How To Access Wifi Router History – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access wifi router history,

Method 1 – See What Other People Are Browsing On Your Wi-Fi!

Hey what is up buds my name is teja and youre watching techra youtube channel in this video im going. To show you how to see what people are browsing on your wi-fi network without further ado lets get started. Dns stands for domain name services the job of dns is to resolve a domain name into its particular ip. Address so that any device which wants to communicate the particular webpage knows where the web server of that particular.

Webpage exists on the internet when you want to visit a website or use any internet service your web browser. Is going to send a request to your dns server this dns server is basically configured by your router or. By your isp you can even configure your own dns server by accessing your control panel and you can use. Any dlns server of your choice after the dns server is user request it is going to resolve the domain. Name into an ip address and the connection is made to that ip address which is going to reach the.

Web server at the end in this method we are going to replace our existing dns server with opendns this. Opendns is going to show us the request that is received from your network which means that we will now. Be able to see all the web pages or all the requests that are made to web pages from our. Wi-fi network now lets see how to configure our wi-fi router to use opendns as its dns server firstly go. To and click on login now you will be taken to a page like this over here just click.

On sign up once you see a screen like this enter all the details like your first name last name. Company email company phone company name and your country once youre done entering your details click on create my trial. As you can see here it says your free trial is almost ready and youll get a 14 day free. Trial now you should receive a confirmation email from opendns so open your inbox and check for the email once. You click on activate your account youll be taken to a screen like this over here create a password and.

Click on submit now go ahead and log into your account then youll see a pop-up like this first of. All copy these two ip addresses into your notepad now go ahead and give your network a name finally click. On next click on next again and then select start using cisco umbrella now you need to download and install. The opendns ip address updating tool on your computer because you might be having a dynamic ip address and you. Have to do it if you have a dynamic ip address dont worry as ill be putting the links to.

Download the ip updater tool in the description below once downloaded run the setup file and proceed with the installation. Process now open the tool and login with your opendns account credentials once it is done just close the window. Now its time to configure your wi-fi router open your command prompt as administrator and type in ipconfig all under. Wireless lan adapter note the default gateway and copy it now go to your browser open a new tab and. Paste the ip address into the destination bar and hit enter now you will see your wi-fi router space like.

This log into your wi-fi router by using your credentials in most cases the default credentials will be admin and. Admin once you click on login you will see your wi-fi router is page like this however if youre using. A different wi-fi router the user interface of your wifi router page may be different from mine now you need. To change the dns server address if youre using a tp-link router and if you are having the same page. As mine you will find this option when you click on networks and then you can see a page like.

This over here select use these dns servers and go back to your notepad where you copy the dns server. Addresses and paste the two dns server addresses into the primary dns and secondary dns respectively once you pasted this. Just click on save now you have successfully configured your wifi router so that it uses the opendns servers to. Test whether the changes made are successful open your browser and go to make sure youre connected to your. Wifi network and if a page like this shows up that the site is blocked because its a phishing site.

Then congrats you have successfully configured your router to use the opendns service now youre ready to go now go. Back to your cisco umbrella dashboard and click on overview you need to wait at least 24 hours to start. Seeing the reports on your dashboard after around 24 hours you can start seeing the reports on your dashboard so. That is it for this video if you like this video dont forget to leave a thumbs up below and. Also do subscribe for more awesome videos leave a comment below if you have any doubts regarding this video ill.

Try to reply to your comment and also show me some love by sharing this video with your friends so. Go ahead share this video with your friends and let your friends know about my youtube channel thanks for watching. Once again cheers have a nice day another way of achieving the same task of seeing what other people are. Browsing on your wi-fi is by doing arp poisoning to learn about what is meant by arp poisoning and how. To do it watch one of my other video tutorial the link to that video will be in the description.

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Method 2 – How Wifi Admin Or Parents Checking Your Browsing History. Watch Out!

All right uh meet again with matt einstein as this video is created actually i would like to answer a. Couple of the question like how to check the browsing history is it easy to check our browsing history from. The wi-fi admin and the most important question can parent check the history of our browsing this is most of. The question that has come from the previous video that i was created okay so perhaps this video can explain.

How youre feeling at this point right so the idea from here is like we would really like to know. Whether its easier not to check the history of the browsing and the answer unfortunately uh yes but also no. So what does it mean like yes or no well on the past period of time its not that easy. To check the browsing history but at this time its getting easier and easier but before we go in there. Lets see the concept of torch as you know like torch it comes from the nouns of some device or.

Tools that used to give some light to find out whats going on and this is actually also happening when. You are familiar with network there is word torch if youre using micro tick to find where is the source. Of congestion okay so congestion here it means like you know the internet is going at this point like one. Of the most uh valuable uh community at this time and content so many people browsing content from phone from. Anywhere the amount of content that comes sometimes to the network its become very very dense people are browsing everything.

