How To Access Xbox Game Pass On Pc – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to access xbox game pass on pc,

Method 1 – Xbox Game Pass How To Play On Pc – How To Setup Xbox Game Pass On Pc Instructions, Guide

Hey guys in this video im going to show you the best way to use xbox game pass on your. Pc now you might already have the microsoft store listed somewhere on your toolbar here but if you dont you. Can always just click this little magnifying glass and then down here in this search bar area type in microsoft. Store and you should get the microsoft store app listed right here in the best match so were going to.

Click on the microsoft store and then again were going to click search and then in this search bar were. Going to type in xbox app and we can go ahead and click on where it says xbox app and. Thats going to take us over to the xbox application page and of course this is going to be a. Free application so just go ahead and click get and then it might ask you to verify who you are. By entering something such as a pin for your account so go ahead and verify your identity and then it.

Might also ask you to verify a password for your microsoft account so enter that in and then click sign. In and then it will install and download the xbox application and it says this product is installed so now. You have the xbox app on your computer so you can just click launch right from this area and once. You click launch its going to open up the xbox app and it will give you a little xbox icon. Up in your taskbar or your toolbar and if you want to have the xbox app continue to be located.

Here in the future just right click on it and click where it says pin to taskbar so you can. Just easily access the xbox app right with this option clicking it in your taskbar so then the game pass. Games are going to be located right here in the xbox application so something interesting for me that might apply. To some of you guys out there is my xbox email is different than the email that i use for. My microsoft pc so to change this click on your little account image up here and click where it says.

Sign out and then again click on the little account image up here and click sign in and then click. Where it says switch account and its going to be use a different microsoft account so thats what im going. To click on and then click continue and then youre just going to go ahead and sign in with that. Alternate microsoft account that you might use so you enter in your email click next and then enter your password. To log in and then after you log in to that alternate account just go ahead and click lets play.

So now were in the xbox game pass and we can click all games to take a look at all. The different games that we have access to and if you want you can filter by the games capabilities over. Here on the side so lets say you only wanted to look at 4k games for instance you can filter. By that you can also filter by genres and you can also filter by the number of players so lets. Say i wanted to play battle toads using my xbox game pass so clicking on battle toads here this of.

Course is a game thats included with game pass you just go ahead and click install and then you choose. A drive that you want to install this game to so im just going to install it to my main. Drive and then click install and then over here on the side you can open up this menu and you. Can have all of your games be listed here on the side only the ones that youve installed or the. Ones that are currently in queue you can have those filter and listed here on the side and then once.

The game is officially done installing and downloading onto your computer its just as simple as clicking the play button. And then youll get launched right into that particular game and for me its launching in to battletoads so i. Hope this video was helpful walking you through these relatively easy step-by-step process on how to play xbox game pass. Games on your windows pc i appreciate you guys stopping by consider subscribing and ill catch you back here next. Time.

Method 2 – Xbox Game Pass For Pc (Ultimate) | How To Setup, Best Games & Tips

So xbox game pass is a subscription service that allows you to download and play dozens of fantastic titles on. Your xbox console but one of the best bits of this service is the fact that just by upgrading to. The ultimate game pass service you can also download and enjoy those exact same games on your pc or laptop. Thats great news if you want to keep on smashing through that game pass library on your gaming laptop when.

Youre out and about where most your friends tend to play on the pc rather than xbox and there is. Also a pc only subscription to game pass if you dont have to have an xbox console so heres a. Quick and easy guide on how to get started with xbox game pass on your pc including a roundup of. Some of my favorite titles that are currently sat there in the library and some little tips and tricks and. For more than the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe and dig that notifications bell cheers now stage one.

Is nice and simple basically just download the xbox app for pc and you can do so by pointing your. Smart finder otherwise known as a web browser at the following address thats xbox dot com slash apps slash xbox. App for windows 10. And yes you will need windows 10 to get xbox game password and older versions are. No good definitely dont try it on a bit of bloody vista get that app downloaded and installed and youre.

