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Method 1 – How To Use Microsoft Access – Beginner Tutorial

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Method 2 – Super Easy Way To Access The Dark Web (How To)

This episode is brought to you by – lame try – line premium free for 30 days at – lang. Comm / infographics and never forget another password and keep all your online accounts secure if youve seen our shows. On the dark web youll know some of the things you can find there we talked before about illegal activities. Happening there but theres much more to this place you might find whistleblowers in the dark web perhaps fearful of.

Their identity being uncovered human rights journalists might also publish here with an understanding that their work cant be traced. Back to them critics of oppressive governments might air their concerns there while others just want absolute privacy when talking. To people about their health welcome to this episode of the infographics show how to access the dark web first. Lets give you a 101 on the dark web sources differ on how much of the internet can be seen. Using a standard browser in the story npr told us that 96% of the internet is not available through normal.

Browsers call it the iceberg theory which means the internet we see is just the tip other resources tell us. Its more like 90 percent which is still huge so what exactly are we not seeing first of all we. Should understand the difference between the deep web and dark net sites the deep web might not be quite as. Degenerate as the dark web the deep web is simply part of the web that cant be accessed through conventional. Browsers one expert tells us despite many representations of a nefarious underground operating out of site the deep web is.

Mostly benign private databases and web resources not meant to be accessed by the general public lots of data online. Isnt available to our prying eyes companies our banks have private databases or some websites might not want to be. Indexed they want to remain unsearchable its not really that surprising that most of the information flowing around the internet. Is protected but then we have the dark web and thats a totally different thing this is a place where. One wants absolute anonymity not to say people dont get found they do as we said you might find political.

Dissidents working there in some countries you can still lose your freedom or life for criticizing a leader or ruler. How does it work how do people get this anonymity they require well the darknet both incorporates encryption and also. Uses special privacy browsers the best-known is tor which is sometimes called the onion router its a free software that. Directs traffic through a massive network consisting of thousands of relays these servers are run by volunteers heres an explanation. By the tor project tours users employ this network by connecting through a series of virtual tunnels rather than making.

A direct connection thus allowing both organizations and individuals to share information over public networks without compromising their privacy were. Told that the tor network was created by the us navy and is still partly funded by the us government. People can publish websites that cant be tracked tor tells us that while many people might think chat rooms are. Just full of rather strange people talking about eating each other or making a poodle burger many people go to. Hidden chat rooms to discuss privately how they survived abuse or perhaps talk about an illness they have that theyre.

Afraid could be found out in chat rooms outside of private browsing this is a good thing of course because. Why shouldnt people at times have a bit of privacy you might remember probably the most infamous site the silk. Road a marketplace where you could buy many things that you wont be seeing sold in the local shopping mall. But some of these items were just regular things more recently alphab a enhancer were also closed but these sites. Were run as hidden services or onion surfaces on the tor network but this show isnt about what we find.

On the dark web its more of a how-to show to tell you how to access the dark web it. Actually isnt hard at all so first get yourself a virtual private network or vpn if youre intending to get. On the dark web this is easy just google vpns even our sponsor dashlane has a vpn some are free. Some of them cost a small amount of money you dont need a vpn but if you want to get. Extra secure get one even if tor was compromised and you were visiting the dark net sites because you had.

A vpn its very unlikely you could be traced okay so you have your vpn and youre ready to access. The tor browser to do this just go to tor and download it couldnt be easier only download from the. Tor site if you google the words download tor browser you should see the top result as the tor project. Just wait and then install the browser on your machine next youll have the option to start the tor browser. This you will do and you will have access to dot onion website if you want to visit marketplaces simply.

Find a darknet market list you might also go to the popular databases the onion directory and the hidden wiki. These will tell you how to access most things in the dark web note some people say its best to. Not change the window size while in the tour as authorities can track you easier if you do others say. Also turn off javascript some others say that you should put tape over your webcam because you just never know. Hey mark zuckerberg does it disable your mic to basically shut down all apps that are on your computer it.

