How To Access Wifi Router – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access wifi router,

Method 1 – How To Access Your Routers Menus Find Out The Ip Adress And User Name And Passwords

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Method 2 – How To Open The Router Admin Page | Access Router Setup

Hi guys in this video im going to show you how you can access your router admin page by accessing. Your router admin page you can either looking you can make changes in your router you can change the password. You can block any mac address you can assign any mac address so there are lots of the changes we. Can do by having access to your router admin page so how to get the access of your router admin.

Page lets proceed further let me show you first of all open the run command type their cmd and press. Enter you will get the command prompt why im opening the command prompt in order because in order to access. Your router admin page first of all you will have to find out your ip address from your isp which. Is your internet service for haider until unless you dont know your ip address from the isp which is your. Internet service provider you cannot access your router admin page so first of all im going to find the ip.

Address from my isp so in order to find the ip address type there i p c– o n f. Ig i have discussed this in my previous video also but let me show you again so once i type. That command which is ip c o n f ig and press enter as i have connected my computer to. The wi-fi so its coming up here wireless lan adapter wi-fi and here is the ip version 4 address which. Is my computer ip address and the default gateway this is the address of my router from where this device.

My computer is connected right now so make sure i will have to remember i will have to note down. This ip address so im going to open this not bad and im going to note down this ip address. Which is 192 dot one six eight dot one dot one so this is the default gateway or you can. Say this is the address of my router so im going to copy this router ip address and im going. To open my browser you can open any browser you can open your google chrome edge explorer whatever you have.

And paste the same ip address on the browser address bar and press enter then you can see my router. Is from skyward and i can access my router i mean the admin page and its coming up here login. So my default i mean the password username and password is admin admin admin password so im going to login. Make sure this username and password differs according to the manufacturer of your router suppose if you have a router. From the netgear there will be different id in the password and if you have d-link router so it totally.

Depends what is the minke of the router you have got it differs according to the router so here you. Can see when i logged into my i mean the router page i can do every changes if i go. On basic i will find my ip address here my mac address and everything if i go on advanced i. Can see each and every options right i can make any changes in my router you can see here and. If i go on the security option i can change my password everything so this is the way how you.

Can access your router admin page and you can make changes whatever you want so thank you so much for. Watching the video please do subscribe the channel and share this video thank you so much bye.

Method 3 – How To Login Into Your Routers Setting | Change Router Settings ( 2020 ) Router Login

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Method 4 – How To Setup Wifi Router At Home? How To Setup Wireless Router For Home Wifi? Tenda

Hey guys and welcome on in for todays video were im gonna be walking you through the steps on how. To set up a brand new wireless internet router i just ordered this one im really excited to set it. Up so essentially what im gonna do is walk you through the process on how to hook it up to. Your modem and then on top of that how to get things hooked up to your pc once the wireless.

Router is all set up so im gonna be setting up this wireless router right next to the modem that. Was provided to me by my internet service provider so just right out of the box what youre gonna get. Is your wireless router as well as an ethernet cord and a power adapter to plug in to your new. Wireless router so im gonna first plug in the power and then after that were gonna hook up that ethernet. Cord so taking the power cord one end is obviously going to be plugged in to your wall and then.

The other end is going to be plugged in to wherever the input is on your wireless router and for. Me its over there on the left-hand side so im gonna plug that part in and in the other end. Im gonna plug in to the wall outlet the wireless router is now blinking a blue light indicating that its. Getting power so now im going to take the ethernet cord one end is gonna go into the back of. The wireless router the other end is gonna go into the back of the modem now on my wireless router.

Theres five places that you could feasibly plug in this ethernet cord but its gonna be the one thats a. Different color than the rest at least on my particular example the blue is the input where the four yellow. Options are the output so we want this to be the internet input from our modem so thats why i. Plugged it in there to the blue option on the back of my wireless router it might be different colors. On your router depending on which one you have but i think these are pretty universal in terms of their.

