How To Access Wifi Settings – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access wifi settings, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access wifi settings,

Method 1 – How To Access Your Routers Menus Find Out The Ip Adress And User Name And Passwords

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Method 2 – How To Login Into Your Routers Setting | Change Router Settings ( 2020 ) Router Login

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Method 3 – How To Setup A Wifi Range Extender (3 Methods) – Tutorial 2021

Hello my friends welcome on this video tutorial daniel is here from tips to fix and today i will show. You how to configure this wi-fi range extender of this equipment it will help you to extend your wi-fi strength. On your house if your router is placed on the living room on the first floor and when you go. In the second floor on the third floor and in your room and you see your wi-fi waves are very.

Low this is why this tool is built for is built to extend your wi-fi range you put this wi-fi. Tool on the wall and after that you will have very strength wi-fi and this wi-fi range extender it has. Both 2.4 and 5 gigahertz and i will paste the link in the description and you can find this easily. On amazon or ebay today on this video tutorial i will show you three steps how to configurate first of. All lets unbox this and lets see whats inside okay here it is okay we have a book here also.

Here is the wi-fi extender so this wi-fi extender just place it on the wall there are three methods to. Configurate three method one is with your app directly from your phone method method two is using your computer your. Laptop so in my case i bring my laptop here and the third step is using the button here for. Synchronizing okay lets go directly to the point lets go to configure it with the first method okay first thing. You have to do put this wi-fi extender on the wall power here okay so here it is this is.

The first step you have to do place this on the wall and put it on the power and here. It is you will see the yellow light okay so its blinking and its searching for connection after we connect. Wi-fi range extender to the power next step is you come here on your laptop open up your laptop and. Connect with wi-fi ranger connect with wi-fi range extender here is my my extender you can find yours maybe your. Different brand but in my case its tp link extender connect with this click connect okay now im connected to.

My wi-fi extender open up your browser so here on the browser what i have to do network network connections. Here i want to see my network connections here is the wi-fi tp-link double click on this wi-fi status and. I will see the ip address click on details here is my ip address for this computer and this wi-fi. Extender gives me this ip address 192 168 0 100 okay but i will see the default gateway default gateway. Is this one 192 and 168.00 254 and this is the the default ip for the wi-fi extender just right.

Here on the browser 192 168 eight zero point two five four and hit enter and here we are oh. We are here on the wi-fi extender okay this is the short way how you can find the default ip. Address for the wi-fi extender your wi-fi extender first of all welcome on this tp link for security please create. A login password okay lets put the login password for security i will put one two three four five six. Okay its low lets use this password we created is high in strength okay and click start okay never okay.

So now the wi-fi range extender is searching my network for for my router so next step is search your. Wi-fi home router here is tips to fix in my in my case is this one click on this. And put your wi-fi router password so you know this password is your wi-fi router password next here and select. 5g wi-fi password if your wi-fi router has a 5g my wi-fi router i didnt enable 5g gigahertz on my. Wi-fi router so i will skip this now i just connected uh 2.4 and its okay for me but if.

You want to connect with 5g here it will be appear on the list as like these folks are here. Skip this because i only i only connect with this seed and its 2.5 its 2.4 gigahertz and i. Just wont confirm so now we will see extended wife extended 2.5 gigahertz seed with this extended name on it. Tag okay so we will see on the we will see on the network now and on the air we. Will see underline extended okay and this is for 5g next now its doing a reboot okay so make.

Sure the signal led is on lets go and see now uh our wi-fi extender as we see here our. Wi-fi range extender is on and you see the wi-fi 2.5 gigahertz is on and 5g is on so this. Is working right now lets see directly on the computer and check on the phone if its listed on the. Air okay lets see and check lets search here on the mobile first and see okay a viable networks im. Connected to and here oh look at this extended 2.5 2.4 gigahertz and 5g are both enabled and.

Ready to connect okay lets connect with the password we will keep the same password okay it will be the. Same password and here it is i connect it to extended version extend it okay okay here it is. Its working well lets see on the desktop and the computer you can go here and you can see on. The list okay here it is slash 5g is enabled and lets try to connect is the same password. As it was before click yes and here we are so its connected very well lets check for internet now.

Okay youtube oh its working well i will show you another method to connect connect with your phone so now. I need to reset this thing you just go here on the bottom and click here once at the reset. Button you see there is the reset button here on the click it once the wi-fi extender will reset automatically. Its done here so now we are ready to reconfigurate it with a mobile app okay now lets configure it. With an app go here on play store search for tether and you will see here search for tether and.

Well see here tp link tether maybe you use different brand and you will choose a different app but i. Will use this because im using tp-link tether open up here okay so here you have to create an profile. Tips to fix a gmail create a password so you will see an email received here from tp-link and i. Will click this click to finish registration okay activation succeeded okay so now i enable this account on tp-link lets. Go back on the app here tether open up okay put your email oh look at this okay after you.

