How To Access Webex Recordings – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Access Webex Recordings

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Method 2 – P.4 How To Access Webex Recordings

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Method 3 – Webex Help: How To Record A Meeting

Hey webex fans today im going to be walking you through how to record your meeting so once youre in. A meeting you just and youre ready to record just click on the icon here at the bottom that says. Recorder once you click youll see a red record button when youre ready to start just click record youll notice. The icon at the top change and a message saying that recording is in progress when this icon is red.

The system is recording when you have you have a couple options here you can either pause the recording lets. Say you need to take a break and you want to pause the recording for a few moments you can. Do so or you can click stop to stop recording all together i want you to see though when i. Click pause what happens i click pause youll see this icon change in the top right hand corner again to. A yellow pause button thats where you know that the pausing is happening when youre ready to resume just click.

The resume button the icon changes again and youre recording again go ahead and finish your meeting and when youre. Ready to stop recording before you end the meeting come down to the same button and just click stop the. System will ask you if you want to stop the recording you can either cancel to go back and continue. Recording or stop once you hit stop you can see now theres no icon here im not recording and then. You can end your meeting so after you end the meeting and the recording is created youll get an email.

Like this this email tells you the link to play the recording and youre recording password and you can forward. This on to anyone that you want to view the recording once you click play recording youll be taken to. This screen which allows you to input the recording password here and its not easy just input the recording password. And click ok and the player will open and youll be able to watch your meeting again its that simple.

Method 4 – How To Record And Share Your Webex Session

Everyone in this video were going to go over how you can record your webex meeting now ive already got. My webex meeting started here and if i wanted to record this meeting all i need to do is go. Down to this little record button and click on it now keep in mind the only person has the ability. To record a session is the host so your participants will not have this option to record the session youll.

Notice when i click on the record button i do have this little drop-down menu next to record in cloud. This is because webex gives you two options to either record on your computer or record in cloud if you. Choose to record in cloud those recordings will be saved on the webex website and youll be able to gather. A link for them to send to anyone and share those recordings after your session has ended if you do. Choose to record in your computer itll save to your computer directly and will not be accessible on the webex.

Website but keep in mind there are some differences between what will be included in this recording after all a. Said and done if you do choose to record on your computer your chat panel as well as any files. You share using the share file option will not be included in the recording so if you are using the. Share file option which is here at the bottom anything you share using this will not be shared later on. So you want to keep that in mind and preferably use the record in cloud option this way everything stays.

All in one place and everything you want to share will be shared with your participants when youre ready to. Start recording you want to go ahead and click on the red button here that says record but before you. Do so just make sure you let your participants know that you are planning on recording this session and that. Way they are aware that theyre being recorded so im going to click the red button itll start recording for. Me automatically and then i can either choose if i want as im recording through my session i can pause.

My recording at any time i can also stop my recording if i choose not to record this session but. As you go along you can carry along with your session as normal and you dont have to make any. Other changes once your session ends it will take up to 24 hours for your recording to generate but then. You will get an email letting you know when that recording is ready for you to view so now were. Going to talk about how we can view those recordings see where they are and im also going to show.

You how you can share that recording on your moodle page so here i am at the home page after. Ive logged into webex and lets say that i have received an email from webex letting me know that my. Recording is ready to view all i need to do to view that recording is click on recordings here on. The left hand side and then find the one that im looking to view in this case lets take a. Look at the moodle basics webinar and if i click on this link here it will open that recording for.

Me to view but if i want to share that recording with others i can click on this little share. Button here and not only will i be able to put in the email addresses of the people i want. To share it with but i can also copy and paste this link anywhere that i would like to share. It with my students so thats an example that were going to go over now because i want to show. You how you can take this link and add it to your moodle page now you can do this a.

Long way and highlight this entire link i just clicked a few times to make sure the whole thing was. Highlighted and i use my keyboard shortcuts to copy it but you can also use this little rectangle here that. Says copy url and that will copy the link to your clipboard and allow you to paste it where you. Would like to paste it so in this case im going to go to my moodle page and show you. How i would add this to my moodle course now i have my moodle course open here and what i.

Want to do for this is since i decided to copy that link i want to integrate a link into. My moodle course so the first thing i want to do is click in my gear in the upper right. Hand corner press turn editing on and this will allow me to edit the page and then i can scroll. Down to wherever i want to add this link to so lets say i want to add it into this. Section here and i can click add an activity or resource scroll down and click on url press add and.

Then were going to give it a name so in this case we could just name it class webex and. This is where i would paste that external url now if you did use that little button that copied the. Link to your clipboard youll see if i pasted it and i go back to the beginning it says moodle. Basics webinar we dont need any of this information we need it to just start with the http so im. Just going to erase all this and make sure that theres no space in between the beginning and where the.