Color schemes now the other end im going to be putting into the back of the modem that i got. From my internet service provider and this is going to be in one of those outputs now my modem actually. Doubles as a wireless router but it is really crappy so thats why im using an external wireless router but. A lot of modems dont have that wireless capability built in and now also my wireless router it has the. Name of it as well as the password printed both the front and the back so were gonna use that.

To hook it up when were getting things going on our pc so this wireless router has a little button. On the back thats labeled wi-fi and thats essentially the on/off switch for the wireless signal now currently its off. So im gonna click it and then we can see a couple of blue lights pop up there on the. Router itself that means its now giving off that wi-fi signal so now were all set up and ready to. Go over to my desktop pc to go through the final steps of setting up this wireless router to our.

Computer all right guys so now im gonna hook up my windows 10 pc to a wireless wi-fi signal now. To do this right on the desktop page on your taskbar and over on the side that has the clock. And the date this is what we want to focus on so im gonna zoom in if you have this. Little icon here that means that you have a wireless adapter in your computer and its currently enabled looking for. A signal now if you dont have this i want to show you the steps that you need to take.

To try to enable this to show up on your taskbar so if you have something that looks like this. Instead of the wireless adapter that i was just showing on the screen then this means either your computer doesnt. Have a wireless adapter or its currently not enabled so just to make sure what were gonna do is right-click. On this little icon and click open network and internet settings and let me zoom back here get that part. Out of the screen and then were gonna go down and click on where it says ethernet and then were.

Gonna click on change adapter options and as we can see here i do have a wireless adapter in my. Computer its currently disabled so what im gonna do is right-click on it and then simply just click enable and. Now back over here im gonna zoom back in we can see that that little wireless indicator is now showing. Up now on this particular page in your network connections if you dont have anything that says wi-fi then you. Probably do not have a wireless adapter in your computer and your only option is going to be plugging in.

Directly through an ethernet cable but thats just what you can do to check to see if you have a. Wireless adapter maybe its just not enabled to get this little icon to show up so once you have this. Little wireless icon here on your taskbar were going to left-click on it and then a menu of the different. Wireless routers that are within range of your computer should pop up and the one that im going to be. Connecting to is called tenda 791 f00 and also im just going to use the password that was provided right.

On my brand-new wireless router so it had both the routers name as well as the password just simply printed. Right on the device if its not printed on your device there also might be a user manual somewhere that. Came with your wireless router thats going to have that information now you can also change the name of your. Wireless router as well as the password and ill make a separate video on how to do just that and. Ill link it right at the top of the video description so now im gonna click on my wireless router.

And im gonna have it set up to connect automatically and then click connect but im gonna have to type. In the password that was provided and then click next and then its just gonna verify that everything is proper. And and now it says it is connected and secured and we can see let me zoom back in here. That our little wireless icon here is now connected we can see how many bars of the connection that we. Have and were currently at full bars which is a great sign and its going to have the name of.

Your wireless router as well as internet access if you currently have access to the internet so that should be. The final steps in terms of getting your wi-fi set up and hooked up to your pc i hope this. Video was helpful consider subscribing to my youtube channel and hope see you guys back here for future videos.

Method 5 – What Router Settings Should You Change?

Thanks for watching tech quickie click the subscribe button then enable notifications with the bell icon so you wont miss. Any future videos so chances are that unless youve got a huge mess of ethernet cables running all over your. House youve got a wireless router thats in a corner somewhere dutifully flashing its little leds and when you first. Set it up you probably pretty much changed your wi-fi network to something clever set a password and then completely.

Ignored the boatload of other settings in that overly complicated dashboard but does it make sense to go digging around. In these options well well you dont want to blindly experiment like some kind of mad scientist tweaking a handful. Of these dials can enhance your wi-fi experience we dont have time to go over every setting you could conceivably. Want to change but well cover some of the more important ones starting with the things that affect security you. Set up your password before of course but not all wireless encryption settings are the same all their standards have.