Practically ready to rock all you need to do now is sign in with your microsoft or your xbox account. And dont worry if you dont already have one because you can set one up for free through the app. And if youre not already a subscriber the xbox game pass subscription will cost you eight pounds a month for. The pc only plan otherwise you can upgrade to 11 pounds a month for the ultimate plan which covers pc. As well as the xbox console and another great thing about that ultimate subscription is it also covers streaming xbox.

Games to your android smartphone ive done a separate video all about that so go check that out for all. You need to know so youre all signed in and good to go now you can peruse that massive xbox. Games library and download whatever tickles your fancy and heres a few of my favorites right now if you grew. Up with classic lucas arts point and click games then great news the absolutely wonderful day of the tentacle has. Been polished up and added to the game past library and it is definitely well worth another play through thanks.

To the stupidly funny script and brain punching the difficult puzzles and ive also still got a lot of love. For grim fandango as well even though i generally dont get on well with that clunky 3d engine thats also. Been spruced up polished a bit and chucked on the gamepass library you can download it right now even hardcore. Horror fans are guaranteed to have ruined undercrackers after a stint on alien isolation which is hands down the most. Terrifying game ive played in recent times probably alongside resident evil 7 which is also conveniently here on game pass.

I mean seriously is microsoft not going to be happy until all battles have been well and truly cleansed anyway. Isolation ties in nicely with the alien cinematic universe complete with that omnipresent dread of the first film its blum. And horrible but in the best possible way and likewise dead space 2 is now on the game pass library. As well along with the rest of the trilogy and that still remains one of my favorite sci-fi horror jones. Definitely as engrossing as it is heroine and sticking with the horror vibe carrion is another great xbox game pass.

Title with the cunning twist that youre the horrible gribbly thats squelching about the place murder and innocent fork definitely. A sublime little stress reliever platform and metroidvania fan should also have a gander at narita boy which is an. Old-school metroidvania style romp thats so addictive youll forget to do stuff like eat sleep and go to the lavy. And the same goes for the two ori titles as well which are absolutely stunning and play beautifully fluidly but. Also they are tougher than a weatherspoons pork chop or at least they are if like me your reactions been.

Slowed by two decades of booze-ups hypnospace outlaw is well worth a look for anyone who grew up with dodgy. 90s dial-up internet and crappy homemade websites filled with flash and pics and terrible music its a small little detective. Game that has you police in the titular hypnos space before things get even more bonkers and if you dont. Mind a so-called walk-in simulator then what remains of edith finch is a harrowing and gripping journey through one familys. Tragic past not one to play when youre feeling a bit melancholic perhaps but certainly a very memorable experience and.

Lastly pretty much every doom title ever created throughout the history of video games is also available to download and. Play for free on xbox game pass as all the halos and also the gears of war games including tactics. Which is a surprisingly good x-com rip-off and new games are joining the pc game pass library all the time. Although bear in mind that this also means that existing titles are also being taken off to make room so. Top textbook tip definitely keep tabs on the leave-in soon section in case anything pops up on there that you.

Fancy a blast on or that youre already part way through you usually get at least a week or two. Heads up and if the time has practically run out you can actually buy those games with a discount until. They leave game pass and in further good news microsoft is actually starting to bring titles to game pass on. The very day that they are released to buy for everyone in the world so theres one example youve got. Dark alliance coming to game pass on june 22 the launch day for both pc and xbox and that even.

Includes full cross-play support between the two as well so a bloody lovely stuff now most of the games that. You download to your pc or laptop via game pass will work even when your pc is offline you just. Need to remember to log in online once every 30 days to keep things running smoothly so no worries if. Youre off on a trip to the arts end of nowhere with bugger all internet access you can still get. Your game on and then these covery times when its a little bit harder to get out and stay social.

See friends and all that good stuff well the good news is that game pass can at least help you. To stay social by getting gaming with your mates online you can keep on using apps like discord to chat. During your gaming session otherwise the xbox game pass app does actually have a party chat feature built in all. Youve got to do is head to the social tab in the xbox app and add friends using their gamer. Tags and once theyve confirmed that you actually are friends and youre not just some random yahoo then youre ready.

