How To Access Your 401K – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to access your 401k, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to access your 401k,

Method 1 – How Do I Access A 401K From A Former Employer?

I hope you love the channel and find it useful than becoming a happy retiring subscribe today stephen good morning. Whats going on how can we help good morning question for you and you know part sorry i guess i. Should say not very fine job you so you know forgive me because kind of a dumb question but ive. Recently come into a situation where i need to kind of cash my question has to do with : Cash.

Ive got two companies that i have worked for for the past you know four or five years first company. Was probably you know five years ago about 22 years old worked with him for a couple years i always. Contributed to max the company always matched it then when i went to the next company i know for sure. That it rolled over there both of the same company to folks with adp so i know ive accrued a. Little bit of money in my 401k my question has to do with i guess i need to figure out.

How i can access it i mean i those are both the baby p im having issues with like finding. My login in the net i dont know should i contact each company keep spoiling their fun heres hartmans and. Will they be able to help me even though im not currently employed there anymore okay so that that was. My question so you have a 401 k or it lists sounds like there were two foreign ches they rolled. Into one plan if you were still working there steven you can you can access that money typically through a.

Loan and the loan is usually half of whatever your balance is up to 50 grand is temporarily the size. Of the loan and then you pay it back over time but if youre not there and youre no longer. Contributing or working then youre youre unlikely youre allowed to be able to access alone so in order to pull. Money out of it which you still have the right to do you can easily do it you just have. To pay some pretty big penalties so yeah you could easily call if its still you got if you have.

A even though you dont have a login if you remember its for through adp you just call it the. 1-800 number and adp you get theyll identify you youll youll figure out your participant number theyll be able to. Talk to you about it usually in your case it might even be easier to once you identify the 401k. Plan roll it into an ira stephen its supposed im leaving it there that way you know exactly where it. Is you roll it over to vanguard lets say you have your own ira vanguard the 401k or the 401k.

Is plural they get rolled into vanguard and then you can have a little bit more control over when you. Want to pull money out yes if youre under the age 59 and a half can pay 10% penalty plus. Taxes but for heavens sakes at least you can access your own money you know that youd rather not do. It its not good for long-term retirement but if you need the money you need the money and thats its. Yours to access at this time hi im wes moss and thanks for taking a minute to hear about whats.

So different about my new book you can retire sooner than you think so unlike other retirement books this book. Will give you a step-by-step guide whether in your 20s or 30s or 40s or 50s to learn from what. These successful and happy retirees did to get there i hope you enjoy the book but more importantly i know. That itll help you retire sooner than you think you.

Method 2 – How To Find An Old 401(K)

There are millions of dollars of old 401ks that are unclaimed sitting in unclaimed property somewhere its lost just lost. Money this is way too valuable of an investment account for you to lose it okay im going to help. You avoid doing that ive got three ways coming up my name is mike bernard im the host of the. Wise money show im also one of the certified financial planners right here at cohort financial group make sure you.

Hit that subscribe button turn on notifications and smash that thumbs up button okay so i dont know when youre. Consuming this content but just a couple days ago it was november 1st i live in northern indiana and it. Snowed it snowed and i like all day it didnt have a lot of accumulation but it was terrible its. Not supposed to snow on november first he kidding me so me and im sure my neighbors and everyone else. In town you know popped out that old winter jacket had to throw that on and i reached in the.

Pockets of my winter jacket and i found nothing no there wasnt an old 20 bill that is done that. Doesnt happen anymore people dont carry around cash remember that though i mean when the season change you put in. An old jacket or you throw on those jeans and you reach in the pocket and theres that twenty dollar. Bill or that five dollar bill or something like that you had that little found money surprise it doesnt happen. Anymore everythings digital so youre not going to put on that old jacket or those those old pants and realize.

Theres an old 401k in there that stuff doesnt happen its all digital your financial life is digital so what. Happens if you lose it what happens if you misplace that 20 bill and that old pair of pants instead. Of finding it that moneys actually lost its gone and there are millions of dollars of old 401ks sitting lost. Dormant and gone so how do you make sure you avoid that situation how do you make sure you dont. Lose an old retirement account and that you track it down well thats it lets hit how do you track.