Broader compatibility with certain legacy devices but i would strongly recommend that you switch to wpa2 aes encryption as soon. As possible if you havent already other options are just less secure wep in particular can be easily hacked by. Some malcontent parked outside your house with a laptop and if theyre up to something illegal it is possible that. Law enforcement will come knocking on your door thinking that it was you many routers offer a guest network option. This way visitors can use the internet but theyll have no access to files and computers on your internal home.

Network this guest network can use a different password so that you wont have to share your main one and. You can even limit speeds and access time if you dont trust your friends to stay under your data cap. Anyway youve secured your wi-fi to your liking now lets talk about performance these days most routers can broadcast on. Both the 2.4 and 5 gigahertz bands if you want the fastest speeds possible five gigahertz is the way to. Go as it has larger bandwidth and its not as congested as 2.4 so less interference however five gigahertz has.

Less range and may not be supported on older devices so test your speeds before deciding to switch permanently you. May only notice a difference if you have a sufficiently fast internet connection anyhow youll also want to have a. Glance at your channel settings a channel is simply a small slice within the wireless band that you chose over. Which the data is actually transmitted most routers will pick a channel for you automatically but if youre getting slower. Than expected speeds a congested channel could be the culprit especially if there are lots of other wi-fi networks in.

The area a good idea is to use a wi-fi analysis app on your smartphone to see which channels are. The clearest then set the channel on your router accordingly you can also select how wide youd like your channel. To be think of it kind of like picking how fat of a pipe youd like your data to flow. Through while the wider channel could potentially help performance it only benefits devices that support the same channel width and. Youll also increase the possibility of interference with your neighbors as your channel will overlap with more nearby traffic so.

Again run yourself a speed test before committing to one setting and use a lower channel width if the higher. Ones give you any problems now by now you may have also noticed a mode option that presents you with. A weird jumble of letters most new devices use either the n or ac wi-fi modes so its a good. Idea to have at least those two enabled if you have a device though that isnt seeing your network at. All try an abling wireless g some devices notably including the nintendo 3ds use it instead of newer modes so.

Once youve gotten these sorts of internal networking settings the way you want them you might want to also consider. Configuring your router to use a custom dns server you can learn more about dns up here but its basically. A set of servers that your system uses to look up the ip addresses of different websites so youll be. Directed to the right place your internet service provider already provides you with a dns service but third-party dns offerings. Such as google public dns can offer enhance speed and security especially if youre noticing long delays between typing in.

A web address and seeing the page you want start to load by setting a preferred dns in your router. Settings all traffic going through it will use that dns instead of having to set it up individually on every. Device and pro tip you can also do this with a vpn service so that all your traffic will automatically. Be securely routed just refer to your vpn providers website for which settings to use lets wrap things up then. With one slightly more obscure setting if you have two routers and are dealing with a weak signal you can.

Try using wds a feature that allows you to bridge two wireless networks wirelessly which is kind of like using. Your router as a wireless repeater instead but be cautioned that this can cut your speeds by up to 50%. So simply getting an additional access point and running a cable to it is usually the more practical option do. You have two or three or four or even more computers youre trying to use at a time well synergy. Solved once and for all the problem of which keyboard and mouse goes to which one so whether youre using.

Windows mac linux or some combination of all three it lets you take one keyboard and mouse and seamlessly control. All of your machines so maybe youve got like our render workstation that you only need to use to check. On once in a while now you can use synergy to just whip over there fix up your queue and. Then go back to whatever it is else that you were doing its a simple software solution and it includes. Powerful features like clipboard sharing dragging and dropping between computers custom hotkeys and more and the pro version is even.

Available with ssl encryption to secure data between the computers synergy is offering a 50% discount to tech wiki viewers. So just click the link in the video description to check it out so guys have you customized any router. Settings we didnt mention howd that turn out for you let us know down in the comments and also let. Us know if there are any other home wi-fi topics youd like us to discuss here on tech quickie leave. A like or a dislike leave a comment if you have suggestions for just any other future comments and dont.

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Conclusion – How To Access Wifi Router

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