How To Access Verizon Router – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – Verizon Fios Router Setup (Wi-Fi 6)

All right making a quick video just in case anyone could ever find this useful but um switching from triple. Play to just gigabit and they threw into router for free so were gonna unbox it and set it up. And before i continue i just to say this i really like this router my old router i would hit. Close to id barely hit 400 but with this thing im able to hit you know close or way over.

500 and uh with my girlfriend has an iphone 11 pro max and uh and she hits close to a. Gigabit i mean its just insane so and not only that too i got an xbox one and uh you. Need an open ad for the best experience you know my router i have to do so many steps but. This the files router is just i dont have to do anything its just literally out of the box its. Perfect this is a brand new wi-fi six although if you wanted to save some money and they werent throwing.

This for free you could just purchase one off of ebay or even the newer the older g1100 not everyone. Needs the wi-fi 60. Wow this is huge looks like a full mountable if you see that this is probably. If you have certain devices with a wps switch damn is huge okay so we got here in the quick. Started power cord unbox that yep got the network cable we dont need that all right so were going to.

Take the ethernet cable i just untwisted it plug this end into even port there you want here to click. Second one is going to go to our ont here which um its right here if you dont know where. Yours is check out the video if its too far from where you want the router to be get a. Verizon tech to come out i just unplugged it by putting my thumb on this clip and pulling out and. Uh lets get back here ah show you guys every step of the way there like so and its booting.

Up so were gonna take my ethernet cable plug it into the lan port one of these yellow ones and. Already plugged into my laptop so its pretty quick it just takes a minute or two we want to wait. For that to stop blinking and uh yeah just go to your settings you can see that its connected or. Not anymore but if you go to were going to start setting it up click on advanced and just. Uh click on proceed thats normal to see oh yeah its still blinking so it looks like its just doing.

Updates well really i guess like five minutes total but yeah were gonna plug in the uh on the front. Page im gonna put in the admin password its right here in the back uh as you can see lets. Have it plugged up okay next step just putting in your own wi-fi network and password and i just check. Mark the guest network just you never know all right now most of you can stop here but if some. Of you like me want to get the most out of your router heres what im going to do so.

Were going to go to wi-fi here on the main menu actually split the wireless networks from 2.4 and 5. Um basically by default they have it set so its just one network name for both and i dont like. That because theres an advantage to using the five gigahertz network um and not all devices can use it and. Ive had this problem where im right next to the router and it uses a slower wi-fi band so i. Just i just set it because i want to again this is all totally optional but this is just what.

I like to do and it helps a lot of people um you set a separate network name and obviously. If you your device cannot see the five gigahertz network just its fine its cool just connected a slower one. Its its no biggie and um yeah now usually i go through this kind of spiel where i go to. The channel setting and i select the channel thats not being used but i gotta tell you this is the. First ive ever seen is it just kind of knows it selects a channel thats not being used by anyone.

Else so if for some reason it puts you select your network on the left and if it uh it. Stacks you on top of other networks then youre probably going to want to change the channel manually the uh. The wi-fi channel just for the 5 gigahertz um this is a 2.4 gigahertz as you can see its theres. Not many channels its a hot mess this is why 2.4 gigahertz sucks compared to 5 gigahertz but um yeah. I mean if uh thats the case you just go to channel settings and just change it but i mean.

Im impressed with this router it does everything for you so yeah let me know what you guys think if. Theres any questions you have router um drop it in the comment likes comment subscribe it helps me a ton. And uh yeah catch you guys later.

Method 2 – Verizon Fios Router Configuration -For Remote Desktop

Today i will be showing you how you can enable or open port on your router so you can connect. To your computer remotely from anywhere in the world to get started lets open the command prompt by typing cmd. And over here were going to type ipconfig this will give us the router information and over here we need. To type this we need to copy this number here default gateway which is the routers ip so once you.