It down to start how do you know if youve got an old retirement account sitting out there and how. Do you track it down well theres three ways that i would tell you to go about it and theres. Id actually go in this order for specific reasons now the first place if you think that youve got an. Old retirement account the first place i would tell you to go look is on your tax return that is. Right on your tax return each and every year you get tax documents they look foreign they look bizarre that.

Looks like a different language and you compile all that stuff together and with if youre doing turbo tax you. Just kind of go through the questions to to hopefully use all the documents or if you go to a. Cpa you just take all that stuff throw it in a plastic bag and bring it into your cpa and. They do something with it but but all of your iras all of your brokerage accounts all of your bank. Accounts theyre all going to give you a tax document each and every year and thats a clue that you.

Might have an account somewhere that maybe you lost track of 401ks dont necessarily give you a tax document each. And every year but iras do they give you a tax form called a 54.98 every single year and that. Basically says hey heres the company heres the investment company usually heres how much you started with heres how much. You ended with and and its a document its a tax document that tells you and tells the irs hey. This person has a tax qualified account hanging out there sometimes they tell you how its invested sometimes even tell.

You the beneficiary of it where we manage at fidelity they put the beneficiary on there so at least once. A year youre going to get this 5498 from all your iras roth iras the confusing thing about this is. It usually shows up in may as opposed to during tax season and so you might just disregard it you. Might not even you might not even really be aware of what that is and you might just throw it. Away thinking its junk but that is can actually be a clue why am i talking about this in regards.

To possibly losing a 401k a lot of times if you have an old 401k thats below a certain amount. Usually below five thousand dollars some plans are different they automatically will move that into an ira for you automatically. And once its into an ira youre going to get that 54.98 every single year so thats one clue the. Reason why i would tell you check out your tax return if were not talking about 401ks were talking about. Other investment accounts or other other places you could put money a tax return is a great way also to.

Just see if theres any clues that youve got accounts somewhere else a lot of people get a dividend statement. For metlife or prudential something like that these old uh insurance companies that you used to have policies with you. You now have shares of stock of those companies and most people dont even realize that they get this dividend. Form every year have no idea what it is they just turn it in it looks like a tax document. But it actually means youve got an account youve got an investment account you own shares of that company sometimes.

Interest statements um from different banks or 1099 statements from different investment accounts so so your tax return its very. Complicated very confusing um but that show that has a lot of clues in it as to where you might. Have accounts that you might not be familiar with so work with your your cpa or even your certified financial. Planner have them go through your document and make sure that every account is accounted for second if youre still. Suspicious that well i might have an old account maybe its still in an old 401k therefore im not getting.

A tax document then i would have you reach out to those former employers reach out to those former employers. Every single year your employer or even former employer needs to have a census done for every participant in a. Retirement plan even thats even if thats a terminated uh employee that census includes everyone on the list and theres. Likely a long list of people that yeah theyre terminated theyre no longer employed but theyre still on that census. So you simply reaching out to hr or just contacting your old employer saying hey im so-and-so i am a.

Previous employee im just checking to see if i have a 401k with you theyll be able to tell you. That very very very quickly what do you do if that company it no longer exists your old employer is. No longer in business if they sold to someone else then youre going to want to contact who they sold. To and you can find that out online im sure if they actually went out of business then i would. Also check online type in your companys name type in 401k and usually youll find i mean obviously google will.

Provide a lot of different potential options but youll want to find something that indicates which investment company held the. 401k because even though your employer your former employer went out of business that doesnt mean that the 401k disappeared. Doesnt mean that the 401k went out of business if that company went bankrupt doesnt mean your 401k went bankrupt. Your 401k is held safe and sound with fidelity or vanguard or john hancock wherever whichever company was there to. Help administer the 401k your moneys safe and sound there so even if your company went bankrupt your previous employer.

Went out of business you still need to track it down and you can do so by finding out which. Company held the 401k and contacting them the the first clue check your tax return look at all those you. Know you know all the minutia into the details of those documents or have better yeah i have a professional. Do that and they can check it out for you two contact old employers three if you still are suspicious. You still think i might have an old 401k out there then its possible it has been transitioned to your.

