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Method 1 – How To Use A Vpn – Beginner’s Guide

Everyone in todays video im going to show you how to get and use a vpn and if you dont. Know anything about a vpn ill tell you some of the benefits of the vpn i want to focus on. Two different ones here one is paid and one has a free option with paid upgrades the free ones do. Limit your speed so i kept that a little bit smaller in this video im focused on the paid one.

Its my favorite one by far but ill link to both in the description you could try the free one. And see if this speed is a problem ill show you how to check your speed too but what is. A vpn so if you think of any device thats connected to the internet your phone your laptop they all. Have an ip address thats a sequence of numbers a vpn will mask that ip address so an ip address. Identifies your device and the location the vpn basically erases that from being able to be identified thats probably the.

Biggest benefit of a vpn but the second benefit is that it will encrypt your data lets say youre at. A public airport and youre using your wi-fi to do transaction with your bank account anybody that has the ability. At that airport could basically hack into your device there because youre not using a vpn and its not fully. Protected yes there is a password for your wi-fi or your mobile hotspot but advanced hackers could go and bypass. That if vpn will encrypt your data so when you send the data instead of going from one device to.

Another device it goes through the vpn gets encrypted and then it gets decrypted later its basically a way to. Really keep your data even more secure than it already is and the third benefit of a vpn is that. It basically keeps your activities whatever youre doing online private by using a vpn none of that is tracked a. Lot of the vpn providers make that a priority to let you know theyre not tracking your activities online so. If that is important to you that is the big benefit of a vpn and the privacy that you get.

By using a vpn and the big downside to it is and this is very true with the free ones. But they do reduce your speed because they do create another path for your data to travel to get encrypted. And decrypted so that extra security that comes with a vpn that extra privacy does slow down the speed where. The data has to travel from one location to another on the internet but the paid ones really reduced that. So the speed is not very significant and you may not even notice it but ill show you in this.

Video how to do a speed test to make sure that its not a big deal so lets jump in. Here i want to focus on the two different vpns that i mentioned to you the paid one and the. Free one im gonna leave a link in the description to both were gonna basically install it pay for it. And use it on our computer and our mobile device i want to show you the entire process so theres. No confusion and you could always ask questions in the comment section below but lets jump into the computer right.

Now ill start with showing you my two favorite vpn providers and ill have the link in the description to. Both of these so you could check them out in this video im gonna focus on this one its by. Far the most popular one and its the one im going to be using but ill link to a different. One because this one does have a free option and ill talk about the downside of free options but this. One is the only one with a free option that i like the other ones severely reduce your speed this.

Does a little bit but not as much as the other free ones so well start with this one again. Link in the description north vpn and you could go ahead and check out the pricing for this one but. This is the one im gonna download and why i really like it is because they have an app for. Just about every single device that you want to use this on so you could just do the monthly plan. Just to see if you like it and they also have this option right here tutorials which basically shows you.

On any single device where to go and how to download it so if you wanted to get this for. Ios there is an application for it it tells you how to find the application that walks you through it. In this video im gonna do exactly this on desktop and mobile but im gonna only focus on desktop mac. And ios but this has it for every single device and its pretty much the same process but you could. Press their application and see how that works im proton vpn the reason why i wanted to include it in.

This video because if you go under the pricing tab they do give you a free option which most vpns. Do not have a free option but this one basically lets you do a yearly plan so for about less. Than $100 year you could get that option or you could try the free one heres the limitation with the. Free one its limited to three countries only one device and it does reduce your speed pretty significantly so thats. Why i think the paid options for any vpn are your best bet but if you just want to see.

How vpns work you could go ahead and test this out and ill make a separate video about installing proton. Vpn well right now lets go ahead and get nord vpn so youll just basically click the link below come. To this website and then go ahead and sign up for it ill just go ahead and do the one-month. Plan here and then just go through create an account and if you think youre gonna use vpn more long. Term this is probably your best bet to do a yearly plan so im gonna go ahead and create an.

Account and they have a lot of payment options here so choose the payment option that best fits you they. Even have crypto bunch of different ones like bitcoin here and then once you fill all this algers press continue. Alright once you type in your payment information youre gonna get a password and activate account link on your email. That you provided so im gonna go ahead and press that go ahead and type in your password i already. Did that so im gonna go ahead and log in to my account here and it should take you to.

This download tab and its gonna scan and find out what computer youre on so if youre on a pc. Its gonna be a different link in the case of being on a mac its over here but youll see. All the different apps and extension underneath so depending on what you have android tv ios whatever you want theres. Gonna be an app for that im gonna show you the ios app a little bit later but lets go. Ahead and download the mac app here its gonna launch the app store here for me so im gonna go.