Should go without saying that you dont use your real name and try not to send anyone a photo of. Yourself you should also use an anonymous email account when youre done with your session just shut your computer down. Voila youve been in the dark net and youve done it the safest way the dark web can be a. Pretty scary place but for most people they really just want to look for themselves for one reason to see. If their personal information is being bought and sold on digital marketplaces you could try to access the dark web.

Yourself but theres an easier way – lane offers a free dark web scan that will automatically find out if. Your information is up for sale and what exactly that information is from your drivers license to social security number. Or even telephone number and by signing up with – lane you can help secure your internet experience by using. Their vpn to browse quickly and safely head on over to – lang comm slash infographics for a free 30-day. Trial and if you use the coupon code infographics you can get 10% off a premium subscription today how many.

Of you have accessed the dark web what were you looking for and what did you find did you have. Any dark web tips for us tell us in the comments also be sure to check out our other video. The rise and fall of the dark web silk road thanks for watching and as always dont forget to like. Share and subscribe see you next time.

Method 3 – How To Access The Spiritual Realm | Apostle Kathryn Krick

Weve had fivefold church for almost four years now and out of the four years theres absolutely been spiritual warfare. And obstacles that would occur before service and it would be very obvious while the enemy is trying to distract. Hes trying to discourage us from having church or somehow get in the way from people receiving today but jesus. Always came through victorious as long as we could just keep pressing forward in faith you know the enemy will.

Do that he will cause a big ruckus but hes really just like this tiny tiny little guy like scream. Screaming but theres no power in that theres no power in that so when you can and this is how. It is in your life if you can with faith know that the power of jesus is so much more. And that jesus will always give you the victory as long as you can just believe this not give in. To the enemys lies then jesus will indeed always come through always give you victory um when a big uh.

Attack comes it can feel like oh maybe this wont be as powerful like maybe church wont be as powerful. Today because all distracted or whatever and or whatever it is in life like because this attack comes and youre. Excited about something you might feel like oh this isnt going to be as good as what i thought but. Thats not true feelings arent truth the enemy will make ruckus and chaos and da-da-da but its just noise its. Just noise theres no power to that if we dont give that power even if it makes us a little.

Flustered in the moment if we can just keep moving forward in faith and and believe that this truth that. You will speak to the mountain and the mountain will move if you have faith the size of a mustard. Seed if you speak to the mountain the mountain will move so it reveals to us that there will be. Mountains in life so we dont need to get flustered we should be prepared we should be aware we should. Know when you are doing gods will when youre doing the work of god when youre going to seek god.

Youre in the action of seeking and finding the more of him you should be aware that there will be. Mountains thatll pop up because the enemy does not want you to do the work of god he does not. Want you to find the more of god he does not want your spiritual eyes to be open he does. Not want you to be set free its very important we know this because then were not all um so. Confused when we see a spiritual warfare were not flustered we know this is just how it is im in.

A spiritual war but the power jesus has given me will always be greater than the devils so i am. Guaranteed victory im guaranteed victory you have to have this mindset every day we put this armor of god on. Were going to the battlefield but we should have joy and excitement in this no matter what the weapon that. Comes your way no matter how big the goliath looks in front of you you are guaranteed victory now thats. Exciting when you can see it with that right perspective it doesnt take you a back and make you all.

Flustered and confused when spiritual warfare comes you just know oh its time for me to get another crown of. Victory another trophy because we cant have victory if theres no battles amen so there was more spiritual warfare more. Obstacles um trying to stop us from having church on this sunday than ever before so i was the most. Expectant god was revealing to me hes gonna move like weve never seen on this sunday and then we show. Up and theres the biggest obstacles there trying to keep us from having church were in a pen were weve.

Been in a pandemic we used to have church at penn pacific park in a building but ever since the. Pandemic we cant be in buildings so we went outside we went outside at the park but because of the. Pandemic you cannot reserve spaces everything is like first come first serve so there was this big event going on. At our amphitheater when we showed up and there was there was a lack there was not understanding and really. Willingness to kind of understand that we had people even traveling to come here so it would be so amazing.