States unclaimed property list if now as a as an investment advisor as a certified financial planner we manage lots. Of money for our clients and on an ongoing regular basis we need to confirm with fidelity or with the. Institution where we manage money hey do you still have contact with these people or is this a dormant account. And does this need to go to unclaimed now obviously we have close relationships with all the folks that we. Serve so that that doesnt go to unclaimed but if you have lost contact with the investment company or the.

Financial company where that account is they might go through their policies and say yeah actually we dont know where. This person is we havent been able to contact them we havent heard from them we send emails or or. Letters and we have no idea where they are and they could send that account to your states unclaimed property. List so i dont know what state youre in but all states have an unclaimed property list thats how i. Know theres millions and millions of dollars of old 401k sitting out there so search your state unclaimed property list.

And its kind of complicated to go through the steps to prove that hey that money is yours and reclaim. It but still id rather have you go through those efforts than just leave that money out there for good. So here in indiana indiana unclaimed property list ive gone and checked it out myself ive helped clients check it. Out and ive worked with clients to reclaim property that was theirs that shouldnt have landed on that list but. Did so if youve got an old 401k or you suspect you might have an old retirement account first look.

At your taxes next reach out to old employers third do a search in the unclaimed property list now bigger. Than that and and i would argue better than that its better to avoid having accounts fall into unclaimed property. Or be lost its better to avoid that altogether than be able to make the efforts to try and track. Them down so keep your finances organized follow these two tips to make sure you never lose accounts you dont. Lose an old 401k the first all old 401ks guys sit down with your certified financial planner and see if.

You should roll that over to an ira now as a fiduciary i cant just make a blanket statement im. Not just going to make a blanket statement and say you have to move an old 401k to an ira. But there there are tons of reasons why you should likely consider that moving it from an old 401k into. An ira gives you lots of flexibility and all of a sudden just since were talking about losing it now. Its in an ira and youre going to get that 54.98 each and every year it may make sense for.

You to take that old 401k moved into your new 401k but sit down with a certified financial planner take. Some action take some action i wouldnt just leave it dormant thinking well im going to be able to track. This down or i wont forget about this dont dont dont do that you obviously want to make sure its. Invested appropriately you want to make sure beneficiaries are accurate you want to make sure the fees are appropriate so. There are tons of reasons why youre going to want to take control of that old 401k move it into.

An ira move it into your new 401k do something with it convert it to a roth ira so lots. Of things that you want to consider doing to work with a certified financial planner i would just i mean. Step one as as the antidote to the to tracking down an old 401k avoiding needing to do that dont. Have an old 401k do something with it every dollar should have a purpose so work with your certified financial. Planner and that thats the first way to avoid this ever happening in the first place the second comprehensive financial.

Planning you know that theres six areas to your financial life my financial life everyones financial life has six areas. Working with a certified financial planner on comprehensive financial planning ensures that your financial life is always actionable its always. Decisionable and its always clear where things are at in our very first discussion with a potential client were just. Getting to know each other talking about goals talking about services what theyre looking for but after that the second. Thing that we do is we build a financial inventory basically we put your entire financial life all on one.

Page everything from the big stuff to the little stuff its all accounted for on one page its called a. Balance sheet or a net worth statement thats your financial inventory and that should stay updated at all times for. Us we have it so that its connected your bank account your investment account your debt everything is updated in. Real time all the time so that you never lose track of accounts and yeah thats something that we do. For our clients but it shouldnt be unique just to us your comp your certified financial planner should be doing.

Comprehensive financial planning and therefore youll never have a lost account and every account will always have its its you. Know fulfilling its right purpose so work with your certified financial planner make sure that youve got an updated balance. Sheet and a system for making sure that it stays updated thats a way to take your intangible financial life. And make it tangible where you can see it all in one place if youre not getting that service you. Need to you need to contact your cfp and if you dont have one on your team you can always.

Contact my team ive got a whole team of cfps working here we all collaborate together working with our insurance. Professionals our cpas all collaborating together to make sure youve got a comprehensive view of your overall financial life and. That financial wisdom is delivered off of that so you can find us online thats cohort with k or. you can find us there as well and always just send us an email info all right there. You have it go out and take your next wise step in your financial life you.