Have that lets open a internet browser and lets type over here the number one ninety two dot one sixty. Eight dot one dot one bring you to the login window and all we hear usually the routers come with. A preset username and password the username for these routers is admin and the password is password but if these. Information does not work for you look on the back of your router usually there is a label with the. Login information so once you log into the router you will see a list of devices that are connected to.

Your router so once youre here were going to click firewall and were looking for port forwarding were going to. Click here and were going to create a new port forwarding rule we need to from the drop down menu. Were going to select the computer that we want to connect to so lets lets say i want to connect. To my computer this computer right here the ip address is also here were going to select this one here. Err were going to select custom port were going to select both and were going to type the port number.

Were going to type 3 389 which is the default port for remote connection were going to click add and. Notice that we have created here a new row we also need the public ip address of the router lets. Go over here to main copy this number here were going to close this and now make sure you enable. Remote desktop connection or your computer so now everything youre in your house or office is ready to accept incoming. Connections so now im going to switch to a different computer outside of my network and show you how this.

Works but now i am in a computer outside of my house or office whatever your case is and so. I want to im going to connect to the computer at my house right now so lets go over here. To remote this type remote connections remote desktop connections and over here were going to type the public ip address. Of the router column 3 389 which is the port we opened on the router were going to click here. More show options were going to type the username of the computer that you want to connect to and we.

Click connect and it will ask you for the password once you provide the credentials you grant you access to. The computer alright so now i am connected to the computer at home notice the background is different this is. Everything for the video thanks for watching and subscribe for more videos thank you.

Method 3 – Verizon E3200 Wifi Extender Unboxing Step By Step Easy Set Up In Minutes!

All right guys this is part two again theres a link below also if you dont have verizon files to. Support the channel thanks again guys lets get started hey whats going on guys welcome back to gadgets123 this is. A continuation video of my first video which was setting up the uh verizon gigabit router this is the second. Part which is setting up the extender a lot of people have been having issues ive been looking online basically.

By pressing the wps buttons and trying to sync it that way its a pain and its very aggravating so. Um if you guys are having issues connecting it check out this video now if you havent connected your router. Yet please check out the video below thats the first part and again this is going to be a continuation. Of that video and in fact that video is gonna have this but i wanted to kind of separate this. Uh from the main video so you dont have to scroll to uh all the way to wherever just to.

Get to this part because um basically you just wanna set up the extender and you already have your router. Ready to go so as you can see here this is the only one of the reasons i got my. Rod uh my extender was because uh i dont get the service all over here so again my internet connection. For my gigabit doesnt reach all the way here in fact its not even here this is my uh cousins. Uh internet connection so ive been using theirs and um its spotty sometimes its full service sometimes it goes down.

To two or whatever so i dont get a really good service uh in my office just because theres a. Couple walls the the office actually outside the house so it uh you know signal doesnt reach here that well. In fact the signal it for my gigabit is not even here its not even all its not even showing. In my actual office so thats a problem especially to set up the extender as you can see you got. Both of the devices here now as per the instruction it tells you to click here and then click here.

And youre going to see a white and blue and then white and blue and its going to sync they. Make it sound a lot easier than it really is sometimes the promise sometimes you get a yellow light here. And it doesnt connect then you have issues so again by using a network cable as so were going to. Be able to use it now it doesnt matter what number cable you have you could be yellow blue green. Black as long as the network cable and looks like this youll be able to use it on both sides.

So uh keep in mind you if you get this package you get one and you already have the other. One youre gonna get a network cable again it doesnt matter the color all you have to do is just. Set it up so we have to do is first connect one side to the actual router which is this. One so ill show you that right now so as you can see i have the router back here im. Covering just the information this is the coaxial i dont use again my service home is just basically internet service.

This is the one that comes from the outside this is the files line thats why it is connected to. Let me show you the wan and on top are your lan ports so what i did was i plugged. In the yellow cable that i showed you earlier into one of the ports you could plug it into one. Two three really doesnt matter but if you want to keep it uniform uh plug it into one and then. Plug it on the actual extender on one or plug it into two and then the extender onto two if.