H begins so now you want to make sure that h is right up at the beginning there and then. When youre all set you just click save and return to course now when your students come into your moodle. Class theyll be able to click on this link that you provided for them and view that recording that you. Made during your webex session i hope that you found this video helpful in regards to recording your webex session. Not only does this option allow you to share the recording with your students especially for those who may not.

Have been able to be there but it also allows you to have a record of how that class went. So you can look back and take any notes that you may need to take.

Method 5 – How To Use Webex Meetings – Tutorial

Hi everyone kevin here today i want to show you how you can both get and also use ciscos webex. Meetings if this is your first time using webex meetings im going to walk you through step by step how. You can start taking advantage of it first off what is webex meetings its a video conferencing solution that allows. You to both talk and see others it works whether youre meeting with one other or even thousands of others.

You can also share your screen and content with others so lets say you have a powerpoint presentation you can. Very easily share it with your audience if someone in your audience is unable to make it you can also. Record the session for them to access after the fact webex meetings works regardless of what type of pc you. Have if youre on windows mac or linux youll be able to use it you can also use it on. The go whether you have an iphone or an android phone theres a lot of competition in the space you.

Might have heard of microsoft teams or zoom video conferencing webex meetings is one of the leaders in the space. And they offer an extremely feature rich video conferencing solution and best of all its backed by the security and. Privacy of a large company like cisco if there is a section of this video that interests you more feel. Free to use the chapters down below to simply jump ahead to it otherwise were going to kick off with. How you can get webex meetings here i am on my pc and first off i want to show you.

How you can get webex meetings open up your web browser and head to the website if you dont. Yet have a webex account its entirely free to sign up on the webex home page click on the button. Here that says sign up now its free when you click on sign up all you need is to enter. An email address it truly is free you dont have to enter any payment information you might be wondering well. Whats the limitation of a free account free accounts are limited to 50 minutes of meeting time if you dont.

Want to deal with any limitations on the homepage of webex you can click on plans and pricing and there. Are a variety of plans that give more meeting time and they have many other additional features and functionality and. You can evaluate which one is the best for you if you already have a webex meetings account maybe its. Because your work or your school provides you with an account up on the top right hand corner you can. Click on the sign in text when you click on sign in you have two different options you could either.

Sign into webex meetings which is the video conferencing solution or you could sign into webex teams teams is a. Collaborative space for teams to come together and work together today were looking at webex meetings so im going to. Sign in to meetings once you click on sign in youll be prompted to type in your email address type. In the email address that you have an account for next youll be prompted to enter your password in go. Ahead and enter your password once youre done entering your password click on next were now logged in to the.

Authenticated page for webex meetings and were making some good progress and were pretty close to either joining a meeting. Or hosting a meeting i want to walk through what some of the functionality is here and what you can. Do with webex meetings at the very top of the page you can join a meeting by typing in a. Meeting code if lets say a host provided you with a meeting code youll have it you could paste it. In here and then join a meeting if you are a host and you want to figure out how to.

Get a meeting code hold on and ill get to it in just a moment right under there there is. A section here called kevin stratfords personal room every webex meetings account has its own personal room the way to. Think of this is this is a place you can come together and meet with others for impromptu meetings when. I click over here on this copy icon this will copy details of the meeting and then i can send. This to others to join my impromptu meeting for instance i could send an email maybe a text message or.

A messenger message however i want to communicate with others i can send them my meeting room information here for. Instance i have an email message open and im going to paste in the content that i just copied youll. See here that theres a hyperlink for the meeting if i send this email off to others theyll be able. To click on this and thatll allow them to join my meeting over on the right hand side you see. A number this is the meeting number so if you type that meeting number in this section here youll be.

Able to join the meeting along with that youll see an ellipses right here under my personal room if i. Click on this here too youll see the meeting number appear if you want someone to be able to join. The meeting you can also share this number with them and youll enter that number in this field here and. Thatll also allow someone to join your meeting lets say that you shared this information with someone else and now. You just want to kick off the meeting with them well its pretty simple to do all you need to.

Do is click on the start a meeting button and this will drop you in the meeting if you click. On this drop down you can choose whether you want to use the desktop app or whether you want to. Use the web app by default it goes to the desktop app and i recommend that experience and in a. Moment ill show you how you can get the desktop app not all meetings are going to be impromptu meetings. You might want to schedule a meeting ahead of time to schedule a meeting theres a button right here that.

Says schedule lets click on that to see how it works this opens up the schedule a meeting interface and. I can now add all of the details for my meeting in the first drop down i can choose the. Meeting type and there are only two types for me i can either go with a standard meeting or i. Can go with end to end encryption for the voice if i want a little bit of extra security im. Going to leave it set on the default up here i can type in the meeting topic or the subject.