If we could somehow share the space and maybe they could just shift over a little bit since they didnt. Really need the stage and so there was a lot of struggle a lot of struggle a lot of obstacles. The enemy it was clear the enemy did not want us to to have church did not want us to. Have church there he knew what was coming he knew what god was about to do he knows the enemy. The enemy is a spirit so he knows all of the principles and the spiritual realm he knows where anointing.

Is he knows where the power of god is the power of god is not everywhere as we see in. The book of acts it says apostle paul was doing such extraordinary miracles that people would bring handkerchiefs pieces of. Cloth to him touch his skin his anointed skin carrying the power of god inside his body and they would. Take the handkerchief and lay on sick people and the bible says that the sick people would be healed and. That demons would be cast out of people just from this cloth that touched the area where anointing was the.

Location of where anointing was this is acts 19 11. Acts 19 11. God kept releasing a flow of extraordinary. Miracles through the hands of paul because of this people took pauls handkerchiefs and articles of clothing even pieces of. Cloth that had touched his skin laying them on the bodies of the sick and diseases and demons left them.

And they were healed so the devil knew that theres power of god here at revival in the park in. Los angeles california and one of the girls whos in the video from massachusetts she shared her testimony which i. Will post soon she shared her testimony they shared the reasons of why they came and in her testimony she. Said that she faced so much spiritual warfare coming here she said that even her pastor was telling her to. Not come um which was which happened the same exact day where i was sharing on this was thursday i.

Was sharing to all of you about how um you must have a childlike heart to perceive gods ways and. To see him and to see how he moves and if you dont have a childlike humble heart your eyes. Are shut in the spiritual realm you literally cannot see jesus you cannot see where hes moving um and the. Devil comes as an angel of light the bible says that what does that mean it means he will come. Speaking what you think are godly things which are really like religious things not really godly in making it sound.

Like god and they will be so convinced theyll be so convicted this is gods will this is gods voice. And this is a scheme of the enemy to demonize where gods really moving to try to block people from. Receiving from god that was the devils strategy on that day for this girl for this woman um she was. About to be set free and the enemy knew what would happen the enemy knew what would happen if she. Came here so he speaks as an angel of light to this person in this case it was a pastor.

Even saying dont go um and this is exactly what it was what was powerful is that this happened to. Her on thursday when i was actually preaching about this so this is the goodness of god for her look. At god like god knew that her and many of you too this is probably going on the spiritual realm. For many of you too but for her specifically hes like okay i see that my daughter and others you. Watching need this word right now because theres a strategy of the enemy to keep them from receiving so they.

Need this word right now this is the power of prophetic ministry prophetic anointing that its not like okay im. Gonna come up with okay im preaching this this week this week this week this week this week this week. But really be like being flowing with god god what do your people need to hear what do you want. Me to say and this is prophetic anointing so um this is what we see in the bible with the. Pharisees who were religious elite people pastors of that day like famous pastors of that day they were demonizing jesus.

They were saying hes using power of the devil to cast out demons and some were even saying that he. Is demon possessed himself they were saying that about jesus so imagine how that would be confusing people around them. Who looked up to them as religious respectable elite people right this is a strategy of the enemy um and. These pharisee people were were were saying things like he this is proof that hes not from god because hes. Healing people on the sabbath so like the angel of light was coming to them saying hey look this is.

The bible and hes not doing that if you have a childlike humble heart you would look to jesus not. First judging and skeptical but you would hear the testimonies of the miracles happening you would hear theres this guy. In town who miracles are happening like weve never seen people are being healed ive heard testimonies myself and someone. Reports to you telling you this when you first hear this if you have a childlike open heart youll be. Like wow whats a child how does a child respond with faith with belief not for skepticism but belief wow.

Thats amazing i want to check this out i want to see this for myself wow maybe god is really. Moving here um but if you do not have a child like heart you you will immediately be like well. Thats weird were the religious people how come we dont know about this whats going on this is this doesnt. Sound like the religious rituals and traditions that weve done before and then you go and look with this skeptical. Heart not an open heart and you say oh yup i knew it i knew it hes healing people on.