You want to keep it uniform so i plugged it into two now were going to move on to the. Extender okay guys so what i did on the extender right now is i plugged it into lan2 so theyre. Basically connected on lan2 uh via the network cable on both devices now its not plugged in im gonna plug. It in right now and ill show you whats the next step all right guys when you plug it in. Whats gonna happen is the light is going to turn uh turn uh different colors it might turn blinking white.

Might turn yellow it might do what its doing right this minute let me kind of zoom out right here. Okay you know that it worked because this light is going to be solid now i already did this configuration. Earlier so i doubt its going to do it again but as you can see its blinking now the you. Dont have to press the wps button which are these buttons right here as per the instructions the network cable. Is basically doing all that for you all you have to do is just plug in the network cable on.

The extender plug in the power and thats it its going to turn on and its going to start uh. Changing colors or its going to be different colors the button as you could see here once you see this. Button turn into a solid white you are officially done and youre ready to move on and move the extender. To another location so lets wait until it turns out uh basically white and then well move it around okay. Guys as you can see uh both of them are now solid white now it did take me i would.

Say about five minutes im not even actually im sorry two minutes if so for this thing to turn solid. White it is its kind of started blinking uh white but now its solid once you see that youre basically. Done you have to do anything else now what were going to do is basically unplug the network cable from. The extender okay now dont get uh this is what got had me a little confused i dont know if. You guys could tell its a little bit hard to tell but the the light turn yellow now if you.

Look at the instructions uh which im posting now yellow means that its the device is too close now the. Reason it turned yellow was because it they are too close but that doesnt mean you did anything wrong so. What were going to do now is were going to unplug it so lets go ahead and unplug it so. Heres the device now were going to move it to the appropriate location now for me again like i told. You guys i want to plug it next to my um let me turn on the lights here i want.

It as close to the office as possible just because i need to be able to have fast internet in. My location so what i did is there is the actual extender now see how the light is solid white. And its not showing yellow that means its working that means its ready to go and youll be able to. Use it now dont get uh dont worry about if it turns white like that and starts blinking or sometimes. It turns yellow it sometimes for some reason it i seen it turn yellow for a few and then it.

Turns white again um again dont worry about that im guessing it its doing some updates or something but what. Were going to do is test it out and see if it works i guess you guys could see hopefully. You guys could see it it is uh blinking white now lets go to the office now remember how we. Werent getting any signals earlier so lets see what happens now all right so were back in the office lets. See oh here we go here it is lets connect now remember before we werent getting anything in regards to.

The actual connection as you can see right there but lets see lets connect and see what happens alrighty guys. So as you can see i get full service um its right here pretty much well close to full service. It keeps jumping from full to uh one less bar but as you could see compared to before where i. Didnt even see that and n6b uh c9 uh now i actually could see that uh internet connection available in. My actual office computer here now i had to stop the video just because i already had set it up.

So what i had to do is basically uh forget this account like forget the uh the password for this. And then retyped in the password again so it could connect uh to do the connection you see how this. Was my uh other connection you see how low it drops to sometimes to pretty much one now my finally. My uh connection is a lot quicker there you go now the lights do change so as you could see. It its actually moving you know it was well worth the investment that i did now again i needed just.

To you know edit my videos do a couple of other things and um you know i definitely needed that. Extra i couldnt take it anymore with the old service that i had yes i was playing pain a lot. Less than what im paying now the problem was that um i had to keep using the other internet connection. Which was basically um really bad it was jumping up and down and i was getting aggravated with it so. Luckily now this one it runs fast ill be able to do my work edit my videos check stuff online.

Post videos do updates and so forth hey look the digs my dog digby um so ill be able to. Do a lot more things but again hopefully this video did help you guys out guys uh if it did. Like comment subscribe like comment subscribe and leave a thumbs up it would be appreciated dont ask for anything else. I love when you guys leave comments but if you could also include a thumbs up um please do so. Again easiest way to set up your extender uh e i think its the e 3200 extender im gonna put.