Of the meeting im going to type something in here i typed in kevin cookie company brainstorming session i want. To come together with some of my co-workers and well figure out some great ideas for our company down below. Theres a meeting password associated with the meeting and this was just auto-generated down below this is where i can. Set the date and time of my meeting if i click on this i could choose the day the time. And also the duration now if you have a free account the meeting will be limited to 50 minutes with.

A paid account you can set a meeting up to 24 hours i hope none of you are going to. Meet for that long because thatd be a really long meeting but you do have that functionality and youre able. To do that down below i can set this as a recurring meeting so lets say i want to come. Together with this brainstorming session and we want to meet weekly i can click on recurrence and i could choose. How frequently it should reoccur for now im going to go with a one-off meeting and well see how effective.

This meeting is underneath this is where i can start adding other people to my meeting to have a meeting. You want others to join so this is where you should enter some email addresses in im going to type. In a few names and invite some others to my meeting once youre satisfied with all of the different settings. You can click on schedule and thatll schedule the meeting on your calendar ive now finished scheduling the meeting and. Here i can review all of the details of my meeting that i scheduled if i click on this green.

Button here this will allow me to join the meeting and i also see all of the meeting information down. Below here again i see the meeting number that i can provide my attendees to be able to join my. Meeting up above i can copy all the meeting details to invite others i can also go back and maybe. I made a mistake somewhere maybe i want to reschedule and choose a new time i can edit the meeting. Invitation i can also cancel the meeting and lastly i can add it to my calendar lets say that im.

Using outlook i can put it on my outlook calendar now that weve scheduled a meeting this is kev strat. Threes email that he received and here you can see that its a meeting invitation and i can accept it. And add it to my calendar in microsoft outlook within the meeting invitation itself here i see the meeting invitation. I see the meeting number and here too as an attendee i can simply click on join meeting and this. Will add me to the webex meeting its extremely simple and easy to get other people to join your meeting.

And if youre an attendee it couldnt be any easier to join a meeting back here in the meeting details. If i click on back to meeting list or i could click over on meetings on the left hand side. This will show me all of my upcoming meetings here i could see that i have two meetings coming up. And theyre both brainstorming sessions for the kevin cookie company and here too i could very easily click on start. To join a meeting were going to join the meeting in just a moment but before we do that i.

Wanted to show one additional thing first over on the left hand side if we click on downloads this will. Show a number of different downloads that we can get for webex meetings the first one is one that i. Would highly recommend this is the cisco webex desktop app the desktop app gives you the full functionality of webex. Meetings especially if youre going to be hosting a meeting or sharing content id recommend getting the desktop app theres. One item called the productivity tools and by installing this this will allow you to schedule meetings directly from microsoft.

Outlook so you dont have to come to this interface here to be able to schedule a meeting we have. Now scheduled a meeting we have the desktop app why dont we jump into a meeting and see what the. Capabilities are im in the meetings view here and i see my two upcoming meetings im going to join the. First brainstorming session and lets click on the start button this kicks off the meeting and i now have two. Options i can open the desktop app because ive installed that if i want to use the desktop app all.

The time i can check this box and then click on open webex meeting and itll by default always use. The desktop app if however you chose not to install the desktop app or you just want to use it. In your web browser you can also click on this text down below that says join from your browser im. Going to use the desktop app since thats where all of the functionality is so im going to click right. Here all right look at this this launches up the preview interface for webex meetings this allows me to configure.

Both my audio and my video before joining a meeting how many meetings have you joined where someone comes in. And their audio is not working properly or they dont yet have their video on this allows us to make. Sure everything is in working order lets see what we could do here in the bottom left hand corner youll. See a button that says mute with this you could turn your microphone on or off lets say that youre. Joining a session thats already in progress you probably want to mute your microphone before joining over on the right.

Hand side of the mute button if we click on this carrot icon this will allow us to choose what. Speaker we want to use and what microphone we want to use especially if you have a number of microphones. Or a number of speakers you likely want to configure which one you prefer to listen and also speak through. Over in the center i also have the option to stop my video or i can restart my video if. I click on the carrot here too especially if you have a number of cameras hooked up to your computer.

You can define which camera you want to use now one other fun thing that i want to show up. In the top right hand corner you can change your background so if i click on this this is whats. Referred to as a virtual background i can set a blurry background and so that kind of blurs out the. Background a little bit i can also choose other picture backgrounds so this is an executive office look at this. Im truly a baller now ive got a nice it looks like im probably on the 50th or 60th floor.

Of some building but this is uh i dont know maybe i need to upgrade my office a little more. But this looks pretty good additionally you can also upload your own photos so lets say that you want to. Be on the starship enterprise or you want to be in an underwater hotel wherever you want to be you. Can click on this plus button to add your very own background image im going to stick with this executive. Background i think this is kind of a fun one lets go with this and once were all done with.