Method 3 – Your 401K – How Do You Use It? What Are The 401K Withdrawal Rules?

Your 401k might be one of your biggest savings tools but how do you use it and covered in this. Video were going to talk about the 401k withdrawal rules how you can access and use the money that youve. Saved up and then alternative options like completing a 401k to ira rollover im scott with searins financial group where. We help people with their key questions are you on track for retirement what can you do to improve your.

Financial picture and how can we help reduce your overall tax situation so youve got a 401k youve been making. Contributions youre invested thats all great but how do you actually use it and todays video is all about the. Rules around the 401k and how you can use that money that youve saved up now this is just focused. On 401ks while similar to an ira 401ks can have their own special rules with that lets dive in now. Just a reminder the 401k is a tax deferred account what does that mean well it means that when you.

Put money into your 401k you actually got a tax deduction in the year that you put that money in. For example if your taxable gross income was a hundred thousand dollars and you put ten thousand dollars into your. 401k it actually reduced your taxable income down to ninety thousand dollars now since all the money that you put. In youve not yet paid taxes on it all of that money plus all of the growth in your 401k. When you go to make withdrawals you will owe income tax on every dollar that you decide to take out.

So lets talk about when can you actually use the money that youve worked so hard to save up and. What are the rules around withdrawing your money well the primary rule is that after age 59 and a half. You can make as many withdrawals as you need for whatever you need now remember if you make too many. Withdrawals or too big of withdrawals you could potentially run your bucket out of money now prior to age 59. And a half you might incur a 10 percent tax penalty but thats where a special rule comes in called.

The rule of 55. Now this is all plan specifics you have to check with your employer and your specific. Plan but some employers and plans allow a withdrawal from your current jobs 401k with no penalty if you were. To leave that job in or after the year that you turned 55. Now again very specific here it has.

To be the 401k of your current employer that you left in or after the age of 55. This could. Be retired this could be let go or maybe that youve just decided to leave and and youve gone to. Another company but again the job that youre in or after at age 50 55 that specific employers 401k so. If youve got multiple 401ks again its just the one specific to the employer that you just left the other.

Is that theres also some ill say other rules or non-age-based rules out there that allow you to withdraw from. Your 401k it could be if the employee is totally or permanently disabled if you were to or the employee. Were to pass away and then other is that if you were to maybe experience significant hardships and in regards. To that kind of detail youre really going to have to see your specific 401 day 401k plan details the. Other could be is that if the plan was terminated well then they would allow you before those ages to.

Roll it over to an ira or to another plan another age-based rule regarding your 401k is the required minimum. Distributions now this is going to be required at age 72. This is the trigger for required minimum distributions where. Youre going to be required to take withdrawals for your from your 401k now there is an exception to this. Rule some employers if you are still working you can avoid taking your required minimum distribution for as long as.

You remain employed not all plans allow this you really need to check with your specific employer and your plan. But if youre still working still employed contributing to your 401k you might have an exception to the required minimum. Distribution rule especially if youre saying hey wait a second i dont necessarily need the money right now because im. Still working again check with your employer check with your plan but you might not have to take the 401k. 401k withdrawals required distributions if youre still working now when it comes to your money in the 401k plan you.

Have a couple options one is is as long as that plan stays in place you can leave your money. In the employer sponsored plan or another option is that you can do a rollover to an ira if done. Properly a rollover to an ira is a non-taxable event thats where youre taking your funds from your 401k and. Then youre putting them into an ira in your name now if youre now if youve left your employer you. Can do a 401k to an ira rollover at any age however if you are still employed youre still working.

Some plans allow you to do this rollover starting at age 59 and a half and they call that an. In-service withdrawal now you need to look at your specific plan to see if they allow this or not and. Why is it that you would want to potentially do that even if youre still working well why roll over. First off one of the reasons that you may wish to roll over 401k to ira is to take control. Of your money the other is it allows you then to start consolidating and getting organized consolidate all of your.