Log in here so now no device found whats wrong with this first of all go here on the wi-fi. Search for a viable networks and you will see you you will see wi-fi extender listed here on the list. Oh look at this tp-link extender connect with this and for sure you will see no internet okay do a. Refresh here on the app confirm keep it okay you will see the device here listed here on the app. Here it is click on this and now we will be connected on a wi-fi range extender right right now.

So now we are connected on the on the wi-fi extender we will create a password for this create your. Password for for for this device okay and mean one two three four okay click create okay so we are. Waiting next step select select 2.4 gigahertz host network okay lets find your wi-fi your home wi-fi now but its. 2.4 gigahertz lets connect with tips to fix put your uh wi-fi router password here im connected here as you. See click next now search for if you have enabled your 5g 5g option or your wi-fi router choose here.

The same the same wi-fi but in my case i didnt enable it and its not listed here what we. Can do is just keep it from here im just connected to my host network password is tips to fix. And the password is this one here click next and click apply and here it is its applying your settings. On the wi-fi range extender okay its 22 percent okay confirm location location looks good okay now we are done. Click done and connect to your network and im connected so as you see the password will be the same.

Lets try and find here on the network now search here and you will see you will see 2.5. Gigahertz extended and also and you will see uh underline 5g extended so you search one of them and. Just connect it method 3 is using the vps button vps button is this one here you see on the. Extended router and also in my router is this one here vps wps and here on the back you will. See the vps button on the router on the router i will push this button once here and i will.

See the vps is searching here its working and now click and hold vps here just click once bps here. On the modem you will see there are both blinking and this will be configurated directly lets see they are. Searching each other you see click on the modem and click once here on extended wi-fi router lets see what. Will happen this method will take two minutes to communicate each other and reconfigurate it and this will change from. Blinking to solid okay the light will change from blinking to solid and when will be solid it will be.

Configurated so as you see now its connected very well with your router because the wpc is switching from blinking. To solid on and now the vps is off because it finished the configuration but you can see 5g and. 2.4 g is connected and lets go and see on the mobile now directly if the router is configurated well. Lets go back lets go and see and search for the network search here on the wi-fi lawn okay lets. See a viable network and here it is tips to fix extend it its done you see one is here.

5g and another one is here extended its the same password just click and uh connect it directly you dont. Need to put password again because everything is copied from your home router to the range extended wi-fi you.

Method 4 – Epson L3150

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Method 5 – Netgear Wifi Extender Setup: How To

Netgear wall plug ac wi-fi range extenders are the easiest and fastest way to extend the range of your existing. Wi-fi to begin first unbox your extender then plug the extender into an electrical outlet for a seamless installation we. Recommend that you complete the basic setup in the same room as your current router to determine if your router. Supports wps setup look for a wps button on the front or back of the router if your router does.

Not support wps watch the range extender set up with netgear installation assistant video to set up with wps first. Press the wps button on the extender then press the wps button on your wi-fi router the wps led will. Light up solid green when you have established a good connection between your wi-fi router and your extender if your. Wi-fi router supports the 5 gigahertz band and you want to extend this band repeat the wps process now unplug. The extender and move it to a new location that is about halfway between your router and the area with.

A poor wi-fi signal the location that you choose must be within range of your existing wi-fi router network plug. The extender into an electrical outlet and wait for the power led to light green once powered on use the. Router length led to help you choose a location where the extender to router connection is optimal if the router. Lengths led lights amber or green you found a good location for the extender if the led lights red plug. The extender into an outlet closer to the router and try again moving the extender closer to the router will.

Improve the connection but will reduce your extenders coverage once youve found a good location for your extender connect your. Client device using the new network name the extender uses your existing wi-fi name and adds underscore 2g ext or. Underscore 5g ext at the end when connecting make sure to use the same wi-fi password as your router if. Youre using a mobile device connect in the same room as the extender and then move to the area with. A poor router wi-fi signal once your devices are connected and placed in the dead zone return to the extender.

And check the client link led if the client link led is solid amber or green your wi-fi network has. Been properly extended to the area with a poor router wi-fi signal and your network setup is complete if youre. Unable to connect to your new wi-fi network from the dead zone or the client link led is red the. Range extender is not reaching the area with a poor router wi-fi signal if possible move your client device closer. To the extender until the client link led turns solid green or amber depending on the distance from your router.

To the dead zone your extender may not be able to provide all the range that you require in this. Situation we recommend considering other solutions such as powerline your ac wi-fi range extender is now setup and ready to. Go you.

Conclusion – How To Access Wifi Settings

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