These different settings you can test out your speaker and your microphone to make sure that everythings working properly especially. If youre just starting out with webex meetings id recommend doing that alright so we are set now to join. The meeting let me click on start meeting im now in a meeting and it turns out that nestor has. Already joined the meeting by default i see the participant list right up here on the right and here i. Can see nestor i want to briefly walk through what we can do when weve joined a meeting down in.

The bottom were going to start over in the bottom left hand corner and just like on the previous screen. I have the same control that allows me to either mute or unmute myself and once again i could choose. What microphone or what speakers i want to use the same with the video as well i could turn my. Video on or off depending on whether i want people to see me maybe i had a rough night and. I dont want people to see me on the video well i turn off the video then this is one.

Of the most valuable things about webex meetings i can share content with others lets click on this to see. What we can do this opens up the share content dialog and i can share all sorts of things i. Can share my entire screen or i could share a specific window on my computer so whether its lets say. A onenote or a powerpoint presentation i could go through and choose the appropriate content down at the bottom i. Could also share a file i could open an application and share that or i could open up a new.

Whiteboard why dont we just test this out and first off ill start by sharing my screen now one thing. To note before we do that youll also see that theres this drop down at the top by default its. Set to optimize text and images so if youre sharing things like a document a spreadsheet a powerpoint presentation you. Likely want to choose this one this will ensure the best quality for things that arent fast moving if lets. Say youre going to share maybe a youtube video maybe my channel whatever type of fast moving or video type.

Content you want to share choose this the quality will be a little lower but itll optimize for video or. Fast moving content im going to select just text and images for now and im going to share my screen. This now shares my desktop if i go up to the top here i see text that says youre sharing. Your screen if i click on this drop down ill be able to see what all of my attendees can. See thats a pretty nice feature a lot of times people say hey can you see what im sharing this.

Way you know exactly what others can see up at the top if i hover over again i have all. Of these different controls available to me for instance lets say i need to do something quickly and i dont. Want my attendees to see it i can pause my screen sharing and then i can do what i need. To do and then resume the screen sharing here if i click on share i can share other types of. Content so lets say for instance i was sharing a window and now i want to share a different window.

I can easily toggle between different types of content that im sharing here i could assign other people to take. Over the sharing session once again i can mute unmute start or stop my video and here too i could. Also kick off a recording now one thing that i really love about screen sharing is you can also annotate. Your screen its built in directly to webex meetings if i click on annotate this opens up a whole bunch. Of annotation controls on the side of my screen and so i could draw on my screen i could type.

On my screen i could insert shapes on my screen i have all of these different tools i can save. The annotation and once im all done i can close the annotation im back in the main interface and i. Want to show you one more awesome type of content that you can share and for that lets go back. To share content and at the very bottom here we can also share a whiteboard lets click on this im. Now in a blank whiteboard and just like the name implies i can doodle and i could add information to.

This whiteboard so i could add lines i could i could scribble around and other attendees can also do that. As well so we could have a collaborative session especially for a brainstorming session and this is very valuable im. Now back in the main interface and down at the very bottom i can also record this meeting when i. Click on record itll allow me to record it as an mp4 on my desktop if youre part of one. Of the more advanced plans you also have the option to save directly to the cloud so you dont have.

To leave it on your computer the choice is yours over next to the record button i also have some. Additional options one of the interesting ones is i can lock the meeting so lets say im a teacher and. We have a start time of 9am if youre not there at 9am im going to lock the door so. You cant join anymore so you can do all sorts of things lets say that you want to bring someone. In and the meetings already started you can invite or even remind people and here again they make it very.

Easy to get the meeting link so even once the meeting has started you can still send it out to. People to get them to join your meeting now over on the right hand side you can see all of. My participants this is a fairly small meeting i just have nestor meeting with me but it was nice of. Nesser to join because i wanted to demonstrate some of the functionality that i have if i hover over nester. I can right click on him and i have all sorts of different options i can mute i can unmute.

I can also chat with nestor i can move them to the lobby if i want to boot them out. For a moment and this ones very interesting and maybe something that teachers will use if students are disruptive but. You can expel someone from the webex meeting now that really does sound like an education term where youre going. To expel a student but you could boot someone out if youre the host and you no longer want them. Contributing now one thing thats interesting as well is down in the bottom right hand corner you can chat and.

When i click on chat here i can type in whatever message i want so ill say hello everyone not. Only can i talk to everyone but in this drop down list i can also choose specific individuals to chat. With so lets say maybe someones being disruptive or maybe i want to follow up with someone within the session. I can chat with just one other person and have a one-on-one conversation along with being able to chat with. Others i also have.

Conclusion – How To Access Webex Recordings

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