodically it shows my app. Date it was backed up an hour ago call history yesterday and all that stuff so if i want to. Force it i just simply tap backup now and its gonna backup all that data now besides backing up using. Google so this is backing up to google which probably is the best way i think for android phones these. Days because backing up to google means that when you go and log into your new device the reason that.

You would need a backup is something happen to your old device logging into your new device its gonna pull. In all that data and easily restore your phone i found especially on pixel devices using google is just the. Best because its so well integrated samsung has its own backup service as well using samsungs cloud service it works. Really good as well but you can also backup to google so you can see that backup process is going. To take a couple of seconds while we wait well jump into our galaxy phone here so im going to.

Swipe down just like i did on the pixel im gonna tap on the gear to get to the settings. Here and of course i can just do another search and i can do a search for backup so weve. Got backup and restore weve got backup my data weve got back update it weve got backup account on the. S10 on the galaxy phone we have all sorts of options so lets just go to accounts and backup you. Can see weve got accounts backup and restore samsung cloud here so well tap on backup and restore we could.

Backup data using our samsung accounts i could tap on that and its gonna show me all the data that. I have backed up and my available cloud storage now it shows that my backup was done a couple of. Days ago so i might want to tap on backup and let it go through that backup process so its. Gonna go through and check everything and make sure that everything is backed up and its gonna put that in. The samsung cloud so samsung cloud works really good samsung devices especially if you know that your next purchase is.

Gonna be a samsung device if your next purchase is not gonna be a samsung device thats where you might. Want to make sure that youre backing up to more than one place than just the samsung cloud of course. These phones are getting good at switching between them now so if your say your next phone was a pixel. You can just connect the cable to your device with a little adapter these phones come with and use the. Aptus to migrate everything over but thats assuming that you have your old phone anyways if you had something bad.

Happen to your your galaxy phone and you wanted your next phone to be another device such as a pixel. But all of your backup data was saved in samsung then its gonna be a little bit tricky for you. To go from a samsung cloud backup over to like a google pixel device or an lg or some other. Sort of device so lets go back here you can see theres a restored data option as well you can. See here that we can back up our data to google also and you want to make sure that this.

Is turned on so backup my data to your google backup account and just like i said about the pixel. Phone you want to make sure that youre backing up to your google account that all of your app purchases. And app purchases subscriptions and all that stuff are taking place and ive just found that thats better so make. Sure that youre doing that make sure that you have automatic restore turned on i can also tap on my. Google account here notice that im now looking at the same page that i had over here on this phone.

So we can see here how old our backup data is into our google account i can force a backup. If i want to just like i did there and then also notice that we have our external storage transfer. Here if you have a micro sd card in your phone on this particular phone or on another phone that. Allows for that you can tap here and you can actually go and and look but i dont have a. External storage in my phone right now so what id be able to do is of course backup that data.

If i had one installed in this phone at the current time so that is the of making sure that. Your phones are backed up like i said i think google is the best option to back everything up because. Its their operating system android is from google and so having all of your backup data go to your google. Account means that youre gonna be able to jump between different devices easier if you decide to switch brands later. On if youre only going from samsung to samsung of course using the backup for your samsung as well as.

Great because some of the things that are not going to transfer over for example like bixby is only available. On an android phone from samsung its not available on a pixel or an lg or any of the other. Manufacturers so some of those specific settings to a samsung phone or to an lg phone or any of the. Other phones oneplus that are out there youre gonna want to make sure that youre using the backup that is. Available for that phone because of the specific settings that are gonna be backed up and then also the google.

Backup which is more universal doesnt isnt going to backup your bixby isnt gonna back up some of those other. Specialized settings for phone specific software but it will backup everything that you either that youre doing within google services. Or doing within any of the apps that youve downloaded from the google play store so thats gonna do it. For this video i know it was a lengthy video i have a lot to say there about backups i. Hope that it was easy to follow if you have any questions ask down in the comments section below thats.

What its there for if you like this video give it a thumbs up and if you like videos like. This and want to see more of them click that subscribe button so that youll get more videos from us. I hope to see you back in the next one take care.

Conclusion – How To Access Verizon Cloud

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