Ahead and say ok and im gonna download the app let me show you one more thing here that is. A extremely useful resource when you were comparing vpns so the two different ones that i showed you nord vpn. And proton bpm if you install a plug-in called similarweb or go to similar web comm you could type in. That domain name the name of the website and you could see how popular a website is as you could. See this one has 11 million monthly visitors nord vpn and proton vpn has about 2 million and you could.

See that some of the traffic is coming from china and india and north vpn lah the traffic is coming. From north america a little bit from india about 3% so you could compare different websites specially service providers like. Vpn providers i like to see what country is using him and how popular they are how many people are. Using them and thats a great way to find out and you could see over time if theyre getting more. Popular so that this ones about 12 million views a month so 12 million visitors are coming here every month.

To check out north vpm making it one of the best vpns out there as far as traffic goes and. You could decide if its a good fit for you once you take it for a test drive so inside. Of the app here the first thing we want to do is we want to sign up or login we. Already sign up on the website so were gonna log in with our username and password so click log in. Here and once you log in you could connect now or pick a country so you could pick a country.

Im in the us here so i could choose the country or i could press quick-connect you could see all. These different servers that are available here and you could choose any of them here you want theres one in. All these different countries so if i wanted to watch bbc and i wanted to be in the uk to. Do that from that server i could do that but let me do quick connect here on top and ill. Press got it here and ill allow this configuration and just like that right here you see now protected now.

That means vpn is turned on and im in the us it connected automatically to that but you could choose. Your country here on the side you could also press the settings option to see all these different options that. Are available so auto launched for example you could turn on auto connect you could turn on and vpn protocol. By default is here but if you know more about it there are a couple of other options here this. One works just fine so now i could see that im on the us server if i zoom out i.

Could see the other servers that are available for me so if i want to come to asia or if. I want to go to europe to see i could simply click on one and then connect to it that. Way you see is connecting right now to this different server in a different country so now if i go. To google so now let me switch country let me find out if i could connect to japan ill click. That and you see our tap is is connecting to japan and as soon as im connected im gonna get.

A notification i could browse the internet here from this japanese server so i just changed my connection to hongkong. Here on the side i just chose hong kong and now im connected and its protected so now let me. Go online here to and you could see im connected with a whole different ip address now instead of. The one i had before now i could press go and i should get a whole different speed here and. Its a good speed for the server im connecting to across the world here in hong kong so im really.

Happy with this download speed but the upload speed is significantly slower compared to the download speed and if i. Jump into google type in vpn you can see the results are in a different language everything is totally different. Here and i would give it a second every time i connect here to a different server i would just. Give it a couple minutes for it to connect fully so then my search results are that way i know. This sometimes when i was jumping around between different countries and i was doing a google search it was still.

Sticking to the older country instead of switching me to that location but now your information is secure lets jump. Into the ios device on my iphone here ill show you the exact same process its super easy so itll. Just take a minute so on a mobile device im gonna jump into the app store here on my iphone. And i want to get an app thats basically gonna set up the whole installation for me so again im. Gonna go here and search for noord vpn and this is the one i want right here im gonna get.

This app right here and im not connected right now so again i need to log in or sign up. The signing up option will send me to a place where i need to sign up to get started but. Since i already have a login that i did on a computer im gonna go ahead and just login using. My email and password and that was the first step the login process now i could do a quick connect. For it to do its job for me and it just by default connected to the united states and youre.

A server to me and now you have your browse country option on underneath where you could go ahead and. Switch your country or right now im connected right here as you can see on top connected to the us. Vpn server on this page i have a setting gear right on tops all press that and here you could. See that youre logged in you could log out here you could change your bpm protocol the default one is. Fine and you could turn on auto connect here where it lets you auto connect every time you log in.

Here and now let me show you what changed inside of the setting of your phone if you go to. The settings app here and let me go back to the home page of settings but you could see that. Vpn option is turned on you could just go ahead and turn it off right here so you see that. Switch on/off just like that i could turn my vpn on and off lets dive deeper here go to general. And theres a vpn option here click vpn and you can see youre connected so you could disconnect it here.

But on ios 13 it does give you that option right inside of the settings app in the home page. But if i click i here i could read more detail about the type server account of my vpn and. I could delete the vpn right over here and thats all it takes to turn on vpn on your mobile. Device well i know that was a lot to cover in this video but vpn is a powerful tool luckily. Because of these new apps they make it really easy for everybody to use without really much coding or really.

Diving in the visual representation just lets you turn a vpn on and off whenever you need it so i. Hope you found this video useful again please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel for easy. To follow social media and tech videos like this one and ill catch you next time thanks for watching.

Method 2 – Windows 10 And 8.1 Connect To A Vpn Server Tutorial

Hello today were going to have a quick look at how to set up a vpn connection now you generally. Do this to connect up to your corporate network or you might use it too shall we say do your. Normal everyday internet work but in a secure scenario okay or other reasons all right were going to use a. Free vpn as a quick example okay how do we do it okay we just go over here click open.