The sabbath and theres hes not allowed to heal people on the sabbath so no hes from the devil and. The bible talks about how jesus talks about how um when the when the disciples came back to him after. Ministering he sent them out to go minister after being trained by jesus and and mentored by him and learning. From him and receive an importation from him jesus sent them out to do ministry and they came back and. They say wow god wow jesus even the demons obeyed us in your name they were amazed and and then.

Jesus goes and he praises the father right after that he says father i praise you lord that youve given. This precious gift of authority of power of the secrets of the kingdom the deep things the things that the. Keys to unlock the kingdom i praise you god that youve only given these to those who have childlike hearts. Pure hearts and not those who are like the pharisees not those who have calloused hearts the bible says that. There will be people who have eyes but they cannot see in the spiritual realm they have ears but they.

Cannot hear in the spiritual realm they have calloused over hearts it says theyve hardened their hearts so um this. Is how it works today we can either be childlike or we can be like the pharisees and this is. Not something to take lightly the bible talks about how there will be some who say lord lord but i. Never knew them and theyll be like but i was doing miracles for you i was serving you god i. Was what what do you mean you dont know me and i dont get to go to heaven what do.

You mean this is what it says in the bible matthew 7 21 not everyone who says to me lord. Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven but only the one who does the will of my father this is. Serious business to make sure youre doing the will of the father this is this is very serious this is. Not something to take lightly we should never be quick to be skeptical critical we should never be quick to. Talk against where god might be moving the unforgivable sin is to blasphemy the holy spirit so if someones talking.

Against the true move of god the true work of god thats blasphemy in the holy spirit and its this. Its its its its the worst sin the unforgivable sin because its keeping people from receiving from god when you. Say dont go and receive dont go there or dont go there its its from the devil there like what. The pharisees were doing um youre leading people astray youre keeping people from receiving from god thats the worst thing. We could do better to be silent than do that when youre child like youre youre slow to speak quick.

To listen slow to speak quick to listen quick to go and say huh havent heard of this before thats. New but i want to look into this myself you look at the fruit of someone if someones full of. Peace and joy if they share a testimony that theyve been blessed you better not ever say its the devil. You will know them by the fruits the bible says so if someone shares a testimony that theyve been blessed. By a certain ministry by a certain minister that theyve received a miracle that they feel closer to god better.

Not be quick to speak against that minister or that work of god its its serious business serious business not. Everyone who says to me lord will enter the kingdom of heaven but only the one who does the will. Of my father and so it was revealed to the the girl who came to revival in the park who. Was so discouraged by her pastor and was going through so much spiritual warfare to get here so many obstacles. To get here it became very obvious to her and to all of us why the enemy did not want.

Her to come here so when i prayed for her and this is in the video when i prayed for. Her um she fell back with the power of god and then demons start demons started to manifest where her. Body was con convulsing shaking and um starting even to like spit out like a a a feeling of throwing. Up and you could see in this moment that the demon was coming out by the power of god and. When that happens see demon demons hide and when they become close to anointing to the power of god it.

Makes them to be unable to hide why do they want to hide well if they hide there then they. Cant be removed then people wont know that the devil exists that demons exist the devil is terrified of of. People knowing the truth about the spiritual realm take take america for instance like all of these mental illnesses all. Of these sicknesses um suicide everything spirit of suicide suicidal thoughts its all demonic its all a spirit hiding and. They need to come out by the power of god people shooting people its because the devil is speaking to.

Them so loud there was this shooting recently about um a guy hes saying that um it was a sex. Addiction that led him to go kill people okay this is obviously a demon telling him to do this he. Has a sexual addiction the addiction is a demon is a spirit and when you have a demonic spirit it. Cant be removed by natural means you can try to cover it up and the demon will hide deeper and. Deeper like yeah yeah see its working see its working the cover up the medicine whatever is working but hes.