Qualified plans into one ira by doing this there might be some additional tax efficient strategies available to you the. Ability to potentially look at your funds now and maybe shift money between buckets between the ira or roth ira. Bucket now if you do this again thats a taxable event but the reason why you may wish to consider. That is to pay tax today to help reduce your potential long-term tax burden another reason is that you have. Access to more you may have access to more investment options in an ira than you would have in your.

401k another reason is you might be able to have potentially lower investment fees fund fees in the ira and. Then i find that folks are looking to roll over to an ira to again help optimize the investments to. Their financial picture their retirement plan so thats why some actually do it prior to their retirement they use that. In-service withdrawal so they can take control of their funds and money and start investing them and optimizing them according. To their specific retirement plan i hope you found value and benefit in this video and if so and youd.

Like to see additional videos just like this to help you build wealth and improve your overall financial picture subscribe. To our youtube channel or connect with us on facebook you can subscribe by hitting that red subscribe button below. The video theres no cost to do so and that way youll get notified as we continue to come out. With additional videos just like this to help you in your financial future thanks and have a great day you.

Method 4 – Ways To Get Money Out Of A 401(K) – Working Or Not

Having money tied up in a 401k can be like walking up a narrow canyon everything is great while youre. Building up your savings but at some point you look around and wonder how do i get out of this. Thats exactly what were going to talk about today well talk about if and when you can take a withdrawal. Or otherwise access the money in your 401k how you do it exactly so the logistics and then if you.

Are at retirement well go over some of the logistics of actually taking income from your savings the first question. Is going to be are you even allowed to take a withdrawal and i know that this is your money. So you should be able to get it but 401k plans have certain rules that limit your access to the. Money so we need to break that into two categories here one of them is if you are still working. With your employer or if you have left your job so maybe you retired or you change jobs for example.

In those cases its pretty easy to do but while youre still working there may be some opportunities and were. Going to go over those just a friendly reminder that this is high level educational entertainment and i really do. Suggest that you speak with somebody whos familiar with your situation because there may be opportunities or gotchas or rule. Changes out there so if you do want help you can talk to somebody and explore working with me now. When you leave your job this is easy you are typically eligible to take money out of your 401k plan.

So you would just make that request through your benefits department or if you work for a really big company. Or organization you can often contact the service provider like whoever prints your statements or wherever the website is that. You go to manage your account you can contact them maybe provide the instructions verbally by phone or with an. Online request and in some cases youre going to use a distribution request form where you fill out your instructions. But there are some potential pitfalls of taking money out of your 401k so you really want to weigh the.

Pros and cons carefully i do have a separate video that covers that but basically you want to look at. The fees and expenses of whatever youre moving the money to versus where youre taking it from and then any. Other restrictions or features that might be important to you as you make that decision then theres also a timing. Issue it can take a lot longer than we want to actually get this done and the reason is that. Your employer and a plan administrator may need to actually approve your distribution request so depending on how long it.

Takes them to do that it can take a couple of days and it can even take longer sometimes its. Quick but just be aware that especially with disorganized places it could take longer than you hope and if you. Are married your spouse may need to sign off on it so depending on the logistics of that its something. To be aware of now were going to talk about while youre still working and well get back to at. The end of the video some pointers on actually taking income if you are retired and getting ready to do.

Conclusion – How To Access Your 401K

The purpose of this post is to assist people who wish to learn more about the following – 🕵 beginners guide to how a 401k works., how to find an old 401k, take the penalty-free 401k withdrawal that the cares act allows?, how to use your 401k to buy a house!, get the money out of your 401k asap || should you leave your money in your 401k or move it to an ira, the great resignation – what to do with your 401k money after you quit, covid-19 401(k) no penalty withdrawal – how to take advantage, 401k early withdrawal exceptions | no penalty, avoid losing 30% of your money with this – 401k withdrawal penalty – cashing out 401k early, 4 strategies to get the most out of your 401k plan, can i access my 401k?, cares act 401k withdrawal update | other ways to access your funds, meadows, how to access your 401k account., how to take early 401k withdrawal without penalty || don’t rollover your 401k || 401k rule 55, so you want to be a 401(k) millionaire? here’s how to do it, according to fidelity.

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