Network and sharing center and then set up a new connection or network okay connect to a workplace which is. A vpn use internet connection basically how it works is vpn needs to operate on top of an existing internet. Connection that we have okay now we can data dial directly in or if were already connected to the internet. Like we are right now well use the existing connection okay now obviously you would have the ip address or. Shall we say the domain name the fully qualified domain name of your vpn server in this case were just.

Using an example anything free whatever something okay so we just copy any one of them probably thats not going. To be too busy so were here connect to a workplace set that up over there then we create it. Okay we have a vpn connection the network flag has come now it would be nice if windows had when. I said i put that in normally where we just click over here and comes there is a video on. The website at present showing you how to actually get that back instead we need to click over here and.

Then this window opens up and then we can go to our connections vpn connection connect youll now get the. Username and password for some vpn connections you might need security you might need for example you might be connected. To lg tv else and you might have shall we say a key or a certificate okay you would configure. It over there okay in this case were not so well just keep it as automatic okay go back to. General and then cancel that okay the username and password was on the website okay youll normally be given a.

Username and password or if you have your own server that youve created yourself youd obviously that like okay the. Username is vpn password over here if youre connecting up to your corporate network it might be part of a. Domain as well okay then we click connect thatll do a little bit of checking and setting it up and. There we go and we can basically see now that were connected okay lets try and go to google googles. Always good okay a good way to test if you have good access yeah i agree okay in this case.

And there we go what god google okay so hope you enjoyed watching thank you very much.

Method 3 – Vpns Explained | Site-To-Site + Remote Access

Hey whats up guys welcome to serpros in this video were going to be looking at vpns so vpn stands. For virtual private network its job is to ensure the safe delivery of data across public networks by doing this. It allows the user to send data as if they were directly connected to that private network let me show. You what i mean lets say this is your head office now your head office is where all of your.

Business critical servers and applications are located as well as your head office you also have a smaller branch office. The smaller branch office also needs access to your business critical servers and applications there are different connectivity options available. To you for example you might use a private mpls network this would be a great option however it comes. At a price internet access however is very affordable but there is a problem with that the public internet is. Full of bad guys and these bad guys are just waiting to get their hands on your companys sweet sweet.

Data one solution is to use a virtual private network or vpn a vpn is often described as a tunnel. Your data is encrypted before it passes through the public internet this way if one of the bad guys does. Get their hands on your data they wont be able to make any sense of it once your data is. Received it can then be decrypted using a special key so it can be read as normal there are two. Main types of vpn the one you see here is known as a site-to-site vpn this vpn connects one entire.

Site to another entire site and is always active meaning its always on a site-to-site vpn needs to be configured. On both networks so its ideal for situations like this when you have multiple remote sites but thats not always. The case you may have individual users that work from home coffee shops or anywhere else in the world these. Users still require access to the corporate network but a side-to-side vpn wont work because you have no control over. The networks theyre connecting from instead they can use the second type of vpn this is called a remote access.

Vpn a remote access vpn grants access to the corporate network but only for one device for example a users. Laptop in a coffee shop this is unlike the site-to-site vpn which connects to entire networks okay so now we. Know what a vpn is and the two different types lets look at each in a bit more detail first. Lets start with site-to-site vpns here we have site a and site b both sites are connected to the public. Internet site-to-site vpns are typically configured on either a router or a firewall on both sites a popular site-to-site vpn.

Is ipsec ipsec is a framework or set of rules for creating vpns over a network it does not define. Any one way to create a vpn but rather allows several protocols to be used for each vpn feature ipsec. Is often used for site-to-site vpns but it can also be used for remote access vpns as well once the. Vpn is established all devices on each site can send data securely over the vpn so how does this work. Well lets say a host from site a sends some data over to site b the router will look at.

This data see that its destined for site b and realize it needs to send this over the vpn before. It can send it over the vpn though it first needs to encrypt the data it does this by taking. The original data and then the encryption key to produce the encrypted data lets take a closer look at this. When the ip packet is received it is put through an encryption formula along with the session key which was. Exchanged previously once encrypted the router then encapsulates this data with the vpn header and trailer then it adds a.

New ip header this new ip header will have the public ip address of the remote site now there is. A bit more to it when it comes to vpn headers and trailers but this is the general idea when. The router sends the encrypted data the data will make its way over the public internet safely to the remote. Site then the encryption process is reversed again lets take a closer look the router receives the encrypted packet using. That session key that has already been exchanged the router can decrypt the data back to the original form from.