To jump into a game online back in the social tab just click on your mate of choice and then. Select open chat or else you can also start a party up top here and you will of course find. Loads of great multiplayer titles on game pass for pc from classic side scrollers like battle tours and streets of. Rage and racing games like fawzer as well to addictive rpgs and your usual online shooty shenanigans and to see. Which games actually support cross-play multiplayer between pc and xbox just go to the full list of games then click.

Capabilities and there is an option to tick in there so that right theres just a few little tips and. Tricks on how to get it set up and how to get started on xbox game pass on your pc. And it really is a fantastic service especially the kind of person like me likes to try out lots of. Different games rather than getting one title and 100 completing it over the course of like 60 70 hours and. Really is lots of stuff for everyone on this thing whether youre just like causing up with a your story.

Led solo adventure already just like getting online and blasting youre made skulls across the other side of the room. There you go if youve got any tips and tricks for your own definitely feel free to smash those down. Into the comments below please do plug subscribe take that notifications bell yada yada and have yourselves a fantastic rest. Of the week cheers everyone love you you.

Method 3 – Is Xbox Game Pass Worth It In 2022?

Yes its the easiest yes ever kind of you know what game pass is you pay microsoft some cash every. Month and in return you get access to a whole library of over 100 games to download there are some. Incredible classic games indies and third party titles but also some of the biggest and best known series in gaming. That includes a bunch of select titles from ea through their ea play service you also get almost everything ever.

Published by bethesda and you of course get everything from microsoft and their huge back catalog including solitaire many of. These games appear on the service the same day they go on sale as well in the past few months. Alone weve gotten forza horizon 5 age of empires 4 and halo infinite available on day 1 included as part. Of the service as someone who bought halo 3 back in 2007 for a hundred dollars which is very hard. To scrape together when youre earning 6.50 an hour as a hungry jax night shift person would you like to.

Make that a value mail yeah this represents really really good value even if you just play a few games. A year but wait theres more if you pay for ultimate you can stream most of these games to pretty. Much any internet enabled screen that includes phones ipad laptop smart fridges one second guys let me let me grab. Something and drink here android and pc have dedicated apps which allows you to do a few extra things but. So long as your device has microsoft edge uh google chrome or safari you can run xbox games in your.

Browser it is truly the future we dont have flying cars or moon colonies just yet but i can play. Dear simulator wherever i damn well please now thats a future i think we can all get on board with. Why did my voice get deeper just said i tried the xbox cloud gaming preview earlier this year and its. Still about the same quality now that its fully released which is good so long as your internet connection is. Good there is slight input lag so competitive games or ones that require precise timing arent ideal for the service.

But you wont notice in slower paced or casual stuff its certainly not the best way to play any of. These games but its perfect if you want to try one out before committing hard drive space to it and. Downloading it on your pc or console its also pretty good if you just want to play a game while. Youre on the road by the way no matter where you play these games whether its on cloud or xbox. Or pc your saves will sync across all of those so you should be able to pick up and play.

Wherever you want basically you have access to your xbox games and their saves wherever you go so long as. You have an internet connection of course how far we have come i remember check this out i remember taking. My xbox uh hard drive out back in the day i used to take this out and take it around. To my friends house when i wanted to access my halo 3 files oh savage times how how did we. How did we survive the 2000s look at this but wait there is even more value to be had look.

At this on ultimate you just get these random perks offered as well it differs a little by region but. Look what we get here in australia youtube premium for three months disney plus crunchyroll discord nitro some unique skins. For certain games if you claim all these perks you do save a lot of cash but a lot of. Them are subscription services so do make sure to note when the subscriptions actually kick in so you can avoid. Paying for them if you dont want them anymore i think i think thats it no wait whats that value.

Its more value all of the plans will grant you some discounts in the microsoft store mostly it is games. That are on game pass which you can then go on and buy if you want to stop using the. Subscription service and if you go with ultimate you also get games with gold which allows you to play online. On xbox consoles and gives you a bunch of free games every month to download those ones are yours to. Keep by the way if you cancel the service you actually still get to own these which is pretty cool.