That on the video below you dont have to do anything else oh one quick thing that i forgot that. It changes because you did this uh connection instead of the uh wps button uh you know pressing the button. Five seconds and then the other one uh whats gonna happen is the following im gonna show you right now. All right guys before i go i want to show you this real quick yes the extender as you could. See it has its own uh username and password now when you do this procedure whats going to happen is.

The extender is going to be using now your uh routers username and password instead of using its own username. And password as for the instructions so dont get confused with that you you know if you do it the. The regular way which is the wps by pressing the button youre going to see your router and then youre. Going to see the extenders wi-fi connection if you could do it that way and if you want to have. It that way thats fine i really didnt care much because again i needed to have access to the extender.

In my office so um you know really doesnt matter as long as the connection is fast for me im. Happy with that but in regards to the extender heres from the manual from verizon extender it says the files. Extender has an admin password that is different from the files router when the extender is connected to the router. Via the coax ethernet or wi-fi the extender is assigned the password of the rider at this time the extender. Doesnt have the ability to use the admin password of the rear label only uses the same password as the.

Router so keep that in mind um if you dont see the extender information on your um wi-fi list its. Because it uh by using the network cable its going to uh use the uh actual username and password of. Your uh router itself so quick note just in case you guys are going crazy trying to figure out why. Dont why i dont see the extender username and password as per the instruction its because of what it says. Here all right guys again thanks for watching this video thanks for watching gadgets123 like comment subscribe uh twitter facebook.

Instagram again twitter were posting a lot of cool stuff this video helped you please let me know it went. A little bit too long i wanted to go through everything um in regards to how this thing was set. Up all right guys thanks for watching and ill see you guys in the next video take care guys.

Method 4 – Verizon Fios Self-Install Video

Before installing your new files tv and internet service you need to disconnect all existing tv equipment in your home. Devices like roku google chromecast gaming systems blu-ray players and any existing tv set-top boxes and routers all need to. Be disconnected for your new equipment to connect correctly please pause this video and well wait all done great now. One more thing check that your optical network terminal ont is powered on the ont is where the verizon network.

Connects to your home the ont is typically found in the basement or garage of your home or in the. Utility closet of a condo or apartment building please check that your ont power light is on before proceeding also. Check that you have both an ethernet cable and a coax cable connected to the ports on your ont and. Running to the location you are setting up your router if the cables are unplugged plug them back into the. Proper ports on the ont if either cable is not there or you are unable to make the connections please.

Contact verizon to schedule a technician installation lets move on to installing your internet service we recommend you locate your. Router near the center of your home if this is not possible you may want to think about adding our. Files extender to begin use a coax cable to connect your router to a coax outlet if youll need to. Use the same coax outlet to connect your tv service use the splitter included with your equipment connect a coax. Cable from the outlet to the single end of your splitter then use another coax cable to connect the splitter.

To your router youll notice a spot left for your tv service too if there is an existing optical network. Terminal in your home connect an ethernet cable from the white wan port on your router directly to the ont. Data port or if you have a working ethernet jack in your home connect an ethernet cable from the white. Wan port on your router to an ethernet jack if you are unable to make either connection call 800 verizon. Next connect the power cord from your router to an electrical outlet the router will take up to 10 minutes.

To power up completely move on when the front light is solid white do you want a wired or a. Wi-fi connection to the internet wired connections provide the fastest internet speeds to make that connection plug an ethernet cable. Into one of the yellow lan ports on your router then connect the other end of the ethernet cable to. Your computer or other device if you prefer a wi-fi connection refer to the label on the back of your. Router for your wi-fi name and password from your device select the wi-fi name on the back of your router.

From the list of available networks then enter the case sensitive password exactly as it appears on the label and. Select connect wi-fi will now connect whenever the power is turned on once connected to wi-fi your router will create. A self-organizing network which allows connected devices to move between 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz signals for optimized wi-fi connections. Now that your internet is up and running open a web browser and follow the prompts to activate your router. If you ordered a fios extender install that next using the instructions included in the box next up lets get.