There the router can forward this packet onto the destination okay so that is a site to cite vpn this. Is great when you want to connect one or more offices together sometimes though you need users to be able. To connect to the corporate network from anywhere in the world this could be a coffee shop on the train. Or working from home during a pandemic for this situation a different type of vpn exists remote access vpns a. Remote access vpn allows a single device to connect to a corporate network this could be a laptop desktop or.

Even a smartphone or tablet just like a site-to-site vpn a remote access vpn allows a host computer to safely. Send and receive encrypted data over the public internet this is great news if youre connecting to a public wi-fi. Where you have no idea about who could be snooping now unlike sites like vpns which are always running remote. Access vpns require an application on the host to connect back to the corporate network the corporate network will be. Listening for these connection requests an example of a vpn client application is cisco anyconnect or openvpn here is openvpn.

Running on my computer while ipsec is used for site-to-site vpns tls is usually used for remote access vpns tls. Is the same security protocol used to encrypt your web traffic when connecting to https sites its also handy because. Some public wi-fi might block ipsec ports whereas tls usually uses well-known port 443 which is generally allowed when configuring. Remote access vpns you need to decide if you want to use something called a full tunnel or a split. Tunnel what does that mean well a full tunnel means that once connected to the vpn all traffic from the.

Host will be forwarded to the corporate network even if youre just browsing facebook this will all be tunneled through. The corporate network this is great if you want to enforce your corporate firewall policies now a split tunnel means. That only traffic destined for the corporate network is sent over the vpn all other traffic is rooted as normal. This is great to save bandwidth and also provide a bit more privacy to your users which one you choose. Is really up to you and your security needs now just before i end this video i do want to.

Briefly mention vpn services in recent years several companies have emerged offering vpn services that promises to keep all of. Your internet usage private secure and away from hackers youve probably seen their adverts these are like remote access vpns. You connect to that companys network before they forward it over to the internet by using these services the idea. Is that only the vpn provider will see your traffic so not even your isp can see what youre doing. Now while there are some understandable reasons to use these services please dont get sucked into some of the scare.

Tactics that most of them use the reality and what they would have you believe is often quite different anyway. Thats enough for vpns you should by now have a good understanding about what they are and how they work. This video is part of the full ccna course which can be found in the description so please feel free. To go and check that out if you like this video then dont forget to give it a thumbs up. Leave a comment and subscribe the support from you guys really does help this channel grow other than that thank.

You for watching.

Method 4 – How To Add Free Vpn On Windows 10

Hey guys in this video im going to show you how you can add a free vpn on your windows. 10 operating system so lets get started and lets see how we can do it so what you need to. Do is you just need to click on your windows icon here and then click on the settings option and. From here you just need to go to the network and internet setting which is this one and in this.

Window you will be able to see this option here which says vpn so just click on this option and. By default you will see that this advanced options allow vpn over metered network is on and allow vpn while. Roaming is also on so by default these are on on my windows operating system and you might also want. To make them on if they are not on now in order to add a new vpn you can click. On this option which says add a new vpn connection so im going to just click on this option and.

Then here we have the choice to provide the vpn provider so by default you can see this option is. Windows built-in so im going to just choose the same windows built-in i dont have any other option on windows. By default so i will choose this one and now the name of the connection so the name of the. Connection im going to give here is lets say vpn book because that will be the website from where im. Going to get the address of my free vpn now here i need to give the server name or address.

So just open your favorite browser and then just search for vp and im going to put this link. In the description of this video also so just go to vpn book comm and then just go to the. Free vpn tab here so im going to just click on free bpn tab and here you will two options. For free vpn one is free pptp vpn and other is free open vpn so pptp is point to point. Tunneling and thats what we are going to use for this video so when you scroll down here you will.

See various options which might be closer to your location so just choose the address which is closer to your. Country location so what im going to do is im going to just choose this address which is france vpn. This is a closer to my location i can also choose this one because this is also for france so. Lets choose this one okay so im going to choose this vpn address so im going to just copy this. Address from here which is closer to my location and also you can see here it has given us username.

And password to connect to this vpn okay so we are going to come back to this web page so. Dont close this web page yet just close the address and then just provide the address here and then here. Vpn type as i said we are using point-to-point tunneling protocol pptp protocol which is also visible here so you. Just need to give the type pptp here and here type of sign in info just leave it as user. Name and password there are other types of sign in you can choose from here but im going to choose.

Username and password because on that website we have the username and password the other two options are optional so. Im going to just leave them as blank if you want to give this username and password here you can. Also give this username which is on this website directly into the section so username and password but for now. Im going to leave them as blank and now i can see that this vpn book is added to my. Vpn list so in the next step what im going to do is im going to activate this vpn book.

Vpn so just click on this vpn book option which you have created and then im going to just click. On this connect button which is going to ask me for my password so im going to go to the. Website once again and this will be the user name so the user name and password will be giv.

Conclusion – How To Access Vpn

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