Okay that is everything that you get with the subscription services at least for now before we break down if. Its worth it whats the catch as with all subscription services like spotify netflix apple arcade you do not own. Any of these games if you stop subscribing you lose access now that might not seem like a huge issue. But after 15.95 a month for multiple years thats a lot of money that youve spent with nothing to show. For it you wont own a tangible game at the end of the day oh go yeah then 100 that.

I spent on halo 3 fought 14 years ago geez um i can still pop that disc into this xbox. 360 and itll probably run um i could also sell it on the secondhand market if i felt like it. Really this comes down to if you like to own your games or like to collect them personally im totally. Fine with this renting model because if i move house i dont have a whole bunch of extra disks that. I have to pack up and store when i move i also like to try a lot of stuff and.

Dont really go back to games once ive completed them there is also the very real advantage of being a. Digital download theres no shipping games and printing them to physical resources and housing them in plastic yeah thats a. Plus in my book so is game pass worth it there are three plans to pick from one for console. Only one for pc only and ultimate which grants you access to both as you can see here the pc. And ultimate versions also great new ea play which gets you all those select ea titles and i should emphasize.

Select titles you often wont see the newest stuff on ea play but they do sometimes give you a 10. Hour trial for the newer games on pc you are also forced to download their specific ea apps so now. You have both the xbox app and the ea app open when you play these things yeah not a huge. Deal but just somewhat annoying in addition ultimate also gives you cloud gaming xbox live gold and those perks i. Mentioned so theres a fair bit of value added for an extra five bucks a month for both the pc.

And console only versions youre paying microsoft 131 dollars and 40 cents per year for the service you know thats. A fair bit of money but also games cost a fair bit of money say you wanted to buy hello. Infinite from a store youre paying a hundred bucks to own that physical copy if youre the kind of gamer. Who doesnt really stick to a single game for years then yeah this is a great deal renting from microsoft. Because you can play halo and all this other stuff for just a little bit more than the price of.

Owning that one full game if you play more than one big game a year youve kind of made your. Money back already just a side note the current xbox app on pc is a bit there have been multiple. Times recently as well where ive tried to launch a game and it just wont start or itll give me. A really cryptic error message and boot me to the windows store to some random app uh it also sometimes. Just randomly doesnt download yeah at this point im kind of not surprised when it happens which isnt really a.

Good thing this seems to be a really common problem because there are a lot of google results on this. It turns out a lot of the fixes involve opening up windows powershell or command prompt or resetting an app. In settings i just dont think you should expect your customers to have to deal with that sort of stuff. Especially if theyre kids they just want to jump on and play their games i am one of those kids. Microsoft please fix your if you really want the best game pass experience and dont really care about the stuff.

That ultimate offers then game pass on console is probably the best choice at least right now it comes with. A few extra games as well now if you do want ultimate and all that extra stuff it brings you. Will be spending 191.40 cents per year at almost 200 youre getting value back after playing just two or more. Of the big new releases again if you dont go back to games that you finish very often i think. That is amazing value especially once you add all the extra perks on top its hard to quantify exactly how.

Valuable cloud gaming is but its essentially giving you an xbox series x to play on remotely considering they are. About a thousand dollars itll take you over five years to pay that equivalent cost and youve had access to. An ever expanding game library the entire time as well all for less than the cost of an xbox its. Obviously not the same thing as owning an xbox but if you do end up using the cloud gaming service. A lot and if it improves youve basically scored yourself a budget version of an xbox that goes everywhere you.

Go thats pretty cool okay heres where its a bit of a different story if youre a fan of indies. Classics or just dont care about the latest games then the value of xbox game pass kind of falls off. A little bit right now for example steam is having a sale and a lot of these games are also. Available on game pass imagine coming to a steam sale knowing you have a budget of 191.40 i could buy. All the games i want and theyll be tied to my account forever not just till i stop paying microsoft.

One day like heres an example of games i just totally randomly picked some are on game pass others arent. Thats 11 games most of them good ill let you decide which ones are good this list will keep me. Occupied for well over a year its admittedly a little bit harder to get sales like this on console but. Use game stores do serve a similar role if you shop around there are always bargains to be had there. Are you guys having a sale the xbox store also occasionally has sales so its worth keeping an eye out.