And there is a traffic and there is congestion so the admin need to know with the torch where is. The source of this congestion okay so lets see like im become one of the admin and i want to. Use one device that its called micro tick this is kind of like advanced routers its kind of pricey its. Around at least 200 usd but from here if your admin using micro tick then he can use the feature. Of torch he can start to find like whats going on in the traffic so in the traffic he could.

See for example lets say he want to use one of the ip that is like used by one of. The users so he want to check one of the client that he has and he want to know whats. This client bros so from this mikrotik torch he could see like okay at this period of time the client. Browsing something and he could read the ip here oh and the question is like okay so this is the. Ip not the address yeah but ip is actually will explain also the address well talk about it later on.

The next video okay what do you guys see there is like http and there is https both of these. Uh uh sdbsdp as we call it as the protocol which is usually eight eight or four four three this. Is showing like you at this point browsing the uh the internet like on the web browser but there is. Also protocol that its look weird like 5 3 or so on and here as i mentioned before we want. To know like what is protocol what is ip what what dns so we get the ip number and lets.

Open from the website called who is which is like kind of website that serves you to show and converting. The ip into the domain and here you could see the address one two eight something something it actually means. Its the roblox so this is how the admin of wi-fi can see whether you are browsing something what you. Browse at that time how long and so on so if you guys brought something weird then you know like. How it looks like so at this point let me explain you what is actually the concept of dns and.

What it means to our internet system so let me say like the user youre you are the king youre. Asking to your browser here like hey take me to okay so you are as a browser youre going. All around in the internet world youre asking to some of the network with the password to go to the. Like any network and then you stop by on one we call it as dns server this is they are. Like like server that recording all the number in the world of the uh website because website basically based on.

All the number so they are like google for example the number is and so on and so forth. So you going deep and deep again and finally youre going and you meet a website which is google and. Google tell to you as a browser okay sign in im feeling and so on and so on and you. Come back to the uh the browser come back to you and telling like hey finally i can open google. So how this is how the dns looks like and this is why everything that you type in the internet.

Basically its recorded in every single device and if youre using routers or theres mikrotik as its mentioned before basically. All the history will be recorded but wait thats not the only things at this moment of time there is. A development that we call it as a proxy server so what is proxy server then whats the difference between. The wi-fi so as you could see here there are like graphic of proxy server which is like access by. The phone by the computer or the stable computer the proxy server its kind of advanced server that it gives.

And has a purpose to you to increase the sensation when you are accessing the internet so when you access. Internet you basically just talk to proxy server and you dont need to go to the whole internet itself because. Proxy server basically recording every single thing that you once brought so for example you very often browsing google or. You browse facebook so proxy server will save all the picture all your history everything that you need so you. Dont actually really need to go to facebook the proxy server will do it for you and all will stop.

By in proxy server and this proxy server is now is very common this is a super computer they are. Located in every city so if you are in new york theyre for sure a proxy server in new york. Or in california everywhere so this proxy server they are recording the dns the recording the picture the recording everythings. Including your password uh and username for some website and whats the example of proxy server for nowadays so lets. Say there are like a company that called akamai this is one of a big company that they are having.

Proxy server in every single city as you could see this is the logo of the company and this is. Just the example i think akamai even one once part of like a big company like a big other name. I dont know you mentioned and you can google it so here the proxy server uh basically have every single. Information that you have and yeah if you think that there are privacy in the internet im sorry to say. But there is no okay not to scaring you or something but there are right now uh as i mentioned.

Before they are easy way to check who is browsing and what do you pros and even your parents can. Do it like check it the app is called wire shark maybe i will make some of the presentation and. How to use this wire shark but basically this wire shark it records every single thing like they record your. Bros they record what you download that length of durations not only the ip number again but already the website. Name and this wireshark its very easy to be used it doesnt need to be like advanced server or network.

Yeah you can use it just from your computer so if your parents want to use it in their computer. For sure they can check what you browse how long and yeah what youre doing there okay so thats all. Hopefully it gives you some more knowledge and watch out with the internet see you later.

Method 3 – How Do I Clear My Wifi Router History?

Take our lead lets help you make your mark our goal is your satisfaction let us show you the way. Deleting a router history and all settings is very simple this can be done by simply pressing the reset button. At the bottom or side of the router usually a thin pin or needle is needed to do this every. Router must be equipped with a reset button take our lead simply deleting your browsing history does not delete all.

The information google possesses relating to your search history there are three ways for users to delete their google browsing. History and google search history and to turn off their activity to protect their privacy take our lead yes wi-fi. Routers keep logs and wi-fi owners can see what websites you opened so your wi-fi browsing history is not at. All hidden wi-fi admins can see your browsing history and even use a packet sniffer to intercept your private data. Take our lead lets help you make your mark originally answered can you see a phones wi-fi history on a.

Home router no the history is the past and there is no way to access that from anywhere but the. Phone itself a router can be set up to log all connections that are made through it thank you for. Watching please subscribe and hit the bell notification.

Method 4 – How To Access Your Routers Menus Find Out The Ip Adress And User Name And Passwords

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Method 5 – How To Clear Wifi Router History?

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Conclusion – How To Access Wifi Router History

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