Your tv service installed start with the files tv1 box the larger box if you ordered more than one box. Typically its installed on the main tv in your home to begin connect the coax cable from your files tv1. To a coax outlet or existing coax cable remember this is where you might be using that splitter we talked. About next connect the provided hdmi cable from the files tv-1 to your tv then connect the power cord from. The files tv-1 to an electrical outlet now turn on your tv and files tv1 you should see activation steps.

On the screen if you dont use the remote that came with your tv and switch the input until you. See the files activation screen then use your files tv voice remote to follow the on-screen instructions to complete activation. And remote setup if you have additional files tv ones install them now by following the same instructions okay lets. Move on to any files tv one minis you ordered these are unique because they can be connected to files. Tv via a wired or wi-fi connection if youre able to we recommend using a wired connection for a wired.

Connection connect the coax cable from your files tv1 mini to a coax outlet for a wi-fi connection skip this. Step and dont connect the coax cable your files wi-fi will sync automatically during the setup process next connect the. Provided hdmi cable from the files tv1 mini to your tv then connect the power cord from the files tv1. Mini to an electrical outlet now turn on your tv and follow the same on-screen activation steps as before if. You ordered more files tv1 minis follow the same instructions to install and activate them on your remaining tvs your.

Files tv service should now be up and running so you can go ahead and reconnect any third-party devices you. Disconnected earlier to learn more about all the new features of your files tv voice remote visit slash voice. Remote once youre settled in with your new service here are a few things to keep in mind keep your. Router placed centrally in your home keep it away from microwaves metal objects and brick or cement walls if you. Find that some areas in your home get spotty wi-fi coverage consider adding a fios extender to boost your internet.

Connection and expand its reach throughout your home you will always experience faster speeds with a wired connection that means. Your tablets and smartphones will never be as fast as a computer connected directly to your router and now youre. All set we hope you enjoy the speed and reliability of a 100 fiber connection thanks for choosing verizon.

Method 5 – How To Change Network Name And Password On Your Verizon Quantum Router 2020

Okay so today im going to teach you how to change your network name and password on your verizon router. Lets get started the first thing well do is open up a web browser to access the admin page for. The router im using google chrome but any browser will work and it doesnt matter if youre using a mac. Or a pc i am using a mac for this video but well show the steps youll need to know.

That differ from a pc towards the end of the video start by entering the admin address printed on the. Side of the router as you see here which is my fios gateway comm once we were taken to the. Admin website youll need to type in the password listed on the side of the router as seen here into. The password field and then select show password to make sure what you are typing in is correct select ok. I am going to select save password in case i need to log back in at a later date to.

Change my router settings once we are taken to the main dashboard page we want to select change wireless settings. This page allows us to change our network password network name and also our security type the first things we. See on this page are our two different bands 2.4 gigahertz wireless and 5 gigahertz wireless these are the two. Bands the router sends out to your devices the 2.4 gigahertz band will give you less speed but more range. And the 5 gigahertz band will give you more speed at less range the first thing we are going to.

Do on this page is change our ssid or network name each band has a separate name so when changing. The name we want to notate the difference the ssid s here are the that were preset for my router. Im going to click into the 2.4 gigahertz field here and change it to my router 1 in the 5. Gigahertz field im going to change it to my router 1 – 5 next we are going to move on. To changing the password first youll need to select either of the radio buttons under security pre-selected for each band.

Which will open up the password fields below verizon requires the password be at least 8 characters long and include. At least one number and one letter they also offer tips here such as not using your street address or. Phone number where a person or place in your password i suggest picking something that will be easy to remember. But hard for someone to guess i also suggest keeping the same password for both bands once you have finished. Typing in the passwords select apply when changing the setting any device is connected to the wireless network may temporarily.

Lose connectivity while the network is being updated.

Conclusion – How To Access Verizon Router

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