For that on the consoles and if you want to get really crafty for one dollar you can sign up. To game pass ultimate now you can just try all the games you like within that month make use of. The discounts to buy the ones that you liked and then just cancel the service overall if youre looking for. Straight up value game pass rewards quantity of games played yes you do get your moneys worth for playing through. Two big titles but if you play 15 or even 20 youre still paying the same amount of money youre.

Just getting to play a whole lot more stuff so if you are the sort of person who likes to. Try out as many games as possible then game pass represents enormous value you can play wow the hundreds you. Can play hundreds of games you will not get around to playing every game on the servers i just dont. Think its possible prove me wrong on the flip side if you really like to sink your teeth into a. Game and really spend a lot of time on it then maybe game pass isnt for you waiting for a.

Sale could be just as valuable if not more so i think game pass represents a pretty big shift in. How games are consumed and im very interested to see how other platforms and publishers respond to this new model. It moves the focus away from a dedicated gaming platform and onto well pretty much anything with an internet connection. And its clear microsoft just want to remove all barriers to entry if its got a screen they want you. To be able to play games on it nintendo dont though its its not coming to the switch anytime soon.

Look as i pointed out its certainly not the service for everyone but it is making huge strides in allowing. More people to play a broader range of games for less money and thats a good thing yeah yeah what. Can i say nows a nows a good time to like video games thanks for watching okay not all not. All video games thanks.

Method 4 – Official Xbox App Walkthrough | Xbox Game Pass Pc

Hi im megan spur community lead for xbox game pass if youre new to xbox game pass for pc welcome. Follow this link for everything you need to know all right this is your xbox game pass official walkthrough the. Simplest way to start playing games with game password pc is through the new xbox app you can download it. From the microsoft store by searching for xbox once youre in the app simply sign in to the account associated.

With your membership if youre new youll need to create one the best part is you can get your first. Month for a dollar i would impersonate a dance emoji here but im a little too awkward for that now. That youre in youve got over 100 games at your fingertips and well be adding more all the time new. Stuff will pop up in the recently added collection if you like surprises and want to discover new games you. Maybe havent tried before click surprise me well select a game for you at random got a favorite type of.

Game do you refuse to play anything but puzzlers maybe youre craving an 80 hour rpg check out our genre. Collections to narrow in on your favorite genre you can click on any title to get more info screenshots trailers. Descriptions file sizes achievements and capabilities if you want to see everything weve got it all in one place click. On all games and start scrolling and scrolling and scrolling now that were on the topic of massive libraries ea. Play is coming to xbox game pass for pc at no additional cost not only will you have access to.

Over 100 games in the xbox game pass library but soon youll also unlock a collection of eas best love. Series and top titles like dragon age inquisition need for speed heat titanfall 2 battlefield and the sims this also. Means xbox game pass for pc members will unlock ea play member benefits that give you more from your game. Including exclusive challenges in-game rewards member only content and new release trials its faq time heres some frequently asked questions. I found while digging into your feedback on the left youll find a list of your installed games right click.

On the game youre done with click uninstall confirm youre done and its gone its true games do come and. Go as we refresh our collection to make that transition easier your membership discount means you can purchase the game. For up to 20 off before it leaves our collection well give you a couple weeks notice before a game. Leaves so youll have time to start wrapping things up you can find that on the main page by scrolling. The collection of games listed as leaving soon pro tip we put this same collection on the mobile app so.

If you cant get to the xbox app on your pc theres an easy way to get that information and. Remain inside of your couch board well one is on a console and one is on a computer seriously youre. Gonna find great games to play in both places on pc you can connect with your friends across multiple platforms. See what theyre playing and invite them to join you in a game you can use additional tools like game. Bar to listen to music track your resources all sorts of things without ever having to leave your game just.

Press windows plus g to open it up the dlc youre looking for may be in our library if not. Check out the membership discount collection which includes a whole pile of dlc in-game items and game .

Conclusion – How To Access Xbox Game Pass On Pc

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