Still hiding only jesus can remove it only the power of jesus can remove it so you take like a. Sexual addiction this is is is a spirit that needs to be gone that needs to be removed so the. The devil is so evil and so what he does is he inflicts people with lets say addiction and then. You have the addiction bound by the addiction and you dont want to have the addiction and you try really. Hard to stop the addiction but the devil will then speak to you lies of condemnation shame it will speak.

To you youre not a good enough christian that you cant stop this whats wrong with you youre doing this. Again you should feel so ashamed of yourself gods so disappointed in you youre worthless you should just die like. All of these lies come that come in the form of thoughts but you see the devil its the devil. Doing that and then the devils beating you up for what hes doing not even what youre doing once youre. In bondage once youre in bondage once youre in bondage if youre in real bondage like a yoke only the.

Anointing can break that so even if you try so hard even if you worship pray read the bible go. To church you need the power of god to break that still like the the girl who came she was. In bondage she needed deliverance and she was going to a church and shes praying in the spirit and she. Loves jesus so much but she needs the power of god to break the yolk she needs the power of. God to deliver her to set her free the power of god and the power of god is not everywhere.

Its not in every church so this this anyways this this guy that went to want to kill people its. Its demons its a demon that told that that made him bound by a sexual addiction and then its another. Demon that made him feel so much shame so worthless about himself and then its another demon that bombarded his. Mind saying go kill people go kill people because when you do that itll get rid of your addiction i. Promise you that you will be free you will be free when you kill these people that are that are.

Helping your addiction go on is what the lies say lies going on and on and on and on in. The mind and this guy belongs to a church he belongs to a church if this doesnt show you that. We need the power of god in the church i dont know what does if the power of god is. In the church if he if he could have been if that guy could have been at revival in the. Park he could have been set free and there would be no murder mur there would be no people dead.

This is a serious business to do things gods way we have to do things gods way um so back. To the story of of the girl so she was on the ground and you could see the demons start. To like take over and this is what happens in the bible where they they completely take over the person. Where the persons like not there consciously anymore because the power of god the anointing the presence of god jesus. Makes the demons to tremble and this is what we see in the bible mark 5 it says when jesus.

Got out of the boat a man with an impure spirit a demon came from the tombs to meet him. Um he had often been chained hand and foot but he tore the chains apart and broke the irons on. His feet no one was strong enough to subdue him night and day among the tombs and in the hills. He would cry out and cry out and cut himself with stones when he saw jesus wow so here we. See he was cutting himself with stones so we here we see a spirit in him was telling him to.

Self-harm himself thats where that comes from it comes from a spirit saying do this do this it will make. You feel better so um verse 6 when he saw jesus from a distance he ran and fell on his. Knees in front of him he shouted at the top of his voice what do you want with me jesus. Son of the most high god in gods name dont torture me for jesus had said to him come out. Of this man you impure spirit so jesus could see there was a spirit inside and so he spoke to.

The spirit inside the man not the man the spirit inside the man come out of this man and then. The demons overtook the person because the power of god was so strong they could not hide anymore the devil. Was exposed and he s and it said what do you want with me jesus notice that they can recognize. Jesus so um what do you want with me dont torture me and then jesus says what is your name. Says to the spirit inside the man um verse nine my name is legion he replied for we are many.

And he because a legion means tons and tons thousands and we and he begged jesus again and again not. To send them out of the area there was a large herd of pigs nearby and the demons begged jesus. So the demons are speaking through the man saying send us among the pigs allow us to go into them. So theyre saying we dont want to die we want to inhabit another body is what they are saying they. Know the power of jesus is so strong that they stand no chance of staying in this body so they.

Spoke to jesus no please dont kill us just send us on the pigs so jesus says okay so he. Sends them out of the man and into the pigs and this is what happens the herd about 2 000. In number rushed down the steep bank into the lake and were drowned so once the demons went in the. Pigs the demons then made them to die made them to kill themselves and drown so um this is the. Power of jesus that that demons tremble they manifest they cannot hide anymore when the true power of jesus is.

There true anointing is in their presence so this is why the enemy worked so hard to keep her from. Coming because he.

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